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UN rights council delves into US voter I.D. laws
Fox News ^ | 3/19/2011 | Eric Shawn

Posted on 03/14/2012 3:03:12 PM PDT by tobyhill

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4 more years

51 posted on 03/14/2012 7:37:54 PM PDT by devolve (- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - you can*t do that with a WebTV - - - - - - - - - - - -)
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To: Brown Deer

Of course the SCOTUS upheld the voter photo ID law but Holder doesn’t give a crap what the SCOTUS has ruled, he will continue to poke them in the eye because that’s what Communist do.

52 posted on 03/14/2012 7:44:44 PM PDT by tobyhill (Fight Fire With Fire)
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To: Repeat Offender
Good post!

It is also why the UN has absolutely NO say in our election laws, or any other laws for that matter. Clue for them, we are a sovereign nation. Butt out! And if any of our Governors or legislators even suggest following their edict after there so called investigation, impeach them/force them out of office!

53 posted on 03/14/2012 8:21:03 PM PDT by gidget7 ("When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property." Thomas Jefferson)
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To: Blood of Tyrants

“What the Rats refuse to realize is that many of the third world countries already have voter ID laws.”

This is about power, not logic. UN may go along with this because it diminishes US power globally, and moves us closer to Global Socialism.

Just putting Libya and Saudi on the Human Rights Commission should be clue enough as to what’s up.

54 posted on 03/14/2012 8:35:08 PM PDT by DBrow
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To: SandRat

My sentiments exactly.

55 posted on 03/14/2012 9:01:40 PM PDT by Absolutely Nobama (NO COMPROMISE! NO RETREAT! NO SURRENDER! I AM A CONSERVATIVE! CASE CLOSED!)
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To: pepsionice

While it is true we don’t have a National ID card here in the UK, and have no obligation to show any ID in order to vote, we have to show our polling card, which is delivered to the house by the postal service three weeks prior to the election. A yellow card for local elections, a white card for national ones.

We can vote in one named polling station - named on the polling card - and that polling station only, and our card gets stamped when we receive our voting form to prevent a return visit.
All requests for an absentee/postal ballot have to be received by the local council 6 weeks before the election, so you do not get your polling card. Miss the deadline and you either show up or lose your vote.
It ain’t exactly photo ID, but in a designated polling station, with people who know you - the polling stations are based on neighborhood - it is a pretty good system for a people that flat out reject the idea of a National ID card.

56 posted on 03/14/2012 9:07:49 PM PDT by EnglishCon (Gingrich/Santorum 2012.)
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To: Repeat Offender
It is also why we are a "nation of laws and not men."

We used to be, but no more after the Chicago mob took over. The Constitution is shredded by Zero and Holder almost on a daily basis, and between those two and Crappy Nappy they decide which laws they like and ignore the ones they dislike. AND then they turn around and sue the states they have a gripe with.
57 posted on 03/14/2012 9:10:08 PM PDT by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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To: EnglishCon

A quick addendum:

You can get away without showing your polling card if you provide proof of address - normally a recent utility bill or bank statement. You then get crossed off the voter list as you vote, just as if you had presented your polling card.

58 posted on 03/14/2012 9:21:44 PM PDT by EnglishCon (Gingrich/Santorum 2012.)
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To: tobyhill

Hispanics complain that the voter ID laws unfairly target them.

If they have no ID, how do they get to work, get groceries, and travel to and from Mexico to visit relatives in this most 9-11 society where you have to have a passport to go to Mexico and Canada?

59 posted on 03/14/2012 11:01:46 PM PDT by a fool in paradise (Barack Obama continued to sponsor Jeremiah Wright after he said "G.D. AMERIKKA!"Where's the outrage?)
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To: tobyhill


“America the beautiful
March 14, 2012 at 11:21 pm

Our collapse has been in play for some time. Clinton ( more Hillary than Bill) and their progressive/socialist minions on the left began the financial destruction with the alliance of Subprime-loans and the CRA, the Community Reinvestment Act, …Which in combination with a host of other tangential fraud undermined the banks …as they were forced to make ill-conceived and ill-advised loans that would crush housing values and the efficacy of the mortgage contract.

The mortgage had managed to be the floor or the stabilising force of America’s banks along with the legal contract. Contracts that are met and enforced by our laws…our banking system, our courts. The ill conceived loans gave birth to the ill advised investment vehicles, CDS etc., These have been repeatedly bundled and have yet to be reengineered, reverse engineered or in some way cut from our economy… leaving in place a metasticizing cancer at the core of our economy, requiring a financial surgeon who will know how to aptly deal with it rather than an autocrat or a theorising professor.

The legal contract and private property are core components of our constitution and our economy.

With the breakdown of our banks and laws, the crippling of our economy has made us vulernable particularly in concert with Obama spending us into oblivion, which Is primary to his destructive plan. With a distracted and downtrodden, and he hopes soon, a desperate citizenry, we are ripe for a takeover by the Global Banking system that was part and parcel of this scheme. (see Soros on collapse of currency)

Environmentalism is the mask by which the globalists manage and control. Through ventures like Obama’s CCX, cap and trade is simply a vehicle to tax and instil fear. Don’t believe Obama ever believed in Solyndra or any green energy. It was strictly another avenue to transfer wealth to his team and break our bank as he spent us into the rabbit hole…these schemes have had forerunners in Europe where the proponents are referred to as “Watermelons”… Green on the outside, red inside. It is communism through energy control, wealth transfer and redistributive taxation. Obama is collapsing our country into the hands of the UN and the IMF.

There are many pieces to his scheme that were obvious to the curious or suspicious.

1.) The Gulf Spill: The spill began with two men atop the rig fighting. One died. The spill then happened… Why has there been no investigation as to what began that spill and consideration of sabotage? Obama’s partner in the CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange is British Petroleum and Soros.
Obama dragged his heels for months… for an inexplicably long long time…Refusing tanker vacuums… Closing all drilling in the gulf states..killing their economy and sending our rigs to Brazil and Pertobas with billions in loans of US dollars through the IMF, where Soros and others not only were the recipients of their benefactor but more importantly the price of oil is driven upward, upward, upward. Think it’s high now? Wait until after the election should Obama win.

2.) I believe the first TARP had to happen to stop the collapse of many of our banks. Congress, because of their mandate to write subprime loans, held responsibility to the banks. While Goldman and others had pushed the ill advised investments– the bundled mortgages originated from Congress’s mandate and their GSE banking vehicles Fannie and Freddie whom had been most egregious of all with thieving progressives at the helm? With the collapse came the fear of the raiding of America’s enterprise system by many. We could not simply sell off the country for pennies on the dollar. Perhaps we should have…

However the Federal Reserve and Bernanke undermined us. Bernanke kept interest rates ridiculously low as he, printed dollars into infinity for further Quantitative Easing, QE1, QE2, with QE3 in transit. This printing of dollars was direct and absolute theft out of your bank account and your future bank account. Your values have been cut almost in half…And the socialists claim for an embrace of Keynesian economics, that in fact Keynes had disavowed, was but a Trojan Horse as they emptied our banks.

The Fed made loans and they were made not to the engines of the free enterprise system of the USA but to Europe, to their banks..where their mutual destruction is assured by the use and contagion of the Euro….and their unsustainable debt, particularly of the PIGS…Portugal,Ireland, Spain and Greece. Look into Soros and the socialist Lagarge’s involvement in the creation of the EU.

The USA and Germany are are bailing but it is a matter of time…and their collapse will effectively bring about our collapse, through lost trade, investments, etc …That is the scenario which will bring about a global currency via the IMF with the UN claiming world governance.

3.) Pigford, The New Black Panthers, Fast and Furious are examples of Obama using his Justice Department to break down our rule of law, and the utter destruction of our constitution.

Pigford is Obama’s first step toward the logical conclusion to his retributive, redistributive answer to the CRT, Critical Racal Theory.

Fast and Furious was a two fold scheme to put pressure on the Second Amendment in order to gain backing to take away the rights of citizens to own and bear arms And to continue the use of drugs and drug cartels to launder their illegal drug monies which continue to fund the progressive party through those laundered monies?

The Black Panthers will be used again to strike fear and intimidate at the next election…We have not seen the end of Obama and Holders army whom they continue to encourage and inflame.

4.) The Kestone Pipeline is another avenue where Obama has stopped drilling to keep us oil starved and dependent while claiming the need to use less of the worlds oil supply than the USA is entitled to…Meanwhile Obama’s arsonist operatives in the Midfle East setting fires. Trumka, Stern (“workers of the world unite”) ACORN were all in Egypt and the Middle East….why? To create chaos and instability. Instability in the Middle East drives up the price of oil. The high price of oil creates a transference of wealth out of the USA.

Understand the dollars value has been tied to the price of oil since Nixon took us off the Gold Standard. Saudi and the OPEC agreed that the dollar would be the currency with which to sell and buy oil, protecting the value of the dollar and tying directly to the price of oil…And with Obama’s freeze on drilling here, driving the price up through chaos in the Middle East….we are further weakened, impacted and redistributing our countries wealth.

5.) Obama and his minions have gone for social deconstruct through Obamacare. Secular moral lessons of amorality are being forced upon the people, the family and the churches.
When 2013 and implementation arrives you will understand our flag is in the midst of being captured.

The secular society with it’s rules and its costs will be the handcuffs of socialism…but with Obama there will be a retribution factor that becomes more obvious and can best be understood by understanding CRT, Critical Race Theory. Which is why it was so important Obama’s relationship to Rev Wright be ignored and that his relationship to and endorsement of and the teaching of Prof. Derrick Bell’s CRT be hidden from the voting public.

CRT, in short, is to use racism as repeated, unrelenting criticism of our constitution so as to deconstruct your constitutional rights.

The left has long used the judicial branch to create law from the bench rather than follow the law of the land…the constitution.

6.) These forces at work with Obama not only want a tranference of the wealth and treasure of the USA into their hands, and the transference of our free market prizes into their accounting column… They hold in concert their common hatred and their hope for the complete and utter destruction of Israel.

The world is realigning in part because of a weak anti-American President and a weakend America but also because of the rise of the Globalists, the IslamoFascists and the dogs of socialism and communism.

Obama’s reticence with Iran has nothing to do with stopping them from going nuclear..It is because he wants to be seen as such …as he nudges them toward Israel and war.

We stand at the abyss. We have little chance to pull this back …but it can be done.

Do not let the muzzle of PC language silence you. Time is short. Watch Obama and note he is moving much more rapidly. Netanyahu understood. I pray we can stop this evil.”

Someone is Being Breitbart. All of us had better be.

Spread this far and wide, please

60 posted on 03/15/2012 12:17:24 AM PDT by combat_boots (The Lion of Judah cometh. Hallelujah. Gloria Patri, Filio et Spiritui Sancto.)
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To: tobyhill

A subset of Democrats are purely evil undermining the sovereignty of the United States. They are known as: “the Left”.

61 posted on 03/15/2012 12:20:03 AM PDT by Gene Eric (Newt/Sarah 2012)
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To: combat_boots

Please provide a source and link and then hit the abuse button when you have it. Also please don’t spam that article. Thanks.

62 posted on 03/15/2012 12:22:21 AM PDT by Admin Moderator
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To: Admin Moderator

Done, Sir.

I even got out of bed to do it, too! You rascal. ;>

63 posted on 03/15/2012 1:05:34 AM PDT by combat_boots (The Lion of Judah cometh. Hallelujah. Gloria Patri, Filio et Spiritui Sancto.)
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To: combat_boots

LOL! Hope you at least fell asleep wearing your boots.

64 posted on 03/15/2012 1:11:30 AM PDT by Admin Moderator
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To: tobyhill
This is what you get when they handed over our sovereignty to the UN.

Panetta's testimony, Constitution Flouted On War If Panetta Testimony To Congress Says Anything, seemed to indicate something has changed. A legal basis has changed somewhere and it was more or less missed by even conservatives. Several articles attempt to allude to this change, Obama Syndicate‘s Panetta: Congress is no Longer relevant governmental body, but with the way they are hiding things in several pieces of legislation it may not show itself until it is too late. Or it is worded so vaguely as to appear too convoluted for easy interpretation.

Consider the whole abortion thing that has just come to light with the $1 premium that has been tacked on for elective abortions. Even the 0bamacare act has parts buried and hidden in bail-out and stimulus legislation prior to their enactment.

Something, somewhere has been missed in those thousands of pieces of legislation passed in the last 3.5 years. While we certainly were not sleeping these past few years, they had us good and distracted with hot button topics. They had congress passing bills to, "see what's in it," Pelosi said.

I have never been a big birther advocate. Sure when the topic was first broached I was into trying to understand what was going on, but with what has been happening. I am coming more and more to the conclusion we've got to get this be relevant. As much as I have felt it a losing battle and it is time to let it go...I am maybe changing my mind. That birth certificate is the lynch pin to undoing all of this legislation. That battle to find all these hidden agenda things is darn near impossible, but a Party and President that usurped the office of the Presidency under fraudulent methods would stop all these laws in their tracks. Why spend all that money hiding it? Because it does matter. It matters more than the Congress or Presidency itself to the whole of the agenda.

Impeachment on individual high crimes doesn't do it. It has to be about that darn birth certificate. As wonky as I sound this morning, we have got to find it. We have got to find a way. We know now what this treasonous end is. They have been counting on us not realizing it, until it is too late. They are counting on "the birthers" to be marginalized as wonky. He has produced at least two fraudulent BC during his elected offices.

There is the glitch. Flashing a document in front of the public is meaningless legally. Where else has he had to produce a BC as part of the official record?

Can you even really imagine community activists wearing a UN uniform showing up as poll monitors in November? Acting under 'international law' to assure a free and fair election? Can you imagine "activists" like this when you go to vote?

Our time is growing very short.

65 posted on 03/15/2012 3:49:18 AM PDT by EBH (God Humbles Nations, Leaders, and Peoples before He uses them for His Purpose)
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To: tobyhill


66 posted on 03/15/2012 3:54:19 AM PDT by kalee (The offenses we give, we write in the dust; Those we take, we engrave in marble. J Huett 1658)
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To: traditional1

Only property owners should be allowed to vote.

They are the stakeholders.

67 posted on 03/15/2012 4:55:14 AM PDT by Westbrook (Children do not divide your love, they multiply it.)
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To: GraceG

“start voting from the roof tops.”

No, that would skyline you and make escape difficult. Use a window and building with easy exits. Or watch Red Dawn for tips.

68 posted on 03/15/2012 6:46:55 AM PDT by LevinFan
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To: FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs

Oh man, that is priceless... :-)

69 posted on 03/15/2012 6:56:27 AM PDT by SueRae (Tale of 2 Towers - First, Isengaard (GOP-e), then, the Tower of Sauron on 11.06.2012)
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To: SueRae’s how the adults north and south of us handle this issue..

Here’s How Canada Verifies...

and Mexico

.here’s how they deal with voter fraud issues south of the border....and ..its all you need to know about the treasonous, malignant American Left....

“...the Mexican Voter I.D. card has NINE security characteristics, including a fingerprint, a photograph, watermarks and holograms. What is more, in Mexico, the lists of electors that are distributed to political parties include the photo and the full name and address of the electors.”

and if WE don’t start doing so..there is very little incentive to continue to “voluntarily” support the Feds every April 15th.

70 posted on 03/15/2012 7:03:16 AM PDT by mo (If you understand, no explanation is needed. If you don't understand, no explanation is possible.)
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To: tobyhill

Make no mistake, the coming of blue helmets to our shores is a certainty if Mr. obamugabe retains power. Set your scopes on blue detection.

71 posted on 03/15/2012 7:30:23 AM PDT by Neoliberalnot (Marxism works well only with the uneducated and the unarmed.)
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To: pepsionice

Some of us count national id as Social Security cards. I have had one for decades.

72 posted on 03/15/2012 7:36:50 AM PDT by Neoliberalnot (Marxism works well only with the uneducated and the unarmed.)
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To: Winstons Julia

I live in California and we have always had to provide ID to vote. They take your ID and check you off the list.

I don’t understand why it says no voted ID law here. Maybe ID is just for legal citizens.

73 posted on 03/15/2012 7:39:03 AM PDT by OafOfOffice (W.C:Socialism:Philosophy of failure,creed of ignorance,gospel of envy,the equal sharing of misery)
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To: Repeat Offender

That’s why we’re a Constitutional Republic

It is also why we are a “nation of laws and not men.”

I believe this should be in a past tense. Our Constitution is a dead letter. In reality, none of the three branches of the federal government recognize any restraint as against each other, and the federal government recognizes no restraint in its exercise of power over the states, or the people. All of our public institutions and mass media are complicit in this.

74 posted on 03/15/2012 8:06:10 AM PDT by henkster (Andrew Breitbart would not have apologized.)
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To: Winstons Julia

What a joke.

75 posted on 03/15/2012 8:10:50 AM PDT by No Socialist
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To: Neoliberalnot

No blue helmets are coming to this country. They don’t have to. Another Freeper (I don’t recall who) had the best take on it. It went something like: “I waited in the field with my rifle, waiting for the communist paratroopers to fall from the sky. While I was waiting they were elected to office instead.”

It pretty much sums up my attitude.

76 posted on 03/15/2012 8:12:02 AM PDT by henkster (Andrew Breitbart would not have apologized.)
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To: tobyhill
Hey everybody look over here see the UN is gonna check out our voting laws....

No don't worry about what Obama and the Democrats are doing (like subverting the Constitution) just pay attention to the Dog and Pony show we have to show you.






Amazing just amazing....

77 posted on 03/15/2012 8:21:16 AM PDT by Mad Dawgg (If you're going to deny my 1st Amendment rights then I must proceed to the 2nd one...)
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To: tobyhill

Bring the “Blue Helmets” to Texas, where we call them “TARGETS” !!!

78 posted on 03/15/2012 8:38:41 AM PDT by Chief901 (Well, he should have armed himself if he's going to decorate his saloon with my friend)
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To: tobyhill
What this country needs is more FUN

79 posted on 03/15/2012 8:40:32 AM PDT by tomkat (FU.baraq)
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To: All

I would suggest that if some smarmy UN creep show up at a polling place asking questions, call the cops and have him arrested for vagrancy.

80 posted on 03/15/2012 8:43:52 AM PDT by BigEdLB (Now there ARE 1,000,000 regrets - but it may be too late.)
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To: DallasDeb

That is what I have been saying to all of these threads with this issue involved. I have always showed my DL when going to vote in Texas. I have alway thought it was a law required to vote.

If you are a U.S. citizen you should be required by law to have a photo ID period. That is a very logical and smart way to end this issue.

The fact that the NAACP is screaming discrimination in this matter is beyond me considering that other nations involved in the UN don’t even allow women to vote period. Where is the outrage there? The NAACP will always find something to sue or complain over.

81 posted on 03/15/2012 10:15:11 AM PDT by 3rdcoastislander
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To: tobyhill

Oh, just wait a minute. We have many upstanding New Black Pampers and Ku Klux Klanspersons to monitor polls. We don’t need foreigners. For goodness’ sake, I don’t travel overseas in order to avoid foreigners. I don’t want to put up with them here unless they swear to be upstanding U.S. citizens.

82 posted on 03/15/2012 10:19:00 AM PDT by Silentgypsy
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To: tobyhill

Dems, but this time the NACCP, showing they will gladly throw this nation under the bus for their own devious purposes. This is disgusting and anti-American.

83 posted on 03/15/2012 10:31:03 AM PDT by PghBaldy (What an exciting time to be alive.)
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To: tobyhill
Hey there UN:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

84 posted on 03/15/2012 12:17:47 PM PDT by b4its2late (Patience is not a virtue, it is a waste of time.)
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To: henkster

Good point.

85 posted on 03/15/2012 1:00:07 PM PDT by Neoliberalnot (Marxism works well only with the uneducated and the unarmed.)
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To: All

those filthy, rotting, disgusting pig democrats are doing everything they can to discredit the next president.

86 posted on 03/15/2012 3:30:29 PM PDT by newnhdad (Soylent green is people..)
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To: Blood of Tyrants

MEMO TO UN: Keep your booger-filled noses out of our states’ business....or come prepared for consequences. You have enough trouble managing your child-molesting, whore-mongering vote supervisors already.

87 posted on 03/15/2012 3:41:02 PM PDT by Rapscallion (The best way to enforceObama's "fairness" is Socialist tyranny.)
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To: tobyhill

No international organization should have any influence over the domestic policies of the United States.

88 posted on 03/15/2012 5:46:49 PM PDT by DNA.2012
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To: tobyhill

It appears as though the NAALCP now considers itself as being some kind of freaked out sovereign nation. They need to stay the hell out of OUR elections. And that goes for their third world comrades down at the UN too.

89 posted on 03/15/2012 6:42:37 PM PDT by FlingWingFlyer (“The first lesson you learn as a pollster is that people are stupid." - Dem pollster, Tom Jensen)
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To: tobyhill

The same United Nations that engages in child sexual slavery, has no problem with West Cost African slave trade, Islamic slave trade of kufir, and Christian geonocide.

Screw these Marxist bastard bottom feeders.

90 posted on 03/15/2012 8:35:12 PM PDT by a fool in paradise (Barack Obama continued to sponsor Jeremiah Wright after he said "G.D. AMERIKKA!"Where's the outrage?)
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To: tobyhill

From the same group of Plantation Puppets that brought us the “Tea Party is racist” mantra passed down from their white masters

91 posted on 03/15/2012 10:14:47 PM PDT by A_Former_Democrat (Blame the Slut Media and Slut Voters . . . Sandra Fluke = Useful Idiot)
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To: tobyhill

“Under the Supremacy Clause, treaties take precedence over state law and bind all judges to adhere to that principle in their courts. In other words, treaties trump state laws”

92 posted on 03/16/2012 1:29:18 AM PDT by OL Hickory (Jesus and the American soldier-1 died for your soul/1 died for your freedom)
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To: God luvs America

Right so don’t count on the GOP .

Since primaries are going on one or two smart and strong candidates could nail that.

Conservative radio talk show could and should nail that.

It could become a campaign important issue

93 posted on 03/16/2012 6:13:40 AM PDT by Ulysse
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To: a fool in paradise

Obama is their puppet , Soros one of their funders and they pretend to rule the world....They use islam as a tool against us . It’s a war

94 posted on 03/16/2012 6:19:27 AM PDT by Ulysse
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To: tobyhill

A strong, self-assured America would tell the UN to piss off.

But, we’re not that country anymore.

95 posted on 03/16/2012 6:58:51 AM PDT by ScottinVA (A single drop of American blood for muslims is one drop too many!)
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To: tobyhill

Why is the U.S. hosting in our country an organization that does not respect our sovereignty?

96 posted on 03/16/2012 7:44:53 AM PDT by AtlasStalled
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To: OL Hickory
97 posted on 03/16/2012 9:03:39 AM PDT by mdel747
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To: Carry_Okie

Let handed sheet metal screws for left handed sheet metal mechanics.

98 posted on 03/16/2012 12:14:45 PM PDT by RipSawyer
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To: tobyhill

Time to move the UN to a nice secluded island. We provide them with materials to build a small building for shelter and let them see how well their communist ideas work out.

99 posted on 03/16/2012 4:31:09 PM PDT by matt04
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To: tobyhill

“This really is a tactic that undercuts the growth of your democracy,” said Hillary Shelton, the NAACP’s senior vice president for advocacy, about voter photo ID requirements.”

This isn’t a democracy. When this idiot windbag said this, all credibility went out the door like a fart in the wind.

100 posted on 03/16/2012 10:21:16 PM PDT by MissouriConservative (Voting "None of the Above" in 2012.)
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