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To: trappedincanuckistan

I sent out the post below this week on another thread saying for some people what is happening to our country is more important than money.
It was another Rick vs Newt.

I always said I wanted Rick first, but would vote for Newt and NEVER romney. Especially after an interview I saw yesterday when he was asked about the base & and he said, “the base will vote for me” which is pure arrogance.

I see a man of heart and soul & a man who is highly intelligent. Together they would be phenomenal. That is the big argument we see here with the Newt vs Rick people. We both sides see qualities in these men that we want.

I got this off the ADF website.

The Agenda to Indoctrinate Children at School

These are quotes from a big leftist who want to change what your kids think “You may come to the conclusion that growing up means rejecting the values of your parents.”
“If we do our jobs right, we’re going to raise a whole generation of kids who don’t believe [the claims of Christianity].”
James Anderson, the former communications director of the
Gay, Lesbian, and Straight

There is an intense battle for the mind and soul of children at publicly funded schools where the dominant secular culture is undermining the Christian teaching of parents like you. Students are under great pressure to conform to the schools’ radical, anti-Christian views on issues such as abortion and homosexual behavior, which are imposed on them by secular textbooks, administrators, and teachers.

In fact, in states like Massachusetts – where same-sex “marriage” has been fabricated – school children as young as kindergarten are forced to learn about homosexual behavior in class – with or without parental permission.

As a result of this anti-Christian indoctrination in school, countless students begin questioning their faith and ultimately turn away from the Church by the time they graduate from high school.
Gay agenda is being pushed on schoolkids (Judge rules school must allow access to sexually explicit LGBT sites. A federal judge has ordered a Missouri school district to unblock its web filters and give students access to sexually explicit material by the middle of March.)
I have 3 sons and 4 grandsons & 2 granddaughters and I do not want them exposed to the lefts lies. I want there innocence protected. If the media was reporting the important things that Obama, his leftist gay friends and the media is doing to steal our childrens heart and soul; most people would be outraged.

Last week some here were debating Newt and Rick. I could tell some were very anti-faith, so I tried to stay on economics. Finally I said that there are some things that are more important them money. I was excoriated and told it was the most selfish, mean, hateful thing this person heard. Maybe I did not explain good enough what I meant, but all of us nowayromney people can work together.

What good is having lots of money if your kids/grandkids grow up to be faithless, self-induldgent, sex obsessed, big leftist? Part of us, lives on in our kids and grandkids. We have to protect them at all costs.

This is only one part of the cultural issue. I think Rick could hit obama right between the eyes with this. Example: “Obama believes that it is not only ok to have an abortion up to 9 months in the womb, but also AFTER a baby is born. “ Lots of women have had an abortion and feel guilty (I was a counselor at a Crisis Pregnancy Center for years & worked with those considering and those who have had an abortion) He could say something like. “There are millions of hurting women out there who are victims (the left likes to make people victims, we can throw it back at them) of people like obama who told them, its ok to get an abortion, it’s not a baby, so they did out of fear or panic. Then later it hits them what they did and they realize they can’t take back what happened and wish they could. These women are suffering because of the lies of the left who don’t value life. Even life of a newly born baby.” I have worked with these women and there are millions of them looking for someone to speak to there issue in a compassionate way.

We could go from social issue to issue. Many people out here are scared and don’t like what they see this country turning into. I’m one of those. Newt people can cover the economics.....

35 posted on 03/16/2012 11:35:16 AM PDT by Linda Frances (Only God can change a heart, but we can pray for hearts to be changed.)
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To: Linda Frances

Also - The interviewer remarked that he [Romney] had lost in Alabama and Mississippi, to which Romney made the retort [somewhat paraphrased, w/ my caps for emphasis]: “Well, yes - but I’ve won the IMPORTANT states.”

Such ‘minor’, unguarded comments - which reveal who the man is.

97 posted on 03/16/2012 9:23:40 PM PDT by GGMac ((lesson learned re Obie: parse every sentence, every word, every gesture, every photo))
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To: Linda Frances

*****What good is having lots of money if your kids/grandkids grow up to be faithless, self-induldgent, sex obsessed, big leftist? Part of us, lives on in our kids and grandkids. We have to protect them at all costs.*****


“For what profit is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?”

God’s blessings on this country will only come back, when we turn back to Him.

It is difficult for us who know what will happen if God should totally abandon us to this culture of death.

Make no mistake, God has allowed this country to suffer under the leadership of Obama. Unless, and until we call upon His name, we will suffer even worse to come.

109 posted on 03/17/2012 11:00:54 AM PDT by Jvette
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