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Hating Republicans In Southern California ^ | March 3, 2012 | Brian Birdnow

Posted on 03/03/2012 5:59:02 AM PST by Kaslin

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To: Kaslin
She finishes her article by stating, “Next time I drive to our cabin, I’m going to make sure I take everything I could possibly need. I don’t want to ask my neighbors for help. I hope it’s their weekend to stay home.”

So she wants to live a life of self sufficiency because she doesn't want to ask for her neighbors' help, but is perfectly willing to demand that same help for herself and everyone she wants to appear generous to with the IRS's guns. Apparently doublethink is alive and well in that walnut which she tries to pass off as a brain.

21 posted on 03/03/2012 6:31:14 AM PST by KarlInOhio (You only have three billion heartbeats in a lifetime.How many does the government claim as its own?)
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To: Kaslin
LOL. I have to laugh at this woman. Mr. RightField and I are an interracial couple, from Southern California, now living in Florida. New people we meet, even conservatives, nearly always assume we are liberal Democrats.

Liberals will start talking politics and liberal ideas right away; as in this story, they assume we think as they do. Conservatives will completely avoid politics and liberal ideas until we let them know our stand on the issues.

22 posted on 03/03/2012 6:32:02 AM PST by RightField (one of the obstreperous citizens insisting on incorrect thinking - C. Krauthamer)
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To: taterjay
What response would the neighbors receive if they came to ask for something? Door in the face I bet.

People like Wagman come close to making a SHTF apocalyptic upheaval sound like a good thing.

Most of her type would last only until the sushi and Grey Goose run out.

23 posted on 03/03/2012 6:35:34 AM PST by Iron Munro ("Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight he'll just kill you." John Steinbeck)
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To: allendale

I have to agree with you. My wife and I had - operative word - good friends, neighbors, who live across the street from us. We did a lot together through the 1990s and even through the early 2000s. However, things began to change sometime in GWBs second term, as the vitriol and hatred spewed from the left-wing media. It soon became apparent that “we” and “them” was not going to work as they are very liberal; he’s a lawyer, she’s a public school teacher, ironically (or not) they sent both children through Catholic schools and Notre Dame. Now, with Obama and the extreme divisivness and hate, I want nothing really to do with them. The same holds for my wife’s family - her brothers and father (although I tolerate the 80 year old fool) who are knee-jerk democrats; and my sister and her demented second husband.

I don’t understand any of these people any more, how they can so strongly support Obama and his anti-American policies. My anger toward all Obama supporters is growing, and I think that’s a dangerous thing for me, and for the USA if my views are similar to those of other conservatives. The sad thing is, the rage stems from the vile views and intolerance of the left, and its promulgation in the so-called MSM.

I fear the USA is at a tipping point, to tumble off into the abyss.

24 posted on 03/03/2012 6:37:02 AM PST by astounded (Barack Obama as POTUS is a clear and present danger to the USA)
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To: Kaslin
“They are a lovely family: husband, wife, and four smart, funny, polite children. I was sure they were Democrats.”

Speaks volumes about the inherent biases of democrats, doesn't it? The most vile racists known are democrats. The most intolerant people are "tolerant" democrats.

25 posted on 03/03/2012 6:37:55 AM PST by ProtectOurFreedom
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To: Kaslin
He called me a spoiled idiot and worse.

Huh. He sounds like an entirely reasonable and likeable person to me. Go figure.
26 posted on 03/03/2012 6:38:41 AM PST by WorkingClassFilth (I'm for Churchill in 1940!)
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To: dljordan; All

Three words: pro, jeck, shun

27 posted on 03/03/2012 6:40:02 AM PST by bt_dooftlook (Democrats - the party of Amnesty, Abortion, and Adolescence)
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To: Iron Munro

That would only happen for a short while and then, suddenly, stop. Their society would collapse in short order - nobody around to do anything productive.

28 posted on 03/03/2012 6:42:50 AM PST by WorkingClassFilth (I'm for Churchill in 1940!)
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To: jiggyboy
She idly wonders if any number of bitter misfortunes, such as having a son killed in Afghanistan, a daughter turning up pregnant, or a sister announcing that she was a lesbian would change her neighbor’s opinions...

And yet confronted with facts that contradict Ms. Wagman's predjudice (an interracial Tea Party couple); she doubles down on her bigotry.

29 posted on 03/03/2012 6:42:53 AM PST by 6SJ7 (Meh.)
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To: astounded

Amen!Well said, sir!

30 posted on 03/03/2012 6:43:55 AM PST by madrastex
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To: x1stcav

“I wonder what it was they were drinking?”

Things began to deteriorate when the the Wagmans broke out a bottle of Black and White.

31 posted on 03/03/2012 6:43:59 AM PST by ngat
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To: Kaslin
The latest deep thoughts from deep thinker Diana Wagman, Unemployment, and my new car, in which deep thinker Diana bemoans the fact that she has to accept unemployment payments from the state to keep up the payments on her new car, which she simply HAD to have so that she could give her old car to her daughter for school and of course, she was laid off from her public sector state job because of the "mismanagement" of state officials. She really, really wanted to keep working at it. Really she did.
32 posted on 03/03/2012 6:45:32 AM PST by Cincinatus (Omnia relinquit servare Rempublicam)
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To: Kaslin

It would seem that Diana Wagman is afraid of contrasting views. Like a child covering her ears so as not to hear anything that might prove her world view wrong. She is sure of her views because all her liberal friends agree with her and just can’t fathom another point of view. Her world view is reinforced by watching MSNBC, CBS and NPR. It would be too much of a shock (see article) to discover she is wrong.

33 posted on 03/03/2012 6:48:47 AM PST by shoff (Vote Democratic it beats thinking!)
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To: Kaslin

We all know people like this lady. Deluded in their own self-righteousness, babbling about “tolerance” while being THE most doctrinaire, unforgiving person on the planet. Sowell is correct that it’s basically pointless to interact with people divided so much politically.

34 posted on 03/03/2012 6:49:42 AM PST by avenir (I'm pessimistic about man, but I'm optimistic about GOD!)
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To: Kaslin

I understand how Wagman feels. I feel the same way about liberals. Can’t stand em, can’t stand to be around em.

35 posted on 03/03/2012 6:50:09 AM PST by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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To: Kaslin

No link at the article to the story on which he is commenting.

Very bad form, IMO.

36 posted on 03/03/2012 6:50:24 AM PST by Sherman Logan
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To: Cincinatus
Another gem from her article:

But this is Los Angeles, and I have to drive wherever it's necessary for job possibilities and to the super-cheap grocery store miles away and to my therapy group, which is actually free but very far from home.

37 posted on 03/03/2012 6:53:25 AM PST by RightField (one of the obstreperous citizens insisting on incorrect thinking - C. Krauthamer)
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To: Coldwater Creek

This kook is a writer. My guess is that the whole story was MADE UP. Makes for interesting reading.
It is par for the course for liberals to make up things like this. Most people won’t be able to do a fact check, so cliches and stereotypes are perfectly acceptable because they are furthering the cause of liberalism.
I also agree with those who don’t like to socialize with liberals.

38 posted on 03/03/2012 6:53:34 AM PST by yawningotter
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To: Kaslin

There are basically two types of people in the world.

Those who want to be left alone, and the meddling busybodies who won’t leave them alone.

Wagman is in the meddling busybody camp.

I just want to be left alone.

I don’t care what the GBLFTXUSEOQ people do. It’s their own business. They can even proclaim themselves married and find some ignorant “minister” to marry them.

I don’t care if the Occupiers want to live in pee-stained, fecal-smudged clothes and stink.

Just don’t do it in my neighborhood.

Do it on your own time, on your own dime, and in your own place.

Don’t have a place?


Just leave me ALONE!

39 posted on 03/03/2012 6:54:38 AM PST by Westbrook (Children do not divide your love, they multiply it.)
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To: Kaslin
I work as a psychiatric nurse on a Crisis Stabilization Unit. I don't even “go there” for the most part with the people that I work with. I am without question the only conservative person that works on this unit. But there was one nurse in particular that I worked with often and had quite a bit of professional respect for. We worked together one night, and she looked at me and said “ you just absolutely have to be a democrat.” “I just know it.” I laughed and told her that I was a conservative with a capitol “C.” “But I don't understand. You seemed so smart. So compassionate. How can you be a monster?” I was shocked to say the least. I told her that while “bleeding heart” liberals like to believe that they are the champions of the human cause..conservatives are actually out there doing the leg work. My political views do speak to my intelligence, but certainly don't make me “stupid.” Long story shot..she came to me at the end of the night and told me that she would certainly be able to still work with me, but her opinion of me had changed. She wanted to be sure that I understood that. These people..the “bleeding hearts..” all think this way. It's crazy.
40 posted on 03/03/2012 6:55:04 AM PST by dixiedarlindownsouth (When in the course of human events...)
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