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Daddy, Where Were You in June, 2012?
original content ^ | 05/3/12 | exit82

Posted on 05/31/2012 5:30:09 PM PDT by exit82

The month of June, 2012 is about to dawn. The next 30 days will encompass a series of important events as only very few months in our country’s history have witnessed. These events, while as different as snowflakes, will intertwine in a way that will make their effects magnified in a manner that few can foresee today.

Our country is in the midst of an important election season. In November, a President will be elected, one third of Senators will be elected, and all 435 members of the House will be elected. Additionally, there will be countless elections in the 50 states, from Governor down to Councilman, as well as many referenda in which the people’s voice will be expressed. We are proud of the electoral process in our country; it has served us well over our history and its peaceful transitions of power are the envy of the rest of the world.

But like the bright colors chasing each other around a candy cane, there will be major events occurring in June, 2012 that will determine the future of the entire nation. Decisions made over the next month have the potential of affecting every single American. In a very real way, these events will determine the political landscape of America for decades to come. These events will affect the very nature of our freedoms and of our government, delineating how we, our children, our grandchildren and our posterity will live out their collective destiny.

How can this be possible? How can the events in one single month be so important and be so far-ranging, that every American would be touched by them? The answer is not difficult.

There are three events that will occur in the next 30 days whose results will reverberate across the land we love. The three events are these:

1. The Wisconsin Recall Election on June 5th.

2. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference on the questions concerning the background of Barack Obama, scheduled for mid June.

3. The decision of the Supreme Court concerning Obamacare

The events just described appear unrelated on the surface. Yet, they each speak to a potential political revolution which will forever change the way we view our freedoms, our government and our Constitution. Together, they represent a fork in the road of American history, a point which, once passed either onto one path or the other, will set in motion a series of events that will not be reversible. The severity of the ramifications can be debated; the importance of their confluence is undeniable.

In normal times, the effect of any one of these decisions alone would be monumental and game-changing in nature. Having the three of them occurring in a period of the next 30 days will have a cumulative, multi-dimensional effect on life as we now know it in today’s America.

The first decision point, in the State of Wisconsin, will determine whether labor unions and special interest groups will continue to enjoy the inordinate amount of power they have possessed over the government and the public resources of Wisconsin, to the point of bankrupting the State. A very courageous Governor, Scott Walker, has charted a different course for his State. This course will provide financial accountability and stability, restoring for the people of Wisconsin the rightful control of their own resources. This course bucks the headwinds of decades of corruption, union influence, and cronyism which have diverted the wealth of one State into the hands of a relatively small group of public servants. If the people of Wisconsin fail to act in their own best interest, Governor Walker will be removed, and the political policies of the opposition will change the power dynamic from the many to the few. If that happens, such brave initiatives in other states will be forever quashed, and the already corrupt influence of the unions and special interest groups will no longer be able to be contained or thwarted. Wisconsin is a bellwhether, a political Gettysburg, a place of contention that will determine if people will remain free or if they will become the unwilling servants of greedy public unions, which will appropriate every last public resource of the citizenry in the pursuit of the aggrandizement of their own members. A victory for the people here will begin a chain of similar events on other states, spreading freedom from financial enslavement far and wide. Likewise, a defeat will spread like a wildfire, with states falling like dominoes set in motion. Unions will consolidate existing power, and will be unstoppable in their quest for even more.

The second decision point will be the press conference scheduled for mid-June by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. This press conference will be a follow-up with new revelations concerning the background of Barack Obama, the current President of the United States, to a press conference held in March of this year. At issue is the veracity of various common documents, held by most everyday Americans, but which are questionable concerning the President. An allegedly forged long-form birth certificate, an allegedly forged Selective Service registration, and the possession of a Social Security number belonging to a person long deceased, and which does not pass the widely used E-Verify test, are all in question. Additional information has supposedly been unearthed in a subsequent investigation, which has reached all the way to the shores of Hawaii, the President’s declared birthplace. It has already been revealed that the publisher representing Mr. Obama in 1991, 1998, and 2007 published a brief biography saying that Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. This was never corrected or disavowed by Mr. Obama over that 16 year period. Since his father was a British citizen, the eligibility of Obama to even be the President, or to be eligible for re-election on the basis not being a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution, is also in question. The entire life story of Obama, which has not been fully revealed, is now in conflict by his own admission and his identifying documents which many have questioned. Depending on the extent of what is revealed, a Constitutional crisis will descend upon the nation. The truthfulness of Obama, the definition of what constitutes a natural born citizen for the purposes of eligibility for the Office of the President, whether the President has been involved in personal fraud, and/or in the collective fraud of the people of America, the failures of the government and the national press to adequately ask and answer such questions in 2008 and again in 2012—all these things have the potential to create a political crisis of a dimension seldom witnessed in American history. Whether the current populace and their political leaders have the will and the character needed to find the truth and to deal with the consequences will set a course for this nation that will forever change it, for good or for ill. The reverberations from this press conference will begin a series of events that will settle the questions concerning the Chief Executive once and for all, setting precedent for the future.

The third decision point will be the judgment of the Supreme Court concerning whether Obamacare is Constitutional or not. The notion of the individual mandate in the law, which ascribes to the government a new power to force a citizen to purchase a product as a condition of his or her liberty, if upheld, will forever change the balance of power in America between the Federal government and the people. If such a power is granted, there will be no limit to what the Federal government can decree a citizen must do or what product must be purchased, or what product must be imbibed, as a condition of personal liberty. No longer will rights be unalienable as has been decreed by the Founders since 1776. Henceforth, all rights will be a function of grant by the government, thereby eliminating any quant notion of individual liberty granted to a free people by Almighty God Himself. If Obamacare is upheld as Constitutional, the very nature of America and its freedom is forever redefined, in favor of the bureaucracy. Additionally, all health decisions will no longer be within the power of the citizen to be determined, but wholly within the purvey of a central, unelected and faceless bureaucracy, a concept completely alien to America.

Will unions and special interest groups control public resources to their gain at the expense of the citizenry?

Will the President’s questionable past and identifying documents reveal whether a sitting President is even eligible to occupy the Oval Office?

Will the Federal government be granted new and sweeping powers to compel purchases of products and make decisions affecting the health and life of every single American, or will America retain freedoms granted by God?

The course of the next thirty days will determine how the citizens of America will live, and whether they will retain their freedoms. It is incumbent on all patriots of this present day to engage in the national debate, as will all bear the outcome of these events. As the patriots of 1776 were known to do, we must enlist the help of God, who endowed them and us with unalienable rights, granted by Him alone, and not granted as a favor by any government or sovereign. The battle is not just political, but it is also spiritual in nature. America was begun and consecrated in prayer to the Almighty, by men used to being directed by Him. Any subsequent crisis must be attended to in the same manner.For without His blessing, our house will not stand.

Every generation of Americans has faced a test of national will and character. Our test is upon us. We will choose whether the events of June, 2012 will mean the end of America, or whether it will mean a new birth of freedom for its people and their posterity. The aid of the Almighty must be central to our efforts to retain the freedoms He granted to us, for without it we will fail to deliver to our children and grandchildren the freedoms we inherited from those who came before. The power of prayer, so central to the history of our nation, is the power upon which we, in this present hour, must rely.

A new birth of freedom?

Or a new form of enslavement, with the light of liberty being extinguished?

The time of choosing is upon us. How will our generation of American patriots be described in the future? How will we answer the question that will be asked in years yet to come: Daddy, where were you in June, 2012?

May God continue to bless and protect the Untied States of AMerica, and help its people to choose wisely.

exit82 May 31, 2012

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; FReeper Editorial; Government; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: arpaio; milwaukee; obama; obamacare; scottwalker; tombarrett; wisconsin
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1 posted on 05/31/2012 5:30:14 PM PDT by exit82
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To: exit82


2 posted on 05/31/2012 5:34:15 PM PDT by Jet Jaguar
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To: exit82

You really think that you are the first to have thought of or written any or all of that stuff?


3 posted on 05/31/2012 5:36:37 PM PDT by LegendHasIt
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To: exit82

Can you just copyright something as easily as that?

I’m truly curious,not objecting to anything.

4 posted on 05/31/2012 5:37:40 PM PDT by Mears (Alcohol. Tobacco. Firearms. What's not to like?)
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To: Mears; administrator

Yeah, that is all it takes for a simple copyright.

Defending and enforcing it is another matter alltogether.

First time I’ve ever seen a copyrighted screed ‘published as a post on FR though.

5 posted on 05/31/2012 5:43:21 PM PDT by LegendHasIt
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To: LegendHasIt
Exit82 is the first one to use those exact words to express his opinion on these matters. The use of someone else’s words without giving them proper credit is plagiarism, as many have learned much to their regret!
6 posted on 05/31/2012 5:44:07 PM PDT by srmorton (Deut. 30 19: "..I have set before you life and death,....therefore, choose life..")
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To: Mears

Yes, you can copyright something simply by stating that it is copyrighted.

Since the whole area of original content is brand new on FreeRepublic, I am sure that we will develop a standard wording. My purpose in writing the attribution section was so that:

1)FR is not blamed for my opinions and 2)FR is attributed as the source site, which is one of the purposes of the original content category.

7 posted on 05/31/2012 5:44:18 PM PDT by exit82 (Democrats are the enemies of freedom. Be Andrew Breitbart.)
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To: LegendHasIt

As I understand it, the original content idea is to allow FReepers the ability to express their opinions, and if they are cited by others on the web, the profile of FR as a content generator, rather than solely a news discussion site, is enhanced.

There is a lot of talent here on FR that can be used to advance the cause of conservatism.

I’m sure many Freepers have similar ideas, but I expressed them myself with my own words, so this is my content.

8 posted on 05/31/2012 5:50:43 PM PDT by exit82 (Democrats are the enemies of freedom. Be Andrew Breitbart.)
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To: exit82

Please consider using spell check, then. If you wish to have this information and opinion spread widely it is a good idea to have things spelled properly.

9 posted on 05/31/2012 5:50:48 PM PDT by jdsteel (Give me freedom, not more government.)
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To: srmorton

Thanks—and love your tagline.

10 posted on 05/31/2012 5:53:52 PM PDT by exit82 (Democrats are the enemies of freedom. Be Andrew Breitbart.)
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To: exit82; LegendHasIt

Thanks to both of you.

11 posted on 05/31/2012 5:54:13 PM PDT by Mears (Alcohol. Tobacco. Firearms. What's not to like?)
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To: exit82; administrator

Well, if that copyright notice is some new FR Policy, then my apologies and “Carry On!”.

Not having seen such around here before, I thought it somewhat arrogant. Perhaps I was wrong.

12 posted on 05/31/2012 6:11:47 PM PDT by LegendHasIt
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To: Jet Jaguar

Thanks for the bump.

13 posted on 05/31/2012 6:14:48 PM PDT by exit82 (Democrats are the enemies of freedom. Be Andrew Breitbart.)
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To: LegendHasIt

LHI, it is not policy. I did that because this is a new idea, the idea of original content, a little bit of uncharted territory for FR.

I think we will have to develop a standard wording for this tyope of article that is generated here, rather than from another source. This is just my attempt to move the football down the field. I’m sure this will evolve as time goes by.

I don’t think it arrogant to protect your own work or FR.

14 posted on 05/31/2012 6:21:00 PM PDT by exit82 (Democrats are the enemies of freedom. Be Andrew Breitbart.)
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To: exit82


I don’t necessarily agree with you on your conclusions, but this was well written and you presented your case admirably.

Good job!

15 posted on 05/31/2012 6:33:16 PM PDT by A.Hun (Common sense is no longer common.)
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To: A.Hun

Thank you, A. Hun , for your encouragement.

16 posted on 05/31/2012 6:41:50 PM PDT by exit82 (Democrats are the enemies of freedom. Be Andrew Breitbart.)
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To: exit82

Is this what you are doing? Just wondering...

17 posted on 05/31/2012 6:48:51 PM PDT by goodnesswins (What has happened to America?)
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To: goodnesswins

No, I don’t have a blog.

More like this:

18 posted on 05/31/2012 6:55:53 PM PDT by exit82 (Democrats are the enemies of freedom. Be Andrew Breitbart.)
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To: exit82

A very well-stated and timely message, exit82. The next month will indeed be very telling as to the direction our liberty takes.

19 posted on 05/31/2012 7:13:41 PM PDT by TigersEye (Life is about choices. Your choices. Make good ones.)
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To: LegendHasIt

Do a user search on that handle and see what you come up with.

20 posted on 05/31/2012 7:13:55 PM PDT by TigersEye (Life is about choices. Your choices. Make good ones.)
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