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The six ways homosexual activists manipulate public opinion
LifeSiteNews ^ | May 31, 2012 | Brian Clowes

Posted on 06/12/2012 6:51:30 PM PDT by iowamark

Anyone who is concerned about the influence of the homosexual agenda on reshaping traditional values must become intimately familiar with the major tactics that homophiles commonly employ in order to anticipate them and respond in charity and truth. Homophile strategists are very adept at manipulating public opinion with an arsenal of six tactics that are based upon deceptions and half‑truths:

Exploit the “victim” status; Use the sympathetic media; Confuse and neutralize the churches; Slander and stereotype Christians; Bait and switch (hide their true nature); and Intimidation.

One reason these tactics have worked so well is that homophile activists have succeeded in marketing a harmless and friendly image of their movement. They have lulled people into thinking that the wider society will not be adversely affected by their radical social agenda. Homosexual strategists have, in many cases, toned down their extreme rhetoric and have cloaked their agenda in soothing language. Over time, however, many have begun to think of themselves and others as “homophobes” or “haters” if they oppose any aspect of the homosexual rights agenda — or, incredibly, even if they question it in their own minds.

Generals and attorneys often wish that their opponents would write a book. Interestingly, leaders of the “homosexual rights” movement did exactly that. Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen clearly laid out this agenda in the marching orders of the movement, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear & Hatred of Gays in the 90s.[1] This volume is an absolute treasure chest of information for those pro-family stalwarts who are actively engaged against the homosexual rights agenda.

By far the most popular homophile tactic is the claim to victim status, which is a very powerful, almost paralyzing, weapon that gives them a distinct advantage in the public square. Kirk and Madsen summarize the potent effectiveness of the victim status:

"In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to adopt the role of protector. … The purpose of victim imagery is to make straights feel very uncomfortable; that is, to jam with shame the self-righteous pride that would ordinarily accompany and reward their antigay belligerence, and to lay groundwork for the process of conversion by helping straights identify with gays and sympathize with their underdog status. … the public should be persuaded that gays are victims of circumstance, that they no more chose their sexual orientation than they did, say, their height, skin color, talents, or limitations. … gays should be portrayed as victims of prejudice."

Does this sound familiar? It does if one pays attention to any mainstream media coverage of these controversial issues as they play out in law and society. But the victim status requires a story to back it up. Thus, perhaps the most common lament of the garden-variety homophile revolves around the alleged “tidal wave of anti-gay” hate crimes.

An analysis of FBI statistics on hate crimes committed against homosexuals during the time period 2000-2008 shows that the probability of any individual homosexual being the victim of a hate crime during his or her entire life span is slightly more than one percent.[2] Interestingly, “gays” are more likely to commit hate crimes against “straights” than “straights” are to commit hate crimes against “gays.” According to the FBI, there are 3.98 hate crimes committed by each million heterosexuals annually against homosexuals, and there are 4.44 hate crimes committed by each million homosexuals annually against heterosexuals.[3]

Violence against homosexuals by others gets all the press, but it is interesting to note that the great majority of anti-”gay” violence is committed by other “gays.” The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) is the leading tracker of violence against “gays” in the United States. According to the NCAVP’s statistics on anti-”gay” violence, 83 percent of all violence committed against “gays” is carried out by other “gays” in domestic situations. This does not even count “gay-on-gay” violence committed outside the home.[4]

This confusion is now pervasive in society, and questioning the agenda is simply not to be tolerated – especially among America’s youth.

For example, the classical notion that universities should be “arenas for the free exchange of ideas” has been completely discarded in the United States. More than three-fourths of U.S. colleges and universities now possess codes of conduct that ban behavior and speech based upon, including many other things, “homophobia.” The danger that these codes represent to academic freedom far outweighs their usefulness. This has already been amply demonstrated, as many colleges have severely punished students for merely desiring to debate the topic of homosexuality.

The squashing of dissenting views on homosexuality in the classroom has been going on for decades now. In 1991, a student at the University of Michigan announced his intention to establish a counseling program to help homosexuals leave their lifestyle. He was dragged before a panel of university administrators, unanimously found guilty of “sexual harassment,” and was thrown out of the university.[5] In 2000, the Student Judiciary of Tufts University voted officially to “derecognize” the Tufts Christian Fellowship (TCF) club for taking into account, for purposes of selecting leaders, the beliefs of a member whose views of Scripture and homosexuality were opposed to their own.[6] The TCF was stripped of funding, not permitted to use the Tufts name, not permitted to meet in any room that required a reservation, and not allowed to advertise or announce any of their events or meetings. In 2011, a Fort Worth, Texas high school student was suspended from school for reportedly saying, “I’m a Christian, and I don’t think being gay is right,” during a class discussion.[7] And teachers don’t have it any easier. In 2010 a professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign was accused of “hate speech” and relieved of his teaching duties for teaching Catholic doctrine on homosexuality in his Introduction to Catholicism class.[8]

Political science professor Jean Betheke Elshtain, while highlighting the dangers presented by codes against racism, also points out the difficulties associated with all punitive codes of this nature: “My hunch is that, over the long haul, the upshot of such endeavors [college speech codes] will not be a purified, racist-free, collective student consciousness, but a simmering backlog of resentment at being labeled as a racist, even if one has never committed a racist act or uttered a racist slur.”[9]

No one should attempt to deny homosexuals their basic human rights; which are the same basic rights that we all have as being sons and daughters of God. But it has gotten to the point where we have to fight to preserve our own basic rights — the rights to free speech, religion, assembly, and teaching our own children our values – in order to protect our own families and institutions.

Those who promote homosexuality are forcibly tearing away more and more of the rights of Christians, and the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Who could have possibly imagined just a few years ago that companies would start firing people for writing pro-family articles on their own time, or business owners would be sued for refusing to participate in homosexual union ceremonies?

Now is the time to draw the line, to stand and defend our families and our rights without apology in the public square.

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Dr. Brian Clowes is the director of education and research at Human Life International (HLI)

Source notes at the link.

1 posted on 06/12/2012 6:51:39 PM PDT by iowamark
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To: iowamark

It is all part of the plan to ultimately bring down the country by destroying the family and persecuting Christians who live the Gospel.

2 posted on 06/12/2012 6:57:02 PM PDT by magdalen
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To: iowamark

Instead of acting like grownups; they take their whining to the courts.

3 posted on 06/12/2012 6:57:28 PM PDT by freekitty (Give me back my conservative vote; then find me a real conservative to vote for)
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To: iowamark

Homosexual cultures always want the boys. It is all about eliminating sexual morality.

4 posted on 06/12/2012 7:01:59 PM PDT by savagesusie (Right Reason According to Nature = Just Law)
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To: iowamark

For only being 5%-6% of the population they make a lot of noise.

5 posted on 06/12/2012 7:34:44 PM PDT by Mike Darancette (Ineptocracy; the Obama way.)
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To: iowamark

I saw a video of an Eagle Scout who what his two lesbian moms to be scout moms. The Boy Scouts politely refused. So their warped Eagle Scout begins a campaign to get his moms instated as scout moms and all the time he is saying that homosexuals are not trying to change anything. How this idiot made it to Eagle Scout is beyond me.

6 posted on 06/12/2012 7:35:39 PM PDT by Blood of Tyrants (Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.)
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To: iowamark
Interesting pattern here. Groups that suffer mostly on account of their own members are blaming "Whitey" for it all. They're not that far away from beggars who pluck out each other's eye to make themselves more pitiful.

Some day, some brave soul is going to stand up and say:

"Most of your sufferings are caused by the villains in your own group. Instead of guilting us all the time, why don't you just admit to the truth and ask for our help?"

Better to face the "Amish" with this, but these people need to hear it too.

7 posted on 06/12/2012 7:39:03 PM PDT by danielmryan
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To: iowamark
Here's a link to an Atlantic Magazine article that presents FACTs that clearly shows that the queer world in the U.S. is SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than perceived by the masses.
8 posted on 06/12/2012 8:08:12 PM PDT by harpu ( "'s better to be hated for who you are than loved for someone you're not!")
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To: Mike Darancette

Probably closer to 3 - 3.5%. Part of their propaganda strategy to make them appear to be far more numerous than they really are.

9 posted on 06/12/2012 8:18:55 PM PDT by ConjunctionJunction
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To: self


10 posted on 06/12/2012 8:25:41 PM PDT by PetroniusMaximus
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To: iowamark
This was laid out with lots of detail way back in 1987. See here. Lengthy article.
11 posted on 06/12/2012 8:28:21 PM PDT by upchuck (Need is not an acceptable lifestyle choice; dependent is not a career. ~ Dr. Tim Nerenz)
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To: Mike Darancette


12 posted on 06/12/2012 9:13:13 PM PDT by milagro (There is no peace in appeasement.)
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To: iowamark

I don’t want to hear of homosexuality... i.e. Normalphobia..
I don’t want to know who is queer or not queer..
I’m so done with hearing of(about) these folks..

What they do with their groin is no business of mine..
Queers getting married is a cartoon, mocking marriage..
Queers in the service is bizarre.. and non productive..

A queer out of the closet is a drama queen..
Better they keep their sodomy personal.. and private..
Keep it to themselves like those into bestiality..

There is some harmony with normalphobia and bestiality...
They both are abnormal..

13 posted on 06/12/2012 9:31:59 PM PDT by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole...)
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To: ConjunctionJunction

Well most ‘gays’ are not strictly gay or exclusively gay. Also very sizable percentage of the very small percentage migrate from considering themselves straight, to bisexual or gay or back again. Gay activism and gay rights is just based on big lies and now even many conservatives participate in the wall of silence. When is the last time you’ve seen a conservative Phd who specializes in the study of the issue brought on Fox News or any other news outlet conservative or otherwise? Almost never. Now when a beauty queen stands up for marriage well thats news worthy but even ‘our own’ media refuses to report the truth. This needs to change.

We need an show dedicated to highlighting conservative scientists whether it be climate science, social sciences, etc. We shouldn’t just leave the vacuum to be filled by the left. If we do what is left of our culture will have been corrupted and twisted by what is a essentially and army of a few hundred men. We either change the game within our generation or the game may be over.

14 posted on 06/12/2012 10:09:03 PM PDT by Maelstorm (Better to keep your enemy in your sights than in your camp expecting him to guard your back.)
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To: Marathoner; Woodsman27; xzins; iowamark

This might help ping!

15 posted on 06/12/2012 11:52:57 PM PDT by sickoflibs (Romney is a liberal. Just watch him closely try to screw us.)
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To: iowamark

#7 - Whispering to our wimmenfolk while they are getting their hair styled.

16 posted on 06/13/2012 1:13:50 AM PDT by Boogieman
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To: iowamark
Sorry but they are still Fags & Queers.
Gay was a good word that the fags & queers have now ruined.
Their behavior is abnormal and I don't support it. As long as they do their thing in their bedrooms and stop trying to get straight people to support them no problem.
Flame Away! ! ! ! ! !
17 posted on 06/13/2012 4:22:14 AM PDT by DeaconRed (My vote in Nov will be dictated by my extreme hatred for ZERO and what he is doing to our country.)
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To: Blood of Tyrants

It is easy to become an Eagle Scout if: You attend the workshops that are designed to present a merit badge at a specific time, e.g., some after a few hours, others a Saturday-Sunday, and a few which may take months, PLUS a parent or Scout Master to guide and perform the tasks required on the EAGLE PROJECT. Quite simply, Eagles are only 1-2% of scouts any given year, but the Adults have an influence on how they judge at their level of supervision the award of badges or activities in Scouting. It is still hard, but not that difficult if you are in a Scouting Troop with a Merit Badge Mill that functions properly and directed to assist boys to finalize badges required as they become eligible.

18 posted on 06/13/2012 7:13:50 AM PDT by Jumper
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