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Paul Ryan to appear at Roanoke hardware store (8-22-12)
The Roanoke Times ^ | August 20, 2012 | Mason Adams

Posted on 08/20/2012 9:59:16 PM PDT by Perseverando

Paul Ryan will be at Northwest Hardware on Wednesday morning, according to an email sent out by Virginia state Sen. Ralph Smith, R-Roanoke County.

Doors open at Northwest Hardware, at 3647 Brambleton Ave., at 7 a.m. Ryan is scheduled to appear at 8:30 a.m., according to the e-mail.


Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will visit the Roanoke Valley on Wednesday, according to an official with Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

There are no details yet on when and where Ryan, a congressman from Wisconsin, will visit.

The news comes on the heels of a swing by Vice President Joe Biden through Southside and Southwest Virginia last week. President Barack Obama visited Roanoke for a campaign event in July, and Romney visited Salem in June.

Romney introduced Ryan as his running mate in Norfolk earlier this month.

Virginia has become a key battleground in the race for president, with candidates from both sides making multiple appearances in the commonwealth over the summer.

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1 posted on 08/20/2012 9:59:20 PM PDT by Perseverando
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To: Perseverando

Why in tarnation would this guy show up at a hardware store when his butt should be down at the border expressing outrage and support for secured safe borders.

2 posted on 08/20/2012 11:04:11 PM PDT by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)
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To: dragnet2

You forgot the “?” at the end of your sentence. I do it all the time too. To answer your question: Ryan is doing an appearance at a hardware store instead of at the border because you are not managing the campaign. I agree, it would be good to draw attention to the horrible border security allowed by the Obama Regime. But political campaigns are like playing chess. You make your opponent think you are not paying attention to a big move, and you strike at the opportune moment. We’ll have to be patient to see how this all plays itself out.

3 posted on 08/21/2012 12:25:22 AM PDT by jonrick46 (Countdown to 11-06-2012)
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To: dragnet2

Well I am sure we are going to hear outrage soon enough from Obama and Holder after the Governor’s of Arizona and Nebraska spoke up and aren’t going to give illegals benefits or a driver’s license. Appears our Texas Governor is going to keep the doors wide open. Wouldn’t want to do anything to protect the citizens of our state.

4 posted on 08/21/2012 12:32:08 AM PDT by Grams A (The Sun will rise in the East in the morning and God is still on his throne.)
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To: Mad Dawg; EDINVA; VA_Gentleman; seekthetruth; COBOL2Java; Perdogg; kabar; Gabz; Wage Slave; ...

VA Ping!

If you want on/off the VA Ping List, please freepmail me. Thanks!

Darn, one week later and I’d be able to go see him.

5 posted on 08/21/2012 5:42:23 AM PDT by randita (Paul Ryan is "Mr. Smith goes to Washington.")
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To: randita; Gopher; MAKnight; crobnson; Romanov; jneesy; AfghanJohn; Bulldog1967; ...
Virginia ping here in case VA Freepers near Roanoke might be wanting to attend! GO ROMNEY/RYAN!

For those who have some doubts about Paul Ryan:

You asked, who is Paul Ryan? Well, here's a response.

Well, early Saturday morning we learned that Congressman Paul Ryan, Republican from Wisconsin, is to be Mitt Romney's pick for the next Vice President of The United States.

What are we to think of this selection? He's not a graduate of Columbia University. He's not a graduate of Harvard. He wasn't selected as the President of the Harvard Law Review. He didn't get a special free quota scholarship ride to any prestigious university and, instead, had to work his way through Miami University of Ohio. For God's sake the man drove the Oscar Mayer Wiener Truck one summer and waited tables another!

One morning when Paul Ryan was sixteen years old he went in to wake his father up and found him dead of a heart attack. He didn't write two books about that experience (like Obama did). Instead, he assumed the role of adult at an early age, never having the luxury to pursue youthful drug use and the art of socialist revolution.

Instead, Paul Ryan and his mother took his grandmother, suffering from Alzheimer's, into the household and served as the primary care provider for his grandma. His grandma wasn't the Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii (like Obama’s) so she could offer nothing in return, except the element of “need”.

Once Paul Ryan got his BA in Economics from Miami University of Ohio he was hired as a staff economist in Wisconsin Senator Kastin’s office. The job must have not paid well because young Ryan moonlighted as a waiter and fitness trainer. No one offered him a “token honor” position at the University of Chicago and a $200,000 dollar a year salary.

When a still young Paul Ryan returned to Wisconsin to run for Congress he didn't demonize his opponent and dig up dirt to shovel against him. He waited until the standing Congressman vacated the office before seeking the office. In Janesville, Wisconsin they don't have a big political machine to promote you, to criminalize your opponent; instead Paul Ryan had to go door to door and sit at kitchen tables and listen to his future constituents.

After getting elected to Congress Paul Ryan didn't triumphantly march into Washington, buy himself a Georgetown townhouse and proceed over to K Street to rub elbows with lobbyists. He bunked in his Congressional office and used the house gym for showers and a fresh change of clothes.

Paul Ryan then married and took his bride back to Janesville. He lives on the same street he lived on as a kid and shares the neighborhood with eight other members of the Ryan clan. He hunts with the local Janesville hunt club and attends PTA meetings and other civic functions.

For those who can't make those public functions, Paul Ryan bought an old bread truck, converted it into a “mobile constituent office” and drives around to meet with those who need his help and attention.

No, I don't know if we can vote for a guy like this. He doesn't have a regal pedigree; he's Irish for God's sake! No one awarded him a Nobel Peace Prize two months after getting elected. No one threw flowers or got “chills down their leg” as a he took his seat in Congress.

What is most despicable about Paul Ryan is that he has had the nerve to write the House Budget for three years in a row. He's is brazen and heartless in advocating in that budget for a $5 trillion dollar reduction in federal spending over the next ten years! The House passed his budget three years in a row and three years in a row the Democratically controlled Senate has let it die in the upper house, without ever proposing a budget of their own. What is wrong with this guy? If Congress were to cut $5 trillion dollars from the budget where would the President get the money to give $500 million dollars to a bankrupt Solyndra? Or $200 million dollars for bankrupt Energy 1? Or $11 billion dollars to illegal aliens filing INIT, non-resident tax returns to claim $11 billion big ones in child tax credits, even for their children living in Mexico?

I don't know. Paul Ryan seems heartless to me. He keeps wanting to cut government waste, he keeps wanting to put a halt to those big GSA conventions in Vegas and, worse, he keeps trying to make people look at that $16.7 trillion dollar deficit! The guy's no fun at all!

Who wants a numbers cruncher? Who wants someone spoiling the party by showing folks the bill? Nothing will spoil a party quicker than sending the host the bill before the party's over.

6 posted on 08/21/2012 7:45:38 AM PDT by seekthetruth (I want a Commander In Chief who honors and supports our Military!)
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To: dragnet2
He's showing up at a hardware store in Roanoke, Virginia because he's campaigning in Virginia. Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan would, apparently, like the good citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia to vote for them. Generally, candidates for political office attempt to secure the votes of citizens in a particular locality by visiting said locality and meeting with those citizens.

Perhaps when Mr. Romney or Mr. Ryan visit Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California then they will travel to the border and express outrage and support for secured and safe borders. Perhaps you should suggest it to them as a good tactic.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ryan is in Virginia, meeting with Virginians.

7 posted on 08/21/2012 8:05:23 AM PDT by ArrogantBustard (Western Civilization is Aborting, Buggering, and Contracepting itself out of existence.)
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To: ArrogantBustard

BS...He’s going to a hardware store to pose for pics on bails of hay and get his pic taken with people in plaid shirts, so he can appear to be a regular guy while the country circles the drain.

Not everyone out here is stupid.

8 posted on 08/21/2012 8:17:48 AM PDT by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)
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To: dragnet2
So ... what? You think he should spend all his time in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California?

You think Virginia can just go to hell?

Get over yourself.

9 posted on 08/21/2012 8:29:06 AM PDT by ArrogantBustard (Western Civilization is Aborting, Buggering, and Contracepting itself out of existence.)
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To: dragnet2

Ummm....because Virginia is a battleground state? One normally campaigns in battleground states.

16 of the 17 likely scenarios to win in 2012 require the winner to carry Virginia.

When you manage a winning presidential campaign, we’ll be sure to take your sage advice.

10 posted on 08/21/2012 9:39:59 AM PDT by iceskater (The clock is ticking....November's coming.)
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To: ArrogantBustard
A hardware store?

All those that get to shake the celebrities hand, will vote for them...Ya got to live this circus. Run down the rope line slapping hands...The more the better. Faster! Now to the next venue...A pancake house!

11 posted on 08/21/2012 10:03:20 AM PDT by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)
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To: dragnet2
After carefully considering the merits of your commentary on this thread, I have decided to treat you with scorn and derision.

Enjoy your internment in the Peoples' Glorious Democratic Soviet Socialist Republic of Kalifornistan.

12 posted on 08/21/2012 11:23:04 AM PDT by ArrogantBustard (Western Civilization is Aborting, Buggering, and Contracepting itself out of existence.)
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To: dragnet2

you do realize that if odumbo loses VA, he probably loses the election, right? You do understand that the hardware store is a small business that odumbo maligned while visiting Roanoke recently, right?
He’s isn’t going to Roanoke to look for retirement property, or a place to move his family but he’s going to campaign.

13 posted on 08/21/2012 11:29:35 AM PDT by newnhdad (Where will you be during the Election Riots of 2012/2013?)
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To: ArrogantBustard; newnhdad
Perhaps you should suggest it to them as a good tactic.

Good thinking. Probably never crossed their minds huh?

Hopefully after the hardware stores and pancake houses, these guys will find time for real issues that are literally destroying the country and have been for decades.

On second thought, considering what Ryan has stood for in the past, there is really no need...

He better stick to the hardware store.


It seems that Ryan likes amnesty programs for illegal aliens. This dates back to his time as a staffer for Jack Kemp, the quintessential bleeding heart conservative, and Sam Brownback, who often seems more interested in leading a religious revival rather than actually governing.

In 1994, Ryan decided to join the fray over California’s Proposition 187. (It would have put a stop to tax paid services for illegals) Unlike most Republicans, though, he was firmly on the opposing side. After the referendum found voter approval anyhow, he channeled his activism into a reliable voting record for the interests of mass immigration. In 2002, 2006, and 2009, he supported measures which would have legalized the residency of an incalculable number of illegal aliens.

Throughout the Bush administration, he supported bills that allowed certain illegal immigrants — primarily agricultural workers — to apply for temporary resident status. In 2005, he co-sponsored a bill introduced by Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah) that would allow qualified illegal immigrant farm workers to receive “temporary resident status and subsequently lawful permanent resident status” — i.e., a green card

On to the pancake house!

14 posted on 08/21/2012 2:11:42 PM PDT by dragnet2 (Diversion and evasion are tools of deceit)
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