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Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks about his Cold Case Posse
The Roger Hedgecock Show ^ | 3/16/2012 | Roger Hedgecock

Posted on 03/17/2012 11:06:35 AM PDT by Menehune56

Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks about his Cold Case Posse. Friday 3/16/2012 Hour 3 Podcast.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: arpaio; birthcertificate; birthers; certificate; naturalborncitizen; talkradio
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Great interview or Sheriff Joe by Roger. The lapdog media blackout on this subject has been incredible but not unexpected since they all have a vested interest in Obama not being exposed as the utter fraud he is.
1 posted on 03/17/2012 11:06:45 AM PDT by Menehune56
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To: Menehune56

Sheriff Joe, doing the work the lapdog media wouldn’t do.

2 posted on 03/17/2012 11:09:17 AM PDT by FreeAtlanta (Liberty and Justice for ALL)
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To: Menehune56

Arpaio has caused a lot of the commie ‘RAT and illegal alien “immigration advocate” heads to explode in Arizona. The guy is great.

3 posted on 03/17/2012 11:16:30 AM PDT by FlingWingFlyer (The first lesson you learn as a pollster is that people are stupid. - Dem pollster, Tom Jensen)
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To: Menehune56

Though not affiliated with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, there is a charming website that kind of puts things into perspective, called “Phoenix mugs”.

It shows the mug shots and basic data of those taken up by the MCSO, whose information is now public record. The main page just shows DUI offenses, but in the upper right you can select “all charges”, and it will give a list of the offenses for the defendants currently under Joe Arpaio’s care.

To paraphrase from the movie Blazing Saddles:

“...rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shiat-kickers and Methodists.”

4 posted on 03/17/2012 11:22:53 AM PDT by yefragetuwrabrumuy ("It is already like a government job," he said, "but with goats." -- Iranian goat smuggler)
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To: FlingWingFlyer
Arpaio has caused a lot of the commie ‘RAT and illegal alien “immigration advocate” heads to explode in Arizona. The guy is great.

Hardly a week goes by when we don't open up the commie state-run AZ Rag and read another hit piece trying to take Sheriff Joe "out". This Randy Parraz runs a full time "community organizer" campaign trying to remove our duly elected Sheriff Joe from office when all he has to do is wait another few months and the voters - not the illegal alien lovers residing in AZ - will decide if Sheriff Joe remains in office or not. THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE LIBTARD RAT PARTY.


Sheriff Joe targeted for ouster, Published: 01/03/2012

Randy Parraz (Community agitator) - Getting rid of Sheriff Arpaio, Jan 23, 2012
5 posted on 03/17/2012 11:33:56 AM PDT by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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To: Menehune56
Aloha Menehune!

There have been many that have dissected the published documents over time and their goal was to simply expose the fraud. Sherriff Joe is going about this right trying to find the perp.

Have you seen this ?
6 posted on 03/17/2012 11:43:10 AM PDT by BIGLOOK (Keelhaul Congress!)
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Comment #7 Removed by Moderator

To: Cheerio

I know what you mean. I won’t even get within 10 feet of an Arizona People’s Republic. That thing is nothing but a Communist Party USA newsletter.

8 posted on 03/17/2012 12:02:53 PM PDT by FlingWingFlyer (The first lesson you learn as a pollster is that people are stupid. - Dem pollster, Tom Jensen)
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To: FlingWingFlyer

Have you tried it’s southern counterpart in Tucson, the Red Star? Puke city.

9 posted on 03/17/2012 12:48:16 PM PDT by Trod Upon (Obama: Making the Carter malaise look good. Misery Index in 3...2...1)
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To: FlingWingFlyer

Have you tried its southern counterpart in Tucson, the Red Star? Puke city.

10 posted on 03/17/2012 12:48:33 PM PDT by Trod Upon (Obama: Making the Carter malaise look good. Misery Index in 3...2...1)
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To: LucyT; Menehune56

There is “big news” in this interview:

Arpaio coyly says he has decided where to send the investigation of the selective service registration forgery.

Hedgecox tries to draw Arpaio out by suggesting that he sent it to Obama’s Selective Service administrator, but Arpaio says that administrator is a political appointee overseeing only 120 people these days who would immediately phone up Eric Holder's DOJ to (fill in the blank).

Arpaio doesn't say who got the Selective Service registration forgery. My guess is that Arpaio gave it to the Postal Inspectors and/or Postal Inspector General who, unlike the Selective Service Admin., have a huge, semi-independent postal fraud and forgery operation not directly under the Obama Admin.

Here is Wiki on the relative independence and standing of the two separate law enforcement arms of the USPS, the Postal Inspection Service and the even more independent Office of Inspector General:

“Postal Inspection Service

“The United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) is one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the U.S. Founded by Benjamin Franklin, its mission is to protect the Postal Service, its employees, and its customers from crime and protect the nation's mail system from criminal misuse.[46]

“Postal Inspectors enforce over 200 federal laws providing for the protection of mail in investigations of crimes that may adversely affect or fraudulently use the U.S. Mail, the postal system or postal employees.

“The USPIS has the power to enforce the USPS monopoly by conducting search and seizure raids on entities they suspect of sending non-urgent mail through overnight delivery competitors. According to the American Enterprise Institute, a private conservative think tank, the USPIS raided Equifax offices in 1993 to ascertain if the mail they were sending through Federal Express was truly “extremely urgent.” It was found that the mail was not, and Equifax was fined $30,000.[47]

“Lastly, the PIS oversees the activities of the Postal Police Force who patrol in and around selected high-risk postal facilities in major metropolitan areas in the United States and its territories.

“Office of Inspector General

“The United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) was authorized by law in 1996. Prior to the 1996 legislation, the Postal Inspection Service performed the duties of the OIG. The Inspector General, who is independent of postal management, is appointed by and reports directly to the nine presidentially-appointed, Senate–confirmed members of the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service.

“The primary purpose of the OIG is to prevent, detect and report fraud, waste and program abuse, and promote efficiency in the operations of the Postal Service. The OIG has “oversight” responsibility for all activities of the Postal Inspection Service.”

“Forensic Laboratory Services

“The U.S. Postal Inspection Service maintains a state-of-the-art National Forensic Laboratory in Dulles, VA, comprising highly trained forensic scientists and technical specialists who play a key role in identifying, apprehending, prosecuting, and convicting individuals responsible for postal-related criminal offenses. Its mission is to provide scientific and technical expertise to the criminal and security investigations of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. Laboratory services are divided into the units described below.”

“Questioned Documents Unit

“The Questioned Document Unit provides technical assistance to Postal Inspectors who are investigating suspected violations of postal statutes. Document Analysts process requests from Inspectors to determine the authenticity of questioned or disputed documents. Analysts determine authenticity through the following procedures:
•Comparing “questioned” and “known” handwriting, typewriting, commercial printing, and other machine or mechanical impressions.
•Analyzing paper and ink.
•Restoring eradicated and obliterated impressions.
•Visualizing indented handwriting impressions.
•Detecting altered and counterfeit impressions.

11 posted on 03/17/2012 1:01:47 PM PDT by Seizethecarp
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To: FreeAtlanta; FlingWingFlyer; yefragetuwrabrumuy; Cheerio; BIGLOOK; Trod Upon

Want to see a video of our ‘lapdog’ media when they think only elites are in the room?

... undercover conservative filmed this:

12 posted on 03/17/2012 1:05:23 PM PDT by GOPJ (Democrat-Media Complex - buried stories and distorted facts... freeper 'andrew' Breitbart)
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To: Seizethecarp

We likely have a counterfeit President using likely fraudulent documents and he appears to be raiding the Treasury...The SECRET SERVICE is next to him every day.. Why does a county sheriff have to do their job for them? Did they not swear an oath? HAVE THEY CONTACTED ARPAIO? HAVE THEY DONE AN INVESTIGATION? WORTHLESS????

........................ What types of crimes does the Secret Service investigate?

The Secret Service has PRIMARY JURISDICTION to investigate threats against Secret Service protectees as well as financial crimes, which include counterfeiting of U.S. currency or other U.S. Government obligations; forgery or theft of U.S. Treasury checks, bonds or other securities; credit card fraud; TELECOMMUNICATIONS FRAUD; COMPUTER FRAUD, IDENTITY THEFT FRAUD and certain other crimes affecting federally insured financial institutions.

What legal authority and powers do Secret Service agents have?

Under Title 18, Section 3056, of the United States Code, agents and officers of the United States Secret Service can:

Carry firearms

Execute warrants issued under the laws of the United States

Make arrests without warrants for any offense against the United States committed in their presence, or for any felony recognizable under the laws of the United States if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed such felony

OFFER AND PAY REWARDS FOR SERVICES AND INFORMATION leading to the apprehension of persons involved in the violation of the law that the Secret Service is authorized to enforce


and Perform other functions and duties authorized by law

The Secret Service works closely with the United States Attorney’s Office in both protective and investigative matters.


The following are PRIMARY OFFENSES investigated by the Secret Service:

IDENTITY CRIMES - IDENTITY CRIMES ARE DEFINED AS MISUSE OF PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL IDENTIFIERS IN ORDER TO GAIN SOMETHING OF VALUE AND/ORFACILITATE OTHER CRIMINAL ACTIVITY The Secret Service is the primary federal agency tasked with investigating identity theft/fraud and its related activities under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1028. Identity crimes are some of the fastest growing and most serious economic crimes in the United States for both financial institutions and persons whose identifying information has been illegally used. The Secret Service records criminal complaints, assists victims in contacting other relevant investigative and consumer protection agencies and works with other federal, state and LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT and reporting agencies to identify perpetrators.

Identity crimes investigated by the Secret Service include, but are not limited to, the following:

Credit Card/Access Device Fraud (Skimming)

Check Fraud

Bank Fraud


13 posted on 03/17/2012 1:15:19 PM PDT by rolling_stone
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Have you seen this ?

No I hadn't. Mahalo BIGLOOK!

14 posted on 03/17/2012 1:45:02 PM PDT by Menehune56 ("Let them hate so long as they fear" Oderint Dum Metuant), Lucius Accius, (170 BC - 86 BC))
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To: rolling_stone
Re: Secret Service:


It would seem that the USSS would, in theory, be an outfit with jurisdiction to investigate the forged BC, as opposed to the postal stamp on the Selective Service registration from, which is not an identification document.

While the USPS has partial independence, especially the Office of the Inspector General, the Secret Service is not independent of the president. I would think that a bipartisan congressional investigation or independent investigator reporting to a bipartisan committee would be necessary to look into this, given the constitutional crisis that is evident.

15 posted on 03/17/2012 2:05:52 PM PDT by Seizethecarp
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To: Seizethecarp

I’d send it to the Joint Chiefs...

16 posted on 03/17/2012 2:14:26 PM PDT by Hoosier-Daddy ( "It does no good to be a super power if you have to worry what the neighbors think." BuffaloJack)
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To: Menehune56

Mark for later...

17 posted on 03/17/2012 2:16:34 PM PDT by Red Steel
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To: Seizethecarp

Sure all the feds are in the bag.

FBI ICE HS SS USPS etc have overlaping authority for some of the alleged crimes
FBI Investigations

What are the primary investigative functions of the FBI?

The FBI’s investigative authority is the broadest of all federal law enforcement agencies. The FBI has divided its investigations into a number of programs, such as domestic and international terrorism, foreign counterintelligence, cyber, public corruption, civil rights, organized crime/drugs, white-collar crime, violent crimes and major offenders, and applicant matters. The FBI’s investigative philosophy emphasizes close relations and information sharing with other federal, state, local, and international law enforcement and intelligence agencies. A significant number of FBI investigations are conducted in concert with other law enforcement agencies or as part of joint task forces.

Where is the FBI’s authority written down?

The FBI has a range of legal authorities that enable it to investigate federal crimes and threats to national security, as well as to gather intelligence and assist other law enforcement agencies.

Federal law gives the FBI authority to investigate all federal crime not assigned exclusively to another federal agency (28, Section 533 of the U.S. Code.) Title 28, U.S. Code, Section 533, authorizes the attorney general to appoint officials to detect and prosecute crimes against the United States. Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 3052, specifically authorizes special agents and officials of the FBI to make arrests, carry firearms, and serve warrants. Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 3107, empowers special agents and officials to make seizures under warrant for violation of federal statutes. The FBI’s authority to investigate specific criminal violations is conferred by numerous other congressional statutes—such as the Congressional Assassination, Kidnapping, and Assault Act (Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 351). The FBI has special investigative jurisdiction to investigate violations of state law in limited circumstances, specifically felony killings of state law enforcement officers (28 U.S.C. § 540), violent crimes against interstate travelers (28 U.S.C. § 540A0, and serial killers (28 U.S.C. §540B). A request by an appropriate state official is required before the FBI has authority to investigate these matters. In addition, Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 0.85, outlines the investigative and other responsibilities of the FBI, including the collection of fingerprint cards and identification records; the training of state and local law enforcement officials at the FBI National Academy; and the operation of the National Crime Information Center and the FBI Laboratory.

The FBI has authority to investigate threats to the national security pursuant to presidential executive orders, attorney general authorities, and various statutory sources. Title II of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, Pubic Law 108-458, 118 Stat. 3638, outlines FBI intelligence authorities, as does Executive Order 12333; 50 U.S.C. 401 et seq.; 50 U.S.C. 1801 et seq.

This combination of authorities gives the FBI the unique ability to address national security and criminal threats that are increasingly intertwined and to shift between the use of intelligence tools such as surveillance or recruiting sources and law enforcement tools of arrest and prosecution. Unlike many domestic intelligence agencies around the world, the FBI can shift seamlessly between intelligence collection and action. This allows the FBI to continue gathering intelligence on a subject to learn more about his social and financial network, but shift gears quickly to arrest him if harm to an innocent person appears imminent. The threat of prosecution, in turn, can be used to encourage cooperation to support further intelligence gathering.


Fraud & Counterfeit
•Forensic Document Lab (ICE)
The Immigration & Customs Enforcement Forensic Document Lab (FDL), whose mission is the detection and deterrence of travel and identity document fraud, has been in operation since 1978 as the only federal crime laboratory dedicated exclusively to the forensic examination of travel and identity documents.
TOP STORY: ICE’s Forensic Document Lab serves as authentication authority

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigations are often complex, requiring significant examination and analysis. That’s when the honed skills of the staff at the agency’s Forensic Document Lab (FDL) come into play. Established in 1978, the lab serves as the authority on determining the authenticity of travel and identity documents.

“The FDL mission has evolved to provide full complement forensic document examination and fingerprint services,” said Marshall Heeger, the lab’s director.

Much of that has to do with the expanded mission of ICE. Not only does ICE enforce the country’s immigration laws, but it is also involved in an array of criminal investigations ranging from drug smuggling to money laundering.

The lab is the only U.S. crime laboratory specializing in the scientific authentication, research, training, and research of travel and identity documents and related issues. It consists of two divisions - Forensic Services and Operations. Forensic Services includes the lab’s document examination, fingerprinting and chemistry units. The Operations Division provides training to ICE employees and other federal agencies, issues document intelligence alerts and oversees special projects like synthesizing and distributing intelligence information for investigations. The FDL also helps federal agencies develop identification and travel documents that are more secure and more difficult to replicate.

“You’re never going to make a counterfeit proof document. We work with our colleagues to try to make documents counterfeit resistant,” said Heeger.

And how does the team do that? More than 60 specially trained staff members have access to a library and databases of identity and travel documents from across the world and the latest technology to identify inconsistencies. Missing holograms, improper printing techniques and missing security chips are often red flags.

“You have to know what you’re looking for and think creatively,” said Heeger.

Lab staff can also lift fingerprints from those documents, as well as from evidence like money wrappings, suitcases, weapons and more, to aid ICE special agents in larger investigations.

“The FDL is in a unique position to provide specialized support to ICE and other U.S. and foreign law enforcement agencies, whether it be forensic document examination, fingerprint processing, examination, and identification, or training in identifying fraudulent documents,” said Heeger.

Learn more about the FDL.

missing from National Archives

18 posted on 03/17/2012 2:35:19 PM PDT by rolling_stone
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To: Seizethecarp

If we had an honest government we wouldnt be discussing this because a lot of people would already be behind bars...
I will trust very little coming out of this remember the Warren Report? Any investigation’s veracity will depend on the people who do the investigation and their ethics to truth over all else no matter where the chips fall.

Congress and this administration have show they are dirty pigs incapable of doing anything but protecting themselves and feeding at the trough as fast as possible before they finally get slaughtered...

19 posted on 03/17/2012 2:41:30 PM PDT by rolling_stone
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To: Menehune56
Like I said earlier, Sheriff Joe is going about this right trying to find the perp. Methinks he has a clue.
20 posted on 03/17/2012 3:03:03 PM PDT by BIGLOOK (Keelhaul Congress!)
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