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Will Gay Marriage Force Black Churches to Reconsider Democratic Party? ^ | May 18, 2012 | Larry Elder

Posted on 05/18/2012 4:11:13 AM PDT by Kaslin

President Obama's affirmation of gay marriage threatens to undermine the near-monolithic black support Obama enjoyed in 2008. Several members of the black clergy now say they intend to sit out the presidential election. One poll from last November found black opposition to gay marriage at 58 percent, higher than the rest of the country, which is about evenly split.

The real question is this: What took black church leaders so long to reconsider their near blind support for the Democratic Party?

The historical strength of black churches has been that of a moral and spiritual refuge in a once-hostile country of legalized slavery and Jim Crow. This explains why so many civil rights leaders came out of the church. The moral cause was just and clear: Equal rights mean equal rights -- for everyone.

But equal rights and equal results are two very different things. The modern civil rights movement lost its way by failing to appreciate the difference. To achieve "equal results," the Democratic Party, among other things, demands redistribution of wealth, a government response to the "gap" between the rich and poor, higher minimum wages and higher taxes on the so-called rich.

The Democratic Party opposes education vouchers, despite polls showing that black and Hispanic inner-city parents want them. The Democratic Party is the party of race-based preferences and also opposes privatization of Social Security.

The Democratic Party is the party of the welfare state -- a neutron bomb dropped on the intact nuclear family. Author/editor/professor Marvin Olasky, in his book "The Tragedy of American Compassion," traces the growth of welfare. During a mere three-year period in the 1960s, welfare rolls increased nearly 110 percent. President Johnson established "neighborhood centers" whose workers went door-to-door, apprising people of their welfare "rights and benefits."

Until the so-called "War on Poverty," the poverty rate declined steadily. At the turn of the century, nearly 70 percent of Americans were poor. But by the time of the "War on Poverty," the rate stood at approximately 13 or 14 percent. What happened? Welfare created dependency and decreased the incentive of the welfare recipient.

The Heritage Foundation compared families on welfare versus families eligible for welfare but that, for one reason or another, refused to take it. The results were startling. Heritage reported: "Young women raised in families dependent on welfare are two to three times more likely to drop out and fail to graduate from high school than are young women of similar race and socioeconomic background not raised on welfare. Similarly, single mothers raised as children in families receiving welfare remain on AFDC longer as adult parents than do single mothers not raised in welfare families, even when all other social and economic variables are held constant."

The Democratic Party is the party of Roe v. Wade, even though blacks are more pro-life than whites. Former President Jimmy Carter, a religious man who called himself "twice born," thought the Democratic Party made a tactical and moral error by embracing abortion-on-demand as a federal right guaranteed by the Constitution: "I never have believed that Jesus Christ would approve of abortions, and that was one of the problems I had when I was president, having to uphold Roe v. Wade. ... But except for the times when a mother's life is in danger or when a pregnancy is caused by rape or incest, I would certainly not and never have approved any abortions. ... My position on abortion ... is to minimize the need or requirement for abortion and limit it only to women whose (lives) are in danger or who are pregnant as a result of rape or incest. I think if the Democratic Party would adopt that policy, that would be acceptable to a lot of people who are now estranged from our party because of the abortion issue."

The Democratic Party is the party of tax-the-rich. Never mind that Democratic Party icon President John Kennedy sounded downright trickle-downish when he said: "It is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high today and tax revenues are too low -- and the soundest way to raise revenues in the long run is to cut rates now. The experience of a number of European countries has borne this out. This country's own experience with tax reductions in 1954 has borne this out, and the reason is that only full employment can balance the budget -- and tax reduction can pave the way to full employment. The purpose of cutting taxes now is not to incur a budgetary deficit, but to achieve the more prosperous expanding economy which will bring a budgetary surplus."

The Democratic Party is the party of minimum wage. Nobel Laureate economist Milton Friedman said, "We regard the minimum wage as one of the most, if not the most, anti-black laws on the statute books."

For all these reasons, having nothing to do with gay marriage, black churches should have broken with the Democratic Party long ago.

Better late than never.

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1 posted on 05/18/2012 4:11:19 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Blacks will vote for Obama no matter what...I call it Michael Jackson syndrome.

2 posted on 05/18/2012 4:14:58 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: Kaslin

For many blacks... skin color trumps everything else.


3 posted on 05/18/2012 4:15:36 AM PDT by LibLieSlayer (Don't Tread On Me)
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To: Kaslin

Like so many Born Again Evangelicals, it took us about 3 years to see what we got in Jimma Carter. Soon, they’ll see the light, as we saw the light.

4 posted on 05/18/2012 4:16:02 AM PDT by rovenstinez
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To: Kaslin

In a word? No.

5 posted on 05/18/2012 4:16:15 AM PDT by Gaffer
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To: rovenstinez

The difference with Jimmy was that while he was a Democrat, he was still a cracker. That is not the case now.

6 posted on 05/18/2012 4:17:22 AM PDT by Gaffer
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To: Kaslin

Gay marriage will be quickly accepted once they consider giving up some social perks.

7 posted on 05/18/2012 4:17:52 AM PDT by ryan71
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To: Kaslin


8 posted on 05/18/2012 4:34:42 AM PDT by Preachin' (I stand with many voters who will never vote for a pro abortion candidate.)
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To: Kaslin
No. And here's why. Most members of the Democrat Party have the ability to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct. Orwell called it Doublethink in 1984. It is a foundation of Democrat Party indoctrination and ideology.
9 posted on 05/18/2012 4:35:46 AM PDT by Upstate NY Guy
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To: Kaslin

There’s nothing the kenyan can’t get away with when it comes to blacks. It’s because they are brought up in a culture of deceipt and dishonesty. It’s their “gangsta” upbringing. It’s cool to have to (or think you have to) fight and scrape and manipulate to get ahead because you’re black. All blacks have the “same uphill battle”, so they have to stick together. Along with their sense of entitlement.

10 posted on 05/18/2012 4:40:16 AM PDT by albie
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To: Kaslin

Blacks won’t desert the dems so long as Obama sits in the White House. A few might peel off, but I’d be stunned if black support for Obama dropped below 92%.

11 posted on 05/18/2012 4:40:49 AM PDT by ScottinVA (Buying Drain-O requires photo I.D... yet voting doesn't???)
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To: LibLieSlayer

People just don’t want to pay public welfare benefits for two lunatics sodding off all day.

Muslims would just kill homosexuals.

Taking into consideration broken clocks tell the correct time twice each day, maybe “spread the other cheek” is not a good public policy.

In your unabridged Oxford Dictionaries, the word “faggotry” denotes the bundling of steel to be hammered or rolled together.

Mammalian evolution is entirely heterosexual.

 Monogamy is not required for evolution, monogamy is a tenet of religion.

To prohibit polyandry and polygyny is an ecclesiastic rule of law.

To establish an ecclesiastic standard of monogamy for homosexuals is nothing but RELIGIOUS FAGGOTRY.

Democrats live in a fantasy world where fairies wave magic wands over their anus and babies materialize out of thin air.

All men are born of a woman.

If you have to tell grown men that babies will not come out of their rectums, there is no hope for any rational discourse...

12 posted on 05/18/2012 4:41:09 AM PDT by Sir Francis Dashwood ("Arjuna, why have you have dropped your bow???")
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To: Kaslin

Simple answer—NO

13 posted on 05/18/2012 4:42:38 AM PDT by uncbob
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To: Kaslin

If Obama was found to be gay, the black church would drop him like a hot potato - this is from black friends.

14 posted on 05/18/2012 4:52:59 AM PDT by w4women (A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers.)
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To: Kaslin

Hell no! Marx is their god.

15 posted on 05/18/2012 4:54:56 AM PDT by TexasRepublic (Socialism is the gospel of envy and the religion of thieves)
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To: rovenstinez

I wish you were right. But when, may I ask, have moral issues ever been a conflict for this group when the choice was between morals and more free stuff from Uncle Sugar?

16 posted on 05/18/2012 5:06:49 AM PDT by Vigilanteman (Obama: Fake black man. Fake Messiah. Fake American. How many fakes can you fit in one Zer0?)
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To: Upstate NY Guy
Most members of the Democrat Party have the ability to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct. Orwell called it Doublethink in 1984. It is a foundation of Democrat Party indoctrination and ideology.

That's a disability.

17 posted on 05/18/2012 5:15:14 AM PDT by Steely Tom (If the Constitution can be a living document, I guess a corporation can be a person.)
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To: Kaslin

Never. Race trumps everything else among black voters. I’ve asked many black Christians why they support a pro homosexual, pro abortion President. They can never give me a direct answer, because they don’t want to admit that they have thrown God’s Word under the bus in favor of race. Skin color trumps righteousness, though I do know a few black people who definitely do not support him.

18 posted on 05/18/2012 5:25:31 AM PDT by Freestate316
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To: Kaslin

No chance.

19 posted on 05/18/2012 5:29:12 AM PDT by Phlap (REDNECK@LIBARTS.EDU)
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To: Upstate NY Guy

I’ve read a description of the leftist worldview that included the phrase “comfortable with contradiction”.

I’ve personally encountered this with discussions of epistemology with a leftist.

The most basic logical law is that of non-contradiction.
Two opposite things cannot be true in the same way at the same time. Without this law of non-contradiction, it’s impossible to know anything.

When I asked the exact question of the lib I was talking to (”can two opposites both be true in the same way at the same time”) she answered “absolutely”.

20 posted on 05/18/2012 5:37:56 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: Freestate316

Melanin > God’s Truth

21 posted on 05/18/2012 5:38:55 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: Kaslin

We are about to witness something interesting. What’s more important, your religious beliefs or your race? (I’m betting race). The gay issue destroyed the Episcopal church, it will be interesting to see if this does the same to the black churches.

22 posted on 05/18/2012 5:42:55 AM PDT by ThePatriotsFlag (Still a contributing Republican? Why?)
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To: Sir Francis Dashwood

Stated very well indeed.


23 posted on 05/18/2012 6:19:24 AM PDT by LibLieSlayer (Don't Tread On Me)
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To: MrB
When I asked the exact question of the lib I was talking to (”can two opposites both be true in the same way at the same time”) she answered “absolutely”.

That's classic.

There may be some basic difference in the hard wiring of human minds. Those who are wired, either at birth or through indoctrination, like this lib may be beyond the reach of logic.

24 posted on 05/18/2012 6:19:37 AM PDT by Upstate NY Guy
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To: Kaslin

While it won’t make a huge difference, I believe that possibly as many as 5% of the Blacks will look at the record and the homo bits and see a bit of reason. Most won’t but it may have enough of an effect to change the picture.

25 posted on 05/18/2012 6:21:25 AM PDT by trebb ("If a man will not work, he should not eat" From 2 Thes 3)
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To: Kaslin

Lest we forget that the demcorats are the party of the KKK. What is not pointed out by the media (or by anyone) but is amazing when looked at within a historic perspective is that we are about to have the party of the KKK, who fought against civil rights for nearly their entire history, now redefine the meaning of civil rights in America.

Why is it never discussed as to how this issue will redefine ‘civil rights’? Is precedent being set for a person’s sexual behavior to possibly be as important (or more important?) as their race or gender? If more forms of sexual behavior or sexual identification become recoginized as protected classes then how do all these different protected classes weigh against eachother? Is being homosexual more important then being black?

It amazes me that the party of the KKK is possibly near accomplishing the complete reconfiguration of the meaning of civil rights and no one even points out that fact.

26 posted on 05/18/2012 6:24:38 AM PDT by TheBigIf
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To: Upstate NY Guy

With this particular lib, she’s smart enough to understand that if she admitted to the law of non-contradiction,

in the next minute I would completely invalidate her worldview and what she has her selfworth invested in.

27 posted on 05/18/2012 6:24:49 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: Steely Tom
That's a disability.

It would be a considered a personal disability for freedom loving people but it is actually an asset, if prevalent in society, for those who wish to enslave their fellow man.

28 posted on 05/18/2012 6:29:19 AM PDT by Upstate NY Guy
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To: LibLieSlayer

Nature has certain inherent truths to it a lot of “conservatives” won’t admit, even if it is found in the book of Genesis.

All men are born of a woman.

I have noted a lot of “conservatives” run away from the issue and opt to criticize me for posting what I do on the matter.

They can go to hell as far as I am concerned, they are the reason we lose elections... timid, lukewarm apologetics instead of forceful, graphic prose and logical argument.

I have news for a lot of people - - the Bible is graphic and violent.

And I don’t have a problem with it.

29 posted on 05/18/2012 6:33:31 AM PDT by Sir Francis Dashwood ("Arjuna, why have you have dropped your bow???")
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To: Kaslin

Obama can do anything and will not lose black support. They clearly vote on the basis of race. That is why there are so many really stupid and inept black congressmen. Major Owens (100 million blacks were thrown overboard during slavery and the sharks still swim the route), Sheila Jackson Lee (this dolt on the space subcommittee thinks astronauts have landed on Mars), Hank Johnson (re more troops on Guam -”My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize”).

30 posted on 05/18/2012 6:34:20 AM PDT by doug from upland (Just in case, it has been reserved:
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To: Sacajaweau

“Blacks will vote for Obama no matter what”

Badabing! The black churches haven’t been instrumental in any social changes since they marched with MLK and got government entitlements increased.

31 posted on 05/18/2012 6:35:18 AM PDT by freeangel ( (free speech is only good until someone else doesn't like it)
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To: LibLieSlayer
For many blacks... skin color trumps everything else

So true ... and for Democrats and the left, politics is first, followed by the color of one's skin ... values is so far down the line it's not worth mentioning.

32 posted on 05/18/2012 6:37:30 AM PDT by glennaro
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To: MrB
Yeah. But that means she knows her worldview can be invalidated through discussion and logic. She knows her self-worth is based on fallacies. And that's OK with her as long as it is not pointed out in conversation.

It is a very shallow way to live but apparently there are many who accept it.

33 posted on 05/18/2012 6:40:13 AM PDT by Upstate NY Guy
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To: Upstate NY Guy

You got’er pegged.
It wouldn’t surprise you to know she’s a fan of anti-depressants.

It would be depressing to know that your self-worth is based on easily shattered fallacies.

I’m so thankful that I got my “Jesus eyes” several years ago. The world and how it works came into clear sharp focus.

34 posted on 05/18/2012 6:53:55 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: Kaslin

No. Next question?

35 posted on 05/18/2012 6:56:13 AM PDT by Zionist Conspirator (Ki-hagoy vehamamlakhah 'asher lo'-ya`avdukh yove'du; vehagoyim charov yecheravu!)
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To: MrB
I hear you. I am grateful that one day, like Saul of Tarsus, the scales fell from my eyes and I could see.

Acts 9:18 - Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul's eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized.

36 posted on 05/18/2012 7:05:27 AM PDT by Upstate NY Guy
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To: w4women
If Obama was found to be gay, the black church would drop him like a hot potato - this is from black friends.

The "black church" hasn't let the anti-morality of contemporary liberalism stop them from embracing it up to now. Why should "gay rights" make a difference?

What's your "black friends'" excuse for the Black Church going along with evolution, ridicule of religion, and abortion on demand?

37 posted on 05/18/2012 7:07:38 AM PDT by Zionist Conspirator (Ki-hagoy vehamamlakhah 'asher lo'-ya`avdukh yove'du; vehagoyim charov yecheravu!)
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To: Sir Francis Dashwood

JESUS is coming back and this time he will not be a lamb.


38 posted on 05/18/2012 9:48:00 AM PDT by LibLieSlayer (Don't Tread On Me)
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To: glennaro

Very true.


39 posted on 05/18/2012 9:49:56 AM PDT by LibLieSlayer (Don't Tread On Me)
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To: Kaslin; All
Perhaps we should acknowledge, first of all, that the same public education system which has failed to teach all of us the ideas and principles upon which our liberty was based--as stated in our Declaration of Independence and structured into a form of strictly limited self-government by the 1787 Constitution--that education system has failed minorities even more.

Generations of school children and college students of all ethnic backgrounds have been propagandized by a powerful so-called "progressive" movement which erased and replaced the ideas of liberty with the ideas of enslavement and dependency on the very perpetrators of that philosophy. While this was happening, so-called "conservatives" either failed to engage in the battle of ideas, or were not successful in fighting for the ideas which might have kept America free and strong.

May I suggest that readers of this thread go to the Library of Congress site, search and access "African American Perspectives: Pamphlets from the Daniel A.P.Murray Collection, 1818-1907"
Centennial Thanksgiving sermon,: delivered by Rev. B.W. Arnett, B.D., at St. Paul A.M.E. Church, Urbana, Ohio

There, Rev. Arnett traces history which most of us have never heard, and does it from a perspective which will be comprehensive and enlightening for most American citizens of today. His sermon's scriptural reference is: "Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."

His tracing of the various historical foundations and forms of governments, and his conclusions about America's unique founding ideas in this lengthy address are needed at this time.

Finally, beginning on the page numbered (47), under a heading, "The Danger to Our Country," he describes the beginnings of a movement which sounds remarkably similar to the tyrannical threats to our Constitution's foundations which we have heard and seen advanced in recent decades by so-called "progressives":

That concluding section is excerpted below:

"The Danger to our Country. Now that our national glory and grandeur is principally derived from the position the fathers took on the great questions of right and wrong, and the career of this nation has been unparalleled in the history of the past, now there are those who are demanding the tearing down the strength of our national fabric. They may not intend to tear it down, but just as sure as they have their way, just that sure will they undermine our superstructure and cause the greatest calamity of the age. What are the demands of this party of men? Just look at it and examine it for yourselves, and see if you are willing that they shall have their way; or will you still assist in keeping the ship of state in the hands of the same crew and run her by the old gospel chart! But ye men who think there is no danger listen to the demands of the Liberals as they choose to call themselves:

"'Organize! Liberals of America! The hour for action has arrived. The cause of freedom calls upon us to combine our strength, our zeal, our efforts. These are The Demands of Liberalism:
1. We demand that churches and other ecclesiastical property shall no longer be exempt from just taxation.
2. We demand that the employment of chaplains in Congress, in State Legislatures, in the navy and militia, and in prisons, asylums, and all other institutions supported by public money, shall be discontinued.
3. We demand that all public appropriations for sectarian educational and charitable institutions shall cease.
4. We demand that all religious services now sustained by the government shall be abolished; and especially that the use of the Bible in the public schools, whether ostensibly as a text-book or avowedly as a book of religious worship, shall be prohibited.
5. We demand that the appointment, by the President of the United States or by the Governors of the various States, of all religious festivals and fasts shall wholly cease.
6. We demand that the judicial oath in the courts and in all other departments of the government shall be abolished, and that simple affirmation under the pains and penalties of perjury shall be established in its stead.
7. We demand that all laws directly or indirectly enforcing the observance of Sunday as the Sabbath shall be repealed.
8. We demand that all laws looking to the enforcement of "Christian" morality shall be abrogated, and that all laws shall be conformed to the requirements of natural morality, equal rights, and impartial liberty.
9. We demand that not only in the Constitution of the United States and of the several States, but also in the practical administration of the same, no privilege or advantage shall be conceded to Christianity or any other special religion; that our entire political system shall be founded and administered on a purely secular basis; and that whatever changes shall prove necessary to this end shall be consistently, unflinchingly, and promptly made.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {Begin page no. 48} "Let us boldly and with high purpose meet the duty of the hour."

"Now we must not think that we have nothing to do in this great work, for the men who are at the head of this movement are men of culture and intelligence, and many of them are men of influence. They are led by that thinker and scholar, F. E. Abbott, than whom I know but few men who has a smoother pen, or who is his equal on the battle-field of thought. He says in an address on the duty of his leagues:

"'My answer may be a negative one to all who see nothing positive in the idea of liberty. The conviction I refer to is this: that, regarded as a theological system, Christianity is Superstition, and, regarded as an organized institution, Christianity is Slavery. The purpose I refer to is this: that, whether regarded as theological system, Christianity shall wholly cease to exercise influence in political matters. Although the national Constitution is strictly secular and non-Christian, there are many things in the practical administration of the government which violate its spirit, and constitute a virtual recognition of Christianity as the national religion. These violations are very dangerous; they are on the increase; they more and more give Christianity a practical hold upon the government; they directly tend to strengthen the influence of Christianity over the people, and to fortify it both as a theology and a church; and they are therefore justly viewed with growing indignation by liberals. Not unreasonably are they looked upon as paving the way to a formidable effort to carry the Christian Amendment to the Constitution; and the liberals are beginning to see that they must extinguish the conflagration in its commencement. I believe all this myself, with more intense conviction ever day; and therefore I appeal frankly to the people to begin now to lay the foundations of a great National Party of Freedom. It is not a moment too soon. If the liberals are wise, they will see the facts as they are, and act accordingly. Not with hostility, bitterness, defiance, or anger but rather with love to all men and high faith in the beneficence of consistently republican institutions, do I urge them most earnestly to begin the work at once.'"

Rev. Arnett continues:

"He (Abbott) acknowledges that this is a religious nation and wants all men to assist him in eliminating the grand old granite principles from the framework of our national union. Will you do it freeman; will we sell the temple reared at the cost of so much precious blood and treasure? These men would have us turn back the hands on the clock of our national progress, and stay the shadow on the dial plate of our christian civilization; they would have us call a retreat to the soldiers in the army of Christ; the banner of the cross they would have us haul down, and reverse the engines of war against sin and crime; the songs of Zion they would turn into discord, and for the harmony and the melody of the sons of God, they would give us general confusion; they would have us chain the forces of virtue and unloose the elements of vice; they would have the nation loose its moorings from the Lord of truth and experience and commit interest, morally, socially; religiously and politically to the unsafe and unreliable human reason; they would discharge God and his crew and run the ship of State by the light of reason, which has always been but a dim taper in the world, and all the foot-prints it has left are marked with the blood of men, women and children. No nation is safe when left alone with reason.

"But we have no notion of giving up the contest without a struggle or a battle. We are aware that there is a great commotion in the world of thought. Religion and science are at arms length contending with all their forces for the mastery. Faith and unbelief are fighting their old battles over again, everything that can be shaken is shaking. The foundations of belief are assaulted by the army of science and men are changing their opinions. New and starting theories are promulgated to the world; old truths are putting on new garbs. Error is dressing in the latest style, wrong is secured by the unholy alliances, changes in men and things, revolution in church and state, Empires are crumbling, Kingdoms tottering; everywhere the change is seen. In the social circle, in the school house, in the pulpit and in the pews. But amid all the changes are revolutions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {Begin page no. 49} "their are some things that are unchangeable, unmovable and enduring. The forces that underline the vital power of christianity are the same yesterday, to-day, to-morrow and forever more. They are like their God, who is omnipotent, immovable and eternal, and everywhere truth has marched it has left its moccasin tracks.

"The Conclusion of the Whole Matter.
"We have patiently tried to examine the record of the nations of antiquity and learn the cause of their decay and decline, their fall, why their early death; and why so many implements of destruction around and about their tombs, and everywhere, in the silent streets, mouldering ruins, tottering columns, mouldy and moist rooms, and the united voice from the sepulcher of the dead past is, "sin is a reproach to any people." We see it written on the tombs of the Kings, and engraven on the pages of time, "sin is a reproach to any people." These are the principles of governments, Right and wrong; and the people who are the advocates of Right have bound themselves together and by their united effort they have brought light out of darkness and forced strength out of weakness.

"We as a nation have a grand and glorious future before us. The sun of our nation is just arising above the horizon and is now sending his golden rays of peace from one end of the land to the other. The utmost extremities of the members of the body politic are warm and in motion by the commercial and financial activities of the land. Her face is destined to blush with beauty when peace and justice shall be enthroned. The grand march of progress shall mark her in her onward advancement in moral strength, intellectual brilliancy, and political power. Then we can say that we give to every man, woman and child the benefit of our free institutions, giving all the benefits of our common school and the freedom to worship God under their own vine and fig tree. Then will we see written, on the banner of our free, redeemed and disenthralled country, the sublime words written, not in the blood of men, but in the sun-light of truth, that "Righteousness exalteth a nation." It will fall like the morning dew on the lowly; it will descend like the showers of May on the poor; and like the sun it will shine on the good and bad, dispensing from the hand of plenty the blessings of a government founded on the principle of justice and equality.

"Standing on the threshold of the second century of the nation's life, with the experience of the past lying at our feet, we are saluted by the shout of triumph from the millions who left their homes and business and attended the Great Exposition of the skill and genius of the world, collected at Philadelphia. We were permitted to receive the greetings from the oldest to the youngest nation of the earth. Egypt and the United States clasped hands over the waste of 5,000 years, and lay their treasures at the feet of our civilization. The material, intellectual and mechanical deterioration of the one, and the unprecedented progress of the other, stand in great contrast; in all that makes the nation great,--morally, religiously and socially, the young nation is ahead.

"Following the tracks of righteousness throughout the centuries and along the way of nations, we are prepared to recommend it to all and assert without a shadow of doubt, that "Righteousness exalted a nation"; but on the other hand following the foot-prints of sin amid the ruins of Empires and remains of cities, we will say that" sin is a reproach to any people." But we call on all American citizens to love their country, and look not on the sins of the past, but arming ourselves for the conflict of the future, girding ourselves in the habiliments of Righteousness, march forth with the courage of a Numidian lion and with the confidence of a Roman Gladiator, and meet the demands of the age, and satisfy the duties of the hour. Let us be encouraged in our work, for we have found the moccasin track of Righteousness all along the shore of the stream of life, constantly advancing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {Begin page no. 50}

"holding humanity with a firm hand. We have seen it "through" all the confusion of rising and falling States, of battle, siege and slaughter, of victory and defeat; through the varying fortunes and ultimate extinctions of Monarchies, Republics and Empires; through barbaric irruption and desolation, feudal isolation, spiritual supremacy, the heroic rush and conflict of the Cross and Crescent; amid the busy hum of industry, through the marts of trade and behind the gliding keels of commerce."

'And in America, the battle-field of modern thought, we can trace the foot-prints of the one and the tracks of the other. So let us use all of our available forces, and especially our young men, and throw them into the conflict of the Right against the Wrong.

"Then let the grand Centennial Thanksgiving song be heard and sung in every house of God; and in every home may thanksgiving sounds be heard, for our race has been emancipated, enfranchised and are now educating, and have the gospel preached to them!

"Sons of freedom, sing the glad hymns of praise on the Western plains! Daughters of sorrow shout the joyful tidings amid the savannahs of the South-land! Proclaim it on the Atlantic's western stand and declare it on the slopes of the Pacific! Humble followers of the Son of Mary, chant the eternal truth in the temple of the Most High, that "Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."

"We invite every nation, kindred, tongue and people, to come to our land. Come from the bogs of Ireland; come from the dykes of Holland; come from the mountains of Switzerland; and from the sunny plains of Italy; and enjoy a government made for man! Come from the jungles of Africa or Egypt, the university of the infant world; come from Asia the cradle of humanity; come and bring your gifts from the Islands of the South Sea and spice land! Come ye men of every clime and race and see a nation founded in Righteousness, guarded by Justice, and supported by truth and equity, and defended by God!

"When thus united in one grand commonwealth of nationalities the universal prayer will be,
Show us our Aaron, with his rod of flower!
Our Miriam, with her timbrel soul in tune!
And call some Joshua, in spirits power,
To praise our sun of strength at point of noon.
God of our fathers! over sand and sea,
Still keep our struggling footsteps close to thee."

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