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Alzheimer’s Vaccine Trial a Success
ScienceDaily ^ | June 7, 2012 | NA

Posted on 06/09/2012 12:43:55 AM PDT by neverdem

A study led by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden reports for the first time the positive effects of an active vaccine against Alzheimer's disease. The new vaccine, CAD106, can prove a breakthrough in the search for a cure for this seriously debilitating dementia disease. The study is published in the scientific journal Lancet Neurology.

Alzheimer's disease is a complex neurological dementia disease that is the cause of much human suffering and a great cost to society. According to the World Health Organisation, dementia is the fastest growing global health epidemic of our age. The prevailing hypothesis about its cause involves APP (amyloid precursor protein), a protein that resides in the outer membrane of nerve cells and that, instead of being broken down, form a harmful substance called beta-amyloid, which accumulates as plaques and kills brain cells.

There is currently no cure for Alzheimer's disease, and the medicines in use can only mitigate the symptoms. In the hunt for a cure, scientists are following several avenues of attack, of which vaccination is currently the most popular. The first human vaccination study, which was done almost a decade ago, revealed too many adverse reactions and was discontinued. The vaccine used in that study activated certain white blood cells (T cells), which started to attack the body's own brain tissue.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Culture/Society; News/Current Events; Testing
KEYWORDS: alzheimersdisease; cad106; humoralimmunity; immunology; immunotherapy
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The DOI links the abstract.
1 posted on 06/09/2012 12:44:06 AM PDT by neverdem
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To: Mother Abigail; EBH; vetvetdoug; Smokin' Joe; Global2010; Battle Axe; null and void; ...
World Health Organization warns Gonorrhea Could Join HIV as 'Uncurable'

FReepmail me if you want on or off my combined microbiology/immunology ping list.

2 posted on 06/09/2012 12:56:01 AM PDT by neverdem (Xin loi minh oi)
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To: neverdem

started to attack the body’s own brain tissue.


Users may experience minor debilitating brain
desolving issues...

If you experience brainlessness for longer than
four hours please see a physician.

Note: Democrats may experience light headedness.

3 posted on 06/09/2012 1:32:23 AM PDT by tet68 ( " We would not die in that man's company, that fears his fellowship to die with us...." Henry V.)
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To: tet68

Actually, this may be good news.
My mom, while not a zombie, has dementia
and it’s very hard on all of us.

4 posted on 06/09/2012 1:34:25 AM PDT by tet68 ( " We would not die in that man's company, that fears his fellowship to die with us...." Henry V.)
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To: tet68

“The new treatment [CAD106 vaccine], which is presented in Lancet Neurology, involves active immunisation, using a type of vaccine designed to trigger the body’s immune defence against beta-amyloid. In this second clinical trial on humans, the vaccine was modified to affect only the harmful beta-amyloid. The researchers found that 80 per cent of the patients involved in the trials developed their own protective antibodies against beta-amyloid without suffering any side-effects over the three years of the study. The researchers believe that this suggests that the CAD106 vaccine is a tolerable treatment for patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. Larger trials must now be conducted to confirm the CAD106 vaccine’s efficacy.”

My father has Azheimers disease. This vaccine would be perfect for me, and I would take advantage of it immediately or get involved in the trials.

5 posted on 06/09/2012 1:56:22 AM PDT by SatinDoll (NO FOREIGN NATIONALS AS OUR PRESIDENT)
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To: neverdem

Personally, I am becoming more and more convinced that many of these ailments (Alzheimers, MS, CVD) are caused, or at least much aggravated, by not getting enough of the Omega 3’s and in fact animal fats in general.

We now know, pretty much to a fact, that the whole cholesterol thing is a myth. Cholesterol is the bodies band-aid.

Good, organic butter is good for you. Who’d a thunk it?

Just ask a nursing baby. Milk fat is good fer ya! It is one of the primary building blocks of a healthy body!

6 posted on 06/09/2012 2:08:37 AM PDT by djf ("There are more old drunkards than old doctors." - Benjamin Franklin)
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To: tet68
Many people do not understand how truly devastating Alzheimer's can be. It isn't endearing moments of forgetfulness. Alzheimer's destroys people.

It ate away my Gramp’s wit and amazing sense of humor. It twisted all his beautiful memories into a mess of paranoia and doubt. It erased so much of his loving kindness I couldn't recognize him anymore. My younger sister described him as a monster walking around in our dearly missed Grandfather's skin.

It was a real nightmare and it nearly destroyed my Mother.

Even when we turned to the church for a little extra strength we found people judging everything we did. We asked church members to stop in to visit with us but instead of support, we got reprimanded! According to the preacher and other visitors, removing matches knives and guns, disconnecting the stove, putting locks and motion sensors on the doors, and giving Gramps medication that kept him slightly groggy, was paramount to torture. But they never saw him wake in the middle of the night confused and violent.

By the time he died I hated him. And it took many many months to let all of that anger go. But one night I dreamt that I heard him coming down the hallway to the bedrooms. The hallway light was on but it was still dark and I was scared. But when he got to me and I saw his face in the light I knew it was my old loving super-hero Gramps. There wasn't even a trace of the monster. He hugged me in his strong arms and told me he loved me and sent me to bed. I woke up and cried on the phone with my mom for an hour! I believe God sent me that dream and gave me peace.

Jeeze, sorry this got long and personal! Its just sooo close to home, and my heart goes out to those who are going through it now!

7 posted on 06/09/2012 2:25:44 AM PDT by Casie
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To: neverdem

Every person that reads this knows a terrible story caused by this destroyer of the human mind and body. We desperately need to find a cure. More and more people are suffering from it.

8 posted on 06/09/2012 3:36:29 AM PDT by BTCM (Death and destruction is the only treaty Muslims comprehend.)
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To: neverdem
I am 66 and maybe I can stop drinking coconut oil. . . DD.
DD=Da Deacon
9 posted on 06/09/2012 4:05:07 AM PDT by DeaconRed (My vote in Nov will be dictated by my extreme hatred for ZERO and what he is doing to our country.)
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To: djf

Unless someone is lactose intolerant.

If, back in the “old country”, one’s forebears didn’t raise cattle, their bodies would tend not to be able to digest milk and milk products.

In this case, I hope that vaccine becomes widely available.

10 posted on 06/09/2012 4:09:09 AM PDT by WildHighlander57 ((WildHighlander57 returning after lurking since 2000))
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To: neverdem

I lost my Grandmother ten years before she actually passed away.

The brief moments of lucidity were enjoyable but, after a few years, I’d look into her eyes and would, only occasionally, see a glimmer of recognition.

Our family was saddened by this. I cannot imagine what my Grandmother experienced.

Then, one afternoon in the nursing home, she announced that she was tired and was going to bed. She passed peacefully in her sleep. She was 98.

Thank you, God.

11 posted on 06/09/2012 4:12:23 AM PDT by Peter W. Kessler (Dirt is for racing... asphalt is for getting there.)
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To: Casie

I know what you went through.
That was an excellent post my FRiend.

12 posted on 06/09/2012 4:21:15 AM PDT by Bobalu (It is not obama we are fighting, it is the media.)
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To: djf

There was a cardiologist who wrote a book about suger being the main cause. Sugar causes inflammation of the blood vessels which the cholesterol sticks too.

Seems like diseases like Alzheimers have to be environmental or diet related.

13 posted on 06/09/2012 4:23:17 AM PDT by driftdiver (I could eat it raw, but why do that when I have a fire.)
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To: djf

Agree! Sugar is the culprit. I eat high fat diet, maintain my weight, and my arthritis disappeared! All my numbers are perfect and the doc can’t understand how with all the red meat and full-fat dairy that I consume. My ob doesn’t think it’s this diet that allowed me to get pregnant without fertility drugs, although I had to use fertility drugs the first time I got prenant when I wasn’t on this diet. She still offers no explanation, but it certainly can’t be because the body repairs itself! That would be bad for her business! Think of all the fancy dinners hosted by drug reps that she would be missing!

14 posted on 06/09/2012 4:45:45 AM PDT by goodwithagun (My gun has killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car.)
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To: tet68

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dimentia pretty much describe libear points of view i.e. Pelosi’s rambles.

15 posted on 06/09/2012 5:54:11 AM PDT by maddog55 (OBAMA: Why stupid people shouldn't vote.)
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To: DeaconRed

“I am 66 and maybe I can stop drinking coconut oil. . . “

You might consider Coconut oil, it can be found in pill form cheap on Amazon.

16 posted on 06/09/2012 6:06:01 AM PDT by DAC21
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To: driftdiver
My best friend was told by her mother's doctor that 15 years on lipitor caused her mother's dementia.

Since I've heard the statement, I've talked with other people who have parents suffering from dementia. Out of three other friends, all three of them have discovered that their parents also have been on a steady schedule of lipitor for at least a decade.

Maybe we'll be seeing the BAD DRUG commercials for lipitor/Alzheimer's soon.

17 posted on 06/09/2012 6:17:14 AM PDT by LoveUSA (God employs Man's strength; Satan exploits Man's weakness.)
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To: neverdem

oooh, good news from Sweden? If that drug works the USA govt. will get it tested and approved. It should be available in 20-30 years...

18 posted on 06/09/2012 6:26:02 AM PDT by wrencher
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To: LoveUSA
"My best friend was told by her mother's doctor that 15 years on lipitor caused her mother's dementia.

Amazing! I was on lipitor for years, and went though a steady decline over the last 3 years, ending up in a seizure-type crash. Memory was gone, and my depressions and mood swings had my family in fear. I dropped the lipitor (and a couple other drugs) and have been like a deep sea diver surfacing. Memories are flooding back and my cognizant abilities are returning in greater details daily. I have no doubt that lipitor was the main cause, prescribed by a dr that (I feel) was only interested in the Rx kickback ("Preventative medicine").

People! Take control of your lives! Many (so called) Doctors now are only concerned with their bottom line, and you are a unit to make that happen. They tap into your benefits and milk them for all they can. They also bury their mistakes, and almost buried me!

Thank God I found the strength to pull away and get with a doctor who DID (does) care. His first move was to cut out at least half of my meds, and I took the steps of dropping the lipitor on my own. The payoff has been well worth it. You have the web, so use it! Research your meds and their side effects. Eat right! Get off processed foods, as our diets are also killing us. I did it (dropped 140 lbs) and feel I will actually regain and live a full and useful life now. Let me be your example, because if I can do it...SO CAN YOU!


19 posted on 06/09/2012 6:52:56 AM PDT by Dubh_Ghlase (Therefore, send not to know For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee.)
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To: driftdiver

The disease has little to no hereditary or lifestyle causes. Columnists Ann Landers & Abigail Van Buren were identical twins with identical lifestyles. One acquired Alzheimers, one did not.

20 posted on 06/09/2012 6:58:57 AM PDT by preacher (Communism has only killed 100 million people: Let's give it another chance!)
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