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To: Antoninus; Finny; Cicero

History woud prove your assertion wrong.

Just look at Czarist Russia and their transition to the USSR. They were a moral people, G-d fearing and religious. Then the communists took over, for the noblest of intentions... and created the ultimate ‘nanny-state’.

Within a generation, alcoholism... abortion...and all sorts of vices were rampant. Abortion, in particular, became so prevalent that it was more acceptable to get one afterwards than it was to just go and get a pack of condoms.

Just a generation after the formation of a large and controlling superstate.

And you want a large and controlling superstate... with the noblest of intentions. But we know where good intentions lead us.

What truly makes people moral is having to face life on one’s own two feet. That, and organized religion (mind you, not government working to enforce theological doctrines).

For that begets personal responsibility, the foundation of society. Only when someone can trust that another will do what they say... can a society exist.

21 posted on 03/16/2012 9:57:56 PM PDT by gogogodzilla (Live free or die!)
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To: gogogodzilla; b9; Cicero; antonius
Well said, gogogodz. VERY WELL SAID, better than I said it. THANK YOU. Cicero, Antonius, please see the truth: government is not the answer to our moral malaise, it is the CAUSE of it.

Government -- not our fellow citizens, not popular opinion, not our neighbors, but GOVERNMENT prevents us from saying prayers in schools outlawing abortion in our states, rejecting the push for open homosexuality in our communities, etc. Our neighbors don't prevent us from living morally, GOVERNMENT DOES. If not for government, America would be a much more moral nation, and frankly, that you think so LOWLY of your fellow Americans is evidence of the kind of pride that I think is unbecoming in a Christian.

Let's take VOTE FRAUD for an example. Let's say people in a certain state said, "To hell with the ruling that says we can't require IDs to vote. We're doing it anyway." Most Americans, and you know in your heart this is true, would say, "More power to you! Hooray! We have to show IDs to cash a check or to rent a movie, it's perfectly reasonable to check IDs to vote." MOST AMERICANS think that way.

But GOVERNMENT, deeming it "immoral" to check IDs of voters because it might "disenfranchise minorities," would PUNISH us from doing the right and moral thing. Not our fellow citizens, not Godly morality, but THE GOVERNMENT. Remember that charity is a major MAJOR factor of Christian morality. The GOVERNMENT has nearly removed that major factor from us and transferred it to food stamps and welfare, which enable immorality, whereas Christian charity, true righteous Christian charity, guides people toward morality and rewards them for being morally righteous. SANTORUM, good as he is, TOTALLY misses this, as he fought valiantly to PREVENT CUTS FROM THE FOODSTAMP PROGRAM. Santorum thinks Government is a key factor in making people "moral." He is wrong; government is a key factor in making people immoral.

It is why I say, and pray: Godspeed Newt Gingrich.

26 posted on 03/17/2012 9:42:40 AM PDT by Finny ("The rules are made for people who aren't willing to make up their own." -- C. Yeager)
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