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Nice: Democrats Defend Bain in New Romney Ad ^ | May 21, 2012 | Guy Benson

Posted on 05/21/2012 3:06:14 PM PDT by Kaslin

Let's face it: This spot became 100 percent inevitable the moment Cory Booker opened his mouth on Meet the Press, but its still nice to see the alacrity and skill with which Team Romney executed.  Behold, the official 'Democrats dissent from Obama's stupid anti-Bain demagoguery' campaign ad:

Big Bain Backfire

David Axelrod has slapped back at Booker, who hastily cut a hostage video-style (partial) retraction of his MTP remarks, but the damage has been done.  Every time The One comes after Romney on Bain, Republicans can cite three significant Obama supporters who have explicitly condemned his line of attack.  Bain itself has entered the fray, as well, pointing out that their track record is very strong indeed:

Bain shoots back: "During Bain Capital’s ownership, revenues grew in 80 percent of the more than 350 companies in which we have invested.”

So they're batting .800, in baseball parlance.  Can't have that now, can we?  And in case you were wondering, yes, the Romney campaign is also fundraising off of this kerfuffle.

UPDATE - ABC News says the Obama camp is in "full damage control mode" over its Bain attacks:

The Obama campaign is in full damage-control mode one day after Newark Mayor Cory Booker publicly derided Democrats’ assault on presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney over his record at Bain Capital. Chief Obama strategist David Axelrod today publicly rebuked Booker, a popular and high-profile surrogate for the campaign, saying he was “just wrong.”

If I were a dishonest liberal, I might loudly ask if a white man calling a black official "just wrong" is some sort of "racist dogwhistle."

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To: Kaslin
Seriously? I have no problems with romney's Bain days or with the free enterprise capitalist culture we live in. I love working, making money and prospering from my hard work and have no resentments at all for those of like mind. We're I'm confused is in everyone's surprise at the demoncraps support of one of their own. Just because romney has an R behind his name does not make him any less a demoncrap that those with the big D behind theirs.

At least that's how I see it.

21 posted on 05/21/2012 5:42:21 PM PDT by Whats-wrong-with-the-truth (Romney (aka - obomney)... Just put the (D) behind your name and be done with it.)
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To: Whats-wrong-with-the-truth

The ad wasn’t “inevitable” as the article says. Romney is not the feeble wimp some thought. They turned this ad out in 24 hours.

22 posted on 05/21/2012 5:45:51 PM PDT by Williams (Nobama)
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To: Kaslin
Harold Ford Jr was always fair. His relatives on the other hand were crooks

That reminds me of the WND multi-part expose of the Gore family in Tennessee that ran in the months leading up to the election.

I credit that expose with helping turn Tennessee to Bush. If Gore had won his home state, Florida would not have mattered.

It's funny how one's family entanglements can undo a candidate.

See Part 1 - TENNESSEE UNDERWORLD: Al Gore's Uncle Whit from September 2000.


23 posted on 05/21/2012 5:57:04 PM PDT by Political Junkie Too (If you can vote for President, then your children can run for President.)
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To: Williams

Yes. This ad, it’s strategy, focus, content and speed, are extremely impressive from the Romney campaign.

24 posted on 05/21/2012 6:00:03 PM PDT by D-fendr (Deus non alligatur sacramentis sed nos alligamur.)
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To: bfree

He’s certainly no McCain and has done a masterful job of keeping The One on the defensive. It’s all about the ecnonomy and don’t let Obama move an inch off that square.

25 posted on 05/21/2012 6:03:41 PM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: unkus

I read it as anti-Obama. ;-]

26 posted on 05/21/2012 6:05:50 PM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: Kaslin
Romney is reacting quickly and aggressively.

Harold Ford's comments were this morning on "Morning Joe".

Also, instead of just defending himself, Romney is taking the fight back to Obama, putting Obama on the defensive.

The truth is Obama is in such a bad position, all he has are these lame attacks. The fact Romney is responding so quickly and effectively suggests Romney should win the election handily.

Obama's election was an aberration. His defeat will be a return to normalcy.

Although Obama is even worse than Carter, Romney is no Reagan. There will be no landslide, but I expect a solid win, similar to Bush 2004.

27 posted on 05/21/2012 6:06:51 PM PDT by magellan
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To: napscoordinator; EternalVigilance
"I might even vote for myself."

You won't be the only Freeper doing that...

28 posted on 05/21/2012 6:10:39 PM PDT by StAnDeliver (=)
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To: D-fendr

Compare that to Obama’s mumbling fumbles even in front of a teleprompter. Axelrod got lucky in that the media conspired with him to keep mum about the real Obama. Watching Romney’s team slice up the Obama team (Axelrod, et al) is delightful. It’s the difference between real executive experience and none.

I’m heartened that Romney isn’t rolling over and taking it. McCain literally gave us the Manchurian Candidate by doing a “gentleman”. The Chicago Machine can be defeated. They don’t know a thing about competition - they don’t believe in it and they rarely face it. If they can’t lie, cheat and steal an election they can’t win one.

29 posted on 05/21/2012 6:13:14 PM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: EQAndyBuzz
It’s a throwaway.

The left is now going to come out and say Bain is off the table. Something about how wrong it is to bring up the past.

However, they will also demand that Reverend Wright is off the table.

In the game of chess, that would be like sacrificing a pawn (Wright) in exchange for a queen (Bain).

If Bain is off the table, what exactly is left for Obama to attack Romney on? His high school pranks? Fine. All Romney has to do is offer to produce his high school transcripts in exchange for Obama doing the same. What? Obama's high school records are "sealed". Okay...I guess they can go ahead and take high school pranks off the table...

Bain Capital was supposed to be Romney's Achilles heel. According to some hot shots here, Romney was going to be exposed as a mean capitalist in a blizzard of autumn TV ads, resulting in a 40-point blowout for Obama, because don't you know, most Americans just hate risk-takers and job-creators.

But if Romney's campaign was able to produce a positive ad on Bain Capital - using video from several of Obama's own supporters, on less than 24 hour notice, one can only imagine how much more of that is out there.

What is left for Obama to attack Romney on, if not Bain?

As for Obama, over the past three years, he has provided a rich vein of material for the Romney campaign to make use of from his wife's costly vacations to the endless rounds of golf to the total ineptness of his presidency. And remember the famous Dukakis in a tank ads from 1988? All Romney's campaign has to do is show Obama slurping an ice-cream cone or trying to ride a bicycle. What a dweeb we have as a president.

30 posted on 05/21/2012 6:13:46 PM PDT by SamAdams76
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Click the Pups

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31 posted on 05/21/2012 6:15:56 PM PDT by TheOldLady
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To: All

next up, DNC ad featuring Republicans using “vulture capitalism” from Perry, Santorum and Gingrich...

32 posted on 05/21/2012 6:20:27 PM PDT by newnhdad (Where will you be during the Election Riots of 2012/2013?)
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To: SamAdams76

I’d like to see the campaign do a split screen with people looking for jobs, standing in line for jobs and the other side Obama’s vacations, golf outings and statements about jobs being priority one.

We need to stay focused on the economy.

33 posted on 05/21/2012 6:24:27 PM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: 1010RD

I read it as anti-Obama. ;-]

Please read my comment again:

“You’re brave putting anything pro Romney on FR”.

34 posted on 05/21/2012 6:31:04 PM PDT by unkus (Silence Is Consent)
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To: StAnDeliver; napscoordinator; EternalVigilance

While I respect your right to conscience, my hope is that all three of you and other like minded FReepers are working to elect or reelect a conservative majority to Congress. We also need to make sure that if Romney wins we get a SCOTUS nominee in the vein of a Clarence Thomas and not a Souter.

35 posted on 05/21/2012 6:35:14 PM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: Gabrial

[Someone who has been the CEO of a major corporation]

Remind the class there Gabe - How much did it cost Deseret Management to unsuccessfully bail out it’s Life Insurance ponz, err, Bidness?

600 Million Dollars? Ouch, that’s a whole lota honey - regardless of where yer sitting in the hive.

Where can I find Bishop Romney’s position on the Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom - and its derivative 1st Amendment prohibition against state establishments of religion?

In English please, I can’t read Reformed Egyptian.

36 posted on 05/21/2012 6:35:34 PM PDT by OldEarlGray
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To: Kaslin
This is good, but it isn't good enough. It's still playing defense. Obama doesn't want to run against Romney, he wants to run against Bain (i.e., evil, heartless Wall Street bastards). That's obvious. Romney needs to make Obama run against his own Obamanomics record. They need to run simple, straightforward ads from now until November with average people talking about what Obamanomics has done to their jobs, their families and their businesses. The Romney campaign ran just one ad like that, but they need to be cranking out a new one of those every single day.
37 posted on 05/21/2012 6:37:33 PM PDT by Califelephant
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To: 1010RD
I’d like to see the campaign do a split screen with people looking for jobs, standing in line for jobs and the other side Obama’s vacations, golf outings and statements about jobs being priority one.

Excellent idea. And be sure to include shots of Obama's scowling wife as she enjoys another multi-million dollar junket at the expense of the taxpayers.

38 posted on 05/21/2012 6:38:34 PM PDT by SamAdams76
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To: KevinDavis; Jim Robinson; max americana

‘________the primary is over.’

Our primary here in Calif is June 5th - makes me angry.

Why bother, except for the down-ticket.

Reminds me of what it feels like when the east coast announces the winner in a national election, and many of us on the west coast haven’t voted yet.


Candidates running down-ticket should be only too happy to have an earlier primary - since some voters will sit this one out.

39 posted on 05/21/2012 6:53:53 PM PDT by USARightSide ( SUPPORTING O U R TROOPS)
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To: OldEarlGray
If you are looking for someone to defend Romney, it ain't going to be.

I am in ABO mode. Anyone but Obama.

40 posted on 05/21/2012 7:17:51 PM PDT by Gabrial (The nightmare will continue as long as the nightmare is in the White House)
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