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"The List,": Obama's One Hundred and Seventy-Eighth Week in Office
Nachumlist ^ | 6/22/12 | Nachum

Posted on 06/22/2012 8:38:57 AM PDT by Nachum


President Obama's One Hundred and Seventy-Eighth Week in Office


Queen Michelle

Mrs. Obama Boasts That Obamacare Mandates 'Basic Things Like Contraception' As Catholics Start 2-Week Protest Against ‘Unjust Law’

Michelle Campaign E-Mail: Barack's Your Husband, Too

First Lady Michelle Obama gives pair of emotional speeches in Colorado


Credit Suisse Cut 3 Levels as Moody’s Downgrades Biggest Banks...-Downgrades 15 U.S. Banks

More Americans Than Forecast File for Jobless Benefits

Job Openings drop 8 Percent; Private Sector Shoulders nearly all of the Pain

US unemployment aid applications little changed at 387,000, suggesting hiring will stay weak

 US home sales slipped 1.5 percent in May

Obama administration program spent $10B to create 355 jobs per year

Wealth implosion: It's not just housing

Worsening wealth inequality by race

General Motors plant flies gay pride flag (GM wants to 'spark conversation')

Record-setting Gulf drilling auction nets $1.7 billion

Obama Ethics: Year 4

Obama Forgets Anniversary...-the 224th anniversary of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution

Worldcom convict gets $7.5 loan guarantee from Obama’s stimulus

Desperation: Obama Surrogate Calls to Make Voting Mandatory

Fox Video that made Jay Carney Mad: Obama First Term Hope And Change

NYT: Jay Carney Made an ‘Angry Phone Call’ to Fox Exec. Following Anti-Obama Video

Now Obama Is Delaying Immigration Enforcement Against Same-Sex Couples

It's 3am and nobody's there

Administration defends nuclear modernization

GOP Armed Services chiefs call planned deeper nuclear cut ‘unilateral disarmament’

Obama’s election-year immigration move could create logistical nightmare

Congress won’t let Panetta close bases

Feds drop terrorism charges against South Florida imam's son, accused of helping Taliban


Washington Post: Does executive privilege outweigh Congress’s right to disclosure on Fast and Furious?

House committee suspects ‘Fast and Furious’ cover-up

Website honoring Brian Terry

Fast and Furious — Today’s Q’s for O’s WH... executive privilage talking point: "absolute need for the president"

Carney: ‘Absolutely’ no cover-up in executive privilege claim

WH Press Secretary Forgets Name of Slain Border Patrol Agent

White House spins Fast and Furious scandal

White House, GOP leaders say they’re willing to negotiate before Holder contempt vote in House

Carney: "Bush started Fast and Furious; Obama ended it"

(VIDEO) Obama's and Holder's contradictory fast and furious time line

Holder Speaks: Accuses Issa of Distraction, Points Finger at Bush

Holder says contempt citation unwarranted

Obama Made Pre-Inaugural ‘Pledge’ on Stopping Guns to Mexico; Holder, Napolitano Worked Issue From First Month

Issa: 'If it’s Barack, I’ll tell him we’re not available'

New York Times: A Pointless Partisan Fight

Flashback: Obama Blames US Guns For Mexican Violence… Then Runs at Least 2,000 Guns to Mexico (Video)


Solyndra foe trains sights on Cape Wind: The congressman who led the Capitol Hill probe into the collapse of taxpayer-backed Solyndra is calling for an investigation of Cape Wind amid accusations federal air-safety officials caved under political pressure

Community Organizer to the World

Obama campaign spent $33K at trendy Hollywood club last year

Right And Left Drop Off Obama’s Donor List

ABC Reporter Engaged to Obama Press Sec. Sets Romney Up

Obama's red ink problem spreads to his campaign

'Get in Line’ or ‘Resign’ Admiral Tells Military Chaplain'

Obama and Israel

Ex-U.S. official: American dominance over Mideast peace process is ending

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden: 'A gaffe is when you tell the truth'

Biden's Security Team Squared Off in Nantucket Melee



Murdered Border Agent’s Family Says President Obama ‘Compounding This Tragedy’ with Executive Privilege Assertion

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's Parents Release Statement

The NYT's weighs in: House Panel’s Vote Steps Up Partisan Fight on Gun Inquiry

House Oversight Committee Votes 23-17 To Hold Eric Holder In Contempt of Congress ... Boehner And Cantor Schedule House Vote For Next Week

BOOM: Contempt Order Issued for Holder

Issa: 'Our Purpose Has Never Been to Hold the Attorney General in Contempt'

Holder's 8-page letter to Obama asking for executive privilege over F&F docs

Issa pushes ahead with Holder contempt vote despite Obama intervention

Holder Retracts Gunwalking Accusation Against Former Bush AG

Holder retracts claim Bush team knew about Fast and Furious

Sen. Grassley: DOJ retracts 2d statement made to the Senate Judiciary Committee. ..

Grassley: DOJ Retracts Holder Gunwalking Statement to Senate Committee

Sen. Grassley: At hearing last wk, Holder claimed his predecessor Mukasey, had been briefed about gunwalking in Operation Wide Receiver.

Sen. Grassley: Now, the Department is retracting that statement and claiming Holder "inadvertently" made that claim to the Committee.

Flashback: Obama Calls for Bush AG to Resign

Video:  Gunwalker Press conference  of 2009, Officials state presidential directives indicating Obama had knowledge of the program

Today: Obama Claims Executive Privilege Over Fast And Furious “Internal Deliberations” – October 2011: Obama Says He Was Not Informed of F&F…

Obama In 2007: Executive Privilege Is "Subject To Abuse"

Obama 2005: 'The President is not the Attorney General’s client; the people are'

Flashback: Obama Attacked Bush For Trying "To Hide Behind Executive Privilege"…

NBC News to GOP Rep: 'You're Not Entitled To Those Documents'

"The assertion of executive privilege raises monumental questions," ... Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, ...  "How can the president assert executive privilege if there was no White House involvement?..."

Justice Dept says president has exerted executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents

Obama grants Holder request on 'Furious' documents as contempt vote looms

Eric Holder 1995 "We must Brainwash People To Be Against Guns"

WH Comms Dir @pfeiffer44 slams Oversight Cmte for pursuing "a politically-motivated, taxpayer-funded election-year fishing expedition."

2011: Holder contradicts Bush did it too

Sheila Jackson Lee blames Bush for Fast and Furious

Obama Ethics: Year 4

Obama's top campaign lawyer filed a complaint with the federal election regulator on Tuesday, demanding that the well-heeded and high-spending Republican advocacy group Crossroads GPS disclose its donors

Obama bundlers’ foundations bankroll gay marriage, abortion, unions, ACORN, ‘racial justice,’ anti-coal campaigns

Arizona official: Obama pretended to be born in Kenya

It's 3am and nobody's there

NYT's Frank Bruni After Obama's G20 Press Conference: 'He Doesn't Seem In Command'

Seven US soldiers face punishment for notorious Koran burning... but they escape criminal charges

How Obama Bureaucrats Fueled Western Wildfires


$9 Billion in ‘Stimulus’ for Solar, Wind Projects Made 910 Final Jobs -- $9.8 Million Per Job

Obama's spending grows 'exponentially' – in Kenya! USAID to hire more contractors to support existing operations

Obama: "No business wants to invest in a place where the government skims 20 percent off the top"

Boeing CEO says U.S. regulatory climate worse than ever

Obama’s Terrifying Tax Trick by George Jarkesy

USDA announces $25 million loan guarantee for manufacture of food & soda sweetener

Obama and Agenda 21

Video: Of course there’s no Obama war on coal!

Union demands investigation into ‘climate of fear,’ alleged staff abuse at EPA

Community Organizer to the World

Obama facing boycott from his own superdelegates in white working class states who refuse to give him the nomination

Obama Bundlers From 2008 Disappear In 2012 Campaign Fundraising

'I love you back!' Obama’s favorite interrupters don’t ask questions (video)

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Dennis Ross: Muslim Brotherhood Must 'Play by Rules'   -Dennis Ross says he believes the Muslim Brotherhood will win Egypt's presidential election and Israel and the US must prepare themselves.

Military instructor suspended over Islam course

Queen Michelle

FLOTUS does Jeopardy!

Michelle Obama: Remind friends of free contraception


HHS' Sebelius: $128M in federal grants will expand health centers in 41 states, create jobs

House Committee Votes to Stop Abortion Funding in Obamacare

California to lose big if Supreme Court scraps U.S. healthcare law



DOJ: Issa Not Interested In Resolving Fast And Furious Issue Ahead Of Holder Contempt Vote

Issa: Holder hasn’t complied and the contempt vote is still on

Issa-Holder Meeting Ends Without Resolution

Issa letter to Holder

Fast and Furious contempt vote up in the air

Issa tells Holder ‘full compliance’ needed to avert contempt vote

Obama and Israel

Another Obama Leak?... U.S., Israel developed computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say

U.S. Condemns Attack Near Border with Egypt ..-U.S. condemns attack by terrorists who crossed the Egyptian border, expresses concern over security in the Sinai.

Obama Ethics: Year 4

DOJ Secretly Drops Terrorism Charges In Taliban Case

Infographic:  Who wins the White House Green Energy Gamble?

More Solyndra's?  Panel unveiling docs on DOE aid recipients

A lawyer for President Barack Obama argued today in Florida that a lawsuit claiming his client "is not eligible to appear on the November ballot because he is not a 'natural born citizen'"

The maddening details of Obama’s DREAM Decree

Biographer admits: There was no Obama family .....Exclusive: Jack Cashill notes Maraniss book puts lie to O's 'improbable love' claim

Obama's grandfather tortured by the British? A fantasy (like most of the President’s own memoir)

Classmate: Obama Sr. Was Soviet Symp 'Viewed communism as a savior'

Now we learn Obama raised in Singapore? ...1990 Vanity Fair article contradicts Indonesia narrative

GOP Senators Want IRS to Cite Legal Grounds for Demanding Donor Lists of Tea Party Groups

Rare Photo of Barack Obama & the ‘Choom Gang’ Unearthed


Sebelius, Human Rights Campaign Praise Each Other for Promoting LGBT Equality in Healthcare

WH website falsely claiming support from Catholic groups for HHS mandate

Community Organizer to the World

Another Democrat in close race skipping Democratic National Convention: Pennsylvania Rep. Mark Critz

Anti-Romney Protesters Say They're Paid To Heckle

Biographer David Maraniss Downplays Obama Lies as 'Literature'

Obama Dream Act: ....would give work permits to those who snuck across the border by themselves as teenagers

McCain on Obama Granting Work Permits to Illegals: He Can't Do It Because He's Not King

Hoyer: It's 'Appropriate' Under Constitution for President to Give Work Permits to Illegals

Pic of the Day: Obama Bowing Again?…(to Mexican President Philipe Calderon)

W.Va. Democrats distance themselves from Obama by skipping national convention

Obama Campaign Sends ‘Dreamers’ Fundraising Email Hours after Amnesty Announcement

Mexican President Thanks Obama for Immigration Changes

Obama’s campaign website downplays de facto amnesty news

Former Obama Econ Adviser Austan Goolsbee: President Should Have 'A Mea Culpa' For Dividing Country

Govt. 'Fatherhood' Web Site Gives Dads Tips on Teaching Kids Hygiene, How to Eat

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama to Romney: ‘We have one president at a time'

Obama Chomps on Gum During G20 Photo Shoot (Video)

CBS reports that when Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin met with the press after their long private discussion, "The two men barely looked at each other. You could just feel, sort of, the tension between them.

US plans significant military presence in Kuwait

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Threatens Any Opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with the Withdrawal of All U.S. Aid

Obama and TARP

JP Morgan Chase CEO Wears Cuff Links Obama Gave Him To Hearing


Wealth implosion: It's not just housing

U.S. Job Openings Decrease Most in Almost 4 Years

U.S. Teens Face Worst Summertime Hiring Since World War II

Struggling Housing Recovery: Single Family Housing Starts Rose 3.2% in May, Multifamily Starts Fell 21.31%

Young households 'crushed' by recession

Iberdrola (wind farms) cutting down its U.S. business

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama savages the pursuit of 'fat paychecks and nice offices' (despite her past life as a high-flying corporate lawyer)

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden's wife takes Secret Service lingerie shopping in Chicago (Video)



Issa to Holder: You have until Tuesday a.m. to give up Fast and Furious docs

Holder agrees to meet with Issa

Judicial Watch Sues ATF for Fast and Furious Records Detailing Communications between ATF and Obama White House Official

Border Patrol group calls for Holder’s resignation

The Strategic Communicator. "Tough Guy" Denis McDonough, "Obama’s single most influential foreign policy adviser" and the Fast & Furious Cover-up

'Fast and Furious' whistleblower says he's 'disappointed' one year later

Community Organizer to the World

W.Va. Democrats distance themselves from Obama by skipping national convention

Obama Campaign Sends ‘Dreamers’ Fundraising Email Hours after Amnesty Announcement

Mexican President Thanks Obama for Immigration Changes

Obama’s campaign website downplays de facto amnesty news

Former Obama Econ Adviser Austan Goolsbee: President Should Have 'A Mea Culpa' For Dividing Country

Govt. 'Fatherhood' Web Site Gives Dads Tips on Teaching Kids Hygiene, How to Eat


The Biggest Spender: Obama Has Spent More Money Than Anyone In History of World

Flashback: Axelrod called Bush ‘out of touch’ for playing golf in bad economy

Obama’s Revisionism He predicted a strong economy, but blames his failure on Bush

Former AG Gonzales Tells Obama: 'Stop Blaming Bush'

Obama Ethics: Year 4

EPA Science Writer Celebrates Andrew Breitbart’s Death

Non-Union Retirees Join “Hosed by GM Club”

Google reports 'alarming' rise in government censorship requests

Google: Obama Administration Increases Requests for Content Removal

David Axelrod: No role in firm’s deals: sold his ownership stake in ASGK Public Strategies in 2009...-but still getting $200/year

Plouffe: Oh, no, the immigration announcement wasn’t political (video)

Snopes Scrubs Article On Obama's Mama's Picture-Porn: Excluded From Wayback Machine

Even kids weren't immune from being frisked at wedding attended by Obamas to the city of Chicago's dime

Obama Attends Private Wedding of Adviser's Daughter In Chicago, Forces City To Divert 200 Police Officers In Midst of Crime Wave

Video: GOP Attack ad on the Cory Booker/Bain Capital screw up and cover-up :"Dishonest Attacks, Dishonest Cover-up "

Obama attorneys argue he's not Dem nominee  -Urge Florida judge to ignore evidence challenging eligibility

Hawaiian Birth Certificates Sold to Foreigners At Time Of Obama Birth


Key Catholic group drops support for White House contraception plan

Catholic group that supported ObamaCare rejects HHS mandate as "unworkable"

Obama and Egypt

Egypt's military grants itself sweeping powers

Muslim Brotherhood gains presidency in Egypt

Obama and Israel

Minister Barak: Egypt Losing Control of Sinai

IDF tanks move closer to Egypt border

One is killed building fence on border

Deadly attack on Israel-Egypt border

It's 3am and nobody's there

Britain stops Russian ship carrying attack helicopters for Syria

Russia reportedly sending 2 warships with marines to Syria

Picture: Valerie Jarrett's child getting frisked by Obama security

Obama visits Chicago, murders in Chicago continue: 7 killed in weekend shootings, 35 hurt

More Killed in Chicago this Year than Afghanistan

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama does double dutch

Michelle Obama Jokes About Solar Car Explosion at OSU Commencement

Michelle Obama slaps ‘corporate’ work, 'fat paychecks'

Michelle Obama taps memories in Oregon State University graduation speech

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones Compares Keystone Pipeline To Heroin Needle

Van Jones: GOP will kill EPA, poison kids

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden Insulted by Suggestion Anyone in His Family Ever Did Real Work

Here Are 41 Joe Biden Expressions You Must Know


Community Organizer to the World

Obama Spends Father’s Day On The Golf Course, 100th Round Since Taking Office…

Obama notes Father's Day and 'ordinary Americans'

President’s senior campaign adviser admits Obama to run on 2008 message (video)

Unger strike: Obama’s former professor says he ‘must not’ win in 2012

Obama repairs ties to Hispanics

Obama Ethics: Year 4

Axelrod Says Heckling Is a GOP Sport, Not His, After Protesters Hit Two Romney Events

Immigration ruling ‘fully within’ Obama powers, says adviser Plouffe

White House Leaked Friday's Immigration Announcement to NYT and Time Magazine

McConnell warns of attempts by Obama, Media Matters to silence critics

Was communist mentor intimate with Obama's mother?.... Filmmaker reveals new evidence Frank Marshall Davis was president's real father

Obama's Mercer Island Ancestry

OSHA shooting range ruling points to agenda besides worker safety

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Officials: Hamas ordered Grad attack on Israel at request of Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leaders ordered rocket attack on Israel

Obama and Israel

Israel Blames Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood for Hamas Rocket Attack


CEO Frank L. VanderSloot to Obama: Why are business people the enemy?

Oklahoma reaches all-time employment high in May

U.S. economy downshifts to lower gear

Obama’s Private Sector History Reveals Role in Foreclosures and Bankruptcies of Chicago’s Black Community

It's 3am and nobody's there

Chris Wallace Skewers Obama Senior Adviser On White House Involvement In Intel Leaks


Humana will also offer Obamacare regardless of the US Supreme Court ruling

Joltin' Joe Biden

Beau Biden gaffes on attack meant for Romney, hits NC’s Dem gov instead

Queen Michelle

They love the first lady: Michelle Obama is a hit on the campaign trail



Issa agrees to postpone Holder contempt vote


Young illegal immigrants' amnesty could tighten competition for jobs, college

President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender In World History

Dip in Manufacturing Suggests a Stalled U.S. Economy

It's 3am and nobody's there

The White House is declassifying information related to counter-terrorism efforts in Yemen and Somalia

Obama 2008: 'People Don't Have a Lot of Confidence in the President'

Community Organizer to the World

Obama immigration order: Does 'audacity of hope' mean unchecked presidential power?

Obama hosts LGBT Pride reception, vows to be 'advocate'

ABC News Calls Obama Elitist

Obama Celebrates Anti-Police Riot Started at Mafia-Owned Bar for Transvestites


On eve of health ruling, Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicts 'sharp disagreement'

The Damage Already Done By Obamacare

Obama Ethics: Year 4

Associated Press, 1987: 'Why Do Grown Men And Women Shout At President Reagan?'

White House Quietly Moves Obama-Praising Text from Past Presidents' Bios



Investigators discover I.C.E. Report of Investigation on seizure of Fast & Furious weapons in Texas in August 2010 SIGNED BY JAIME ZAPATA

Blogger Vanderboegh reports murdered ICE agent investigating Fast and Furious

Grassley to Holder: Prove claim about Bush-era gun probe

Holder to Issa: Let’s meet, face to face

It's 3am and nobody's there

US backtracks on claims Russia is arming Syrian regime

White House says reset of relations with Russia has been successful

Rep. King ‘launching immediate review’ into Obama admin ending deportation of under-30 illegals

Obama immigration plan may spare 800,000 from deportation

Obama: I Can't Just Suspend Deportations Through Executive Order, There Are Laws on on the Books (video)

Flashback (2011): Obama on DREAM Act: Can't "just change the laws unilaterally" Transcript

AP sources: Immunity offered to certain immigrants  (illegals)

Secret report: Catch and release for low-priority illegals proposed

Obama Campaign Checks IDs At The Door

Another Outrageous Slight To Britain Over The Falklands

Russia and Syria: The upside-down world of Obama diplomacy


Solar panel maker that received $500 million federal loan close to filing bankruptcy plan

More Solyndra Corruption: Lied About Layoffs, Excessive Bonuses


Foreign holdings of US debt hit record high

U.S. Tax Law Pushes American Businesses Overseas

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Larger than NAFTA?

Keystone Fallout: As Promised, Canada Building Pipelines to Sell Oil to China

Abandoned homes plague cities: It takes money to level them

Obama Aide Picks Up Paychecks From Finance Industry For Speeches

Community Organizer to the World

WHCA: Daily Caller heckler 'discourteous'

Neil Munro explains his exchange with President Obama in Rose Garden (VIDEO)

Statements from The Daily Caller regarding exchange in White House Rose Garden

Cummings: Racism ‘has something to do with’ Obama interruption

Obama interrupted by heckling reporter (video)

Cruz and Dewhurst agree: Obama immigration shift is ‘blatantly’ and ‘cravenly’ political

Obama to Celebs: 'You're the Ultimate Arbiter of Which Direction This Country Goes'

Obama fund-raises $4.5million from celebs in just 8 hours in NY . . . but a quick stop at WTC means TAXPAYERS pick up the check


House: Obama's FDA causing drug shortages...."This shortage appears to be a direct result of over-aggressive and excessive regulatory action,"

GAO: IRS to Spend $881 Million in Implementing Obamacare Over Just Four Years

The Obama administration official who’s running a key part of health reform is stepping down — just two weeks before the Supreme Court could strike down part or all of the law:  Steve Larsen

Thanks Obamacare: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit

Obama Ethics: Year 4

Hundreds of police officers in crime- ridden Chicago to spend weekend protecting wedding of Obama aide Valerie Jarrett's daughter

McConnell: 'Radical, Dangerous' Obama Admin Seeks to 'Shut Up' Opponents

 Interview with Sen. Mitch McConnell on campaign finance reform, First Amendment

Obama Treats Military Vets To Lunch…Then Leaves Without Paying the Bill

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Administration Holds High-Level Talks With Syrian Rebels In D.C. To Discuss Transfer of Heavy Weapons, Surface-To-Air Missiles…

US-born terror boss Awlaki e-mailed accused Fort Hood gunman

Obama and Israel

Are American Jews Waking Up?

Most Israelis think Romney would be 'friendlier'

Joltin' Joe Biden

Joe Biden: Arab Spring is a 'Democratic Movement'

Biden: 'Barack Makes Me Sound Like I Just Climbed Out of a Mine'

Biden Says the 'Great' Cities Are in China, Not America

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA to propose tougher rules on soot


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And so we wrap up one of the most important weeks in the administration. Maybe one of the most important in the history of the office. The complete list at the site.

Let me know if you want to be on or off the ping list.

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