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Updated: ‘Absolutely mobbed’ - Chick-Fil-A restaurants deluged
Life Site News ^ | August 1, 2012 | KATHLEEN GILBERT

Posted on 08/01/2012 3:10:41 PM PDT by NYer

WASHINGTON, August 1, 2012 ( - Countless lunchgoers posted pictures on their Facebook pages and Twitter showing their Chick-Fil-A stores and drive-thrus stuffed to the gills on Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, a show of support for CEO Dan Cathy’s Biblical stance on marriage.

Conservative leaders from across America described the chicken-crazed chaos.

Jim Sedlak of the American Life League said that “our little Chick-Fil-A in Stafford, Virginia was absolutely mobbed at lunch time,” forcing hungry families to journey over from nearby parking lots.

“They have a very little parking lot, but it was just absolutely mobbed today. It was terrific,” Sedlak told over the telephone. He said the drive through line “snaked almost twice around the building” and, “from the size of the bags people were carrying out, purchasing LOTS of food.”

“Drive thru 1/4 mile long and an epic crowd outside waiting. No parking for 1/4 mile,” Troy Newman of Pro-Life Nation, which is based in Wichita, Kan., told LSN in an email from his mobile phone. “And it’s 106 degrees! Get me a peach shake.”

Both mainstream media and local media are taking notice. NPR noted with photos that the Appreciation Day brought out “supportive crowds,” while the Huffington Post posted a liveblog streaming news of luncheoning marriage supporters, contrasted with sentiment from opponents. ABC and CNN noted the “throngs” of “thousands” supporting the event, while the U.K.‘s Guardian newspaper catalogued the chicken-fest from afar with a collection of Twitter updates.

Another marriage supporter said she was “a little disappointed” when she saw no crowd in the morning, but the quarter-mile drive through backup at lunch made up for it.

“Once I got into the place, you could hardly move.  It was rockin’!  And no one seemed to mind the wait.  Everyone was smiling and high-fiving each other,” she said. A friend said the nearby restaurant in a shopping mall was also packed.

Blogger Jill Stanek told LSN simply, “overcrowded” - with a picture of a sign directing Chick-Fil-A parking to the home improvement megastore Lowe’s.

Cassie Dignam, marketing manager of the Chick-Fil-A in Orland Park, IL, told Stanek the business was “crazy since 9 am” despite having been barely aware of the event themselves.  “We heard about the Chick-Fil-A appreciation day through the media. It isn’t sponsored by us,” she said. “We’ve had more customers today than we had at our grand opening.”

As fans line up for a hot chicken lunch at Chick-Fil-A Wednesday to support the company’s stance for traditional marriage, one family leader is calling on participants to snap photos of the event at their local restaurant and send them in for publishing on his Facebook page.

Over 600,000 people joined the Facebook event for Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, vowing to “Eat More Chikin” at their local restaurant.

Bryan Fischer, Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association (AFA) and host of talk radio program Focal Point, is calling on all involved in the August 1 “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day” to help him collect proof of participation of those who decided to “eat mor chikin” than usual that day. Photos can be sent to focalpoint (at), along with information on the location, what was ordered and when.

“Be Creative and your picture will be more likely posted,” said a post on the Focal Point Facebook page Wednesday.

The attacks against Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy for defending traditional marriage has made unlikely allies, with the likes of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and former Sen. Rick Santorum siding with the American Civil Liberties Union to decry discrimination against Cathy’s right to his religious beliefs.

The mayors of Boston, Chicago and D.C. have meanwhile joined a chorus of liberal personalities calling for the famously Christian restaurant to be banished, declaring belief in traditional marriage tantamount to bigotry against homosexuals: D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray in a tweet Friday dubbed the chain “hate chicken.”

The crusade against traditional marriage supporters marks a new epoch unleashed after President Obama walked back his own long-held position in favor of traditional marriage, finally declaring support for redefining the institution in May after months of speculation.

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Some images from around the US of A

Chesterfield, MO

1 posted on 08/01/2012 3:10:49 PM PDT by NYer
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To: netmilsmom; thefrankbaum; Tax-chick; GregB; saradippity; Berlin_Freeper; Litany; SumProVita; ...

Even the nuns went out of their way to show their support! This was at the Burlington Mall in MA.

2 posted on 08/01/2012 3:13:18 PM PDT by NYer (Without justice, what else is the State but a great band of robbers? - St. Augustine)
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To: NYer

$15 T-shirt:—T-shirt-Color-red-Cotton-Preshrunk/dp/B004NMCZFO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1343859035&sr=8-1&keywords=chick-fil-A+shirt

3 posted on 08/01/2012 3:14:45 PM PDT by gaijin
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To: gaijin

Unfortunately, we now know that is bankrolling the anti-Christians on the marriage issue.

4 posted on 08/01/2012 3:19:30 PM PDT by madprof98
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To: NYer

5 posted on 08/01/2012 3:22:43 PM PDT by R. Scott (Humanity i love you because when you're hard up you pawn your Intelligence to buy a drink)
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To: NYer

I will go Friday after I get my SS check.

6 posted on 08/01/2012 3:23:12 PM PDT by Petruchio (I Think . . . Therefor I FReep.)
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To: NYer; The Mayor; Sun; Salvation; GOPJ; Libloather
The crusade against traditional marriage marked a new epoch after vote-crazed President Obama sucked up to gays by declaring support for redefining the institution of marriage last May.

The idiot dancing mayor of Chicago (Ohaha's ex-COS) also said something stupid about Chick-fil-a .... surprising Rahm's idiot ex-boss in the WH hasn’t yet attacked Chick-fil-A on its opposition to same-sex marriage.

No way Ohaha's gonna touch that issue.

Mmmmmmm.....remember the goofy, dorky look Obama had on his face after he came out for SSM....knowing his sucking up to gays had shot Romney's numbers into the stratosphere?

That was a memorable Ohaha campaign of many.

Walking it back.

"Duh, when I said I was for same sex marriage,
I certainly did not mean SSM for humans."

7 posted on 08/01/2012 3:25:39 PM PDT by Liz
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To: NYer

I don’t know how to post pictures, but I’m in line at Chik-Fil-A in Monroeville, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh. If I had to guess, I’d say we won’t be eating for at least another hour.

And there are two lonely lesbians in the parking lot flipping us off. Boo hoo.

8 posted on 08/01/2012 3:30:09 PM PDT by surroundedbyblue (Live the message of Fatima - pray & do penance!)
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To: gaijin

Before ordering anything from Amazon, you might want to check this out.$2.5m-in-support-of-same-sex-marriage/

9 posted on 08/01/2012 3:33:33 PM PDT by Gator113 (***YOU GAVE it to Obama. I would have voted for NEWT.~Just livin' life, my way~)
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To: NYer

rather then standing in that line my wife and I eat their last night which was still packed

10 posted on 08/01/2012 3:34:49 PM PDT by Steve Van Doorn (*in my best Eric Cartman voice* 'I love you, guys')
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To: NYer

Here in SE Houston the line of cars went back a quarter of a mile waiting to get in. There is a big WalMart across the street and constant pedestrian traffic over the 4-lane to get to the Chick-Fil-A. I waited in the line of traffic to show support until I realized I would be late for work. Then came back mid-afternoon to get lunch and a carry-out supper. Still took me 5 minutes to even get into the parking lot at 3 PM.

11 posted on 08/01/2012 3:34:50 PM PDT by GrinFranklin
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To: NYer
12 posted on 08/01/2012 3:39:21 PM PDT by 12chachacha (I just learned how, like THIS)
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To: NYer

Boycott them! /s

It will drive them outta business or at least change their attitute to a more correck view.

13 posted on 08/01/2012 3:45:52 PM PDT by Vendome (Don't take life so seriously, you won't live through it anyway)
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To: NYer

Hey, Mayor. Take your ‘VALUES’ and SHOVE THEM WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE! It will probably be enjoyable for you.

14 posted on 08/01/2012 3:52:20 PM PDT by greenhornet68
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To: surroundedbyblue
I don’t know how to post pictures, but

...but now you have no excuses!

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15 posted on 08/01/2012 3:56:36 PM PDT by null and void (Day 1289 of our ObamaVacation from reality - Heroes aren't made Frank, they're cornered...)
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To: NYer
At 4:30 PM in Gulfport, Mississippi, I passed a local Chick-Fil-A and there were 3 Motorcycle policemen directing traffic... which was backing up the South bound lanes on Highway 49 for several blocks. There were two lines of cars in the drive through and I saw what appeared to be an employee delivering food to the outside lane of cars while another was taking orders. The North parking lot of a Best Buy next door was jammed packed to capacity and the police were diverting traffic onto an east west service road until parking spots opened up. My first generation Motorola Android died or I would have snapped some pics.

A Hardees only three doors down, had exactly ONE car in its lot. A McD's two blocks away had about 4 cars and no one in the drive through lane. Burger King was also dead.

I honked my horn as I passed and I was met by a harmonic symphony! GOD is alive and well and smiling upon Chick-Fil-A today. We won one for HIM today! Praise GOD!


16 posted on 08/01/2012 4:00:11 PM PDT by LibLieSlayer (Don't Tread On Me)
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To: Steve Van Doorn
Hope those queer loving Mayors in Boston, Chi, etc., have a feeling after that they would have after they had dropped the soap in the shower with their favored constituents.

We are in a war with our God as a nation, and we need to get out nation back before his wrath

17 posted on 08/01/2012 4:02:36 PM PDT by oldtimer (Q)
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To: NYer
Chick-fil-A at 27th Ave. and the 101 in Phoenix, AZ Chick Fil A, 8/1/2012 In Line, 8/1/2012
18 posted on 08/01/2012 4:07:15 PM PDT by stansblugrassgrl (PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION!!! YEEEEEHAW!)
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To: madprof98; gaijin
That shirt is also for sale on the Chick-Fil-A website.
19 posted on 08/01/2012 4:10:07 PM PDT by Future Snake Eater (
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To: NYer

I’ll be looking for coverage of this on NBC, NYT,et al...

20 posted on 08/01/2012 4:11:02 PM PDT by bigbob
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