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Threat against Sen. Marco Rubio under investigation, his office says
Miami Herald ^ | 04/25/2012

Posted on 04/24/2012 9:52:22 PM PDT by My Favorite Headache

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To: TexasVoter

i tried playing with nelson’s office, pretending to be a dem concerned rubio would be on the ticket

the female i spoke with was sympathetic ... and quickly realized if rubio were to be bashed by dems for not being eligible due to his lack of NBC status, then 0bama would also not be eligible.

she then kicked into the claims that citizens are natural born citizens. i asked what the difference would be... and she tossed in naturalized. after allowing for people born in the US, excluding naturalized, i got her to a point where she was trying to explain the difference between a citizen and a NBC if both were born in the US. she got flustered and we ‘got cut off’

funny how those government phones are so quirky these days

61 posted on 04/25/2012 10:31:54 AM PDT by sten (fighting tyranny never goes out of style)
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To: TexasVoter

rubio should withdraw from consideration... explaining his lack of NBC status disqualifies him from the VP slot.

when asked how... he would be able to state that his parents weren’t US citizens at his birth... thereby making him ‘only’ a US citizen... but not a natural born citizen

and let it go there.

the inference hanging in the air.

additionally, it would be good to see the senator state he will endeavor to uphold his oath of office by insuring the integrity of florida’s ballot... demanding all candidates, and their running mates, are eligible to assume office before being placed on the ballot.

(ahhh... integrity.... i can dream, can’t i?)

62 posted on 04/25/2012 10:37:34 AM PDT by sten (fighting tyranny never goes out of style)
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To: TexasFreeper2009
Rubio was born in Miami... thus he is a citizen.

Well, yeah.

Any Rubio thread is visited almost immediately by the N*A*T*U*R*A*L B*O*R*N C*I*T*I*Z*E*N clown car. Wocka-wocka-wocka!!!!

63 posted on 04/25/2012 10:44:15 AM PDT by Notary Sojac (Ut veniant omnes)
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To: Pelham

Oh, sure; let’s emulate the criminal success of Obama! /sarc

Rubio’s parents were not naturalized citizens when he was born in the U.S.A. He is only a citizen, not a Natrual Born citizen.

Three types of citizenship are recognized by our government:

1) native born (jus solis);
2) naturalized (jus sanguinis);
3) and citizen-by-statute (derived from law).

All have equal rights. All can serve in Congress, either as a Representative in the House, or as a Senator in the Senate per the U.S.Constitution, Article I, Section 2, Clause 2.

The following link will take you to the government’s own Immigration Service web page describing the three types of citizenship.

Natural Born Citizen is NOT a type of statutory citizenship as per the Federal Government. Natural Born is ONLY an eligibility requirement for the U.S. Presidency per Article II, Section 1, clause 5, of the U.S. Constitution, and requires, as per the Founders, the President to be born in the United States (jus solis) AND of citizen parents (jus sanguinas).

No one has the RIGHT to be President. The eligibility requirement of Natural Born Citizenship (jus solis + jus sanguinas: born in the U.S. of U.S. citizen parents) must be viewed as a means to prevent split allegiance for any President of the United States.

The above definition is found in the holding of Minor v. Happersett (1874), a Supreme Court case. It has been used in at least 25 other Supreme Court cases and as such is established law.

64 posted on 04/25/2012 11:20:17 AM PDT by SatinDoll (NO FOREIGN NATIONALS AS OUR PRESIDENT)
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To: southphilly

See number 64.

65 posted on 04/25/2012 11:21:34 AM PDT by SatinDoll (NO FOREIGN NATIONALS AS OUR PRESIDENT)
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To: sten
(ahhh... integrity.... i can dream, can’t i?)

There's dreaming and there's "what's that you're smoking?"

I get the sense that Rubio wants very much to be VP (and eventually POTUS) and presently enjoys a tingling feeling going up and down his leg that Obama has paved the way for him.

66 posted on 04/25/2012 11:25:24 AM PDT by TexasVoter (No Constitution? No Union!)
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To: Menehune56
“I believe this fully explains the conspiracy of silence by both major political parties surrounding Obama’s eligibility problem.”

Not to mention those like Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, Coulter, Drudge, Malkin, et. al., who either didn't want to talk about it (as if it wasn't of critical importance), poo pooed the whole thing (i.e., once again carrying the GOP water), or chastised those who ‘dare’ question it, resorting to labeling any skeptics as ‘truthers’ or assigning similar derogatory labels.

Talk radio, FOX, and many ‘conservative’ pundits are equally responsible for 0 getting in the WH.

67 posted on 04/25/2012 12:29:24 PM PDT by MichaelCorleone (Stop feeding the beast; spend money only with those who support traditional American values.)
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To: My Favorite Headache

I don’t think I will ever look at the “around the clock secret service protection” the same again. Not after Columbia.

68 posted on 04/25/2012 12:40:14 PM PDT by Maryhere ("HE comes to rule the earth")
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To: MichaelCorleone

I think you are 100% correct.

69 posted on 04/25/2012 12:41:47 PM PDT by Maryhere ("HE comes to rule the earth")
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To: Pelham
I have news for you- the millions of Mexican ancestry latinos aren’t impressed with Cubans.

Houston has a huge population of people of Mexican ancestry. A Cuban Republican ran for mayor of Houston in 2003 against a black Democrat and a white Democrat. The white Democrat won. In 2002 a person of Mexican ancestry ran for Texas Governor. He lost to Rick Perry.

I took the first 60 precincts reported in the Houston newspaper (out of a huge number of precincts) and what I knew about what the ethnic/economic makeup of those precincts. I plotted the results of the 2003 election against the results of the 2002 election for those precincts whose results were available for both elections. The result was this plot which shows that in 2003 a large percentage of Houston's people of Mexican ancestry voted for the Cuban Republican. In the previous year a much larger percentage of those with Mexican ancestry voted for the Democrat governor candidate with Mexican ancestry. The precincts shown as black dots were areas of town that I didn't know well enough to categorize their ethnic/economic makeup.

If Romney picks Rubio as his VP, would Obama drop Biden and pick someone of Mexican ancestry or a woman?

70 posted on 04/25/2012 1:16:34 PM PDT by rustbucket
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To: entropy12

I really hope you are right on that, entropy, my state seems totally insane.

Was at the doctor’s office yesterday where an elderly black man and another man from Taxecheussests (sp? no idea) who was formly stationed in Scotland were talking about how it’s ok to lose some freedom in order to get Obamacare.

I almost leaned over and said a democrat once tried to take my freedom. I ate his liver with some fava beans and nice chianti. Fuh fuh fuh fuh.

Restrain yourself, chris RESTRAIN! So I did, but I was so damn close...

71 posted on 04/25/2012 1:37:29 PM PDT by chris37 (Heartless.)
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To: entropy12

The democRATS are scared shyyyytless of Rubio.

Really...... The Democrats consider Rubio the perfect running mate for Romney. Two people with questions about their eligibility to serve as president and Vice President concerning whether they are Natural Born Citizens or not. In Rubio’s case it is “NOT”, with Romney there are questions from more than one direction.

We will have Obama and Biden and Romney and Rubio and of the four the only one we are certain is a NBC is Biden. Isn’t that cute?

72 posted on 04/25/2012 1:48:18 PM PDT by W. W. SMITH (Obama is Romney lite)
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To: SatinDoll
Rubio is ineligible to be President and VP.

Says who? John Boehner? LOL

73 posted on 04/25/2012 2:07:01 PM PDT by tsowellfan
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That is true. Putting Rubio on VP slot absolves Obama on his NBC status. Birthers will be dejected, and that includes me too.

74 posted on 04/25/2012 2:10:27 PM PDT by entropy12 (Winning is the only Vince Lombardi. Losers in elections have zero power.)
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- But that would put you in the 22% group


75 posted on 04/25/2012 6:11:41 PM PDT by devolve (---- --------what's in your wallet? $4000 less than in 2008----------)
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To: TexasVoter; sten; My Favorite Headache

I have a question that needs to be posed also:

Do you seriously believe that the Founders of this nation put something in the Constitution that would allow the son of a British subject to be President of the United States?

76 posted on 04/25/2012 7:35:44 PM PDT by Larry - Moe and Curly (Loose lips sink ships.)
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To: My Favorite Headache

Have either Romney or Rubio published official documents verifying their constitutional eligibility? I’ve seen a lot of unofficial third party “statements” and “ramblings”, but no actual copies of documents of record. Can anyone enlighten me please? It is rumored that both these guys have “difficulties”, but there seems to be confusion. If Romney/Rubio are elected without vetting, we can say goodbye to any resolution of the Obama affair.

77 posted on 04/25/2012 8:33:51 PM PDT by Scooter100 ("Now that the fog has lifted, I still can't find my pipe". --- S. Holmes)
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To: My Favorite Headache

The man’s an Uncle Tomás so it’s not like anyone cares.

78 posted on 04/25/2012 9:15:58 PM PDT by emax
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To: SumProVita

“The influx of illegals (there ARE Latinos who have come here legally) occurred not just because of those who are Open Borders fanatics. In a sense, we are all responsible because our businesses were happy to get them, people liked hard-working gardeners, construction workers, and housekeepers, etc. It’s been going on for years.”

“We are all responsible”?? I suppose that’s true if everybody you associate with is a small time crook.

By 1994 Californians had had enough of the lawbreakers who like to hire illegals. Prop 187 passed and would have done for California what SB 1070 has done for Arizona.

It would have made things uncomfortable for the millions of foreign nationals squatting here illegally if not for a corrupt Federal judge colluding with an equally corrupt Democratic governor.

But it wasn’t just the judge and Democrat governor, it was also the strident band of Open Borders fanatics in the GOP who helped to subvert any attempt to send the invaders packing back to their homelands. Those of us involved with Prop 187 won’t forget the treachery of Jack Kemp, Bill Bennett, Dubya, and the rest of that ilk. Rubio is just the latest.

79 posted on 04/25/2012 10:07:56 PM PDT by Pelham (Marco Rubio, la raza trojan horse.)
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To: Pelham

Funny you said that. As a Cuban, I can guarantee that “Latinos” don’t look too kindly upon Cubans. We are successful and love America, it is our second home. We do not march against our country. In Obama we see Castro and his “change.” Johnson’s Adjustment Act doesn’t help our cause, either....It is folly to think that because Rubio speaks Spanish the Hispanic vote is ours. If anything, we’d lose them. Oh yeah, almost forgot kinda like Rubio forgets, he is not natural born.

80 posted on 04/26/2012 12:17:39 AM PDT by cutexx
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