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To: butterdezillion

butterdezillion:”We need to keep telling the truth to as many people as we can. And we need to keep praying hard.”

I do pray often for this country as I am frustrated beyond understanding by these recent trends. I thank you for your focus and one-mindedness to expose this administration for what it truly represents. I’ve been consumed over the past 6 months on the topic of Obama’s inelgibility and the cover-up of this fact. Though I had been monitoring the question since mid 2008, I had not fully understood the magnitude of the deception and thuggery until recently.

At times I’ve seen what appears to be a breakthrough or a crack in the wall of Obama’s deception, but at every turn they have had an answer. I am encouraged that Sheriff Joe appears to have “pit bull” tenacity in exposing the Obama lies but until we get action by Congress, it seems to be pointless.

I continue to bring up the legitimate questions about Obama to friends, family, and social networks but somehow people don’t want to hear. In simple terms, I am frustrated. But I will never give up nor give in. That is the message I hope the Fogbower lurkers understand when they read these threads. We will NEVER be silenced as long as there is still the freedom to speak out. And thankfully, truth is on our side!

40 posted on 04/07/2012 2:34:08 PM PDT by visually_augmented (I was blind, but now I see)
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To: visually_augmented

Thanks for plugging away. It’s all any of us can do, and I think we’ve all experienced the same kinds of things and been discouraged. I do believe what we’re doing is making a difference though. I believe people are gradually seeing that something is very wrong. Obama doesn’t act like an American. On the superficial things, yeah. But not on the core matters of what America is.

Obama has done so much that is so wrong, that no matter who you’re talking to there has to be something about his record that should scare the crap out of them. Maybe people aren’t worried about his eligibility, but would be very alarmed by the fact that his regime is arming the Mexican drug cartels with guns (without any tracking devices installed) and then making sure that the border is open for the cartels and their ally, Hezbollah, to come in at will. As much as the illegals want to be able to come in themselves I don’t think they would like it that not only does Holder let the drug cartels follow them into the country - Holder ARMS the drug cartels first and THEN lets them follow into the US.

Maybe they think they’re on Obama’s good side. But it should trouble them that at a moment Obama could be saying that he is the only person standing between them and the pitchforks (that he and his hustlers will round up on buses to harass even the people he’s been pals with...)

The college women who think he’s wonderful because he will give them free birth control might think twice when they realize that he told the Egyptian ambassador that he supports the Muslim agenda - especially if they realize that the Muslim agenda includes sharia, which would not only keep them from getting birth control and abortions but would also keep them from driving, wearing anything but a burka in public, being in a room with a non-relative male, or have their testimony count in court.

Those who love his food-czar wife might think twice about him having as science czar and regulatory czar a couple of guys who believe it is fine for the government to sneak sterilants into the water because 90% of the world’s population has a duty to die to save “Mother Earth”.

It was sobering to some of the kids at the school to find out that if Obama thought my blog is “belligerent” he could haul me off to Gitmo and keep me there forever without telling anybody why I was there or giving anybody a chance to defend me. I have to confess that I did not process the danger as I should have when the liberals were saying that Bush would haul off normal people because of false accusations of terrorism. I didn’t think Bush would do that. I have no doubts that Obama would if he thought he could get away with it or it was necessary for his own agenda. So far nobody’s been able to seriously challenge him because he’s got the media bribed so it’s not been an issue (at least that I know of). But I now recognize that the libs were right to say we need protection - because at all times there will be somebody in office that half the population doesn’t trust, and we need to be protected from false charges.

Those who want more and more government “services” might now be able to look at Greece and see what can happen. Or if they are made aware of the Cloward-Piven Plan and how it may have already put us in a place to be hostage to a communist-Islamist alliance, they might think twice. My daughter is 12 and when she talks to her friends she just says she doesn’t like Obama because he’s put us so far into debt that we will never be able to pay it off. I think she’s probably a better spokesperson than I am. lol

A lot of people aren’t directly receptive to the eligibility issue at first. But if we can find out what they DO care about and point out Obama’s scary action on that issue, they may begin to see a pattern that will eventually lead them to realize that he got into office by taking us all hostage and he’s been holding us hostage ever since. The elibibility crimes are just a few more dots that add to the overall picture of a thug who has lied his way into office so he could deliberately destroy this country.

43 posted on 04/07/2012 4:06:07 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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