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"The List",Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-Fifth Week in Office ^ | 8/10/12 | Nachum

Posted on 08/10/2012 8:15:34 AM PDT by Nachum


President Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-Fifth Week in Office


It's 3am and nobody's there

Department of Homeland Security orders over a half ton of high explosives, delivery date by 31 August, 2012.

U.S. gives military aid to nations with child soldiers

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Embattled Stephanie Cutter Drops ABC "This Week" Appearance

Obama camp acknowledges knowing man's story

Audio: Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter On Call With Man From Cancer Ad Telling His Story…

Obama camp denies knowledge of cancer tale it told in May

Video: Obama campaign now pretending it didn’t know details of steelworker’s story - after featuring him in two ads

Flashback: Obama condemned PAC attacks in 2007

Was the Obama Super PAC steelworker ad filmed at the same time as Obama’s steelworker campaign ad?

New Romney ad slams Obama over HHS contraception mandate

Sheldon Adelson sues Jewish Democrat group for $60 million

Obama Now Scapegoating Jewish Donor Adelson

Huffington Post Tries to Connect Governor Romney to Death Squads

Community Organizer to the World

Unions preparing to send 300,000 volunteers out to support Obama’s re-election

Lady Gaga's mother, Valerie Jarrett team up to stop bullying (Video)

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

The Abedin Family’s Pro-Jihadist Journal...a thinly veiled mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Sharia-supremacist agenda

Muslim Brotherhood Worldview of the Abedin Family Pseudo-Academic Journal

Gingrich Defends Investigations Into Links Between Obama Administration And Muslim Brotherhood

Our Government and the Muslim Brotherhood - My Speech in Washington: Andrew McCarthy

Obama and Israel

Israel defense chief says Obama has new NIE bringing U.S. worries over Iran in line with Israel's

60 Egyptian Tanks in Sinai -Egypt reportedly sends 60 tanks, 400 armored vehicles to El Arish in biggest deployment since 1979

Huffington Post Calls Romney's Jewish Fans 'A Pack of Orthodox Jews'


High-ranking Mexican drug cartel operative currently in U.S. custody is making startling allegations that the failed federal gun-walking operation known as “Fast and Furious” isn’t what you think it is. .....It wasn’t about tracking guns, it was about supplying them - all part of an elaborate agreement between the U.S. government and Mexico’s powerful Sinaloa Cartel to take down rival cartels.

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Bipartisan group of legislators demands stronger probe into Delphi pension scandal

IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by immigrants

Barack Obama's Brother to Appear in Anti-Obama Documentary

FNC’s Peter Johnson Says Stephanie Cutter Could Face Charges From FEC For Saying She Did Not Know Soptic

ATF violating dealer license revocation rules in defiance of policy and law


Don't fire me, Obama says: 'We’ve got too many jobs to create'

Obama: Let's repeat auto industry success with every manufacturing industry

Obama campaign, Treasury rely on incomplete GAO report to defend Delphi decision

 E-mails show Chu, DoE staffers claiming "total victory" over WH skeptics of green-tech subsidies program

U.S. Debt Just Grew by $11 Trillion.............- to $222 trillion

Study: Census data show high immigrant participation on US welfare rolls

Number of homes facing foreclosure rose in July

Obama and Agenda 21

Next from the EPA: Four-Gallon- minimum Gas Purchases

An agency of the Department of Transportation (DOT) is walking back an onerous rule change that would have primarily affected trucks at fracking sites after GOP congressmen and industry officials have cried foul.

Napolitano accused of double- dealing after DHS levies $15M fine for towing a rig

E-mails about clean-energy loans provide new details on White House involvement


Health Care Bill Closer to Reality, Child Support to be Extended to 26

Baltimore Archbishop: Catholic Voters Can’t Vote for a Candidate Who stands for Intrinsic Evil

Obama and Goldman Sachs

U.S. will not prosecute Goldman Sachs, employees for Abacus deal

Goldman Sachs Leads Split With Obama, as GE Jilts Him Too



CBO: 30 Million Will Remain Uninsured Under Obamacare

 Obama Campaign Speech: No Compromise on Abortion Mandate

Presidential Advisor Jarrett Touts Contraception Mandate at Anti-Bullying Summit

A Gut Check on What Obama Means by 'Fairness'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Brennan: leaks have been 'devastating...unconscionable'

Obama Administration Making Concessions to the Taliban


Obama Complains that Michelle Doesn't Make Money As First Lady (video)

Over 100 Million Now Receiving Federal Welfare

China Firm to Buy Control of U.S.-Backed Battery Maker

Obama Blames State and Local Governments, Congress for 14.1 Percent Black Unemployment

Gas prices climb 30 cents a gallon

Meet the real workers Obama screwed over: Lost GM Pensions


Report: ATF gun part of plan to kill Juarez police chief Julián Leyzaola

Peter Forcelli, an ATF agent who blew the whistle on management lapses in the gun trafficking scandal known as Fast and Furious, has reached an agreement with the bureau over his retaliation claims.

Report: Drug cartel used Fast and Furious weapon in failed assassination plot

Judicial Watch Raises Questions About Veracity of Holder Testimony on New Black Panther Party

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Is "President" Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice For 21 Years Following An Auto Accident in Honolulu County, Hawaii on March 12, 1982?

Obama administration: Trust us on detention... Offers conditional assurances that all's constitutional

Top NY Homeland Security Cop Sues Napolitano; Alleges Obama DHS Officials' Anti-Straight Discrimination, Demands for Oral Sex – "J-No Appointed Lesbian Girlfriend, ICE Chief of Staff Harassed Male Agents"

Book: Blagojevich said he believed $25,000 was channeled to Obama

The microfilm of Obama’s Kenyan ties now mysteriously missing

Justice Department Watchdog Creates Whistleblower Post

Jarrett ignores questions on terminated non-union Delphi pensions (Video)

Did White House Commit Perjury About GM Bailout?

Did Senator Obama dodge taxes on a $400,000 gift from Tony Rezko?

Obama’s Welfare Free Lunch: 1996: Joined the New Party

Young Obama’s Dreams of a Communist Revolution in America

Former Obama Classmate Challenges the President to Release His College Records

Is Obama Gay?

White House: Obama opposes Boy Scouts’ ban on gays

Community Organizer to the World

In Denver, Obama campaigns on free contraception,....Sandra Fluke introduces him

 Knights of Columbus greet Obama recording with silence

Elizabeth Warren daughter secretly behind effort by Mass to register 500k welfare recipients

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Flashback: Obama Team Accused U.S. Chamber of Using 'Secret Foreign Money' in 2010

Sununu: Obama Calls Romney A Felon, But He Hangs Around Them

Team Obama denies knowing story of man in its TV ad, call

Obama campaign: Don't blame us for ad blaming Romney for cancer death

Gibbs on indefensible ad: Let’s change the subject

Gibbs Refuses To Criticize Romney-Responsible-For-Woman's-Death Ad

Jay Carney: I don’t speak for Harry Reid, but Romney sure could resolve this by releasing those tax returns


Obama Ethics, Year 4

General Services Administration - with the Blessing of the Obama White House -Tells Law Enforcement to "Stand Down" and Not Enforce the Law Against Occupy Protestors According to Records Uncovered by Judicial Watch

Leaked DHS Doc Shows Obama Amnesty Provides Safe Harbor To Criminal Aliens

Did Obama admin officials lie to Congress about Delphi pension termination?

 Emails: Geithner, Treasury drove cutoff of non-union Delphi workers' pensions

Eric Holder's DOJ Legalizes Online Gambling; Donors and Friends Make Big Money

Franken Election: When 1,099 felons vote in race won by 312 ballots

New Book Alleges That Voter Fraud Could Be Responsible For Election That Handed Senate Seat To Al Franken

Associated Press: US employers post the most jobs in 4 years


Obamacare Allows Abortion Funding, Doesn’t Cover Pregnancies to 26

Papa John's: 'Obamacare' will raise pizza prices

Community Organizer to the World

Carney: Being President "Restricts" Obama's Ability To Campaign

 Jordan, NBA players to hold basketball-themed fundraisers for Obama in New York

 Sandra Fluke to campaign with Obama in Denver


WH to Spend $7 Billion on Green Energy Contracts For Military

$1.3 billion in ‘clean energy’ subsidies produce 288 jobs, quadruple cost of electricity in NV

Flashback1997: Text of Obama's speech on welfare reform in the Illinois State Senate

Killing Welfare Reform: Obama Runs on Clinton Legacy While Dismantling It

Report says Obama amnesty plan will add 1.76 million new workers

Obama and TARP

  Report: Cronyism, political donations likely behind Obama, Holder failure to charge any bankers after 2008 financial meltdown

One of President Obama’s newest high-dollar fundraisers is a mortgage investment kingpin with close ties to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac..  Douglas Krupp

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

The History of MPAC

Obama-Backed Muslim Group Blaming Bachmann for Sikh Shooting Blamed Jews for 9/11 Attacks: Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

Obama and Israel

Israel said to be readying October attacks on Iranian nuclear sites: Administration is asking for "more time" for sanctions to work

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

White House disses Drudge Report: 'Be mindful of your sources'

Joe Soptic's Wife:  After losing her job with Bain company- Lost health care, gets cancer.  Obama Bundler was running Bain, not Romney.... Obama Bundler Kills Woman, Media Silent  ; Cancer Victim Had Health Insurance For Year or Two After Bain Closed Plant, She died 5 years after the plant closing

In Obama super-PAC ad, worker ties wife’s death to Romney

Obama campaign looks for dirt on Rubio, Portman

 Romney: President's jab is a bunch of 'Obamaloney'

Obama and Agenda 21

Video: EPA Targets Florida With Outrageous "Water Tax"

Obama Administration To Accelerate Seven New Green Energy Plants

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones: Nancy Pelosi is 'greatest ever'


Obama Ethics, Year 4

The South African company that paid senior White House adviser David Plouffe $100,000 to deliver two speeches is accused of trafficking illegal arms to Iran,

WaPo: Plouffe took $100,000 from firm doing business in Iran

Navy SEAL Forced to Retire for Criticizing Obama's Policies

Issa to Obama Chief of Staff: Tell Us Who's Been Using Personal Email for Official Business

 Obama has not taken a serious question from the White House press corps in nearly seven weeks

The Pro-Soviet Agent of Influence Who Gave Barack Obama His First Job In Politics (pdf file)

Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival held a critical National Press Club event: The Vetting: Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection.

White House considers executive order, leaves Internet takeover a possibility

Gibson Guitar Corp. Strikes Deal with Justice Dept. to Avoid Prosecution

Obama's power grab flouts Constitution

Obama’s Drive to Disenfranchise Soldiers

Obama’s College Classmate: 'The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia'

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Abedin Family Journal Promoted Muslim Brotherhood Views

Huma Abedin and Form 86

Obama and Israel

Israeli officials slam Obama's 'wretched' Iran red line

When Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Insulted Palestinian Culture

Obama and Agenda 21

Ousted EPA administrator vows to "stop the construction of any new coal plants in Texas"

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

 Obama aides say president now has personal 'genuine disdain' for Romney

Obama dubs Romney 'Romney Hood' - robbing the poor to help the rich

White House: Sen. Reid 'speaks for himself' on Romney tax returns

CNN’s Candy Crowley Grills W.H. Advisor Robert Gibbs Over Demands for Romney’s Tax Returns

 Gibbs Defends Harry Reid: "Have You Ever Seen Anybody Go To Such Great Lengths To Not Put Something Out?"

Stephanopoulos Takes On Wasserman- Schultz: Will You Repudiate Harry Reid’s Comments?


Gallup: Americans Spend $151 a Week on Food; the High-Income Earners, $180

The Real 'Stimulus' Record


Solyndra takes the gold for crony capitalism

It's 3am and nobody's there

India blames the White House for the Wisconsin Massacre

Carney on Plouffe’s speeches: 'Political criticism'

The Polish president has accused Barack Obama of betraying Poland by cancelling a promised missile defence system.

Community Organizer to the World

Obama campaign mobile app reveals which of your neighbors are registered Dems


Obama: America needs "soul searching" on gun violence

Gun That 'Walked' in Fast & Furious Reportedly Involved in Plot to Kill Mexican Police Chief

Justice Department and ATF officials have described the controversial gun-walking tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious as an aberration, but ATF agents have employed variations of the same surveillance techniques for decades.

WH: DOJ will work on background checks for guns until Congress passes gun laws

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: ‘Building Our Economy Starts With the Restaurants

Michelle Obama wants to adopt new BFF Grant Hill

How much did Obama's visit cost Mansfield?


Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama goes after Romney Contributer Adelson: Govt probes Las Vegas Sands Corp. on money laundering


GDP Growth the Latest in a Series of Incorrect Obama Economic Forecasts

On FNS, David Axelrod Dodges Why It's Ok To Increase Taxes Now With Less Economic Growth

Gas prices soar to $4 a gallon, could go higher

 Obama's Real Unemployment Rate Is In Double Digits

2010 Flashback: Obama, Biden declare 'Recovery Summer'

Axelrod Denies Ever Touting A "Recovery Summer" (video)

For Team Obama, recovery is always just around the corner


Obama embraces health care law after court ruling

It's 3am and nobody's there

World Picture of Obama holding baseball bat angers Turkish political circles

Bringing the War Back Home. "Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland": Getting the military to start preparing for the violent repression of its own citizenry. US Army "deep thinker" creates an "enemy" out of the Tea Parties & "extremist militias." "Red Teaming" from an Ignorance-Inspired Faulty Premise.

Army colonel ignites firestorm with article on crushing a 'tea party insurgency'

Community Organizer to the World

Record Spending by Obama’s Camp Shrinks Coffers

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Rove: Why Isn't Obama Distancing Himself From Harry Reid's Attack On Romney?

Democrats Versus Military Voters: Not the First Time

Axelrod defends suit on Ohio military voting law, calls Romney's stance 'shameful'

Wait, the U.S. economy actually lost 1.2 million jobs in July?....that’s not how it got reported


ATF head Jones avoiding volunteered evidence about earlier gun operation

Obama and Israel

Romney Releases Ad Contrasting Policies with Obama on Israel and Jerusalem

Obama and Egypt

Terrorists Kill 20 Egyptian Soldiers, Fail to Enter Israel.... Egyptians said to be killed by terrorists, who were eliminated as they tried to enter Israel in an APC. Dozens of rockets fired at Israel.


Community Organizer to the World

Obama Fundraisers to Deny Thousands a Day at the Beach...Obama shuts down public beach


Obama brings back Biden pitch, suggests tax-paying 'patriotic'

Obama Economic Plan Would Explode Debt to $25.4 Trillion

China Buys U.S. Businesses at Record Pace; Plus Unemployment to 8.3%

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones: GOP, Tea Party 'Want To Hurt Americans Economically So They Can Gain Politically'

Obama Ethics, Year 4

GOP asks White House for details of personal email use

Henry Waxman Hits Obama over Transparency

Obama camp: Romney's Ohio voting claim 'shameful'

Joe Biden: "It’s the members of the military and veterans who fought for everyone’s right to vote. The attempt to restrict their voting rights in Ohio - along with the voting rights of all Ohioans — is shameful."

Mitt Romney Talks About Efforts To Impede Military Voting In Ohio

It's 3am and nobody's there

Killer of American Troops set free: Ali Mussa Daqduq.  Obama would not transfer to Gitmo.

Are COIN Foot Patrols Winning "Afghan Trust" or Just Losing American Limbs?

Birthday Golf for Obama: Plays 104th roaund of golf

Obama and Israel

Muslim Brotherhood Joins War in Syria.... Israel may be faced with a choice of two evils if Assad falls: Al Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood. Both groups have jumped into the war.

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

New SuperPAC exposing Obama administration's racism:



Obama and Agenda 21

'Wild Lands 2.0': Defeated Salazar Policy Resurrected in Back-Door BLM Move....- Lawmakers compared the policies and found the new language to be even "harsher" than the controversial Wild Lands proposal in the "carte blanche authority" granted.  Western lawmakers are crying foul over new Interior Department guidelines that resurrect the controversial Wild Lands policy that was killed by Congress in April 2011.

It's 3am and nobody's there

Terrorist Who Killed US Soldiers Freed Because Obama Would Not Bring to Gitmo


Obama chief of staff Daley briefed on Solyndra concerns six months before bankruptcy


Coal CEO Tells Soledad O'Brien 'Obama Responsible Entirely for Closure of Mine and Loss of Jobs'

Oil Prices Jump on US Jobs Data

Former Obama economic adviser on jobs report: What did you expect from our measly growth rate?

Jobless Rate Rises, Government Says 'Essentially Unchanged'

Unemployment rises, WH calls it 'evidence' of recovery

1-800-FOOD-STAMPS: How states expand eligibility for welfare program

Obama Recovery: 7.5 Million Have Given Up Looking for Work Since June '09

175,000 Fewer Women Held Jobs in July; 94,000 Dropped Out of Labor Force

195,000 Fewer Americans Had Jobs in July; 150,000 Dropped Out of Labor Force

4.4 Million 'Permanent Job Losers in July

Weak US hiring expected for fourth straight month

July jobs report: 163K jobs added, 8.3% jobless rate

Big miss in June manufacturing: Orders down 0.5%, shipments down 1.1%

Energy Dept. spends $43 billion on researching better electric car batteries

GM's Ongoing Tax Break From Uncle Sam, Continued Dealer Channel Stuffing


Republicans Grill IRS Commissioner on Healthcare

The HHS Mandate takes effect - and the Obama Administration releases a report on religious freedom

Doctors Fear for Medicine's Future

Cass Sunstein Olympics

Regulatory czar leaving White House to return to Harvard Law School

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama: I "Wont Give Any Ground" Defending Unlimited Abortion

Obama Revises Economic History In New Ad

 Labor Dept. Waives 60-Day Notice To Help Obama Win

It's 3am and nobody's there

ICE Agents: Obama Won’t Let Us Arrest Illegals

Obama Immigration Policy Devastating Morale Among ICE Agents

McCain, Graham to Newsmax: Sequestration Will Cause 'Inability to  Defend Nation'

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

 Romney: White House behind Reid’s claim he paid no federal income taxes for 10 years (AUDIO)

Reid: My source on Romney’s taxes is so incredibly credible that I won’t say who he is

Awesome new scoop on Romney — his high school report card

Associated Propaganda?......AP: 'Stronger Job Creation Could Help Obama's Re-election'

Obama and Israel

Panetta Gets Earful From Netanyahu and Barak on Iran

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Fort Hood Lawmaker Grills FBI Official: At What Point Is It 'Islamic Terrorism'?


Federal agents take aim at Fortune's Fast and Furious report

GOP prepares to file lawsuit against Holder

Deputy Director William Hoover resigns from ATF in wake of critical report

Obama and Egypt

New Egypt government puts Brotherhood in key posts


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Wow, the Obamatrons fessed up on ONE thing after they were caught red handed. Pass out the popcorn.

Obama theme song of the moment: 'We're on the road to nowhere'

Let me know if you wish to be on or off the ping list

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To: Nachum

Nachum, Thank you so much for keeping the list, I am sure it is a real pain to keep up with all of the scrap spewing from the usurper..

2 posted on 08/10/2012 8:28:25 AM PDT by Bikkuri (Choose, a communist, socialist, or Patriot)
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To: Bikkuri



3 posted on 08/10/2012 8:47:22 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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