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The war on conservative women
Michelle Malkin ^ | March 7, 2012 | Michelle Malkin

Posted on 03/07/2012 9:27:57 AM PST by detective

I’m sorry Rush Limbaugh called 30-year-old Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut.” She’s really just another professional femme-a-gogue helping to manufacture a false narrative about the GOP “war on women.” I’m sorry the civility police now have an opening to demonize the entire right based on one radio comment — because it’s the progressive left in this country that has viciously and systematically slimed female conservatives for their beliefs.

We have the well-worn battle scars to prove it. And no, we don’t need coddling phone calls from the pandering president of the United States to convince us to stand up and fight.

At his first press conference of the year on Tuesday, the Nation’s Concern Troll explained that he phoned Fluke to send a message to his daughters and all women that they shouldn’t be “attacked or called horrible names because they are being good citizens.” After inserting himself into the fray and dragging Sasha and Malia into the debate, Obama then told a reporter he “didn’t want to get into the business of arbitrating” language and civility. Too late, pal

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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With all the talk about civility by the hypocrites in the media, no one mentions the constant vicious attacks on conservative women. Michelle Malkin tells some true stories.
1 posted on 03/07/2012 9:28:00 AM PST by detective
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To: detective
The "concern troll" ... Michelle has a way with words. :-) On a related "concern" note, evidently Obama's definition of having Israel's back is that he 'deeply cares' about them. This is what he said yesterday when asked what he meant by 'having Israel's back':

"It was not a military doctrine that we were laying out for any particular military action. It was a restatement of our consistent position that the security of Israel is something I deeply care about, and that the deeds of my administration over the last three years confirms how deeply we care about it. That’s a commitment we’ve made."

2 posted on 03/07/2012 9:37:41 AM PST by MissMagnolia (Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't. (M.Thatcher))
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To: 2nd amendment mama

Ping for a good read!

3 posted on 03/07/2012 9:40:26 AM PST by basil (It's time to rid the country of "gun free zones" aka "Killing Fields")
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To: MissMagnolia

Yes, 0 is our national “concern troll”...made me laugh.

More ammo here, Michelle’s got a LOT of ammo:

4 posted on 03/07/2012 10:10:00 AM PST by spankalib (The Marx-in-the-Parks crowd is a basement skunkworks operation of the AFL-CIO)
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To: detective


5 posted on 03/07/2012 10:27:42 AM PST by Sergio (An object at rest cannot be stopped! - The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight)
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To: detective
MFL to send to Speaker Bonehead, Dingy Harry and all the other fools in Congress who chided Rush.

Where was the "outrage" over what Michelle, Sarah, Michele, Laura Ingraham and others have been called? Hmmmm?

6 posted on 03/07/2012 10:45:53 AM PST by Jane Long (Soli Deo Gloria!)
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To: detective

Go to any leftard blog, keyword search it for “Sarah Palin”, and you will encounter at least five obscenities before you get to the end of that paragraph.

7 posted on 03/07/2012 11:14:24 AM PST by Buckeye McFrog
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To: detective
A well-respected Chaplain of the United States Senate, Dr. Peter Marshall, once delivered a sermon entitled "Keepers of the Springs". That sermon was included in his book, "Mr. Jones, Meet the Master," a best seller.

Conservative women in America today continue to embrace America's founding principles of individual liberty, opportunity, and freedom to prosper, as well as their Creator-endowed, therefore unalienable, First Amendment rights. They embrace the idea of freedom to choose their children's schools, and how their families will practice their religious faith.

If that offends so-called "progressives," then it is the "progressives" who are out of line with the Constitution.

Conservative women, I believe, continue to see their role in something of the same way that Dr. Marshall described it in this excerpted portion of his sermon:

“Once upon a time, a certain town grew up at the foot of a mountain range.
It was sheltered in the lee of the protecting heights,
so that the wind that shuddered at the doors
and flung handfuls of sleet against the window panes was a wind whose fury was spent.

"High up in the hills, a strange and quiet forest dweller took it upon himself to be the Keeper of the Springs.
He patrolled the hills and wherever he found a spring,
he cleaned its brown pool of silt and fallen leaves, of mud and mold and took away from the spring all foreign matter,
so that the water which bubbled up through the sand ran down clean and cold and pure.

“It leaped sparkling over rocks and dropped joyously in crystal cascades until,
swollen by other streams, it became a river of life to the busy town.

“Millwheels were whirled by its rush.
Gardens were refreshed by its waters.
Fountains threw it like diamonds into the air.
Swans sailed on its limpid surface and
children laughed as they played on its banks in the sunshine.

"But the City Council was a group of hardheaded, hard-boiled men.
They scanned the civic budget and found in it
the salary of a Keeper of the Springs.

"Said the Keeper of the Purse: ‘Why should we pay this romance ranger?
We never see him; he is not necessary to our town's work life.
If we build a reservoir just above the town,
we can dispense with his services and save his salary.’

“Therefore, the City Council voted to dispense with the un-necessary cost
of a Keeper of the Springs, and to build a reservoir.

"So the Keeper of the Springs no longer visited the brown pools
but watched from the heights while they built the reservoir.

"When it was finished, it soon filled up with water, to be sure,
but the water did not seem to be the same.
It did not seem to be as clean, and a green scum soon befouled its stagnant surface.

"There were constant troubles with the delicate machinery of the mills,
for it was often clogged with slime, and the swans found another home above the town.

"At last, an epidemic raged, and the clammy, yellow fingers of sickness reached into every home in every street and lane.

"The City Council met again.
Sorrowfully, it faced the city's plight, and frankly
it acknowledged the mistake of the dismissal of the Keeper of the Springs.

"They sought him out in his hermit hut high in the hills,
and begged him to return to his former joyous labor.

"Gladly he agreed, and began once more to make his rounds.

"It was not long until pure water came lilting down under tunnels of ferns and mosses and to sparkle in the cleansed reservoir.

" Millwheels turned again as of old.
Sickness waned, and convalescent children playing in the sun laughed again
because the swans had come back.

"Do not think me fanciful, too imaginative or too extravagant in my language when I say that I think of women,
and particularly of our mothers,
as Keepers of the Springs.

"The phrase, while poetic, is true and descriptive.
We feel its warmth ...its softening influence ...
and however forgetful we have been ...
however much we have taken for granted life's precious gifts
we are conscious of wistful memories that surge out of the sweet, tender, poignant fragrances of love.

"Nothing that has been said, that could be said that ever will be said,
would be eloquent enough, expressive enough, or adequate to make articulate that peculiar emotion we feel to our mothers.

"So I shall make my tribute a plea for Keepers of the Springs,
who will be faithful to their tasks.

"There never has been a time when there was a greater need for Keepers of the Springs,
when there were more polluted springs to be cleansed.

"If the home fails, the country is doomed.
The breakdown of home life and influence will mark the breakdown of the nation.

"If the Keepers of the Springs desert their posts or are unfaithful to their responsibilities
the future outlook of this country is black indeed.

" This generation needs Keepers of the Springs who will be courageous enough
to cleanse the springs that have been polluted.

"It's not an easy task -- nor is it a popular one, but it must be done for the sake of the children,
and the young women of today must do it."

Those whom so-called "progressives" deride and disparage by the very term, "conservative women," are, and have been in the forefront of defense of freedom from Abigail Adams to now.

They are, and have been, "Keepers of the Springs" of intellectual thought and the spirit of liberty and opportunity for the future are derived.

8 posted on 03/07/2012 11:15:12 AM PST by loveliberty2
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