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Black-on-Jewish Violence in the U.S.A.
FrontPage Magazine ^ | July 10, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield

Posted on 07/10/2012 4:24:48 AM PDT by SJackson

On a late June Friday evening, Marc Heinberg, a 61-year old man, was walking home from synagogue along Gravesend Neck Road; Neck Road to the locals. Neck Road is classic Brooklyn; a scattering of modest brick houses along a tree-lined street, but a short walk down “The Neck” takes you to Nostrand Avenue and from there to the Sheepshead-Nostrand housing projects where crime is common and life is cheap.

Sheepshead-Nostrand, where drug deals go down, shots are fired and gruesome murders are a local tradition, and the tree-lined portion of “The Neck” where Marc Heinberg was walking home, are two worlds apart. They are also less than a dozen blocks apart.

As Marc Heinberg walked home from his prayers, the hymns welcoming the Sabbath, the Day of Rest, still humming in his ears, he heard someone yell out, “dirty Jew.” On the old farm road, half-a-dozen African-American teenagers surrounded him, screaming racial slurs and pummeling him with their fists. The two worlds had collided, as they so often did, leaving pain and violence in their wake.

This ugly attack was one of a series of anti-Semitic incidents in Brooklyn; not the first of its kind, nor the last. There are many Jewish New Yorkers of Heinberg’s age who still remember lives and childhoods in Brownsville and the Bronx cut short by similar violence. Farther out the abandoned synagogues of Detroit and Newark tell the same story of a painful exodus from a new life in a new country, as families fled the spiraling racist violence of the community organizers and agitators of the sixties and seventies.

Even though New York State’s African-Americans make up 17.5 percent of the population, outnumbering the state’s Jewish population by 2 to 1, hate crime statistics for 2010 show that while 31.5 percent of hate crimes were aimed at Jews, only 19.7 percent were aimed at African-Americans. There are few statistics kept on the races of perpetrators, but there is an ugly history recorded in ashes, concussions and speeches going back a long way.

In Brooklyn, a Jewish schoolteacher and father of four lost consciousness after being brutally beaten by two minority teenagers who shouted “Jew, Jew.” Upstate in Monsey, four black teenagers sought out a Jewish victim and hit him with a knife. Incidents like this have become part of the fabric of life. An unspoken reality that everyone knows, but few talk about. Sometimes, as with the Crown Heights Pogrom, the violence explodes. Mostly it jabs like switchblades and broken glass.

Brooklyn is the city borough with the largest growing Jewish population, and by the logic of hate, it is also the growth area for anti-Semitic attacks. The Jewish communities of Brooklyn are composed of refugees, not only from Europe, but from lost communities in other parts of Brooklyn and other boroughs. Some grandmothers and grandfathers have stories about childhood homes in Poland and Germany that they can never return to, while others have similar stories about tree-lined lanes full of modest brick houses, just like “The Neck,” in Brownsville, the Bronx or Newark, home to a community of 70,000 Jews before the race riots; now home to nearly none.

After decades of a declining Jewish population in New York City, the Jewish communities of Brooklyn have tilted against the demographics of decline. The growing anti-Semitic violence is a sign that the thugs of decline are pushing back against the families making their private stand for the future on quiet streets in neighborhoods like Sheepshead Bay.

Their war is a quiet and private thing. It is won when a family moves into a new home, when a grocery store stays in business and a school opens for another year. It is won by children playing in backyards and by old men walking home from synagogue. There are casualties in the war. Assaults, fires, vandalism and swastikas scrawled on windows—sometimes by teenagers whom the bearers of the Swastika flag would have considered subhuman. But in Brooklyn, the swastika does not stand for the Thousand Year Reich. It stands for hating Jews.

A swastika in 21st century Brooklyn means the same thing that it did in 20th century Berlin. “Get out.” Or as a leaflet from 1968 Brownsville put it, “Get Out, Stay Out… Or Your Relatives in the Middle East Will Find Themselves Giving Benefits To Raise Money To Help You Get Out From Under the Terrible Weight of an Enraged Black Community.”

The story of this quiet war is rarely told because it is a story that the gatekeepers of the media do not want to allow through their iron curtain of journalism. In the media narrative the race riots were cries for justice. But to the Jewish families who fled the mobs, they were cries of hate.

In the long hot summer of 1991, a New York Times reporter angrily called his editor, after witnessing black demonstrators chanting, “Death to the Jews.” “Jews are being attacked!” Ari Goldman told his boss, challenging the official media narrative. “You’ve got this story all wrong. All wrong.”

But the wrongness of the story has persisted over the years. The New York Post, one of the few papers to accurately cover the Crown Heights Pogrom, is also one of the few papers to have noted the recent crime wave targeting Jewish New Yorkers. And the wrongness goes back a long way.

In 1935, the Harlem riots destroyed hundreds of stores and began the process of pushing Jews out of the neighborhood. Crucial to that atmosphere of hate was Sufi Abdul Hamid, a Muslim convert, who was dubbed, “The Black Hitler.” From his stepladder on 125th Street, Hamid vowed to pursue, “An open bloody war against the Jews who are much worse than all other whites.”

60 years later, Al Sharpton’s thugs crowded 125th Street, continuing Hamid’s war by going after one of the few remaining Jewish stores. One of the protesters pulled out a gun, ordered the black customers to leave and set fire to the store.

Today the Black Hitler is remembered as an early civil rights leader and Al Sharpton poses for photos with Obama. The dead of Harlem and Crown Heights have been buried, but the hatred that killed them lives on and thrives. Until that hatred is addressed and exposed for what it is, its shadows will haunt the tree-lined streets of cities where multiculturalism has come to mean a bloody fist.

Attorney General Eric Holder accused America of being a “nation of cowards” on race. The attackers who shouted “Jew, Jew” while beating a schoolteacher unconscious, similarly claimed to have chosen their victims because Jews don’t fight back.

The Attorney General has said that we must “have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us.” But if we are to have that frank conversation, it cannot be limited to Selma or Tuskegee. It must also take in “The Neck” and the “Black Hitler.” It must take in not only a few bombed black churches, but also the hundreds of abandoned synagogues whose worshipers were terrorized and driven out of their homes and neighborhoods. It must take in Holder’s own appearance at Sharpton’s convention, held under the thug’s motto of “No Justice, No Peace”; the same motto under which a Jewish community was terrorized and beaten in the streets with the complicity of black elected officials.

To do otherwise, to revisit the ghosts of Mississippi, without also revisiting the ghosts of Harlem, the Bronx and Newark, the ghosts of Brownsville and Crown Heights, would be a true act of cowardice.

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1 posted on 07/10/2012 4:24:54 AM PDT by SJackson
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To: SJackson

Anyone who does not know that blacks are bigoted against Jews is not in touch with reality.

2 posted on 07/10/2012 4:35:14 AM PDT by popdonnelly (The first priority is get Obama out of the White House.)
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To: SJackson
Why not call it what it is? Black on everyone violence.
3 posted on 07/10/2012 4:38:17 AM PDT by liberalh8ter (If Barack has a memory like a steel trap, why can't he remember what the Constitution says?)
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To: dennisw; Cachelot; Nix 2; veronica; Catspaw; knighthawk; Alouette; Optimist; weikel; Lent; GregB; ..
Middle East and terrorism, occasional political and Jewish issues Ping List. High Volume

If you’d like to be on or off, please FR mail me.


Crime certainly played a major part in the flight from urban areas, though it wasn't uniquely antisemitic nor limited to Jews. That amongst racial/ethnic groups antisemitism is highest amongst blacks is well established in years of surveys. That incidents like Crown Heights and Ocean Hill-Brownsville were antisemitic in nature is clear, as is antisemitic vandalism and violence today. It's also clear that this is a topic which simply won't be addressed. By black organizations, the media, or the government.

From Julius Lester's poetry, then a black stateion talk show host, now a Jewish convert college professor, in the Brownsville days.

Hey, Jew boy with that yarmulke on your head,
You pale faced Jew boy-I wish you were dead
I can see you Jew boy-no you can't hide
I got a scoop on you-yeh, you gonna die
I'm sick of your stuff; every time I run 'round
You pushin' my head deeper into the ground;
I'm sick of hearing about your suffering in Germany,
I'm sick about your escape from tyranny;
I'm sick of seeing in everything I do
About the murder of six million Jews;
Hitler's reign lasted for only fifteen years--
For that period of time you shed crocodile tears.
My suffering lasted for over 400 years Jew boy,
And the white man only let me play with his toys.

Guess you know, Jew boy, there's only one reason you made it--
You had a clean white face, clolorless and faded.

At least it rhymes. Fair to say along with the overt antisemitism there's simple hatred of whites at the core of the hatred.

4 posted on 07/10/2012 4:42:44 AM PDT by SJackson (blow in a dog’s face, he gets mad at you, take him on a car ride; he sticks his head out the window)
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To: SJackson


Ain't they cute, they learned that in school.

5 posted on 07/10/2012 4:47:52 AM PDT by Lonesome in Massachussets (The Democratic Party strongly supports full civil rights for necro-Americans!)
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To: SJackson
The Enraged Black Community

After billions spent on the Great Society, this community is more enraged than ever.

In fact, thanks to the Great Society and those who make a living pouring gasoline on this fire, this community is now a cancer on this country and on this world...a cancer for which there is no cure.

D@mn shame...but there it is.

6 posted on 07/10/2012 4:50:28 AM PDT by RoosterRedux
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To: liberalh8ter
Why not call it what it is? Black on everyone violence.

Maybe, but notice in the article, they say blacks pick on Jews because they don't fight back. There may be some truth in that. When I was going to Katlick high school in Queens, class of 1968, one El station stop from Brooklyn, certain Irish Catholic kids, mostly sons of cops and firefighters, would take the El through East New York in Catholic High School regalia, deliberately inviting blacks to initiate fights. They got few takers. For one thing they looked like cops' kids, and the blacks knew they would get the whit kicked out of them by the cops who arrived to subdue the fights, which the blacks were not likely to win, anyway. Notice they attacked the victim in the story 12 on one?

7 posted on 07/10/2012 4:59:08 AM PDT by Lonesome in Massachussets (The Democratic Party strongly supports full civil rights for necro-Americans!)
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To: RoosterRedux

“...a cancer for which there is no cure.”

Oh, there’s a cure, alright, but America’s afraid to take it.

8 posted on 07/10/2012 4:59:31 AM PDT by carriage_hill (All libs and most dems think that life is just a sponge bath, with a happy ending.)
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To: SJackson
Amazing how you can miss the amazing opportunity you have been given.
Removed from the stone age, and your generation has total freedom to do what ever its heart desires.
But NO, you are angry that you personally have been taken out of the Palaeolithic!
Well go earn the money for the airline ticket and return to the Continent of your Ancestors.
It’s the same continent that my ancestors came from ,I’ve been there, and I would not go back to that for anything.
Yes I have used this statement for real. Sometimes it works.
9 posted on 07/10/2012 5:03:13 AM PDT by moose07 (The truth will out, one day.)
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To: carriage_hill
Amputation (is that what you were thinking?) is a solution, but not a cure.

Please give me your thoughts.

10 posted on 07/10/2012 5:07:16 AM PDT by RoosterRedux
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To: Lonesome in Massachussets
They also attack the elderly. I'm not sure they have any particular inclination when it comes to their victims, except maybe helplessness. The bottom line is, for far too long their crimes have either been unreported, underreported or reported from the standpoint of the victim minus the perpetrator's description. That needs to change.

I'm not naive enough to believe the black community can be shamed into cleaning up its act but I do believe if everyone else is made keenly aware of their potential to become a victim, they may consider arming themselves and forcing blacks to either keep their violence to themselves (and sort it out in the hood) or have their criminal career cut short at the end of a barrel.

11 posted on 07/10/2012 5:10:52 AM PDT by liberalh8ter (If Barack has a memory like a steel trap, why can't he remember what the Constitution says?)
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To: popdonnelly
If they are Orthodox Jews, then they tend to vote Republican because of opposition to abortion; etc.

Iis the reform Jews that seem to have substituted Liberalism for Judaism as a religion or at least that is the way it seems to me.

12 posted on 07/10/2012 5:11:37 AM PDT by Stepan12
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To: carriage_hill

The cure for dysfunctional behavior is to require, by non-alleviation, that those exhibiting the behavior experience the consequences for that behavior.

Have a bad attitude? You won’t be hired. You may received “correction”.
Refuse to work? Starve.
Become a criminal? Lose your life committing a crime.

13 posted on 07/10/2012 5:12:50 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: SJackson

Blacks care less if it is a Jew,they will murder and beat up anyone that is white skinned..They seem to be getting worse since they have a black leader knowing nothing will happen to them..When you are raised with no values then you go back to your original roots, savage..These blacks think we owe them a free ride and are taught that from birth...

Don’t get me wrong I admire several blacks to many to name here..and they are as ashamed of these savages as anyone is..

14 posted on 07/10/2012 5:15:00 AM PDT by PLD
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To: SJackson
>"half-a-dozen African-American teenagers surrounded him, "

1. They've never been to Africa.
2. They hate America.
Why are they still here? Deport to Africa ASAP!

15 posted on 07/10/2012 5:19:01 AM PDT by rawcatslyentist ("Behold, I am against you, O arrogant one," Jeremiah 50:31)
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To: MrB
Have a bad attitude? You won’t be hired.

As you well know, many young and old punks from this community have been taught to eschew any involvement in the modern world (which they define as the White man's world...remember Jeremiah Wright's hatred of "middleclassedness" and Derrick Bell's revolution against the inherent racism of western civilization).

A bad "tude" is what gives these punks street cred. Many are so feral, there is NO chance of reforming them.

16 posted on 07/10/2012 5:23:22 AM PDT by RoosterRedux
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To: RoosterRedux

If I did, in great detail, I’d get into trouble, but I’ll try put it as nicely and as generally, as I can: *permanently eliminate violent people from society by whatever means it takes*.

As I said, “America is afraid to take the cure”. Complete and utter permanent removal of the cancer - violent people - eliminates *recidivism* and actively-discourages any others from that action. That is a cure. Our current solution - wrist-slaps, jail and rehab - is a BS solution which just doesn’t work. Returning that subhuman filth to society - or ignoring it like the racist INDoJ does - simply is no answer to anything; it’s merely adding more kindling to the cancer on society.

Yes, I realize there are many ‘problems’ with that course of action, but I see no other way, given the point we find ourselves at, and what we’ve allowed to happen to get us here. Everything else has failed miserably.

17 posted on 07/10/2012 5:25:11 AM PDT by carriage_hill (All libs and most dems think that life is just a sponge bath, with a happy ending.)
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To: RoosterRedux

Well, in my model, “eschewing the white man’s world” leads to starvation.

Well armed upstanding citizens protecting their lives, families, and property will make an end to this subculture.

18 posted on 07/10/2012 5:32:26 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: carriage_hill
You are correct of course. Capital punishment is the only solution.

And it must be swift and without mercy!

A failure to take appropriate measures (i.e. capital punishment) is in fact a failure to protect, indeed, a punishment of society itself.

Either permanently remove violent criminals (i.e. death) or let the violent criminals continue to victimize society.

In the end, I guess, there will be the execution of a death penalty, it just depends on whether the guilty will be made to bear their burden or whether we will permit the guilty to transfer their guilt and its punishment back to the innocent in society.

19 posted on 07/10/2012 5:37:04 AM PDT by RoosterRedux
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To: popdonnelly

That is pretty much a blanket statement that might not be 100% correct. That said I guess that black Americans are indoctrinated from birth with anti-white racist teachings, and hence we get situations like this. We do need to start asking questions of black Americans about any anti-white feelings and beliefs. But most of all we need to destroy those cynical white politicians and academics who use racial strife to enrich and empower themselves.

20 posted on 07/10/2012 5:39:48 AM PDT by junta ("Peace is a racket", testimony from crime boss Barrack Hussein Obama.)
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