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Rand Paul launches campaign to end TSA
Drudge Report ^ | 05/03/12 | Paul Watson

Posted on 05/03/2012 8:47:13 AM PDT by Astronaut

Senator Rand Paul has issued a press release in which he vows to lead the charge to “end the TSA” and put a stop to the needless and humiliating groping of toddlers and grandmothers.

Earlier this year, Paul was detained by the TSA after refusing to submit to an invasive pat down after already having passed through a body scanner. The incident prompted national headlines and caused the Senator to miss his flight.

“It’s time to END the TSA and get the government’s hands back to only stealing our wallets instead of groping toddlers and grandmothers,” says Paul in the statement.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Thank you, Rand Paul, for standing up to America's own airport gestapo and trying to put a stop to this madness. The TSA does nothing to make us safer. It is continual assault on our liberty, designed to condition citizens to be groped, prodded, and humiliated like cattle. The fact that the TSA wants to expand from airports to shopping malls, train stations, and other public places shows that their mission is to condition people to slavery. I support Senator Paul in his stance to shut this agency down.

FR wont let me post the link but you can find it on Drudge's page.

1 posted on 05/03/2012 8:47:23 AM PDT by Astronaut
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To: Astronaut

TSA is as useless as the Dept. of Education. They should both be dismantled.

2 posted on 05/03/2012 8:55:24 AM PDT by Signalman
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To: Astronaut

“It’s time to END the TSA and get the government’s hands back to only stealing our wallets instead of groping toddlers and grandmothers,”

Ha!! We need more honest conservatives like him!

3 posted on 05/03/2012 9:01:00 AM PDT by cotton1706
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To: Astronaut

Isn’t it funny that we didn’t need a TSA in WWII after Hoover’s FBI caught and executed 18 Nazi saboteurs.

4 posted on 05/03/2012 9:07:19 AM PDT by To-Whose-Benefit? (It is Error alone which needs the support of Government. The Truth can stand by itself.)
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To: Signalman

and who formed the tsa? another so called “moderate” republican. If a so called “compassionate conservative” republican has no problem forming such a group, think what a socialist republican can and will do...

5 posted on 05/03/2012 9:09:17 AM PDT by joe fonebone (If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you are still voting for evil.)
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To: Astronaut
The statists will never give the TSA up. It's a dream for them, especially when they eventually extend it to internal highway and city checkpoints. The Border Patrol already does it East German-style with guns and dogs to US citizens on I-8 near Yuma in Arizona. They aren't just looking for trucks full of illegals - they're making a statement to citizens.

Paul is going to find himself in the same position as his father - continually on the losing side of 99-1 anti-freedom votes.

6 posted on 05/03/2012 9:20:38 AM PDT by Mr. Jeeves (CTRL-GALT-DELETE)
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To: Astronaut

Two points:

1) We all should pause and remember that it was Senator Charles Schumer (Demagogue, NY) who advocated “federalizing” airport security screeners because in doing so they would be more “professional”. What an outrage, and yet another destruction of civil rights at the hands of the Demagogue Party. Not only do we have to allow ourselves to be felt up, but we have our papers and luggage screened, not so much for explosives, but for as a law enforcement search, as if we have no rights anymore.

2) The TSA is yet another example, like public schools, where the government’s interest in making sure a function is done is used as an excuse to take total control of the function and to force citizens into a program run by government to the exclusion of private companies.

Yes, indeed, end the TSA, so I can return to using airliners instead of driving. Who wants to be felt up? And what self-respecting husband is going to allow government to feel up his wife?

7 posted on 05/03/2012 9:23:34 AM PDT by theBuckwheat
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To: Astronaut
Yeah Rand, Rots-a-Ruck getting any Demo-Rat (or for that matter, the mostly, wuss, Republi-Tards in Congress) to support your valiant efforts.

While the (flying) public will no doubt be 90% supportive, considering the Thousands Standing Around (when not harassing, insulting, or otherwise "groping") are UNION thugs and are insulated and protected from being eliminated thus ain't never gonna happen.....never mind that this usueless organization has yet to foil ONE SINGLE terrorist act since its inception.

Paul might have more success advocating the elimination of the TSA being a gubmint agency and moving to privative it.

8 posted on 05/03/2012 9:25:48 AM PDT by Conservative Vermont Vet (l)
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To: Astronaut

There are just so many federal expansions and invasions that I have proposed the creation of a 2nd Court of the United States, that is not a federal court, but composed of judges appointed by the states.

More than anything else, its purpose would be to perpetually prune and trim the federal government back from its overgrowth.

This was the original intent of the US Senate, but that purpose was destroyed with the 17th Amendment, thus throwing out nation severely out of balance in favor of federal expansion and control. And senators like it, because it means they no longer have to be responsive to their state. They are free agents, just out for themselves.

So they will never vote to repeal the 17th Amendment.

But a 2nd Court, just beneath the Supreme Court, would give the states a chance to not just inhibit future federal growth, but to dismantle what has grown that should never have been created.

9 posted on 05/03/2012 9:38:31 AM PDT by yefragetuwrabrumuy
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To: Astronaut

Why is the bill to kill the TSA just sitting still in Congress?

HR 2438 died in committee no vote

HR 6416
Introduced by Ron Paul
American Traveller Dignity Act of 2010

Call Judiciary Committee Leaders

Lamar Smith
John Conyers

H.R.6416: American Traveller Dignity Act of 2010 - U.S. Congress ...

Bill Summary & Status - 111th Congress (2009 - 2010) - H.R.6416 ..

HR 6416: The American Traveler Dignity Act | Facebook

10 posted on 05/03/2012 9:47:52 AM PDT by Whenifhow
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To: Signalman

60,000 useless govt employees who are now unionizing. Getting rid of them will be like getting gum off the bottom of your shoe. Good luck Rand. I would love to be able to fly somewhere again before I die.

11 posted on 05/03/2012 10:19:14 AM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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To: theBuckwheat; Astronaut
The TSA was created as part of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, sponsored by Don Young in the United States House of Representatives and Ernest Hollings in the Senate,passed by the 107th U.S. Congress, and signed into law by President George W. Bush on November 19, 2001.

To link to list of co-sponsors


12 posted on 05/03/2012 10:24:54 AM PDT by khelus
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To: khelus

TSA has to go.

And a lot of Homeland inSecurity has to hit the road, too, because they have declared war on the American people in the name of political correctness and named the Religion of pieces harmless.

They have widened their police state operation against the American people and our Bill of Rights and fashioned a kind of militarized, spying operation like the KGB.

13 posted on 05/03/2012 11:12:36 AM PDT by SaraJohnson
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To: yefragetuwrabrumuy

There was a proposed amendment floating around, but I have lost the link, that would give the States the power to veto a change in the debt limit. That would help repair the loss of control for sure.

14 posted on 05/03/2012 1:55:17 PM PDT by theBuckwheat
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To: theBuckwheat

The trouble is that “static laws” have a concerted effort at evasion as soon as they are passed. The founding fathers were aware of this, so decided that there had to be a balance between groups of people with somewhat competing interests. This is the real underpinnings of the organizational parts of the constitution.

Executive, legislative, and judicial.

The federal government, the state governments, and the people.

The states with large populations and the states with small populations.

Federalist institutions and anti-federalist institutions.

The list goes on and on, and is a good way to analyze the constitution. However, it was thrown way out of balance with the 17th Amendment, and the balance needs to be corrected.

15 posted on 05/03/2012 4:26:39 PM PDT by yefragetuwrabrumuy
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