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Video: Obama says we’re producing too much oil and gas
Hot Air ^ | 3/22/12

Posted on 03/22/2012 12:05:04 PM PDT by Nachum

President Barack Obama is in my home state of Oklahoma today, touting his tired talking points about energy in little Cushing, “the town that fossil fuel built.” For the record, most Oklahomans aren’t happy he’s here. The state administration will give him no official welcome and protesters have already gathered near the location of the president’s speech, which — predictably — was closed to the public.

First, listen to this portion of the president’s energy address (h/t Greg Hengler).

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Vid at link...

(by the way, I am now selling low cost industrial size cans of Bean 0- to deal with all of his excess gas)

1 posted on 03/22/2012 12:05:14 PM PDT by Nachum
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To: Jet Jaguar; NorwegianViking; ExTexasRedhead; HollyB; FromLori; EricTheRed_VocalMinority; ...

The list, Ping

Let me know if you would like to be on or off the ping list

2 posted on 03/22/2012 12:07:22 PM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: Nachum

If we’re producing too much then why are the prices so high and still climbing as I type? Put me down for a case of your Bean-O.

3 posted on 03/22/2012 12:09:05 PM PDT by girlscout
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To: Nachum

Agreed. D.C. is producing way to much gas and snake oil.

4 posted on 03/22/2012 12:16:07 PM PDT by bgill
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To: Nachum

Rush: I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Obama Says “I’ve Laid More Pipe Than Any President Except Bill Clinton”

5 posted on 03/22/2012 12:17:46 PM PDT by al baby (Hi Mom)
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To: Nachum
listen to this portion of the president’s energy address

You would have to drug me, tie me up, and tap my eye lids open first.

6 posted on 03/22/2012 12:31:34 PM PDT by DManA
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To: girlscout

It’s because of the high demand, due to the burgeoning economy. Duh.....

7 posted on 03/22/2012 12:42:20 PM PDT by gundog (Help us, Nairobi-Wan're our only hope.)
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To: al baby


8 posted on 03/22/2012 12:46:21 PM PDT by stephenjohnbanker (God, family, country, mom, apple pie, the girl next door and a Ford F250 to pull my boat.)
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Thing is, the price per barrel of oil hasn’t gone up tooo much .BUT, our dollar is devalued and buys no where near what it could back in 2008 due to the drunken printing,borrowing and spending by Zero and Helicopter Ben..

9 posted on 03/22/2012 12:53:08 PM PDT by Michael Barnes (Obamaa+ Downgrade)
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To: Nachum

I wish each Republican candidate would just stand up and say:

“IF you truly believe that we are producing too much oil and gas in the US, and that increased production will not result in lower prices, then vote for Obama. If you think this is the biggest bunch of BS you’ve heard in your lifetime, then vote for me”.

And sit down.

10 posted on 03/22/2012 12:55:43 PM PDT by bigbob
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To: Nachum

Maybe it was closed to the public but it was broadcast on TV because I started to watch it live. But how anyone can stand to listen to him for even a minute is a mystery to me.
And your headline is really misleading. It leads the reader to the conclusion that the reason prices are high is because of our hig production. He spewed forth a bunch of Bravo Sierra but that was not what he said or even implied.

11 posted on 03/22/2012 12:59:23 PM PDT by Past Your Eyes (Suffering fools is hard work and there's no end to it.)
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To: Past Your Eyes

Sorry about the title. Posting rules forbid me to modify or change the title from a source. It is presented as Hot Air published it.

Having said all that, it does not take long to figure out that Obama went to Oklahoma and laid a stinking t*rd.

12 posted on 03/22/2012 1:01:49 PM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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To: Nachum

Where did they find those idiots cheering him on and laughing at his juvenile jokes. Once again he’s making fun of everyone that wants our own oil—like there’s something wrong with this—ugh. If I were president, I would open it all up and lift most restrictions. The economy would boom under me and I would be a two-termer for sure. So easy.

13 posted on 03/22/2012 1:11:22 PM PDT by dandiegirl
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To: Nachum

If you watch the vid you will see a big pile of Greek columns laying horizontal behind owebama... What’s that? Lengths of pipe for pipelines? I see. Well, owebama probably knows a lot about smoking some pipe.

14 posted on 03/22/2012 1:14:02 PM PDT by 43north (BHO: 50% black, 50% white, 100% RED)
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To: DManA

The prices are climbing, dear readers, for precisely the reason prices climbed in the period immediately before the election in 2008 - to affect people’s mindsets. Ony the timing is different now. Please note, that once Obama was safely re-elected, the prices fell quite sharply, so that when Obama was sworn in, the price of gasoline at the pump was about $1.85, after it tracked upward of $3.00 just a couple of months earlier.

There is a large cartel of bankers and financiers who are even now bidding up the prices on both crude and refined priducts, on an international basis, and doing it by placing huge inflationary pressures on the US dollar. All those extra dollars that the various “quantitative easing” programs put out there never reached the general public, in fact, never got much beyond the vaults of the very largest of banks, but that is the force that is driving the prices of crude and refined petroleum products now. There are too many dollars, and the various dummy corporations and front organizations for these financiers are merely trading back and forth on the oil futures, never actually taking delivery, but driving prices higher with each trade. A sort of ENRON trading scheme, but on a much grander, international scale, with no oversight by any national watchdog group.

And probably the biggest player out there? The international combine of the George Soros financial empire, which has used a similar scheme before to break the national currencies of many of the Eastern European countries like Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, the Ukraine, and Poland once they had thrown off the Communist yoke and were achieving some degree of free market and representative government. This was to punish them for leaving socialist concepts, and it worked to the degree that these countries went through a sort of localized depression. A similar coup was pulled against the government of Malaysia, and later against the Bank of England, when the valuation of their respective currencies was greatly depressed.

What is going on right now reflects the use of these greatly devalued dollars, to bid up the international prices of crude and refined product, then, in a great show of magnanimity, the prices of both crude and refined product will take a sharp dive, shortly BEFORE the November election, taking away one of the Republicans’ greatest campaign issues, and showing that Obama’s plan is “working”, the economy has turned the corner, and “happy days are here again”, effecting a sweep into office of (liberal and greenie) Democrats at both high and low levels, and maintaining a hold on all reins of government.

Now all this market manipulation is going to cost George Soros a bundle, but weep not for him, he has more physical gold in his possession than many entire NATIONS (having stolen it from them in the first place), and for the gain in overall influence and power, he believes he can well take a huge hit that would wipe out other lesser financiers, with the expectation that having won the roll of the dice, he will recoup all his losses and more once the Obama regime is fully entrenched, and the legislative and judicial branches are safely in his pocket.

All with scarcely a shot being fired.

Remember the references to “crawling over broken glass”?

This time, the broken glass will be real. And it may still be too late.

15 posted on 03/22/2012 1:20:01 PM PDT by alloysteel (College "education" may be the worst mischief to be inflicted upon the next generation.)
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To: Nachum

Drill Barry Drill!!

16 posted on 03/22/2012 2:06:45 PM PDT by Oldeconomybuyer (The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.)
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To: Nachum

Oh yeah. Every time he speaks it’s another turd.

17 posted on 03/22/2012 3:43:45 PM PDT by Past Your Eyes (Suffering fools is hard work and there's no end to it.)
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