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"The List": Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-First Week in Office ^ | 7/13/12 | Nachum

Posted on 07/13/2012 9:46:09 AM PDT by Nachum


President Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-First Week in Office


Obama and Agenda 21

DOE Official: Loan Program Wasn’t About Job Creation

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Obama Spokesman Tells Ed Schultz Campaign Will Not Apologize For Romney/Felony Remark

Romney Demands Apology For Obama Campaign's 'Felon' Lie

Romney camp: Obama's staff 'out-of-control'

Politico Reporter Admits 'Boston Globe' Romney Smear Is Retaliation

Democrats Now Claiming Romney Lied About His Bain Departure, acts Disagree

Obama Campaign: Romney A Liar, Potential Criminal

Reid on Senate floor: Romney 'basically paid no taxes in the prior 12 years'

MSNBC: Romney NAACP speech part of 'racist' southern strategy

New York Times: Campaign Cash from Jews Is Bad Only if It Goes to Republicans

Joltin' Joe Biden

Pic: Biden Speaks To Empty House At NAACP Convention…

Biden paints ominous picture of Romney presidency

Biden: "Children should be educated to the degree they are educable."

Biden, Who Went to Private School: 'Tell That to All Those Private Schools'


US government records $904.2B budget deficit through June

The national debt has now increased by more than $64,000 per federal taxpayer since Barack Obama was inaugurated president

GE Primestar: Another DOE-Touted Solar Plant Fails

Carney Champions Battery Industry Even As A123 Teeters on Bankruptcy

Head Of GM Europe Steps Down: .."strategy of load up dealers with unsellable electric cars has failed miserably in Europe"

Chevy Volt 60-Day Return Makes Tax Credit Abuse Likely

Federal Government Purchased 79% Of Vehicles GM Sold in June

Some California cities may "cease to exist"

LA School Insurance Blowout: Taxpayers Pay $416 Million, Employees Pay Zero

US jobless claims plunge to lowest in 4 years..-decline was partly due to temporary factors....Economists expect most of the decline to be reversed in the coming weeks.

USDA uses Spanish soap operas to push food stamps among non-citizens, citizens

Buffett: 'The General Economy Has Been Flat'


Democratic Leader Explains Obamacare: 'There's No Tax on Anybody Unless They Refuse'

Facts Deflate Sebelius’s Defense of Obamacare

A Solyndra for Sebelius:  - The Senate Appropriations Committee has created a $20 million fund for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to invest in biotech startups, shifting money to a program that some say resembles the Department of Energy’s controversial loan guarantees.

It's 3am and nobody's there

U.S. study: Muslim terrorists simply misunderstood Islamic extremists defending selves, not 'aggressive offensive foes seeking domination'

Gold for Oil -Turkey skirting Iran sanctions by trading gold for crude

Navy's new gender-neutral carriers won't have urinals

Russian general who threatened preemptive U.S. attacks to meet Dempsey on missile defense

Border Insecurity: Heavily-Armed Texas Gunboats Now Patrolling the Rio Grande

Burma: Open for Business ...-Human rights advocates criticize Obama administration for lifting investment ban

Obama Ethics, Year 4

 Geithner drawn into Libor scandal

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee today asked President Obama to make seven senior, high-profile administration officials available to be interviewed regarding national security leaks

Judicial Watch Obtains Records from ICE Regarding President’s Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Obama: Immigration and Customs Enforcement attempted to stonewall the release of information about President Obama’s illegal alien uncle,

Carney: 'Preposterous' To Ask For Obama's College Records

Jay Carney sneers at reporter’s request for Obama’s college records

DOJ Witness Can Fly to Washington, But Can’t Get Voter ID

 Justice Department Sues Texas for Pay Discriminatio

Clip About Obama‘s Relationship With Communist Frank Marshall Davis From Dinesh D’Souza‘s ’2016' Film

Community Organizer to the World

Veterans Administration Sends Out Pro-Obama Email to Employees

Obama talks up middle class in video to NAACP

Obama and Israel

European Commission to Israel and Islamists: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Queen Michelle

D.C. officer investigated after comments about Michelle Obama alleged

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones: Romney Should Pick Condi Rice as VP and 'Watch the Obama Campaign Go Crazy'



Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), A left-leaning government watchdog organization filed ethics complaints... against House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa for revealing sealed federal documents in the ongoing Operation Fast and Furious scandal... -in complaints filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics and the Department of Justice, accused Issa of violating federal law by putting sealed federal wiretap applications in the Congressional Record.

Obama mum on Fast and Furious... President speaks up for Holder

Romney strikes back at Obama’s transparency calls: What about the Fast and Furious documents?


Solyndra-Linked Executive to Lead Pentagon’s Advanced Tech Agency

GOP: 'No More Solyndras Act' would ban DOE loan guarantees

It's 3am and nobody's there

U.S. moving submersibles to Persian Gulf to oppose Iran

Carney dodges Chavez question

Obama: Chavez Not 'Serious' Threat.............-Russia Venezuela Offers to Host Bases (2008).... and in 2009

Obama Adminstration Closing Nine Border Crossing Stations in Four States

Navy unveils new shore energy policy: -.....a major update of its energy policies ashore, calling for improved efficiency, greater conservation and increased use of renewable power to cut energy consumption in half at bases worldwide by the end of the decade

US Refuses to Reveal Details on Downed Turkish Jet... officials claim they know the details regarding the Turkish jet downed by Syria last month, but refuse to reveal them to the public

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama grants DHS power to takeover commercial, private communications in emergency

Homeland Security gains more power through new Obama executive order

NAACP Requires Photo I.D. to See Holder Speak in State Being Sued Over Voter ID

AG Holder on Texas Voter ID Law: 'We Call Those Poll Taxes'

On Obama Adviser's Disclosure Form: 'Bermuda'

Obama and Israel

Israel to deploy Iron Dome system on Egyptian border

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has allegedly deposited nearly $13 million in U.S. taxpayer aid into a secret bank account

NY Times Claims Israel ‘Took’ Yesha from Jordan in 1967 ....Times editorial rewrites history: Israel "took" Judea and Samaria from Jordan in 1967, when Jordan fled the areas in the Six Day war

Republicans: Israelis first to see Obama faults

Joltin' Joe Biden

Joe Biden: Rich Guys Like Mitt Romney Just Don‘t Understand 'Middle Class Folks Like Me'

Biden Warns of 'Six Scalias' on Court Under Romney


Carney denies green-tech outsourcing charge

The most disliked care of the year:  2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco

Senate Democrats Block Obama Tax Plan

US wholesalers boosted stockpiles 0.3 percent in May, sales fell by largest amount in 3 years

Austerity?!? US Centers for Disease Control Publishes Wedding Guide

Texas Is America's Top State for Business 2012

Rising costs push California cities to fiscal brink... Throughout the state, local governments are slashing services to avoid bankruptcy. For some, it's too late.

Third Calif. city votes to declare bankruptcy : San Bernadino

No place to hide in this economy

ND oil output continues rise, 639K barrels in May

The tax code is already more progressive than pre-Reagan

CBO: By the way, the rich already pay more than a fair share in taxes

Small-business confidence drops to lowest level in eight months

Government Motors Inflates Sales By Selling to ... the Government


Obamacare's FSA Contribution Cap Will Tax Chronic Medical Conditions

Auditors say Obama admin. is bending health law

The Republican-led U.S. House votes to repeal President Obama's health care law

Obamacare Now Estimated to Cost $2.6 Trillion in First Decade

A 'Severe . . . Confiscatory' Tax on Religious Freedom

Obama orders health insurance for government's seasonal firefighters

Pelosi Cuts Off Question About Free Sterilization Mandate; Says: 'Let's Go to Church'

Why Is Obama Offering All Women Free Sterilization?

Sebelius to House GOP: Stop fighting Obamacare

6 charts that show the Welfare State run amok

Community Organizer to the World

Campaign Website: Obama Qualified Because He’s Been President Already

Obama camp cites 'scheduling conflict' for NAACP convention no-show

Obama Passes Off NAACP to Biden

Is President Obama Shutting out the Black Press?

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Obama adviser Ursula Burns, Xerox CEO outsourced hundreds of jobs to India last year

Wasserman Schultz: "It Would Be Nice If We Had A Candidate for President Who Was Committed To America"

Nancy Pelosi made between $1-5 million on Asian investments in 2011

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: Find Unregistered Voters And "Shake 'Em"

Michelle Obama urges Latino women to support the president

Michelle Obama campaigns for husband in Florida



Obama’s ATF Targeting Hispanic Gun Buyers

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Former Obama auto czar, Treasury officials break in eleventh hour after years of stonewalling on

Arrogant Obama "Warns"Congress: The National Defense Authorization Act of 2013

Mystery of Obama's 'missing year' at Columbia solved as monitor blames computer error (and not a secret year spent in the CIA)

Joltin' Joe Biden

Sex Jokes?...Biden: 'Those Walls Were Awful Thin, I Wonder How the Hell My Parents Did It'

Obama: Biden 'could not have been a better Vice President'

It's 3am and nobody's there

ICE Chief Says Suspension of Immigration Enforcement Program in Arizona Was 'Not Political'

Russia sends warships to Syria

Iranian Position Paper: We Are Pursuing Nuclear Weapons

NSA chief defends agency against domestic spying charges


Barack Obama Keeps Campaign Promise - Patriot Coal Corp Files For Bankruptcy

Obama's 'Progressive' Tax Plan Actually Screws Over The Little Guy

Obama's Stimulus Tax Dollars Used to Create Jobs Overseas

This Graph Says an Awful Lot About the So-Called 'Recovery'

Reporter Crushes Jay Carney Over Obama Tax Trick

Flashback Obama 2004: "Bush administration most fiscally irresponsible in my lifetime."

Obama’s Tax Hike on Job Creators

Obama compares economy to hurricane in interview with New Orleans reporter

CBO: US posts $900 billion dollar deficit in first nine months of fiscal year 2012

Obama threatens veto of bill combining tax cuts for middle class, top earners

Chevrolet tries no-haggle pricing for U.S. buyers

Chevy offers money-back guarantee on new vehicles

Obamanomics Outsourced

San Bernardino, California, considers bankruptcy

In Maryland, Higher Taxes Chase Out Rich: Study

J.C. Penney lays off 350 workers, shares fall

Obama and Israel

Picture: Jew Hater MD Alam and Joe Biden

Democrat Jew-hatred: Missouri Muslim Politician Claims "no Jews died during the attacks of 9/11": 2008, MD Alam ..satellite campaign manager for Obama and the Democratic party in the Kansas City area.

Obama Administration Slams Levy Report- US officials say the Levy Report's conclusion that Israel is not an 'occupier' in Judea and Samaria is a cause for 'concern'

 Israel’s Plight Ignored... Counterterrorism forum excludes Israel despite state’s record of suffering terrorist attacks

US Ignores Israeli Terror Victims The Israel is one of the world’s largest targets of terror, but the US did not even mention the country at a global anti-terror conference.


Kathleen Sebelius: The Affordable Care Act has made the U.S. health-care system stronger

A State Revolt Against ObamaCare Emerges

House plans five-hour debate on healthcare repeal, WH warns veto

Community Organizer to the World

Barack Obama's Brother to Make Film Debut in Anti- Obama Documentary (Exclusive Video)

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama in Florida: 'We need to keep moving forward'

Michelle Obama to attend western Mass. fundraiser

Board members fighting to stop Michelle Obama from using their school for campaign event

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Video: DWS Nailed On Tax Transparency Hypocrisy

Dem Chair Wasserman Schultz Outsourced Money to Swiss Banks, India

On Obama Adviser’s Valerie Jarrett's Disclosure Form: 'Bermuda'

Biden: 'Romney wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his.'

FLASHBACK: Obama Decries Negative Ads as ‘Disservice’ on ’08 Cedar Rapids Visit

Senior Obama adviser: Romney backers trying to 'purchase' election

Channelling Iowahawk, Robert Gibbs Takes Obama’s 'Car in the Ditch' Metaphor to New Heights of Absurdity

Durbin: Romney's Either Concealing Transactions Or Betting Against Dollar

Debbie Wasserman Shultz..-Noted monitor of tax returns releases no tax returns

BuzzFeed TMZ: Ben Smith Reduced to Stalking Romney Family, Koch Bros.

Anti-Romney protest led by convicted terrorist

Romney Camp: Let's Face It, Obama's a Shameless Liar

Obama and Agenda 21

Study: EPA’s Probe Into Fracking’s Effect on Drinking Water Isn’t So Clean

Energy Department sneaks offshore moratorium past public



FBI unsealing indictment could endanger Terry murder suspects

Brian Terry Murder Indictment Unsealed, Five Charged

Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and an elite squad of federal agents first fired bean bags -- not bullets -- at a heavily armed drug cartel crew

DOJ charges five with Brian Terry’s murder, FBI offers $1M reward for arrests

DOJ inspector general investigates retaliation against Fast and Furious whistle-blowers

Gun-walk critic now heads ATF office in Tusc., AZ

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Campaign Adopts Font Used In Cuban Propaganda Posters............The New Obama Typeface: Revolution Gothic

Hill Poll: Majority believe Obama has changed country for worse


Report: 83 percent of doctors have considered quitting over Obamacare

Texas Rejecting Obamacare

This Is Gov. Rick Perry's Scathing Letter to DHS Saying That Texas Won't Implement Parts of 'Obamacare'

Leaving Canada for medical care 2011

'Affordable' Care Act? Not so much for Sacramento

It's 3am and nobody's there

Odd White House Press Briefing Exchange—in Russian!

How Obama Squandered the Surge

Haitian man freed by Obama when he halted deportations after earthquake 'went on to murder three people'

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Obama outsources financial insinuations about Romney

Obama calls on Romney to disclose more tax returns

Obama Says Romney Needs to Be an 'Open Book'

CNN's Christine Romans played Obama spokesperson ....and accused Republicans of creating "uncertainty" about ObamaCare in trying to repeal it

Gibbs On Economy: Obama Has "Pulled The Bus Out Of The Ditch" (video)

Democrat Party denies delegates to Obama challenger on affirmative action grounds

Fraud: CNN Airs False Accusation That Romney Broke Tax Laws

Obama, Romney battle for media coverage over Bush tax cuts, donations

HBO's 'Newsroom' Becomes MSNBC: Trashes Tea Party, Compares Bachmann to McCarthy

House Democrats blur line between tracking and stalking


Obama Proposal Increases Tax Rates for All Income Brackets by 2014

With Today's Tax Flip-Flop Obama Moves Left of Pelosi, Hits 900K Small Bizs

 California Lottery Takes In A Record $4.4 Billion

President extends Bush-era tax cuts to the middle class for just 1 year

Obama pushing for tax hike on top earners, extension of Bush-era rates for others

Obama to push extension of middle-class tax cuts

Government overpaid $14 billion in unemployment benefits

Denise Rich, the wealthy socialite and former wife of pardoned billionaire trader Marc Rich, has given up her U.S. citizenship

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Transportation Secretary: Without Obama 'No One Would Have Ever Predicted' Lexus Hybrids– Which Debuted in ‘04

Holder postpones Houston trip to Tuesday: Will visit Houston over the voter I.D. case

David Maraniss and Obama's Communist Mentor

Formal complaint seeks disbarment of Eric Holder in DC

More Pow Wow Chow Plagiarism From Elizabeth Warren's Husband?

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama Coming to Miami, Orlando (at a high school)

Obama and Egypt

Carney downplays Obama meeting with new Egyptian president

Islamists’ New Power Upends Assumptions of U.S. Diplomacy

The Obama Administration Is Setting up a Bloodbath in Egypt


Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

DURBIN: Romney Has No Explanation For Swiss Bank Account, Tax Avoidance Schemes

Ben Labolt: Mitt Romney's Offshore Bank Accounts and Tax Returns

 O'MALLEY: Romney Bet Against America With Offshore Accounts

O'MALLEY: 'I've Never Known A Swiss Bank Account To Build An American Bridge'

GIBBS: Mitt Romney Should Release More Tax Returns

DNC Chair: Romney Must Release Additional Tax Returns

Politics Of Diversion: Dems Attack Romney Instead Of Defending Disastrous Jobs Report

DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: Romney "Most Extreme" Presidential Candidate In History On Immigration…

CNN’s Candy Crowley Grills Obama Advisor Over Anti-Romney Attacks Rated False

Obama Ad: Women Are 'Troubled' by Romney’s Abortion Stance

Fox Anchor Calls Out Debbie Wasserman Schultz On Obama 'Talking Points'

ABC Anchor: 'The Best News' - Gas Prices 'Might Drop Another 50 Cents...Just in Time for the Election'

Obama takes dig at Romney’s fancy vacation


DNC Chair: 'Pretty Happy' With Private Sector Job Growth

Next Month's Job Growth Could Be Even Lower

Unemployment Rate Dropped In Every State That Elected A Republican Gov. In 2010

Fact: Obama’s Outsourcing Far Worse Than Romney’s

Obama On Weak Jobs Report: 'Step In The Right Direction' (video)

GM reports increased sales because of government intervention

FLASHBACK: Obama Says You Don't Raise Taxes In A Recession

Adviser Says Obama Is Committed to Raising Taxes At Year’s End

Adviser(Gibbs): Obama 100% Committed to Ending Bush Tax Cuts

Even Scientists Can't Find Jobs In America Today

It's 3am and nobody's there

New TSA Rules: Passengers Must 'Freeze on Command'?

You’re an ally, Hillary Clinton tells Hamid Karzai

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama's 'missing year' at Columbia found? Clearinghouse claims its reports were wrong, transcript still under wraps

Over 3 Dozen “Discrepancies” Found in Barack Obama’s ‘Dreams of My Father’ (Video)

Texas to test 1965 voting rights law in U.S. court: Photo I.D. requirement

Holder DOJ Hires Leftist Firm Catalist in Voter ID Case

Obama and 'The New Party': Socialist ties


The Truth about Fortune Magazine's 'The Truth about the Fast and Furious Scandal'

Holder's unanswered questions

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader Says Jihad on Israel Is Every Muslim’s Duty

Obama invites Egypt's Islamist leader to U.S.................. What Jewish Voters?

Socialists/Communists in the White House

David "The Red" Axelrod’s Communist Roots

Community Organizer to the World

Obama parade parody causes controversy

Black pastors: Pride in Obama 'has turned to shame' over gay marriage:   1300-member coalition of African-American pastors are calling on blacks to boycott President Obama and sign a petition demanding the administration withdraw support for gay marriage

US gay magazine endorses Barack Obama

2008: How Obama steals elections one at a time

Obama and Egypt

Russia Moves on Egypt

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones’ California Cap and Trade Communism... Believes Heat Impacts Blacks the Most


Obama Ethics, Year 4

New Obama Order to take control over communications in a 'crisis':  Executive Order -- Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions

Linguistic analysis uncovers phony names on White House petition

Second Obama cabinet official faces contempt of Congress charge

Is US government reading email without a warrant? It doesn't want to talk about it

Video: Private Investigator Sues Ohio Secretary of State  Over Obama's Social Security Number

Were Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Really Married?

Obama Dead Pool

Eric Holder’s Two Decades Of Concealing Murder


ObamaCare Putting Squeeze on Health Savings Accounts

Is Obamacare Redistributing Wealth to Big Labor?

IPAB: the part of Obamacare that can’t be government within the federal bureaucacy

The tax man cometh to police you on health care

Maine Governor LePage Calls IRS ObamaCare Enforcers 'New Gestapo'


Flashback 2004: Obama Dismisses Job Creation Of 310,000 New Jobs Under Bush…

GM reports increased sales because of government intervention

U.S. pushes for more scientists, but the jobs aren’t there

Company’s closure halts parts manufacturing, support for critical C-130 wildfire system

Illegal Aliens get IRS breaks you aren't: Fraud

Obama administration repeats same jobs line- for the 30th month

Obama calls for rebuilding US economy

Obama 'Recovery' Has Left Workers Worse Off

Obama law could send 1,000 cheap cigarette stores up in smoke

Obama and TARP

Bailed-out AIG wants $30.2 million in tax interest

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Holder says (to National Council of La Raza) civil rights ‘under renewed threat’

Obama ad calls Romney 'the problem' with job losses to China

Barack Obama attacks both Congress and Mitt Romney after weak jobs report

Obama Recalls Humble Childhood Vacations

It's 3am and nobody's there

Russian nuclear-capable bombers intercepted near West Coast in second U.S. air defense zone intrusion in two weeks

Russia: Clinton criticism inappropriate

Illegal Alien Mass Voter Fraud Discovered in FL

Obama: Confused About the Declaration

Hillary Clinton says Afghanistan 'major non-Nato ally'

Community Organizer to the World

Media Refuses to Make Obama Pay Price For Lies

Obama: Most People "Would Acknowledge That I've Tried Real Hard" (video)

Top Ohio Donor: 'It Wasn't Like This Under Clinton'

British Petroleum-Gate

Time-Line video of Obama response to Gulf oil spill (video)

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA Begins Civil Rights Investigation of TVA Coal Ash Disposal


Obama Ethics, Year 4

Rep. Lamar Smith: DOJ used highly partisan group to help with Voter-ID lawsuit against Texas

Interior Dept. IG to be Investigated in Alleged White House Drilling Moratorium Cover-Up

Transparency Ends at the White House Door: ....the Obama administration spent a record-high $12 billion in 2011 to keep government information classified


Sobbing Ohio Woman at Obama Campaign Stop Just Happens to Be "Obama’s Best Fan"

Obama: Americans are ‘penalized’ by ‘so-called individual mandate,’ not taxed

Will Politico Update 'Sobbing Woman Thanks Obama for Health Care Law' Story?....Stephanie Miller an Obama activist

Jay Carney: SCOTUS Was Wrong about the Mandate, Because Obama Says So


Obama administration repeats same jobs line—for the 30th month

Thirty Times the Obama Administration Admonished Americans Not to Read Too Much Into a Montly Jobs Report

Spin Spin Spin: White House Says Employment Not Growing Fast Enough.... - Step in the right the direction

Out of College, Out of Work: Number of College Grads With Jobs Dropped 406,000 in June

780,000 More Women Unemployed Today Than When Obama Took Office

 June Jobs Report Misses Expectations, Unemployment 8.2%....Just 80,000 jobs added in June...

One Third of Jobs at Temp Agencies

237,000 More Americans Went on Disability Than Dropped Off Of Unemployment Since June 2010

Disability Ranks Outpace New Jobs In Obama Recovery

Black Unemployment Increases From 13.6% to 14.4%

Hispanic Unemployment Stuck at 11.0 Percent And black unemployment rises

June jobs swoon: America’s labor market depression continues

10 reasons why jobs market even worse than weak June employment report

The administration created a $20 million grant that will go toward creating green Africa.

President Obama wants more money to continue "Betting on America,"....'... to "Roll Snake Eyes On Green Engergy Again"

Coachella Music Festival Set to Leave California over New Tax

Best Buy to Layoff 2,400 Employees

Obama Admin Allots $1.8 Million to Place Women in Carpentry, Welding Jobs

Alberta, Canada Recruiting U.S. Veterans for 114,000 Jobs

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Obama Administration Calls Pro-Lifers Terrorists Again In DHS Document

Obama Rips Clinton Era in Jobs Report Defense

Obama campaign makes bad jobs number about Romney; Romney responds

Obama says Romney caving under pressure from Limbaugh on health care mandate

'Republicans Want More Debt' and Other Democratic Propaganda


Grassley asks for Justice Department records of field agent memo on Fast and Furious

An Odd Coincidence:  Gunwalker and Watergate...and Jack Caulfield

Remember Fast and Furious’s Mexican Victims

It's 3am and nobody's there

LaHood: Golly, I envy the Chinese government

The high-speed nonsense of Ray Lahood

Community Organizer to the World

Obama confesses: Secretaries pay lower tax rates than their bosses...

‘I,’ ‘Me’—Obama Uses First-Person Pronoun 117 Times in 1 Speech

GOP teachers balk at Obama- centric NEA convention

Public Radio Spins Stagnant Jobs Numbers for Obama: 'Growth Nonetheless!'

Man flips off Obama tour bus

Obama and Israel

 Obama and the ADC President Participates in Confab of Anti-Israel Activists

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood Set to Run Libya: What Could Go Wrong?

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