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To: kabar
Who here is claiming racially motivated or pre-meditated? As for the "facts" you've presented, there is much confusion in what is being reported. If this took place within a "gated" community, of which all gated communities I've seen have gates which require key cards or codes to open, what is the explaination of how this youth came to be there? If the youth was behaving suspiciously, where are the witnesses to said suspicious behavior? As for whether the youth was in a physical confrontation with Mr. Zimmerman, if I were being stalked by someone I would for damned sure confront them, especially given that I was not engaged in any illicit activity.

No where have I made a claim that Zimmerman is guilty of pre-meditated murder. I have questions regarding how this incident happened, and I believe it is prudent to have an investigation. If Zimmerman was indeed using self-defense, then an investigation should show that. Why the fear of having an investigation?

86 posted on 03/22/2012 10:15:45 PM PDT by SoldierDad (Proud dad of an Army Soldier who has survived 24 months of Combat deployment.)
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To: SoldierDad; AlmaKing
You have either not listened to Zimmerman's entire call to the Sanford Police Department, or if you did, you were so biased before you listened that you didn't really hear what actually was said.

I will put it in a nutshell. But if you don't believe my interpretation, I recommend you actually LISTEN to the words spoken rather than selectively hear what you want to believe.

Mr. Zimmerman places the call to the SFD telling them of recent criminal activity in the neighborhood and that he sees a suspicious character there. The police officer asks for his location and a description of the suspected character (asks if he's white, black, etc.) Zimmerman describes Martin saying something's not right about him, that he has his hand in his waistband and Martin is looking at him.

Zimmerman is giving directions to his location and gives the officer his phone number when asked. In the middle of giving directions Zimmerman comments that the suspect is now running. The officer asks where he is running to and it's obvious Zimmerman is out of breath so the officer asks if he is pursuing suspect. Zimmerman says yes and officer says "we don't need you to do that" and Zimmerman says OKAY. It is then apparent that Zimmerman has stopped pursuing because his voice becomes more in control.

The officer states they are dispatching to the location and asks if Zimmerman wants to meet the police there. The officer asks where he wants to meet them and there's discussion about where to meet. The officer asks Zimmerman for his address and after starting to give the address, Zimmerman hesitates because he doesn't know where the suspect is so he asks to have the police call him when they get there.

So first of all, unless you think he was lying to the police when he said he didn't know where Martin was, how is it possible that he was pursuing him? He was waiting for the police to come and planned on meeting them, and had already agreed not to pursue Martin (again unless you think he was lying to the police).

I don't have any clue where you got the notion that Zimmerman was actively chasing after Martin and/or confronting him, but the recorded tapes totally debunk that scenario.

Remember that Zimmerman had already had contact with the police, so while the officers on the scene might have been unaware at first of Zimmerman's original call, you can be certain they subsequently connected the incidents, which is why Zimmerman's version was more believable and he was not charged.

The arresting officer also made this statement in his report: "Zimmerman was placed in the rear of my police vehicle and was given first aid by the SFD. While the SFD was attending to Zimmerman, I over heard him state 'I was yelling for someone to help me, but no one would help me.' At no point did I question Zimmerman about the incident that had taken place."

Again, unless you assume that Zimmerman knew that several witnesses would claim they heard someone screaming for help and therefore lied about yelling for help, I don't think it's a stretch to deduce that it was indeed Mr. Zimmerman who was being attacked, and with the other recorded evidence with the SFD, that he did not pursue or provoke Martin.

I'm not sure if you have an agenda or if you're just prone to emotion-driven propaganda. I can tell you that I was totally out of the loop at the start of this fiasco, so I come into it unaffected by the original conventional wisdom, and feel I can read and listen to all the FACTUAL evidence without prejudice. At this point, I tend to find Zimmerman's story makes the most sense.

118 posted on 03/22/2012 11:05:37 PM PDT by Shethink13
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