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Why the Left Dropped the Trayvon Story
Rush ^ | March 16, 2012 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 05/16/2012 11:05:47 AM PDT by Kaslin


RUSH: Developments in the Trayvon Martin case, and you'd be hard-pressed to find these developments out there. There have been two dramatic developments in the Trayvon Martin shooting case. According to the ABC News, George Zimmerman's family doctor saws him the morning after the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Here's what George Zimmerman's doctor found: A broken nose, two black eyes, bruises on his face and lip, two cuts on the back of his head, and a back injury.

The NBC affiliate in Florida is reporting that the medical director who performed the autopsy on Trayvon Martin found only two injuries on his body: the gunshot wound and broken skin on his knuckles. Welcome to the Duke lacrosse case all over again. Everything Zimmerman said about what happened to him turns out to be true after the media trying to cast him along with the civil rights coalitions of this country, the race-baiters, as abject lies. (interruption) What do you mean, not rush to judgment? It's been two months. I'm not speculating. I'm telling you what the doctor said. There's no speculation going on. The doctor is not speculating. The doctor did the exam the day after the incident happened. It's all been suppressed. Nobody's reported it. That's the point. And there wasn't even any media curiosity about it.

Now, I'm not a forensic scientist, and I don't guess on matters like this. I don't have to guess; the facts are here. It's kind of hard not to connect the dots. Now, all of this information is coming out. You know why it's coming out? Because we're in the discovery phase of the Zimmerman trial, where each side has to show the other side what evidence they have. But you really have to wonder here, folks, why none of this came out before in the prosecutor's charging affidavit. Can we go back to that? The charging affidavit, which, remember Dershowitz at Harvard said it was an embarrassment that wouldn't survive the first inspection by a judge, but it did. But he said it was pathetic, it was unprofessional.

I happened to report what Dershowitz said and my own affiliate in Jacksonville called the attorney's office, "What do you think about what Limbaugh said about your charging document?" None of this is in the charging document, or the affidavit. I thought that the state was obligated, or obliged, anyway, to provide all the relevant details in a case to the judge, but apparently I was mistaken. But, anyway, as I said, ladies and gentlemen, the news media seem to be ignoring these developments. I mean they're out there, touched on a little bit by ABC. But the news that I just gave you has barely been mentioned on the cable news channels. I don't watch it, but I'm told that MSNBC only got around to reporting this about an hour ago, and they ran a banner at the bottom of the screen that said, "Proof of self-defense? Trayvon Martin family lawyer calls medical report suspicious."

So the doctor puts out a report, Zimmerman's doctor, and now MSNBC is saying he might be a liar. And they have to because they gotta cover their own rear ends the way they reported this. (interruption) I don't know if Zimmerman's doctor is a white Hispanic, Mr. Snerdley. But you really have to wonder here when the news media began to lose interest in the Trayvon Martin story, 'cause you know they did. They lost interest. They were going 150 miles an hour on this story, and then all of a sudden they dropped it like a hot potato, and you have to wonder why they did that. Was it when they found out that George Zimmerman is actually Hispanic and a Democrat to boot? Was it when Trayvon Martin's gangsta-like tweets surfaced along with the more recent photos of him with his gold teeth? Maybe the news media is just afraid of whipping up racial... no, they do like to whip up racial strife. But they didn't even proceed under that rubric. They just dropped this case like a hot potato.

Another detail that has come out in the local reports. Zimmerman's grandfather was black. That's exactly right. That has also surfaced. I wonder how long all of this stuff has been known by our friends in the Drive-By Media? George Zimmerman has more black in him than Elizabeth Warren has Indian. Exactly right. George Zimmerman's grandfather was black. Now, I had never heard that before, but assuming that that's true, George Zimmerman is a heck of a lot more black than Elizabeth Warren is Indian, exactly as you stated, Mr. Snerdley. (interruption) You have a question? Yeah, he's a black-white Hispanic. In fact, given our current culture and the president, the way he weighs in on things, I have the perfect way now to describe George Zimmerman. If all this is true, and just going by the photos that we've seen of Zimmerman, I'd almost have to say that if Obama had another son, he would look a hell of a lot like George Zimmerman.


RUSH: A minor, minor correction here. It was Zimmerman's mother's grandfather who was black, which would make it his great-grandfather. Zimmerman's great-grandfather was black. It still makes him more black than Elizabeth Warren is Indian. You believe we're talking about people this way? You believe we have to categorize people this way? And we are simply reacting. This is the way the left, this is the way the media, this is the way Obama, the Democrat Party, look at people and categorize them. It wasn't me, folks. The New York Times calls George Zimmerman a white Hispanic.

This is absurd. I mean, all this attention they claim they have to the humanity of people, all of this compassion. They don't have the slightest bit of humanity when it comes to people. They simply look at them as faceless colors of skin, sexual orientation, gender, all of that. That's how they see them, victims, minorities. As far as their humanity, it doesn't matter. By the way, here's another thing. In addition to everything you've heard now from Zimmerman's doctor about all of his injuries and about Trayvon Martin with bruised knuckles discovered in the autopsy, the FBI, which is part of Eric Holder's Justice Department, is planning to charge George Zimmerman with a hate crime. The local prosecutor in Florida claim that Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin. Not only did he profile Trayvon Martin, he stalked Trayvon Martin before killing him, and unlike the charge of second-degree murder, this hate crime, if he's convicted of it, could get Zimmerman executed.

So apparently noticing a stranger in your neighborhood is profiling and following this stranger to see what he's up to is stalking. They both are hate crimes, according to the Obama regime, even though the article mentions in passing that Zimmerman's mother's grandfather is black. Again, I had not heard that detail. So in all of this now, every aspect of the case that George Zimmerman told, seems to be true. His doctor with a long list of major injuries incurred by Zimmerman. Bruised knuckles and the gunshot wound for Trayvon Martin. And they're going after Zimmerman now for a hate crime because the local prosecutor used the word "profiled" in her charging affidavit, the affidavit that Alan Dershowitz said was inferior.


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1 posted on 05/16/2012 11:05:49 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Good for Rush. Now it is time for Zimmerman and his parents to file civil suits against every mediot and black racists who put his life in danger.

Self Defense While White or Part White = The Ultimate Hate Crime

Zimmerman, the racist semi white/part Hispanic with African blood in his evil face, nose and eyes obviously attacked the innocent hoodie, who could have been a son of Obozo.

With the cororner’s report it is obvious: The evil part white/hispanic/African attacked the now dead black victim’s fists with his broken nose and damaged/black eyes.

The poor innocent hoodie, who could have been son of Obozo died from the terrible wounds inflicted on his hands/fingers from the vicious attack by the evil face of Zimmerman, the semi white/part hispanic/African America .

ABC News: Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Black Eyes, Broken Nose, Cuts, Swollen Face

ABC News via Twitter ^ | Tuesday, May 15, 2012 | Matt Gutman

Posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 3:06:52 PM by kristinn
@ABC exclusive: medical report from morning after Zimmerman shot #Trayvonmartin.

Show he had broken nose, swollen face blck eyes. 2 cuts
5:18 PM - 15 May 12via Twitter for BlackBerry®·

For more on our exclusive new information on Zimmerman’s medical report post shooting tune into @ABCWorldNews

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To: Kaslin
I heard this at noon today. Outstanding. Drive-by media is looking like idiots once again and Rush, who urged everybody to just cool-it until the facts came out, is vindicated once again.

I'd almost have to say that if Obama had another son, he would look a hell of a lot like George Zimmerman.


3 posted on 05/16/2012 11:14:04 AM PDT by Upstate NY Guy
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To: Kaslin

Paging Alan Dershowitz, paging Alan Dershowitz.. The absurdity of Angela Whorey’s affidavit is all that much more apparent now. She should be in jail. Sounds like she suppressed most of the facts critical to this case. The FBI should be going after HER for obstruction of justice. She probably got instructions from Eric Holder.

4 posted on 05/16/2012 11:14:22 AM PDT by GeorgeWashingtonsGhost
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To: Kaslin
This needs to be shoved back in the face of the media.

Don't let them kill the story now that the facts are coming in.


5 posted on 05/16/2012 11:14:35 AM PDT by Envisioning (Call me a racist........, one more time..........)
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To: Grampa Dave
Mission accomplished ... race riots nightly on the alphabet channels @ 5,6,7, 10 and 11.

Popcorn anyone ?

6 posted on 05/16/2012 11:16:06 AM PDT by knarf (I say things that are true ... I have no proof ... but they're true)
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To: Kaslin

Oh, this appears poised to blow up in Democrats’ faces but big.

And to all appearances the Democrats do not care.

Maybe as another freeper suggested, Barack Obama really doesn’t want to win now. He just wants to sow as much chaos and discord and political time bomb materiel as possible, then go merrily on his way to being secretary-general of the UN or whatever else he can wangle (he’ll at the least be rolling in the dough from speaking engagements, of course a teleprompter being a must).

7 posted on 05/16/2012 11:16:29 AM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Mitt! You're going to have to try harder than that to be "severely conservative" my friend.)
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To: Grampa Dave
Self Defense While White

Thanks, I'll be using that to rub my leftie neighbor's noses in it for the rest of the year, anyway, if not longer.

8 posted on 05/16/2012 11:19:02 AM PDT by Navy Patriot (Join the Democrats, it's not Fascism when WE do it and the law is what WE say it is.)
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To: Kaslin

Just wondering, not that I see anything thus far to disprove Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense, but wouldn’t the two cuts on Zimmerman’s head have been surrounded by bruising if he was being slammed into the concrete?

9 posted on 05/16/2012 11:19:09 AM PDT by Maceman
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To: Kaslin

They want it to go away because Obama is bleeding votes with each passing day it is in the news. Justified or not, many Americans can sympathize with Zimmerman (especially those that live where hoodie war parties raid).

10 posted on 05/16/2012 11:19:21 AM PDT by kearnyirish2
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To: Kaslin

n Night news on ABC, Diane Sawyer stated that Trayvon Martin got profiled, stalked and shot walking home by Zimmerman.

She never even alluded to a confrontation or a fight.

One day, one of these high profile media types might get attacked themselves & get their head beaten on the concrete. Then let’s see what they say about self defense!!!!

11 posted on 05/16/2012 11:19:42 AM PDT by ridesthemiles
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To: HiTech RedNeck

No person from the WWII Allied Powers can be SecGen of the UN. Gorby wanted to, Clinton wanted to, but the tradition is apparently sacred.......

12 posted on 05/16/2012 11:19:52 AM PDT by Red Badger (Think logically. Act normally.................)
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To: Navy Patriot

And with the black Grandpa, I think that makes Zimmerman more black than Obummer!

13 posted on 05/16/2012 11:22:55 AM PDT by kiltie65 (ui)
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To: ridesthemiles

Or, post-SHiFT, they’re on someone’s list and end up decorating a lamppost.

14 posted on 05/16/2012 11:22:59 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: Red Badger

Barack being a KENYAN-american, they might make an exception for him. Clinton for all his Ratliness was still a home groan American... trailer trash (I can’t dignify him with redneck).

15 posted on 05/16/2012 11:24:19 AM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Mitt! You're going to have to try harder than that to be "severely conservative" my friend.)
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To: kiltie65

Technically, unless there is significant Negro content in Barack’s nominally Caucasian Arab ancestors (who knows) Barack may be as little Negro as an octoroon. Zimmerman would be what, a quadroon? Phenotype or genotype?

16 posted on 05/16/2012 11:26:37 AM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Mitt! You're going to have to try harder than that to be "severely conservative" my friend.)
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To: Envisioning

The New (but not so new) Black Panthers, Big Al Sharpless and of course our resident in race-baiting, the most un-reverend Jesse Jacksunnnnnnn should all be held up to ridicule and run outta town or put in jail but these are Holders “people” and they can all count on their collective “people” to keep the stink stirred without having to answer to anyone. With all this black uprising and violence in da name of Trayvon I’d bet after a few of them get a load of bullets in ‘em this crap would soon stop. I feel so sorry for Zimmerman and his family but maybe this will open a few eyes as to how quickly one’s life can be ruined and threatened by loud mouths like the above-mentioned people plus a downright corrupt and inept press!

17 posted on 05/16/2012 11:27:14 AM PDT by Dawgreg (Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.)
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To: Maceman

And wouldn’t the broken nose be too, even if Zimmerman broke it himself as some wackos accuse, in an alleged stunt to implicate Trayvon? There could be more grody detail; this looks like a surface skim.

18 posted on 05/16/2012 11:31:07 AM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Mitt! You're going to have to try harder than that to be "severely conservative" my friend.)
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To: Red Badger

not a problem, obama will simply ‘fess up to being born in kenya. it’s a two-fer, he gets to thumb his nose at us and be sec-gen of the un.

19 posted on 05/16/2012 11:31:08 AM PDT by Jeff Vader
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To: HiTech RedNeck

It would not surprise me for him to claim Kenyan citizenship after he’s defeated and out of office in order to get the gig.

We still do not know, officially, who paid for his Occidental, Harvard and Columbia education. If it’s ever known that he claimed ‘foreign student’ status in order to get grants and reduced tuition, he may be charged with fraud.............

20 posted on 05/16/2012 11:31:23 AM PDT by Red Badger (Think logically. Act normally.................)
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