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UPDATE: Hagan petition to get Limbaugh off Youngstown airwaves gaining support
Vindicator ^ | Youngstown Vindicator

Posted on 03/07/2012 3:02:51 PM PST by raccoonradio


State Rep. Robert F. Hagan of Youngstown, D-60th, is circulating a petition to remove conservative talker Rush Limbaugh from Youngstown radio airwaves.

Limbaugh, whose nationally-syndicated show is heard on more than 600 stations, is heard locally on WKBN-AM (570).

The radio host has come under fire after calling a George Washington University law student derogatory names after she testified to congressional Democrats in support of national health care policies that would require employers to offer group health insurance that covers birth control.

Two radio stations, one in Massachusetts and the other in Hawaii, have already dropped Limbaugh’s show as a result of his comments and at least a dozen advertisers have pulled ads from Limbaugh’s show.

Hagan’s petition, available by clicking here, has more than 1,040 signatures this afternoon.

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"If a conservative doesn't like a program, they change the channel. If a liberal doesn't like a program, they demand it be taken off the air." The guy's a Dem by the way, and nice of the paper to provide a link to the petition (not!). Some comments from to follow
1 posted on 03/07/2012 3:02:59 PM PST by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

Some comments from
—ScottyBman: Hagan is a media whore. He tirades against anything that can get him airtime. He is the worst kind of politician that is more self serving than concerned about tackling the real issues of the day.

That Mr. Hagan has any time to discuss Rush while his district is in the shape it is in, shows how demented he is. For GOD SAKES, he represents Youngstown. VERY HIGH POVERTY. MURDER PER CAPITA one of the highest in the country...need I go on.

But he wants to talk about Rush. Mr. Hagan, you have no sense of priority!

I think Rush made a mistake. But he needs the sound bites. He is an entertainer. I agree with his POV, but as a representative of the conservative, I think he is garbage. A morbidly obese, pompous drug addict who can not take the criticism that he loves to dish out.

The bottom line, Rush will weather this bump in the road...we will be stuck with a horrible representative like Mr. Hagan and the Mahoning Valley will continue to fester in its own self defeatism

Sonosationial18: Nobody’s clamoring for Shultz’s or Sharpton’s head because nobody’s listening. Cleve Insider... I disagree..... one of the main reason conservative talk works on the radio is that both conservatives and liberals listen..... but, by and large, of you donj’t tell a hard-core conservative what he/she wants to hear, they won’t listen.

CleveRadioInsider: Democrats want everyone off the air they disagree with. It is the main problem with liberalism. They can’t handle a different viewpoint than their own on the air.

vjm: Funny, you don’t here any Republican congressmen demanding Ed Schultz or Al Sharpton yanked from the air, and they’ve made an art form out of saying stupid stuff.

Hagan’s clamoring for 15 minutes of fame...this will all blow over in due course.

2 posted on 03/07/2012 3:05:50 PM PST by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

If I were that radio station’s manager, I’d publicly ask the asshat politician if he can come back with his petition after he’s presented petitions to HBO to rid itself of Bill Maher, and he’s petitioned pMSNBC to rid themselves of Special Ed and Reverend Al.

3 posted on 03/07/2012 3:06:33 PM PST by Keith in Iowa (Willard Romney, purveyor of the world's finest bullmitt. | FR Class of 1998 |)
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To: raccoonradio

People in Ohio need to start circulating a recall petition for this fool. The Ohio Speaker of the House ought to censure this guy for wasting time and taxpayers money. Two can play at this game.

4 posted on 03/07/2012 3:07:09 PM PST by DarthVader (Politicians govern out of self interest, Statesmen govern for a Vision greater than themselves)
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To: raccoonradio

Just sent Hagan the following email: “I’m confused . . . are you circulating this petition because your sisters and daughters are as promiscuous as the 30 year old feminist at Georgetown? Your sisters and daughters must be so pleased for you to use this means to tell the world what you think of them.”

5 posted on 03/07/2012 3:19:05 PM PST by Charlemagne on the Fox
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To: DarthVader

Gov’t officials have no business circulating a petition to cancel Rush. He is NOT respresenting all the constituents, only his personal agenda driven thinking.

6 posted on 03/07/2012 3:20:40 PM PST by pacpam (action=consequence and applies in all cases - friend of victory)
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To: Keith in Iowa

All this crap will be old news tomorrow after Hannity airs the tapes tonight. Fluke’s 15 minutes will be gone with the wind.

7 posted on 03/07/2012 3:21:13 PM PST by dandiegirl
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To: raccoonradio

The station Rush use to be on in Detroit WXYZ dropped him and another talk radio guy and went to all sports...haven’t listened to them since, but he was immediately picked up by WJR in detroit, along with hannity and levin...that was years ago.....

8 posted on 03/07/2012 3:32:49 PM PST by goat granny
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To: DarthVader
"People in Ohio need to start circulating a recall petition for this fool"

He's's a blue-collar, crime-infested, Mafia-run cesspool (Youngstown), and they vote straight (D), no matter what.

That's the mentality in ALL the Major cities, where RINO's and/or Democrats get enough votes (several from some of the people, EACH), get and we the likes of Sherrod Brown, and the rest of the losers.

9 posted on 03/07/2012 3:41:15 PM PST by traditional1 (Don't gotsta worry 'bout no mo'gage, don't gotsta worry 'bout no gas; Obama gonna take care o' me!)
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To: raccoonradio

Is this guy pushing to get Maher, Schultz, and Malloy off of the air? No? Then he’s just a typical low-life Dem hypocrite, and people need to be pointing that out vociferously.

10 posted on 03/07/2012 3:42:52 PM PST by FreedomPoster (Islam delenda est)
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To: pacpam

Seems like “State action” to me. A violation of the Bill of Rights.

11 posted on 03/07/2012 3:49:24 PM PST by Brilliant
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To: raccoonradio

This moron is bound by the 1st Amendment and Rush should have his attorneys point that out to him in no uncertain terms.

12 posted on 03/07/2012 3:51:32 PM PST by jwalsh07
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To: raccoonradio

This over the top stink fest shows the nature of these knee jerk jerks. Most Americans are smart enough to sense hyperbole and will remember them for who they are—jerks.

13 posted on 03/07/2012 3:55:13 PM PST by jonrick46 (Countdown to 11-06-2012)
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To: raccoonradio
IMO think of Rush Limbaugh as Fort Sumter and this Mau-Mauing is the shelling that followed demands to "get out!". (Civil War I.)

For years since the end of the "Fairness Doctrine" there have been demands, that have intensified over the past three years, for modern talk radio to Go away! Leave! Get out!

Now the shelling to destroy -- not merely harass -- has commenced. . . .

Pray that the military and LEO (the professionals) step up to handle what all this is leading to before it becomes -- Civil War II; but whatever.. let's just get it over with.

The 1960s Marxist-Alinsky campus spoiled brats and their ideological issue now have their own Establishment and are serious about their decades-old intent to secede from and destroy the Constitutional republic and its social contract, freedoms and inalienable rights.. let's just get it over with.

14 posted on 03/07/2012 3:58:59 PM PST by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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To: goat granny
WJR in detroit

That's the Northern Ohio backup station for when WTAM runs a stupid Indians day game. Usually comes in loud and clear.

15 posted on 03/07/2012 4:02:05 PM PST by Right Wing Assault (Dick Obama is more inexperienced now than he was before he was elected.)
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To: traditional1
I escaped Youngstown 23 years ago. It was a blue-collar, crime-infested, Mafia-run cesspool then and now other than including a whole bunch of welfare bums, nothing has changed. Heck, there are people there who still think the steel mills will come back. They died in 1979.
16 posted on 03/07/2012 4:46:59 PM PST by OHPatriot (It's time to party like it's 1096 AD.)
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To: raccoonradio

Controlling speech via the big hand of government coercion.

If they succeed in this expect some pirate radio stations to pop up using a streaming feed from the internet (from other radio station in the area) to send the message of rush out.

17 posted on 03/08/2012 10:28:49 AM PST by GraceG
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To: GraceG

I would LOVE to see us absolutely swarm the fruited plain with an army of Pirate Rush Stations.

If WKBN drops him what are they going to run in the middle of the day? Polka Party? Tradio?

18 posted on 03/08/2012 1:14:22 PM PST by Buckeye McFrog
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