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If the Republican Convention Could be Opened, Who Would You Replace Romney With?
Freeper Editorial ^ | 17 Jul 12 | Xzins

Posted on 07/17/2012 5:11:59 AM PDT by xzins

Without going to great lengths to establish that there is continuing dissatisfaction with Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee for the presidency, let us play the game of "What If". What if the convention were to somehow become open? Who would you want to be the Republican nominee?

If we were to point out that Romney did not win the support of two-thirds of the primary voters, the reply would be that the process is engineered that way. When there are more than two candidates, one shouldn't be surprised to see a candidate polling much more than a third. That is reasonable. However, it doesn't mitigate the fact that most were not Romney supporters.

We will balance this out in the game of "What If" by placing any of the candidates who ran against Mitt marginally off limits. Participants in the game should not pick Pawlenty, Bachman, Johnson, Huntsman, Paul, Gingrich, Cain, Perry, or Santorum. They have all already lost. We will leave the option open, though, because many believe Romney was aided by the GOP-E, by a complicit media in the tank for him, and by an enormous financial advantage. So, if you absolutely must write-in Bachman's name, then go ahead and do it. (We couldn't really stop you, anyway.)

My criteria for a candidate would be that they be a real conservative. This is the complaint most heard about Romney, that he is a lifelong liberal who governed as a liberal. There is good reason for seeing Romney in this light since just weeks ago he came out in favor of gay couples. Moreover, he announced that at the state level those gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. This is not ancient history. This is recent. Folks might say that Romney has changed here or there, that he's converted to this or that, but the gay couple and gay adoption thing is brand new.

It underscore for those of us who don't support the man that he truly is a radical liberal, and that it's liberalism that's in his bloodstream and not anything that is severely conservative.

So, who would you support if the convention were to open up? If you were a delegate and if Romney announced he was stepping down, to which leader would you turn?

For me, it would have to first be a pro-life candidate. Life is a right and not an issue. Life shouldn't be taken except by due process of law, and that only after one has committed a violation that warrants the death penalty. A pre-born child could never commit such a crime, so no due process could ever make it right to take the life of a pre-born child.

Other minimal requirements would be: pro-God, anti-homosexualism, pro-gun, pro-small government, and pro-American exceptionalism. I could add other qualifications to this list, but we'll just shorten it for the sake of this article.


Let's just offer a few names that have been brought up as possible Vice Presidential nominees (alphabetically): Tom Corbett, Mitch Daniels, Jim DeMint, Susana Martinez, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Rob Portman, Condi Rice, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rick Snyder, and Alan West. Some of these might or might not fit the requirements I've listed above, but they are a starting list. I'm sure there are others who should be considered. Feel free to add other names.

So, vote now. If the Republican Convention were to suddenly open up, if we suddenly found ourselves rid of Mitt, for whom would you vote to be the nominee of the Republican Party?

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To: xzins


41 posted on 07/17/2012 5:35:15 AM PDT by dinodino
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To: Timber Rattler


42 posted on 07/17/2012 5:35:44 AM PDT by boomop1 (term limits will only save this country.)
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To: dirtboy

Reminds me a lot of when we got the list of the JOURNOLIST crowd in the MSM. There really was a far leftwingtard conspiracy ~ and we found out who they were.

43 posted on 07/17/2012 5:35:44 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: Why So Serious


44 posted on 07/17/2012 5:35:54 AM PDT by Mr. K (sorry for typos - fat-fingers+small laptop keyboard+bad eyesight)
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To: xzins

I prefer not to engage in fruitless Paulbot intellectual exercises that aren’t going to happen. Romney sucks, and it’s going to take a strong GOP majority congress to keep him in line (which means some of you need to get off your lazy whiny asses and help those candidates win), but the difference between Romney and Obama is stark.

It’s this simple: having to keep Romney’s liberal tendencies in check, versus a mental unstable megalomaniac who is attempting to unleash a fascist dictatorship the likes Hitler never dreamed up, one where night and day you are hunted by troops and drones, where most of your community is dead, and if you aren’t your scraping for a few bits of food and water while watching out for the ever present drones. Because I guarantee you Agenda 21 is going to be implemented on his watch.

Liberal tendencies v. Fascist Terminator Hell. Hmmm, easy choice to me.

45 posted on 07/17/2012 5:35:54 AM PDT by Free Vulcan (Election 2012 - America stands or falls. No more excuses. Get involved.)
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To: xzins

I love Allen West.

I love that he chews up the media and spits them out.

I love that he doesn’t take any guff from the pansy press.

I love that he freaks-out the leftists and bolsheviks.

I love that he is an unashamed professing Christian.

I love that he is not afraid to defend the Constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign.

I don’t know any other political figure that measures up to Allen West.

46 posted on 07/17/2012 5:37:00 AM PDT by Westbrook (Children do not divide your love, they multiply it.)
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To: xzins

That’s easy: Palin

47 posted on 07/17/2012 5:37:47 AM PDT by SMARTY ("The man who has no inner-life is a slave to his surroundings. "Henri Frederic Amiel)
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To: Yashcheritsiy

Is Walker pro-life?

48 posted on 07/17/2012 5:38:37 AM PDT by xzins (Retired Army Chaplain and Proud of It! Those who truly support our troops pray for their victory!)
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To: Nip; xzins

For you to side with Roberts, who has institutionalized
RomneyCARE/ObamaCARE/DeathPanels and mandates,
and Mr. RomneyCARE, the limp, meek, ALWAYS DEFENSIVE,
pro-Democrat, pro-TARP, author of RomneyCARE/ObamaCARE,
is taking the side of the MSM (who support Romney 24/7

You might want to get a cup of coffee and wake up.

49 posted on 07/17/2012 5:38:55 AM PDT by Diogenesis ("Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. " Pres. Ronald Reagan)
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To: xzins


50 posted on 07/17/2012 5:41:06 AM PDT by WakeUpAndVote
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To: xzins

I personally would go with a Santorum / Gingrich ticket.

51 posted on 07/17/2012 5:41:40 AM PDT by cripplecreek (What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?)
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To: dirtboy

our battle is to push as many conservatives over the line in down-ticket races?

Hear hear! (or is it here here!?)

I’ll even vote for the Rombot. (and shower for at least 1 hour to get the funk off). But I am in the peoples republic of Minnesota. So it likely would not matter.

However.. If it pushes Romney over the top in the popular vote it would be fun to watch heads explode in CA. I think they award their electors via the popular vote now.

52 posted on 07/17/2012 5:42:50 AM PDT by cableguymn (For the first time in my life. I fear my country's government.)
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To: xzins

You are kidding right?

I’m not thrilled with Romney in the least, but seriously, replace the candidate,66 days or so before the actual election???? You do realize that’s political suicide don’t you?

Sure it makes nice “What If” daydreaming, but you want to lose an election, that’s probably the most guaranteed way to do it!

In fact, no one has come out of a brokered convention in the modern era and won the election. 2 Months is just not enough time to build up what you need to win.

Yes, there are tons of others I would have loved to have seen be the nominee, but the fact is many didn’t run.. PALIN.. come on guys, she didn’t even bother running or trying to and now you daydream of her being the candidate? Be serious.. I like the woman, but if she wasn’t willing to fight for it, she has no business in the fight.

Nice diversion, but we have who we have, wasting energy daydreaming about others doesn’t help get Obama out of the White House, and that’s what matters most at this point.

53 posted on 07/17/2012 5:42:50 AM PDT by HamiltonJay
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To: ClearCase_guy


54 posted on 07/17/2012 5:44:04 AM PDT by Jabba the Nutt (.Are they stupid, malicious or evil?)
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To: Westbrook

I say we put West in as the head of the RNC..

55 posted on 07/17/2012 5:44:04 AM PDT by cableguymn (For the first time in my life. I fear my country's government.)
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To: xzins


56 posted on 07/17/2012 5:44:16 AM PDT by freekitty (Give me back my conservative vote; then find me a real conservative to vote for)
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To: xzins

Given, this is not very likely anyway, I would let Romney remain (despite acknowledging he is the GOP equivalent to Obama) — but name Gingrich as VP, and appoint LTC Allen West, Sarah Palin, John Bolton, Herman Cain and Rick Perry to appropriate cabinet positions and promise to clean house immediately - specifically announcing all political ties are to be broken with Carl Rove, Grover Norquist and every entity/individual linked to those two slimey Islamophiles.

57 posted on 07/17/2012 5:44:20 AM PDT by wtd
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To: wtd

Might as well put Paul in the cabinet to. He’ll clean out the fed quite nicely for you.

58 posted on 07/17/2012 5:46:04 AM PDT by cableguymn (For the first time in my life. I fear my country's government.)
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To: Free Vulcan; P-Marlowe; cripplecreek; greyfoxx39; kabar; mkjessup; SoConPubbie; Yashcheritsiy; ...
It’s this simple: having to keep Romney’s liberal tendencies in check

Well, if the above line is what you really believe, then you should absolutely love this thread.

This thread reminds Mitt that he's rejected by conservatives, that his support is shallow or not at all, and that he'd better toe the line.

What is here for you to dislike?

I'd email a copy of it to his HQ just hold his feet to the fire.

Or are we talking about the kind of "hold mitt accountable" where no one ever says anything, where they meekly scrape and bow, and where they refuse to rock the boat no matter what kind of assinine comment or decision he makes?

I'm getting tired of the "we're going to keep him accountable" crowd that does nothing but spin, spin, spin when he makes a mistake.

That "hold him accountable" crowd let his gay couple/gay adoption annoucement glide by without starting a raging storm against him. Is that what is meant by "hold accountable?"

59 posted on 07/17/2012 5:47:57 AM PDT by xzins (Retired Army Chaplain and Proud of It! Those who truly support our troops pray for their victory!)
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To: muawiyah
Don't be silly. All that's happening is we are surfacing the secret RINOs, and right here on FR of all places.

Uh, no, we are not.

Let's see the choice here, between the major candidates, pro and con.

Obama - he is tanking the economy with his policies. He is abusing executive power. He and his lackeys flaunt the law.

I doubt there are more than a handful of FR posters remaining who wanted Romney all along. The strong majority of persons are not pro-Romney but are instead ABO. A reasoned case can be made that a Romney win would lead to a significant improvement in the economy and may curtail the abuses of power that we see with Obama, and may lead to better judicial appointments.

Romney - you can't trust a word he says. If Obama wins, the GOP in Congress would fight his socialism. If Romney wins, the GOP-E would join with Dems to push socialism-lite. A Romney win would entrench the GOP-E and make it almost impossible in the near-to-mid term to implement the kind of changes needed to repair entitlements and other perils to our financial stability. In other words, it would be, IMO, a pyrhhic victory.

IMO those who support Romney see it is imperative to get Obama out of office to curtail the damage Obama can do with four more years in the hopes that Romney in the long run would do less damage. I think the first half is a valid statement. The second half is dubious.

But all that aside, I get back to my core point - why on Earth would the GOP-E go along with replacing Romney in Tampa when his candidacy has done more damage to conservative unity than they could have dreamt of a year ago? They have to be absolutely giddy with glee.

And the solution is not to cave and vote Romney. The solution, IMO, is to realize that we have far more in common with the people on FR we are attacking than the real foes we face - the socialists in both parties. So far, they are winning and we are losing.

We lost the war in the GOP primary. No point in bayoneting the injured who still remain. We need to get back on our feet and work for conservatives down-ticket and try to repair the damage to get ready for 2012 and 2014. And we need to learn from this disaster - we cannot fight among ourselves and expect to be effective fighting those who truly wish our demise.

60 posted on 07/17/2012 5:49:11 AM PDT by dirtboy
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