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Obama announces his support for same-sex marriage
ABC OTUS News ^ | May 9, 2012 | Rick Klein

Posted on 05/09/2012 11:43:02 AM PDT by Free ThinkerNY

President Obama today announced that he now supports

same-sex marriage, reversing his longstanding opposition amid growing pressure

from the Democratic base and even his own vice president.

In an interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts, the president

described his thought process as an “evolution” that led him to this place,

based on conversations with his own staff members, openly gay and lesbian

service members, and conversations with his wife and own daughters.

"I have to tell you that over the course of several

years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about

members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous

relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I

think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there

fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don't Ask Don't

Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at

a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for

me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get

married,” Obama told Roberts, in an interview to appear on ABC’s “Good Morning

America” Thursday. Excerpts of the interview will air tonight on ABC’s “World

News with Diane Sawyer.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Next the gays will want Christmas sometime in August. Attempting to redefine tradition and a Holy Sacrament will backfire on the gays. (and some of them already realize this).

Gays against gay marriage HERE..............

361 posted on 05/10/2012 7:53:43 AM PDT by NoRedTape
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To: kabar

When he said “full equality for gays and lesbians”, you think he really said “full equality except marriage”. You also think that he did not install homosexual marriage by his actions. OK, I get it. Please, if my posts disturb you, do not read them.

362 posted on 05/10/2012 8:12:26 AM PDT by DBrow
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To: kabar

like I said i ignore the polls and just because schools have a homo groups does not mean all kids support it and like I said before I have 3 kids and they have all said none of their friends support the homo agenda and many think it is disgusting.

The lies what the media put saying more and more support the homo agenda and that the younger people support it is pure lies and only trusted to e the truth by the clueless sheep out there.

I’ve spoken to a lot of my kids pals as we seem to have at least one of them sleeping over every weekend and they have sow nothing but revolt towards homosexuals.

363 posted on 05/10/2012 8:18:25 AM PDT by manc (Marriage is between one man and one woman,It's not a conservative view but a true American view)
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To: kabar

“I am sure his internal polls are showing a giant disaster looming. “

Make no mistake. If and when Obama loses big, the revisionists won’t blame his horrible record...

they will say it was because America is homophobic.

364 posted on 05/10/2012 8:24:58 AM PDT by Do Not Make Fun Of His Ears (Anyone who thinks we can sit home, then survive four more years of Obama, is a damned fool.)
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To: Free ThinkerNY
Benefits for Nobama - much smaller butt than Michelle, not bitchy, doesn't need to spend millions on vacations, doesn't tell people what they are allowed to eat.

365 posted on 05/10/2012 8:30:13 AM PDT by doug from upland (Just in case, it has been reserved:
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To: Earthdweller

“Yep..I’m absolutely certain that if we elect Romney he will make sure we get conservative judges to keep Gay issues from progressing....*(snort). “

Eaxctly what kind of Justices will Obama appoint, genius? Let me give you a clue...Kagan...Sotomayor...

See tagline.

366 posted on 05/10/2012 8:38:29 AM PDT by Do Not Make Fun Of His Ears (Anyone who thinks we can sit home, then survive four more years of Obama, is a damned fool.)
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To: Earthdweller

We can all see how much you are opposed to Romney. So please enlighten us with your brilliant plan to defeat Obama.

You DO have one, right?

367 posted on 05/10/2012 8:41:48 AM PDT by Do Not Make Fun Of His Ears (Anyone who thinks we can sit home, then survive four more years of Obama, is a damned fool.)
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To: Free ThinkerNY

What a bunch of insipid little minded noobs. All they do is sit around coming up with scenerio after scenerio where they push this kind of crap to the media so that they can play out their little plans. All while they NEVER EVER do the jobs they were elected to do.

Obama “evolves” and says it is peachy that 2% of the population that is devoid gets married. Then the media applauds. Ellen says “great” or “brave” or whatever they tell her to. Some room of fools called Reuters or AP or whatever scream that the “whole world” is changed by Obama. The “news cycle” which is not news in the first place is plastered with Obama’s “bravery” and everyone talks about this instead of the real problems. Problems that Obama and his people could never solve in the first place. Even if they spent as much time on trying as they do on total crap like this “gay marraige” issue.

The reality is that we need to ctrl-alt-delete the United States of America. Reboot it by throwing everyone out of office and replacing them with iPads or a bottle of Corona beer that would do a better job.

I’m so sick of this absurd and stupid theatre that plays out every day. Gay marriage is just todays bong hit provided by Obama and the media. No thanks...

368 posted on 05/10/2012 8:43:50 AM PDT by isthisnickcool (Sharia? No thanks!)
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To: kabar

This is a better link, there is a link in the article that takes you to Romney’s letter.

369 posted on 05/10/2012 8:46:44 AM PDT by DBrow
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Donate here!

FReepers who believe in and support our pro-life, pro-family, pro-limited government conservative causes, enjoy reading and participating on FR, think it’s a worthwhile endeavor and would like to help us keep it going.
Please click the link.
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370 posted on 05/10/2012 9:08:54 AM PDT by RedMDer (
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To: DBrow
We have a clear choice in November re gay marriage: Obama who supports it and Romney who is against it.

As far as "full equality" is concerned, here is Romney' s stance as of yesterday, not 1994: Romney was asked Wednesday morning about the failure of a ballot measure that would have allowed same-sex civil unions in Colorado. In an interview with Denver-based KDVR-TV, he said, "I indicated my view, which is I do not favor marriage between people of the same gender, and I do not favor civil unions if they are identical to marriage other than by name," Romney said. "My view is the domestic-partnership benefits, hospital visitation rights, and the like are appropriate but that the others are not."

Due to your obsessive hatred of Romney, you are trying to create an issue where none exists.

371 posted on 05/10/2012 9:31:36 AM PDT by kabar
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To: manc

We will just agree to disagree.

372 posted on 05/10/2012 9:32:37 AM PDT by kabar
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To: kabar

I like Mitt, I’ve met him several times and I’m impressed by his warmth. People say he’s stiff but in person, he looks right at you and listens.

It’s important to look at what he’s actually done, rather than what he says, so I took the time to look into this and other issues to see what his past actions were.

373 posted on 05/10/2012 9:43:55 AM PDT by DBrow
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To: DBrow

LOL. You have a definite agenda. The Left is now going back to Romney’s high school days and you are digging up stuff from almost 20 years ago. I pay attention to what Romney is saying now just like I do Obama when he says he supports gay marriage.

374 posted on 05/10/2012 9:52:53 AM PDT by kabar
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To: kabar

Obama said he supported gay marriage when he was running for the state senate in Illinois, so it’s no surprise that he has this epiphany now that he thinks he’ll get votes for it. A person’s past positions can have relevance today.

Agenda? Don’t get me started on Romney, Catholic hospitals, and the Plan B pill, then! lol

I don’t think I have an agenda. We really have no choice this election, but we should know what we are getting when we vote for Romney so we can try to keep him on the conservative side as much as we can.

375 posted on 05/10/2012 10:08:44 AM PDT by DBrow
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To: DBrow

Save your sophistry for someone else. Romney has never been a supporter of gay marriage.

376 posted on 05/10/2012 10:23:08 AM PDT by kabar
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To: Free ThinkerNY

Remember when everyone gave GW Bush crap for listening and agreeing with VP Cheney on a variety of topics, and for not being “his own man” because he supposedly listened to Cheney too much?

Well, now the same thing happened with Obama and VP Biden (Obama made decisions based on comments that Biden made on gay marriage) and no one is saying that he’s not “his own man”, like they said about Bush.


377 posted on 05/10/2012 10:23:13 AM PDT by SilvieWaldorfMD
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Comment #378 Removed by Moderator

To: Ditto

The statement you highlighted shows that the Court did two things, one orders the case back down to a lower court and two, allows the Legislature 180 days to act. The statement provides no reference to the governor nor requires him to act at all.

Now Ditto, since I see you may have “read” the law as I have, show where in the Supreme Court statement they ordered governor Romney to do anything. Let me know when you find it because I looked and I could not find a single reference. Romney acted on his own. He was not required by the court to order the Justices or the clerks to change a thing.

Perhaps this might have caused a crisis between the legislature and the court. But anyone who truly wanted to protect marriage would not have on his own threatened the Justices and clerks with firing as Romney did if they refused to marry gays.

Romney is the reason the gays succeeded in Massachusetts. He refused to support a marriage amendment stating it was “too extreme” when they first asked him for help supporting it. Then once the court had made it’s decision and the the damage was done, he changes his mind and supports the amendment knowing full well the legislature has no intent of doing anything for or against. Then just as time for the legislature to act has expired, he uses the convenient excuse of “I have to do something because no one else is doing anything,” in order to help the gays.

That is not the act of principled person. Unless you believe his keeping his promise to do more for gays than Ted Kennedy, is a principled act.

379 posted on 05/10/2012 11:18:32 AM PDT by Waryone
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To: kabar

I disagree. That was the exact opposite of what happened in the campaign in Canada, where the Conservatives said they would hold a vote to repeal the ban but soft-pedalled the issue and were very defensive in their comments instead of attacking their opponents for trying to destroy traditional marriage. The reason they soft pedalled was because of a small, but influential homosexual group within the Party which they did not want to offend. The end result was that the Conservatives tossed away a wedge issue that could have pried many socially conservative voters away from their traditional home in the LIberal Party members. Ronald Reagan showed how to win the Irish-Polish-Italian Catholics who traditionally vote for the Dems in states such as Pennsylvannia, to the extent that they became known as “Reagan Democrats”. You won’t win converts by soft pedalling this issue and letting the Dems have a free run in the rhetorical wars. If the Republicans want this issue to be a winner, they have to make traditional marriage a key part of their platform.

380 posted on 05/10/2012 11:53:22 AM PDT by littleharbour
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