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Statement from Senator Van Wanggaard (May ask for Recount-WI Senate)
Van Wanggaard State Senate ^ | 6-6-12 | Staff

Posted on 06/06/2012 3:49:20 PM PDT by Anti-Bubba182

For Immediate Release
June 6, 2012

Statement from Senator Van Wanggaard

“Over 70,000 people voted yesterday in a historic election. We know that there are a number of outstanding absentee ballots, voting irregularities, and that there were problems across the county in the unofficial tally of ballots.” “People across the state and country have asked that I immediately ask for a recount.

However, we all know that the best decisions are made when well-rested and after consideration of all options.” “We will closely monitor the canvass of votes with legal representation. We will evaluate our options regarding recounts following the official count of ballots.”

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KEYWORDS: vanwanggaard; wi; wirecall
"He’ll probably lose this but with the redistricting, he’ll win his seat back in a landslide in Nov." said a WI GOP operative I talked to. This close victory against Senator Van Wanggaard is the only bright note for a bad day for Democrats and even this probably is temporary.
1 posted on 06/06/2012 3:49:29 PM PDT by Anti-Bubba182
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To: Anti-Bubba182

The seat is through 2014, so can’t be won back this November. The senate can be won back then though.

2 posted on 06/06/2012 3:57:09 PM PDT by JohnBovenmyer (Obama been Liberal. Hope Change!)
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To: JohnBovenmyer

Then he better go for a recount.

3 posted on 06/06/2012 4:13:39 PM PDT by Anti-Bubba182
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To: afraidfortherepublic; Impy; GOPsterinMA; randita; Sun; Norman Bates; unkus; JulieRNR21

The vote isn’t official yet, but it looks like Van Wanggaard narrowly lost. But they will face off again in November and Republicans privately predict he’ll win the rematch.

4 posted on 06/06/2012 4:13:43 PM PDT by Clintonfatigued (Obama and Company lied, the American economy died)
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To: JohnBovenmyer

No, the seat is through 2012.

5 posted on 06/06/2012 4:19:28 PM PDT by Jean S
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To: Anti-Bubba182

The Rat bastards stole this one.

6 posted on 06/06/2012 4:28:26 PM PDT by KansasGirl
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To: Clintonfatigued; sickoflibs; fieldmarshaldj; BillyBoy; AuH2ORepublican; GOPsterinMA; ...

Buzz kill. For me a complete one, sorry. That glass is half empty. We got some good press from Walker, yippy. It was clear for some time he was in no danger despite democrat delusions.

They stole 3 State Senate seats. 1 this time, 2 last time. They took 3 offices we had and thus majority control. The city precincts are always the last to report, cause they have more people? Sure that’s the excuse. They won something, we only kept something we already had. We were robbed and we’re happy they only stole the moderately priced china and not the new flatscreen.

I was listening to a replay of Bret Baier after I heard about this race and it made me sick. Only 80% of the vote was in when was talking and he said Walker’s margin could go up, it went down cause Milwaukee wasn’t all in yet. You suck Bret, this is your job. So does the person who claimed the democrat conceded the race at 10:00 with 30% of the vote in even though I didn’t believe them.

The unions control the Senate now. That means nothing good passes until they don’t.

AUH20, what’s the prognosis for November? As I recall half the seats are up and the other Senators will represent districts they’ve never been elected in until 2014 (which is silly). We drew the lines so we better win.

What is with the WI Senate? Rats are sure possessive of it. We just can’t hang on to that ****er even when it was 19-14 after November ‘10.


Sorry I’ll step back from the ledge now but I had to express myself.

7 posted on 06/06/2012 4:37:04 PM PDT by Impy (Don't call me red.)
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To: Impy

Relax. The WI state senate will not convene before the November elections unless Walker calls a special session, which he won’t. It is a truly meaningless victory, and there are 10 Democrat senators and only six Republicans that have to defend seats in November. It’ll be back in Republican hands after the election.

8 posted on 06/06/2012 4:45:27 PM PDT by GOP_Party_Animal
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To: Impy
Buzz kill. For me a complete one

You're wrong. This is a nothingburger.

From today's Best of the Web (Wall Street Journal):

--> The AFL-CIO sent out a victory email, and not on behalf of Obama. "Last night, Wisconsin took back its Senate," declared the email, signed by the labor federation's president, Richard Trumka. What he means is that the Democrats took back a majority in the Wisconsin Senate, and that actually looks to be true: Although the vote was close and a recount is possible, the donks are leading in one Senate recall race, enough to give them a 17-16 majority.

--> But this silver lining is a mere sliver. As we noted yesterday, the Senate doesn't meet until next year unless Gov. Walker calls a special session. By that time, 16 senators--10 Democrats and 6 Republicans--will have faced the voters, and in districts redrawn by a GOP legislature.

9 posted on 06/06/2012 4:49:40 PM PDT by M. Thatcher
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To: GOP_Party_Animal

I know I should chill but it (ticks) me off to no end.

I’m glad the Leg session is over but you never know when an emergency might crop up that requires immediate action.

And I know we *should win the Senate back but never could I imagine losing it in the first place in between elections when it was 19-14!

10 posted on 06/06/2012 4:52:50 PM PDT by Impy (Don't call me red.)
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To: M. Thatcher

I’m not “wrong” about my own feelings. ;p

I may be wrong to have had them in the first place (that’s what you mean, I know) but any win for them boils me blood.

11 posted on 06/06/2012 4:56:57 PM PDT by Impy (Don't call me red.)
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To: Anti-Bubba182

The official count could be significantly different.

Wouldn’t it be great if the unions lost all the recalls and a recount caught the unions cheating?
Oh my...

12 posted on 06/06/2012 5:08:16 PM PDT by mrsmith (Dumb sluts: Lifeblood of the Media, Backbone of the Democrat Party!)
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To: GOP_Party_Animal

Great point...thanks for that

13 posted on 06/06/2012 5:18:05 PM PDT by OnAMission
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To: Anti-Bubba182

i like his response. measured. but make no mistake, he needs to fight for every vote (and non vote) tooth and nail. something very fishy went on in that county and it needs to be exposed if nothing else.

it doesn’t matter about the fall. this is a fight on principle and safeguarding of the vote and future votes.

14 posted on 06/06/2012 5:55:18 PM PDT by dadfly
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To: Impy

no you’re not wrong. every hard earned dollar tea partiers (like me) spent to support wanggaard. every legitimate vote needs to be guarded and respected.

no quarter. no let up. no “relaxing.” the country is on the line. every election. every vote.

15 posted on 06/06/2012 6:02:49 PM PDT by dadfly
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To: Clintonfatigued

Is Lehman up for re-election in Nov. ? Are you sure? I should think that Van Wanggaard wouldn’t have been eligible for recall if his term was up in Nov.

16 posted on 06/06/2012 6:03:19 PM PDT by afraidfortherepublic
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To: Impy

From what I’ve heard, the GOP will pick up at least 2 WI senate seats in November thanks to skillful redistricting. So the GOP will control the senate again in January.

17 posted on 06/06/2012 6:05:37 PM PDT by AuH2ORepublican (If a politician won't protect innocent babies, what makes you think that he'll protect your rights?)
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To: Anti-Bubba182
Republican Wanggaard won't conceded defeat to Democrat Lehman in Senate race

RACINE, WI (WTAQ) - Van Wanggaard says he’s not about to hand control of the Wisconsin Senate to the Democrats, without a thorough review of the votes cast in his recall election.

The Election Night tally showed that Wanggaard lost to Democrat John Lehman by 779 votes, or 1.1 percent out of 72,000 votes cast Tuesday.

But Wanggaard tells WRJN Radio in Racine that at least 600 absentee ballots have still not been counted. The station says there have been reports of voting irregularities throughout Racine County, and problems with the unofficial tally.

So Wanggaard says he’ll hold tight before conceding, and see what the county’s official canvass has to say. That canvass is required to be done by June 15th, and Wanggaard could then seek a recount no later than June 20th.

He said people across Wisconsin and the country have asked him to seek an immediate recount – but he can’t until the canvass is done. If the canvass shows that he lost by more than one-half-of-one-percent, his campaign would have to pay for a recount instead of taxpayers.

Wanggard defeated Lehman in the last Senate election in 2010. If his loss holds up, Democrats will have a one vote majority in the Senate at least until the scheduled fall elections.

In other news, I was up till 1:00AM and there was no mention of the 21District results. The pundits totally ignored the State Senate races in favor of Gov and Lt. Gov.

About 1:15 I looked up C-Span results and found Wanggaard at 28,940 Lehman at 26,060 with 100% of 168 precincts reporting. Wanggaard was ahead by 2880 votes after midnight but the race was not called as the other three Senate seats had been.

The morning paper had Wanggaard up an additional 6536 votes for a total of 35,476. Lehman was up 10,195 votes for a total of 36,255 and a winning margin of 779.

How many times have we seen a tight race suddenly change hands when another box of ballots magically turns up in somebodies trunk or a flock of absentee ballots falls from the sky to turn a loss into a 1.086% win for the democrat (small enough as not to arouse suspicion but big enough so that Van pays for the recount, just like the script says). This plot line has been seen so many times as to become a seriously bad joke. Every freaking ballot from the 21st district needs to be scrutinized until Lehman drops dead of old age.


18 posted on 06/06/2012 6:05:46 PM PDT by Gandalf_The_Gray (I live in my own little world, I like it 'cuz they know me here.)
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To: Impy

You are absolutely right in your analysis. They won the Senate. We lost 3 seats that should have been ours. But, we have the chance to win them back in 5 months, and they won’t meet before then.

19 posted on 06/06/2012 6:09:02 PM PDT by afraidfortherepublic
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To: Gandalf_The_Gray

There are not that many votes total. He should go for a recount. How many same day registrations were there? How many bogus votes were bussed in?

20 posted on 06/06/2012 6:15:27 PM PDT by Anti-Bubba182
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To: Anti-Bubba182
Based on some numbers (votes) that I saw earlier, Walker's recall margin of victory over Barrett was about the same as the election back in 2010. However, the vote difference between Van Wanggaard and Lehman was SIGNIFICANTLY less in the recall count then it was back in 2010 wheh Lehman was trounced.

BOTTOM LINE...the rats stole the election and DUB's will let them get away with it because "it won't really matter with Senate not in session."

21 posted on 06/06/2012 6:34:20 PM PDT by harpu ( "'s better to be hated for who you are than loved for someone you're not!")
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To: Jean S

The recall was for the remainder of the original term. Wisconsin elects half the senate every two years and I thought Van Wanggaard had been elected in 2010, which would make the seat normally up in 2014. If I am wrong, on which point am I off?

22 posted on 06/06/2012 6:43:36 PM PDT by JohnBovenmyer (Obama been Liberal. Hope Change!)
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To: JohnBovenmyer

You are correct, I was told differently but I looked it up, and yes, the term ends in ‘14.

Let’s hope we can pick up some other senate seats this November.

23 posted on 06/06/2012 6:48:03 PM PDT by Jean S
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To: Anti-Bubba182
"...People across the state and country have asked that I immediately ask for a recount.

B*llsh*t. You lost and your poor little ego is bruised. Now you can make up a fairy tale about 'the little people BEGGING YOU' so it doesn't look like you're the egotistical coward you are.

"The COUNTRY"???? Plezzzzzze!

24 posted on 06/06/2012 6:55:10 PM PDT by ex91B10 (We've tried the Soap Box,the Ballot Box and the Jury Box; one box left.)
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To: ex91B10

What is your problem?

25 posted on 06/06/2012 7:13:26 PM PDT by Anti-Bubba182
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To: Jean S

We should pick up two I heard as the redistricting kicks in for the August primary and Nov election .

26 posted on 06/06/2012 7:44:58 PM PDT by UB355 (Slower traffic keep right)
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To: Impy; Clintonfatigued; fieldmarshaldj; BillyBoy; GOPsterinMA; GOP_Party_Animal; M. Thatcher; ...
RE :”Sorry I’ll step back from the ledge now but I had to express myself.

WOW you are gloomy.

As I said before, this recall was a disaster for Dems. It was stupid of them. The one seat majority of the WI Senate is worthless to Dems now, the session is over till the real election and Walker got his important stuff into law, and Republicans are now fully geared up for the WI election thanks to this.
No other governor has done what Walker has.

My pessimism resides with Romney, Boehner and McConnell regardless of November outcome.

27 posted on 06/06/2012 8:12:13 PM PDT by sickoflibs (Romney is a liberal. Just watch him closely try to screw us.)
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To: M. Thatcher

I hope that the Republicans redraw congressional districts so that the Democrats are moved to Canada.

Time to play real hardball, with real bats.

28 posted on 06/06/2012 8:44:40 PM PDT by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: sickoflibs; AuH2ORepublican; fieldmarshaldj; GOPsterinMA; Clintonfatigued; BillyBoy; ...

I didn’t know the leg session was over when I wrote that, I falsely assumed there was legislating still to be done this year. Learning that improveed my disposition a good deal but still.

I just makes me sick when the rats take over a legislative chamber, in this manner, or at all. Especially this one I assumed we were done worrying about at least until the next friggin election, I didn’t know WI had recalls until they pulled that crap last year. Recalls, progressive era crap. Democrats, belong in the minority were voters put them.

2006, I saw it coming and just tuned out and stopped watching the news, couldn’t take the stories.

Hell even fake elections, I watched that show the West Wing (I know, why. At least I restrained myself from watching the one with Geena Davis as Hillary Clinton that bombed) and in their final fictional election the democrats took the House and I think it was 2005 just when I was starting to worry about the real House and it made me sick.

And this latest election, there may not be any proof of fraud (yet) but 800 votes? I laughed at the people who said Reid stole his election cause that thing wasn’t much closer than Walker’s win over Barrett here but 800 votes? You have to prove to me a democrat winning in Wisconsin by that small a margin is legitimate. Guilty until proven inncocent. And constant democrat theft of close elections and GOP non-response to them is one of my greatest “pet peeves”.

Pat Quinn should have dragged out of Springfield by a mob and run out of the state. And that slag in Washington State Gregoire, an even worse case, it took not 1 but 2 recounts to give her the victory. Dino Rossi should have occupied the state house.

Al Franken? What do we do about this stuff, whine a little that’s all like we would if some hood jacked our car stereo. And for smaller offices like this one the response is all the more muted. Just once I’d like a recount to give it to the Republican. That scum Lehman will be collecting a salary from Wisconsin taxpayers, pro-rated I hope.

29 posted on 06/06/2012 11:00:04 PM PDT by Impy (Don't call me red.)
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To: All
Wisconsin Republican senator seeks recount in election loss

"..Wanggaard had a right to seek the recount because of the closeness of the vote. The validity of the election also came into question this week when authorities fielded complaints about issues at two polling places in the city of Racine.

According to the Racine County district attorney, suspicious voter registration documents were allegedly found in a dumpster at one Racine polling place. The district attorney also has been informed of alleged voting irregularities at another polling place. The Racine County Sheriff is investigating both reports..."

30 posted on 06/18/2012 8:33:51 AM PDT by Anti-Bubba182
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