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"The List": Obama's One Hundred and Seventy-Third Week in Office
Nachumlist ^ | 5/18/12 | Nachum

Posted on 05/18/2012 7:58:28 AM PDT by Nachum

President Obama's One Hundred and Seventy-Third Week in Office



Obama's Unemployment Rate Is Stuck At 11%

Federal government spent nearly $70 billion on "climate change activities" since 2008

GAO: Number of Older, Jobless Americans Increases 6-Fold in Four Years

88% Say They're Paying More for Groceries Than A Year Ago

US unemployment aid applications stay at 370,000

GM Claims Immunity For Its Old Cars

Hewlett-Packard Co is considering cutting its workforce by 8 to 10 percent, or a minimum of 25,000 jobs

Obama and Eric Whitaker

University Of Chicago Deflects Questions About Alleged Wright Pay-Off...A spokeswoman for the hospital, which employs Obama confidant Eric Whitaker, reached out to Klein's publicist but won't answer questions or connect a reporter with the physician. Wright alleged that Whitaker offered him money to stay silent in 2008.

Glenn Beck Offers $150k To Rev. Jeremiah Wright For Obama Dirt (audio)

Obama and Agenda 21

The Obama Administration's Radical Environmental Justice Blueprint

Obama Ethics Year 4

Obama Lies About Reagan Endorsing Buffett Rule

Obama In Kenya: I Am So Proud To Come Back Home (Video)

Literary Agent Responds to ‘Born in Kenya’ Obama Bio: ‘Nothing More Than a Fact Checking Error’

Obama’s Lit Agency Used 'Born in Kenya' Bio Until 2007

The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'

Arizona official to Hawaii: Show birth verification

Obama’s team suggests racism behind proposed Wright ad campaign

Wright: Hillary 'Paid Black Preachers' To Come After Me

Federal Judge Enjoins Section 1021 - FY2012 NDAA; Blocking indefinite detention of US citizens

'Church Was Not Their Thing': ...Audio From Rev. Wright’s Interview With Obama Book Author Ed Klein (Audio)

Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Barack Obama Has Done Nothing For Black Community (Audio)

Obama’s Father Exposed As Anti-White Terrorist By British, U.S. Intel

Banks Notified By DHS Of Unannounced Warrantless Looting Of Personal Accounts Or Safe Deposit Boxes

John Hayward First Solar CEO grilled for dumping stock after taxpayer loan


Obama memorials bury Fast and Furious law enforcement deaths

Juan Williams Runs Interference for Eric Holder, Fast & Furious

Obama and Israel

U.S. Approves $70 Million in Iron Dome Aid .....-Defense Minister Ehud Barak meets U.S. counterpart in Washington, says defense relations were never stronger

The US military option for Iran is ‘ready,’ American ambassador to Israel says

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden’s Blue Collar Background Myth

Coal Miners Protest Biden In Ohio

Biden roars against the rich: 'They don't get us!'

Three Charts Dispute Biden’s Claim that Economy is Coming Back

Obama Czars

White House cybersecurity czar to step down: Howard Schmidt

Community Organizer to the World

Obama’s aides freak over possible Rev. Wright-themed attack ads

Sharpton Insists Black Ministers Amend Their Religion to Vote for Obama After They Prayed Over Bill Clinton

It's 3am and nobody's there

Holder considers releasing ‘Merchant of Death’ arms trafficker to Russians

Uniformed Military Banned from Downtown Chicago During NATO

Obama Dead Pool

Breitbart witness: He dropped like sack of bricks...with a “thick white band” around his forehead


Obama and Eric Whitaker

Ed Klein Wright on Obamas Christianity  (audio)

Documents: Obama friend Whitaker had history with Jeremiah Wright


JPMorgan’s Trading Loss Is Said to Rise at Least 50% ....From $2B to $3B and climbing

Obama budget Defeated 99-0 in Senate

CBS News: Foreign Workers Taking Stimulus-Funded Jobs On U.S. Soil

CBO: Unemployment Has Remained Above 8% For The Longest Stretch Since Great Depression

Enterprise Community Investment, Inc. today announced the closing of the first loan under the Green Refinance Plus program

Needy States Use Housing Aid Cash to Plug Budgets

Obama and GM Cook the Books

J.C. Penney Plunge Marks Greatest Single-Day Loss In 40 Years

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden: 'If I Want To Be President Of The United States I Could Be' (video)

Biden warns Ohio of the consequences of 'Romney economics'

Obama and Agenda 21

Law of the Sea Treaty in US Senate for Approval


Deputy Attorney General's Letter to Issa (reponse to contempt threat)

Obama administration shrugs off contempt threat against Holder

Issa invites questions while staffers ignore them

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones Admits He And Fellow Environmentalists Kept Quiet During Gulf Oil Spill Because Obama Was President…

Obama Ethics Year 4

Emails show direct link between White House and energy loans, GOP says

Obama Now Claims The Power To Freeze Your Assets If You Oppose The New Government In Yemen

Administration Opposes Attempt to Bar Same-Sex Marriage on Military Property and Shield Military Chaplains

The Obama Thugocracy: Follow the money

Obama’s Clean Coal Con

Obama Is Letting China Buy Our Energy Fields; Is Your State On This List?

Community Organizer to the World

Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Barack Obama Has Done Nothing For Black Community (Video)

Hillary: ‘Government Cannot and Should Not Control Any Individual's Life’

Picture: Barack Obama Brandishes a Baguette

All the president’s ego: conservatives mock Obama’s insertion of his name into other presidential bios

CNN Calls Out Obama Campaign Over Romney Ad

Black Stone Capital Fired Thousands, Gives Obama $1,000,000

Donors tied to banking desert Obama for Romney

Obama’s donations shrink in April

Obama, Democrats Raise $43.6 Million in April

Obama: All Women Care About Is Fashion and Beauty

Obama teases David Beckham for his underwear career

Urban Radio Callers Slam Obama Over Gay Marriage Support

Obama and the Marxist/Communist View of Marriage and Abortion

It's 3am and nobody's there

Army chief says budget cuts would hollow military

The Evidence: Obama Is Undermining U.S. Troops in Afghanistan to Put the Taliban in Power

Former Counterterror Chief: CIA Weakened Under Obama, Leaks Very Damaging

Top 10 Obama ties to history

Obama courts votes of veterans, military families: 'Veterans and Military Families for Obama'


Over 26,000 petitions sent to Georgetown opposing invitation to HHS Secretary Sebelius

Catholic University Says Obamacare Will Double Insurance Rates

Catholic bishops threaten suit over birth control mandate

Obamacare's Patient-Dumping, Privacy-Meddling Scheme

Obama and Israel

Putin: 'Israel will take care of Iran,' Khameni: Clash between Iran, US and Israel 'inevitable'

Top U.S. think tank warns against Israeli, American strike on Iran

Israel to send fighter jets for joint exercises in the US

Queen Michelle

First Lady Michelle Obama to appear on Food Network’s ‘Restaurant Impossible’


Obama and Israel

US Leads Major War Drill in Jordan - Israel Not Invited

J St admits it takes direction from this Administration, the Hill to MOVE American Jews left


New book: Jarrett’s ‘Chicago connections’ led to Obama’s Solyndra visit

Obama Ethics Year 4

'Existential threat' to Western U.S. states ....New Obama water policy position overturns decades of practice

Glenn Beck painstakingly presents the Obama lie timeline

How Convenient: Potentially 180,000 Non-Citizens Capable of Voting in Swing States

LA Mayor Villaraigosa Funnels Taxpayer Cash To Obama Fundraiser

Obama has up to $1 million in JPMorgan account

Obama assets valued between $2.6M and $8.3M

Freedom of Information Act requests show that DHS is considering collecting DNA from kids ages 14 and up

Obama aide promises $1B in corporate-jet subsidies

Al-Qaeda Infiltrator was Working for Brits not CIA, Cover Blown for Election Year Politics: Brits infuriated

Hatch calls for investigation into Obama’s Labor Dept ‘propaganda’ posters featuring Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson

Justice Department Opens J.P. Morgan Inquiry

FBI Director Questioned about Project Veritas Holder Video in Congress

O'Reilly Accuses Obama Camp Of 'Terrorism: ...Mitt Romney's campaign Frank Vandersloot.  Vandersloot's company has been targeted by the Obama campaign for his support of Mitt Romney.

Obama awards SSgt Sal Giunta awarded the Medal of Honor: family made to sit in 3rd row (audio description)

Amateur Genealogist Who Backed '1/32 Cherokee' Warren Now Admits Mistake

Obama vandalizes WH presidential biographies

Obama Drops His Name Into the Other Presidential Biographies

Obama’s communist roots

President’s illegal alien uncle gets his license back

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: Same-Sex Marriage ‘Strengthens Families’

Claim- Obama hires apostate Catholic" to counter Catholic bishops campaign

Meet the 23-Year-Old Obama Hired to Head His Religious Campaign Outreach

Obama Ties "Forward" Campaign Slogan To The Constitution (video)

Obama campaign: New York Times poll is 'biased'...........(video- here )

Obama 'Stereotyped, Simplified and Used' Us: student at Barnard College

Military families to get free national parks pass

Obama campaign nixes cell phones at some fundraisers

Obama and Eric Whitaker

Author Reveals Identity of Man New Obama Book Says Tried to Bribe Jeremiah Wright

It's 3am and nobody's there

Russian/U.S. War Games to Begin Shortly in Colorado

Army opens jobs in combat battalions to women

The letter, written by former Attorneys General Edwin Meese III and Michael Mukasey and former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff

Former security officials: Plan to roll back detainee laws ‘rewarding terrorists’

Obama's Treacherous Deals with the Russians

Border agents dispute claim that illegal immigrant tide is slowing

Privacy concerns as US government rolls out domestic drone rules


U.S. Roman Catholic bishops are rejecting the Obama administration's plan to accommodate faith groups that object to the birth control mandate

Obama Mandate Forces Catholic College to Drop Insurance

Republicans questioned whether a Health and Human Services’ (HHS) $3.4 billion loan program to create non-profit health insurers would result in the greater competition and lower costs.

HHS spending billions to create non-profit insurers, the Obamacare version of Fannie Mae

ObamaCare May Hurt Medicare Advantage Plans For Poor


Obama’s Gamble on GM Worse than JPM’s Trading Flub

The Obama Economy Is Wrecking NASCAR

Stimulus Dollars Fund Studies into Sexual History and Erectile Dysfunction

Obama's Budget Would Double the Interest Rate on Student Loans...After the Election


Obama signs Brian A. Terry Memorial Act into law

Documentary on Fast and Furious Scandal in Production Phase


British Petroleum-Gate

Did Steven Chu Sabotage BP's Top Kill Effort Just as It Was Succeeding?

Obama and Eric Whitaker

Longtime Obama pal Eric Whitaker keeps popping onto political scene

Longtime Obama pal Eric Whitaker keeps popping onto political scene

(Is this the Jeremiah Wright briber?)...The Department of Health and Human Services last week announced it had awarded a $5.9 million grant to a University of Chicago Medical Center program tied to Michelle Obama and run by Eric Whitaker, one of President Obama’s closest friends. ........Obama pal part of fed probe---E-mails and other records of Dr. Eric Whitaker -- one of President Obama's best friends -- have been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

President's pal under investigation; AIDS program part of probe (May, 2010)

Obama: Whitaker and Rezko ties (Nov. 2008)

Obama's pal Eric Whitaker, his Tony Rezko tie (Oct. 2008)

U. of C Med school connections with Whitaker: Valerie Jarrett to lead expanded Board of University of Chicago Medical Center James Madara, M.D., appointed Medical Center CEO

Washington Post profile of Whitaker

Picture: Obama walks with Eric Whitaker and Asst. Reggie Love

Picture: Obama golfs with Whitaker in Martha's Vineyard

Picture: Basketball with Eric Whitaker

Picture: Whitaker and Eric Holder at the Obama inauguration

Eric Whitaker:  Chart-map of connections

Obama Ethics Year 4

U. of Chicago medical center VP revealed as Jeremiah Wright briber.......Wright told him he “made it comfortable” for Obama to accept Christianity without having renounce his “Islamic background,” ... on tape.  

Orthodox Jews Angered by Obama Nominee:... Stephanie Rose, 39, was recently nominated for a lifetime appointment by President Obama in the Southern District of Iowa.  Rose’s appointment is controversial within the Orthodox Jewish community because of her previous involvement in the prosecution of Sholom Rubashkin

Obama Accused Of Sexual Harassment While at Harvard Law Review (from 2011)

It's 3am and nobody's there

Senior Homeland Security staffers have no law enforcement experience

The Obama Golf Counter

General Allen Visits Base where Afghan attacked and Killed Soldiers. "...We are here for our friends..."


Archdiocese of Washington speaks out over choice of Kathleen Sebelius as Speaker at Georgetown

Community Organizer to the World

Obama, touting gay marriage stance, calls for repeal of Defense of Marriage Act

New Obama Book Shocker: Kennedys and Obamas at War...Caroline Considers Obama a ‘Liar’

Obama to Students: Don’t’ Believe the Media

President Obama Scolds The Media During Barnard College Speech

Obama calls pastors to explain gay marriage support; black churches ‘conflicted' by president's decision

Black Pastor Tells CNN His Church Won’t Support Obama, ‘Plan To Stay Home’

Funny Pictures From The Obama 2012 Website

Obama ad calls Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital firm a ‘vampire’

Dems Attack Romney Over Layoffs Made by Obama Bundler

Obama Ad Blasts Romney: He Was A ‘Job Destroyer’

Obama Does Damage Control Among Christian Pastors Following Gay Marriage Endorsement

WH getting blowback from African-American churches over gay-marriage stance

Our Composite President Column: Obama’s carefully cultivated image is coming undone

How Oprah fell from favour at the court of the Sun King, Barack Obama

Queen Michelle

The 'jealous' First Lady: How Michelle orders women close to Barack watched and has shunned Oprah because she 'hates fat people'

Book: Michelle threatened divorce after Barack’s 2000 loss


Obama: JP Morgan is 'one of the best managed banks'

Judge strikes down union election rules...-The National Labor Relations Board did not follow proper voting procedures when it approved the rules last year

Report says 230,000 unemployed losing benefits over weekend

Interior Looks to Expand Permits for Killing Bald Eagles to Accommodate Wind Energy

Government, Environmentalists Blocking Access to Rich Shale Reserves

Obama and Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood’s Egyptian Presidential Candidate: ‘Jihad Is Our Path & Death In the Name of Allah Is Our Goal’

Leading Egypt candidate calls 'racist' Israel a threat...."1979 peace treaty 'a national security threat"


Solyndra for sale: Company's high-tech plant to be sold

What the Mainstream Media Isn’t Reporting About Solyndra

Obama and Israel

Israel fears nuclear deal between Iran, world powers as Baghdad talks draw near

Israel Won’t Be at ‘Biggest Summit in NATO History’


It's 3am and nobody's there

Drawing of Iranian nuke explosives containment chamber emerges

CIA launches inquiry into media leaks over 'underpants' double agent

Bomb Plot BustL Obama administration.... harming national security in order to benefit politically

US Official Expresses Dismay Over Leak About Double Agent In Bomb Plot


Insurers must credit ObamaCare when giving new round of rebates, feds say

White House pushes ObamaCare- themed e-cards for Mother's Day

Community Organizer to the World

Follow the Money: One in Six Top Obama Bundlers Identify as Gay

Obama: Gay Marriage Is Not a Black Thing

Obama Campaign T-Shirt: 'My Two Dads Support Obama'

Obama Campaign Uses Mother’s Day to Raise Cash

Obama makes speech in couple's garage

Obama Ethics Year 4

The ‘bribe’ to silence Wright: ... gets an email from one of Obama's 'closest friends'

Jeremiah Wright claims Obama ally offered $150,000 bribe in 2008 to shut up

Part Two: The Fiction and Non-Fiction of Obama

Part One: The Fiction and Non-Fiction of Obama

Book: "The Other Barack Obama", by Sally H. Jacobs...... Obama's father: Bigamist, drunk and wife-beater


Obama pushes billion-dollar stimulus plan

California Deficit Swells to $16 Billion, Governor Says -...... worst 'recession' since the 1930's

Retail Sales Probably Cooled in April: U.S. Economy Preview

White House issues new hydraulic fracturing rule: ...governing hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas on public lands that will for the first time require disclosure of the chemicals used in the process.But in a significant concession to the oil industry, companies will have to reveal the composition of fluids only after they have completed drilling, not before

Queen Michelle

Jealous Michelle vs. Oprah


John Boehner is stalling Fast and Furious contempt citation of Eric Holder


Obama and Israel

'Hamas has infiltrated the U.S. government and the rules of war no longer apply': Second anti-Muslim class run by military officials revealed

Obama and Agenda 21

5/11/2012: Obama Administration Renews Push to Ratify Law of Sea Treaty

Community Organizer to the World

Obama ignores gay marriage issue as Romney surges ahead

Off Teleprompter: Obama's Suck-Up Joke To Clooney Fails Fact Check

Obama Campaign Adviser Longoria: Mexican People Occupied by US

Obama Ethics Year 4

Top Romney Donor on Obama's 'Enemies List': They're Stalking My Kids (Video)

Businessman Says He Lost Hundreds of Customers After Attacks by Obama Campaign

Obama cashing in on gay marriage stance, selling LGBT merchandise on

Obama Bullied Fat, Nerdy Black Girl?: The Video and Audio Evidence

Obama tied to Bill Ayers' radical leftist organization from age 11

D'oh! -Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden in 2007: Coal more likely to kill an American than terrorism

Obama, Biden make up, play golf


House Republicans: HHS Has Become “Too Big to Control”


Unemployment Benefits Ending for Thousands of Californians

Living the California debt based dream – Bankruptcies in California increased 557%

It's 3am and nobody's there

Journalist Says Bill Clinton Termed Obama ‘Incompetent’


Obama and Israel

Israel's channel 10 is reporting that U.S. officials are working frantically to prevent a pre-emptive Israeli attack on Iran

‘We might have a regional war soon, and then we’d have had to join the government anyway,’ says Kadima MK Nachman Shai

Israel Not Invited to Chicago’s NATO Summit


Issa to Holder: Waiting for "Fast and Furious" docs like waiting for Godot

Boehner Gives Full Support to Issa's Fast and Furious Investigation

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: George Clooney and Me Are ‘Dope and Hope

Obama Promotes Gay Marriage To Nation's Children

Obama to return to Los Angeles in June for star-studded fundraisers

Obama snags $15 million in Hollywood cash after marriage change

Obama: The Most-Racial President

Auntie Zeituni has written a book. It’s called “Tears of Abuse,” on account of how tough she’s had it.

It's 3am and nobody's there

TSA Conducting Random Searches on US Highways

Obama Threatens Veto on Bill Funding Troops with Welfare Cuts

More spies in U.S. than ever, says ex-CIA officer

President Obama's Luxurious Schedule

Al Qaeda in Yemen has "whole outfit" devoted to attacking U.S.

Britain's defense secretary is ditching proposals to buy a particular type of F-35 Joint StrikeFighter

US army suspends class that suggests nuclear destruction of Islamic sites

Obama Ethics Year 4

Justice Dept. Wants to Track All Cellphones Without a Warrant

50 Year-Old Bully Barack Obama Targets Private Citizen

DOJ vs. Sheriff Joe: Hispanic Discrimination in Photo of ‘Mexican Navy Seal’

Obama's former doctor claims that the president lacks passion, feeling and humanity

Sheriff Joe demands Obama draft registration Selective Service regulation changed days after probe announced

How President Obama played the press perfectly on gay marriage announcement

House Armed Services Committee: Chaplains Cannot be Forced to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Rep. Gutierrez: I drafted amnesty language for White House:  ...along with La Raza

Glen Beck on lies that Barack Hussein Obama has told about his past

Warren's Cherokee Claim Based on Family Newsletter; No Marriage License Application to Be Found

Exclusive: Harvard EEOC Report Listed Warren as Native American in 1999

Another Law School Listed Elizabeth Warren as a "Minority"

Queen Michelle

And today’s guest star: Michelle Obama

D'oh! -Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden to Students: ‘You All Realize You're Spreading Socialism, Don't You?'

Will Joe Biden's latest gaffe cost him the VP job?

Biden to Students: You'll See 'Solar Energy as Cheap as Gas-- Uh, Coal, Excuse Me, as Coal'


House Votes to Prohibit DOJ From Using Funds to Defend Challenges to Obamacare

ObamaCare’s Muslim Exemption


Federal 'Stimulus' Spent $34.5 Million In Michigan For Only 183 Total Jobs

GAO: Recoverable Oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming 'About Equal to Entire World’s Proven Reserves'

200,000 Blue Collar Coal Miners Who Power America Threatened by Obama EPA

Obama campaign adds 'clean coal' to website after GOP complaints

Tax-Arbitrage Of The Year - Facebook Founder Renounces US Citizenship

U.S. Trade Gap Widens At Record Pace

Obama Ad Claims to Have Helped Man Get a Job, but Man Claims Employment Since 2006

Jobless benefits end for 230,000 this weekend

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Don’t know why, but this comes to mind, right about now.

Obama wants YOU...

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Thank you for your continuing efforts with the list.

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