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To: SmokingJoe
Just a comment... I know how excited you are about Surface. And you're entirely free to post as much of this advertising as you wish. But, as someone who is interested in Surface, and who is completely overwhelmed by a week's worth of repetition of the few bits of information about the proposed product, I'd like to point out that: Meanwhile, post all the advertising you want.

There's an old joke about a woman who was married three times and was still a virgin. When a friend asked her how this could be, she explained:
  "My first husband was injured in an accident on our wedding day, and unfortunately he was unable to perform.
  "My second husband turned out to be gay.
  "And my third husband was a salesman."
The friend asked, "What was the problem with him?"
The woman answered, "He never actually did it. He just sat on the edge of the bed every night, telling me over and over in detail how good it was going to be."

Just sayin'... :)

19 posted on 06/25/2012 10:28:17 AM PDT by dayglored (Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!)
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To: dayglored
And you're entirely free to post as much of this advertising as you wish

Just did a erach on iPhone and iPad at FR going back...a heck of a lot of posts(or advertsiong as you call it. Just a cursey look so far, but I am yet t see you call any of the countless iPad/iPhone boosting posts at Fr as advertsisng...Just saying.

Meanwhile, you know of course that you are free to read or not read whatever you like at FR don't you?
Last time I looked, no one has out a gun to your head and ordered you to read posts on Microsoft surface.

A product that does not exist cannot have “cool features”. “

True. Like a car that travels at 10,000 miles per hour does not exist. However, the Surface tablet DOES exist. Some of the top tech journalists(including those from Wired) have actually had hands on with it.

In order to exist as a real product, a device must a) have a price, and b) be available for purchase.”

Ummm no. Plenty of items exist that you can't buy if you wanted to buy it/one. For example, the Mona Lisa certainly exists, but then you still couldn't buy it if you had all the money in the world.
In the video games console industry, Nintendo first showed the Wii to the press, demoing plenty of upcoming Wii games, etc, but never mentioned specs, price or release date. The Wii then went on to become one of the most successful video game consoles ever.
Same thing with the PS2 and PS3 announcements from Sony. They fisrt announce/demo it(usually at the huge E3 exposition or the Tokyo Game show), with no price or release date, then announce the ice and release date much closer to launch. Nothing wrong with any of that. The PS2 went on to become the top selling video game console of all time despite that preannouncement.

Just this month, Nintendo announced(and demoed) their new gee whiz new console, the Wii U, which will go on sale this coming holidays. was there any mention of price/shipping date or specs? Nope. Does it mean the Wii U is vaporware that Nintendo will not ship? Nope. Everyone expects the Wii U to be available in the shops this coming holidays, as usual. .
Back to your little rant, if you don't like a subject/thread/company, DON'T READ IT.
There are plenty of threads on FR that I don't read. Time is too limited.

40 posted on 06/25/2012 6:23:50 PM PDT by SmokingJoe
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To: dayglored
the next 3-6 months until Surface actually surfaces

iPad 3 launched 3/7/12.
Surface announced 6/18/12 ... over 3 months later.
Surface is expected to launch 3-6 months after announcement ... 1/2 to 3/4 year after iPad 3.
iPad 4, presuming Apple's growing-typical annual cycle, will launch March 2013.

Now consider that the primary selling point for the still-vaporware Surface is not memory, speed, capacity, resolution, or even it's much-vaunted cover/keyboard. On specs alone, Surface is either behind the curve (to wit: iPad 3) or only marginally ahead of it. Assuming delays, it will arrive just 3 months before iPad 4, and at a price which many assume will give buyers pause (if not prevention) to purchase. Assuming one-year product cycles for both, that leaves Surface behind - perhaps way behind - iPad 4 for 9 months. Is the sole selling point of Surface - the ability to run Windows (and for half the variations a stunted version thereof) - going to be enough?

81 posted on 06/27/2012 10:51:43 AM PDT by ctdonath2 ($1 meals:
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