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Bad News for Black Families
The American Thinker ^ | September 3, 2012 | Keith Riler

Posted on 09/03/2012 2:43:12 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife

When we assess the President's post-election performance and the effects of his redistributive and regulatory policies, we find that, like a falling tide, he is sinking everyone. We also find that although Barack Obama has hurt all American families, he has hurt black families most of all.......


The man is ill-suited for the job. He scores unemployment, weeks unemployed, food stamps, and black illegitimate births, and near the bottom or tied for last in black unemployment, months of 12%-plus black unemployment, and children below the poverty line.

Barack Obama has crushed the business and hiring climate. What's left are his race-based initiatives.....

These impotent, Obama-centric promotions highlight the small-mindedness and exhaustion of his presidency......The damage will continue if he is re-elected, and rational self interest dictates that all voters, but particularly black voters, choose anyone but Barack Obama.

.....Black Americans should not succumb to the temptations of despair or denial by joining themselves to the disappointing Obama presidency. Our weak economy, black joblessness, and the travails of our families are not their failures; they are Barack Obama's. This should come as a relief -- a yoke lifted -- because family plights can improve once Barack Obama is voted out of office, all the while leaving intact the historical achievement of having elected a black president.

As well, let's not conflate the man Obama with the historical achievement. Black Americans may not be robbed of the fact that we have elected a black president and at some point will do so again. Our achievement is irreversible, whether Barack Obama leaves the White House after one term or after two. It's just that all of us, and black Americans in particular, will be better off if he leaves after one.

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TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Government; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: education; employment; foodstamps; jobs; obama2012; poverty
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1 posted on 09/03/2012 2:43:19 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

They have been “had” even more so than we. Consumed the the color of his skin rather than the content of character.

2 posted on 09/03/2012 2:50:35 AM PDT by ronnie raygun (bb)
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

Have you seen Clinton’s ad running for obama? He sounds like someone is holding a gun to his back forcing him to read the script.

Unfortunately, to those who worship him everything obama has done that does not turn out as planned was hurt by the republicans stalling him for so long. Or by the compromises the republicans forced him to make. Or by the republicans having blocked what he really wanted to do.

3 posted on 09/03/2012 2:52:48 AM PDT by Terry Mross (2016 THE MOVIE....scarier than any zombie movie.)
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Comment #4 Removed by Moderator

To: Cincinatus' Wife

Would majority of Blacks accept the fact? My guess they simply argue that that’s because the Whites don’t want to see a Black president successful that they sabotage him and scheme the economy to prevent him from being reelected.

5 posted on 09/03/2012 3:09:51 AM PDT by paudio (Post-racial society: When we can legitimately hire and fire a Black man without feeling guilty.)
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To: paudio

They’ll still vote for him in the same numbers they did in 08 because we now have reverse racism in this country.

6 posted on 09/03/2012 3:14:21 AM PDT by Cherokee Conservative (If a tree falls over in the woods, and then snaps back upright as a joke, do the squirrels laugh?)
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To: paudio
I sense that the thrill is gone - the undeniable fact that Obama was elected negates the polluted race-baiting well the Obama-Biden administration keeps returning to in hopes that "victims groups" will continue to drink from it (and it shows the impotency of their record - past, present and future).
7 posted on 09/03/2012 3:23:25 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife
Remember during the 2008 campaign, there were those who tried to convince others that the presidency wasn't an entry level job?
8 posted on 09/03/2012 3:35:30 AM PDT by Humal
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

White devil here doing my best to keep the black man down.
Just ask obammy.

9 posted on 09/03/2012 3:37:54 AM PDT by Joe Boucher ((FUBO) Hey Mitt, F-you too pal)
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To: Cincinatus' Wife
If black Americans voted against 0bama with their brains and did not vote for 0bama with their emotions, the vote for 0bama would be less than thirty percent by black Americans. Emotions will not get a man to work for black America, for 0bama has no emotions except those of loathing for black, brown, and white Americans. If one is moslem though, it is a different story. Emotions verses using ones brain? Choose using the brain.
10 posted on 09/03/2012 3:44:32 AM PDT by no-to-illegals (Please God, Protect and Bless Our Men and Women in Uniform with Victory. Amen.)
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

Unfortunately, 95% of Americans, who happen to be black, will vote for him again. Otherwise good, moral, church-going, and intelligent people in my office will make every excuse in the world for this man. There is no other ethnic group that exhibits this sort of drone-like behavior when it comes to politics. Sad, really.

I saw the same dynamic at work when Mayor Dinkins in New York ran against Juliani. Same lemming-like behavior.

11 posted on 09/03/2012 3:58:33 AM PDT by 3Fingas (Sons and Daughters of Freedom, Committee of Correspondence)
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To: Cincinatus' Wife
And yet...

12 posted on 09/03/2012 4:48:18 AM PDT by Entrepreneur (In hoc signo vinces)
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To: Entrepreneur; All
Documents: Plaintiffs in 1995 Obama-led Citibank lawsuit submitted class action claims "......................The case was settled out of court with Citibank agreeing to change its standards for lending in urban areas and to applicants who would not otherwise qualify.

The case is emblematic of the subprime mortgage crisis, caused in large part by lenders extending credit to borrowers who, like many of the “Buycks” plaintiffs, were not creditworthy. As a result, countless homes were foreclosed and property values have plummeted in many metropolitan areas of the United States.

At least 46 of Obama’s 186 clients have declared bankruptcy since 1996, often multiple times."

13 posted on 09/03/2012 5:00:24 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

A black kid born today to a loving family is a rare and lucky item indeed.

70% are born out of wedlock and we don’t even mention how many are killed in the womb and yet they cannot see who are the racists who are committing genocide against their race.

They think Democrats who aprove of abortions and promiscuity are on their side.Well guess what black folks, you wont find any blacks living next door to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein or any of the other great defenders of your race.

They talk the talk, but they don’t want you in their neighborhood.

14 posted on 09/03/2012 5:01:50 AM PDT by Venturer
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To: ronnie raygun
Obama versus Jesus: Black Christians Must Decide
15 posted on 09/03/2012 5:08:17 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: F15Eagle

Dope. Chains.

16 posted on 09/03/2012 5:09:17 AM PDT by EmilyGeiger
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

Barack Obama has crushed the business and hiring climate. What’s left are his race-based initiatives.....

Obama certainly has crushed the business and hiring climate, but the blacks have caused their own misery.

Not until they change their anti-social ways and conform to our society will things get better for them.

So far, I’ve not seen any attempt to do so.

17 posted on 09/03/2012 5:12:30 AM PDT by DH (Once the tainted finger of government touches anything the rot begins)
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To: Venturer
October 20, 2011: Don't Know Much About History (Republicans and Black Americans - a better story than you've heard) “Poet W. H. Auden said professors are folks who talk in other people's sleep. True enough. I recall some nodding off in my college history classes (not by me, of course).

No one, however, slept through the history lesson Tuesday night at the monthly meeting of the Hillsborough County (Tampa) Republican Executive Committee. But then Frantz Kebreau is not your ordinary professor. If fact, he's not a professor at all but an airline pilot and former Navy pilot with more than 300 carrier landings, taking some time away from the clouds to promote a more earthly understanding of the blessings of American freedom that people of all races can enjoy (at least and until politicians zero those freedoms out).

One of the favorite indoor sports of liberals is to call conservatives, particularly those with the temerity to embrace the tea-party, racist. To hear media-appointed black "leaders" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpie, not to mention some of the more demagogic members of the Congressional Black Caucus, you'd think all white American conservatives, regardless of protestations to the contrary and spotless lives, are closet Ku-Kluxers who can barely contain their inner Bull Connor. These bigots we're told, given half a chance, would have our black brothers and sisters on the back of the bus again in a heartbeat.......[snip]

Kebreau, whose parents immigrated to America from Haiti, is having none of this. Since 2009 he's been on the news, talk shows, and speaking circuit making the point that, though few Americans know it, the record of the Republican Party for a century and a half has not only been more supportive of Black Americans than that of the Democratic Party has, but much more so.

In his Tuesday lecture before a couple hundred GOP activists in Tampa, Kebreau pointed out that the more than a dozen civil rights acts introduced into Congress over the past century and a half were all introduced by Republicans and opposed by Democrats, often vociferously. In each case a higher percentage of Republicans supported real civil rights than Democrats, including the all-important Civil Right Act of 1964. A full 80 percent of Republicans voted in Congress for this game-changing legislation that was the beginning of the end for Jim Crow. Only 63 percent of Democrats supported it, not including Democratic icon and former Ku Klux Klan member Robert C. Byrd, who filibustered it."..... [snip]..

18 posted on 09/03/2012 5:19:06 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: DH
Artur Davis: Obama’s Hidden-Hand Politics [shameless and expedient]..........."Biden brought this rawness to a place the Obama campaign and its allies have spent much time cultivating this year. It is visible in David Axelrod’s breathless assertions about a decidedly innocent, non-political moment: a small black child touching Obama’s head in an Oval Office photo-op. It is visible in Eric Holder’s deployment of the Justice Department to a series of battles over state voter-ID laws, and in the New York Times’ editorial-page crusade against all manner of alleged race-baiting by Republicans. (Including one writer’s remarkable, if side-splitting, assertion that Mitt Romney’s blandness is a calculated ploy to invoke memories of a Fifties-era, pre-multicultural America. Who knew?) It is an unmistakable, unapologetic argument that to defeat Obama is to suspend progress on race.

Of course, there are different kinds of progress. There is the inconvenient fact that Obama has governed while black unemployment and the level of child hunger in the black community have risen to the highest rates in the modern era, and while educational achievement among African Americans continues to bottom out at appalling levels. This record is one that the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus said last summer would lead blacks to march outside the White House if it had a different occupant.".....

19 posted on 09/03/2012 5:31:46 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cherokee Conservative

I’ve always thought that if Obama did one thing, and one thing only, he could positive change America and go down in history as a good president. And regretfully, he didn’t attempt it.

What is this one thing? Address the crippling, spiraling, out of control dysfunction in the African-American culture. Instead of saying, you’re owed, he should tell them that they could do better. Tell them to clean up their streets, stay in school, study and do well,, that sex is for committed relationships, that drugs destroy lives. They revere him, listen to him, and he actually could have made a difference.

I’ve worked in this community, and as a white upper class woman, I have no street creds. Someone like me is not listened to. Barack and Michelle could have made this their mission and inspired a new generation.

20 posted on 09/03/2012 5:38:30 AM PDT by BelleAl (Proud to be a member of the party of NO! NO more deficit spending and government control!)
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