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To: Jim Robinson; Alamo-Girl; Amityschild; AngieGal; AnimalLover; Ann de IL; aposiopetic; aragorn; ...

Am blessed to see you posting your own prayers for our beleagured Republic.

God, imho, is not so keenly interested in slavish church attendance nor any other external religiosity, per se.

He IS super interested in a HEART-FELT


And the prayer of a cowboy with no book larnin’ but from his heart is greatly to be preferred by God than the hogwash that comes from most seminaries.

It is also fitting and helpful for you to be vulnerable enough to express your fears, own your fears.

Feeling the fear and DOING THE RIGHT THING ANYWAY is what heros are made of.

Denying the fear is stupidity and contributes to foolhardiness.

Vulnerability is quite paradoxical.

Sincere, wise and fitting truly HUMBLE vulnerability may seem foolish on the surface. However, it earns incredible power and currency with God almighty and with those looking on—particularly those under one’s influence and authority.

The opposite of pride, denial, bluster, etc. achieve the opposite.

It’s good leadership to see you growing in the humble vulnerability dept.

God attends to the humble and resists the proud, as His word repeatedly declares.

And, it is good to see that your awareness, as evidenced by your expression of overwhelming fear, is catching up with the dreadful realities all of us are facing—in our beleagured Republic as well as all around the globe.

Though it appears that there is much you are still not quite aware of that is as true or truer than the things you may be newly aware of. It is later than probably most of us think.

I know of a prophetic source of some merit who thinks that Fresno will be protected Supernaturally by God. He’s a professor at your college there—Bill (William) Rice. He could be right. I’m a bit skeptical. I think at least the lower lying areas may end up a bit wet. I don’t know how high on the mountains the water is likely to go but I sure think the valley will be flooded. Therefore, I’d pray earnestly about taking the Texan Freeper up on their offer. Contact Bill Rice, if you see fit. He’ll probably give you a candid response. He’s a PhD marketing consultant/professor. Has traveled a lot for the State Dept.

However, I wouldn’t want to be within 400 miles or so of the Texas coast, nor lower in elevation than . . . I don’t know what the highes possible is in Texas. LOL. And I wouldn’t want to be too close to Mexico. The panhandle might be OK. I expect Houston to be nuked. Dallas will be a super disaster for one reason or another.

imho, we have very limited time left. So many sources are insisting that 2012 WILL DEFINITELY SEE CHAOS and/or disaster in many of our streets . . . whether from natural disaster, terrorists, false flag operations and/or WW3, I’m pretty much convinced that some level of that is quite likely before the SElection or shortly thereafter—more likely before, I’d think.

I think the civil war meme so often reported on by so many sources has now moved from the plausible to the highly likely category in my thinking and feeling. They REALLY DO WANT TO UTTERLY DESTROY OUR REPUBLIC. They are very determined and very capable from a list of ways.

We do ourselves nor our Republic nor our loved ones any good by being immobilized and certainly not by eating our own.


There is NO TIME LEFT for ANY other choice.

The petty side issues MUST be seen as petty side issues and set aside or ignored accordingly.

There is no longer any other rational choice.

You have come late to the realization that the reach, extent, powers of Marxist satanic globalism have long been entrenched and advancing aggressively in our land and around the world. Better late than never. Some at FR are still dragging their heels and resisting waking up. They may need set aside/ignored as fitting.

In any case, heart-felt prayers and heart-felt humble vulnerability before God and man is a good position for any leader to take. And those who resist sharing such a position with you are good to keep an eye on if not keep at arm’s length.

I’ll hush, for now, for a change.


46 posted on 05/15/2012 8:53:29 AM PDT by Quix (Time is short: INSURE you have believed in your heart & confessed Jesus as Lord Come NtheFlesh)
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To: Quix

Thank you.

Dear Lord, hear our humble prayers.

49 posted on 05/15/2012 9:06:46 AM PDT by thesearethetimes... ("Courage, is fear that has said its prayers." Dorothy Bernard)
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To: Quix

Yow! It sounds horrible. - I do think we need to not forsake the gathering of ourselves together with other Christian believers as we see the day of the Lord growing ever closer day by day. - I’ll admit it’s scary contemplating what the Obama regime is cooking up in order to stay in power. Since it appears that by and large the American people aren’t quite as stupid as they need them to be, the chaos that these Piven accolytes may try to foment looks pretty scary.

56 posted on 05/15/2012 11:38:47 AM PDT by Twinkie (John 3:16)
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