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To: Salvation
Actually, a really bad analysis of it. The nominee is the defacto leader of the party. It is typical that his campaign chairs will rise to near or at the top of each state's party. The stupid ‘Wall Street’ or ‘GOP Elite’ straw-men aren't accurate. We enabled this when we nominated John McCain as our nominee. We enabled John McCain with eight years of George Bush, who was brought to us by Bob Dole, who was brought to us by George HW Bush.

The midterms are so critically important to conservatives, not because it's easier to nominate and get conservatives elected, but because it is our only real chance to dislodge and eject the drones put in by these RINOs in the state parties.

We need concrete goals if we're to take back the GOP. First and foremost, an end to these stupid liberal state primaries as the first ones out of the gate. No open primaries, only solid conservative states to weed out the RINOs and minimize their impact on future primaries in liberal areas. If the state requires an open primary, select delegates through the party convention in the state.

We need to get these money bundlers out and on their rumps. It's ok, they'll bounce back and go work for the liberals - they already agree with most of their agenda anyway. Find all these leeches who take a percentage of donated money and toss them out. Find the media worms who take a percentage of media buys, and toss them out as well. Again, they're just liberals who are trying to sabotage the election, not conservatives who want to push forward a conservative agenda.

You want to bring in ‘minorities’? How about actually treating them like conservatives, instead of liberal voting blocks? Ask Christians of all denominations if they want the liberals planting the seeds of homosexuality in their children's minds in school. Ask them if they want marriage corrupted into a meaningless word, or if they really believe that marriage is as it always has been - a union of a man and a woman. Ask them if they want their daughters being preyed upon by the abortion providers, or teaching that it's just fine to be promiscuous? Here, have some more condoms.

There are vast resources of conservatives in this country, but whenever we attempt to reach out to them, we think of them in liberal manners - we talk Spanish to Hispanics, rather than talking about the value of the family. We hold up token people of color, rather than pointedly ask - the liberals have destroyed your communities, do you really want to let them do it all over again?

Talk about the slavery of welfare. Talk about the millions of children murdered, the generations lost and replaced with pop idols who talk about sex and murder as if these are good things.

Ask seniors if this is really the country they grew up in, the values that their parents held dear.

And consign the media vultures to the trashpit they want to live in.

That's what you do, and that's what we don't do. Romney was anointed as our nominee the day that he conceded to McCain. We had four years to toss out the bums, and instead, we railed about how we can't fix the party. So let's fix it.

25 posted on 04/25/2012 10:04:49 PM PDT by kingu (Everything starts with slashing the size and scope of the federal government.)
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To: kingu
Your points are well taken...however you're basically talking about educating the people and tossing out the creeps.

Educating a dumb-downed public who doesn't give a rats butt isn't going to help....look at the Freepers who couldn't see the game,.. all they saw was a candidate...and it was a game of musical chairs in every sense of the word as they jumped from one candidate of their “liking” to the other.

Further, much of the general public who vote don't even remotely look into candidates as we do here. You can put out ‘one’ bad political ad and kill a candidate.....just as Romney did each and every one who were running against him..and that with the media's help.....How are you going to “control” the media? You cannot. And it takes millions to set up “something” else to take it's place....not to mention they eat each other...look what they're doing to Murdock.

At my districts voting place a total of 124 people showed, half were interest. Yet not 200 feet away were people waiting in line for hours, in the cold, for free give away at the Salvation Army, and the doors weren't even open yet. It was a contrast I will never forget.

There's no way we're going to take the GOP back...they will resist as much as we saw in this election. Even the C-Pac has been infiltrated with worse than undesirables...and though people whisper about it there's no action against this.

When you say there are “vast resources of conservatives in this country”. I don't think so anymore....the youth have been “liberalized” thru the education system...and that's run by liberals. So as each generation comes to adulthood...conservatism is less and less....we are now “less”.

Your comments of social issues all fall in the arena of our churches today and they have become barely luke warm for the things of God...which are the foundation of morals... No God ..and a push to get Him out of society..and all morals become of each ones own making....truth is each to his own.

So no...there is no taking back of the's gone.

35 posted on 04/25/2012 11:00:03 PM PDT by caww
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To: kingu
Dear Fellow Conservative Thinker,
Should this Romney thing survive the Convention and the RINOs succeed in making him the candidate, I will indeed brave Holder's Black Panther Club-Wielders, go to my precinct and vote for the silly SOB. (Providing of course he does not select the non-Natural Born Citizen, Marco as his running mate.)

I think of Romney as MacDonald's Ice Cream, an aerated, non-dairy, non-fat, non-sugar product, whipped up and extruded in any flavor one might desire, except that Romney comes in only artificial vanilla. (B-b-but I asked for Peach!)

From the smell emanating from the RNC, I would say that it is already a dead GOP. My problem is "What do we do in the meantime, while the common-sense people out there figure it out?" Any Third Party right now means 25 years of Democrat Administrations.

As far as your suggestions for straight talk to minorities: FUGGEDABOUTIT. Your ideas of "straight talk," which coincide with mine, will only cause your average welfare sucker to lose self-esteem and vote several times against your candidate.

What I (ME) hope will happen is that we will have two or three more midterms in which the real people take back the House AND THE SENATE and begin the long, arduous, constitutional course correction, which is the only thing that will save the Republic. Think of Romney as President with the House and Senate holding his feet to a Conservative blaze after a midterm replay on steroids of the 2010 election.

May not work the first time, but at least the fake vanilla might melt a little.

107 posted on 04/26/2012 7:13:29 AM PDT by Kenny Bunk (So, Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Roberts can't figure out if Obama is a Natural Born Citizen?)
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