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The Hispanics That Democrats Love to Hate [they have not politically assimilated]
Front Page Magazine ^ | September 10, 2012 | Humberto Fontova

Posted on 09/10/2012 1:34:58 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife

“My Hispanic can beat up your Hispanic!” pretty much captured the convention kick-offs.

“Republicans chose Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a Cuban-American, to introduce Mitt Romney,” reported the AP. “Democrats picked Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, a Mexican American, as keynote speaker. Both are considered rising stars.”

Ah! But what fun the Republicans missed. Given the era’s political correctness, politics in the U.S. get pretty boring nowadays. No present-day politician or their slick consultants could possibly publicize what’s forthcoming in this article. So please stick around, because I belong to neither profession.

Most immigrants arrive in America poor (especially by U.S. standards). Some arrive destitute. Almost all Cubans arrived destitute. The Castroites stole everything they owned. Yet in his classic work, The Spirit of Enterprise George Gilder titled a chapter, “The Cuban Miracle.” “No other immigrant group so quickly and successfully transformed a city, while achieving such multifarious business breakthroughs as the fugitives from Castro’s regime who made Miami their home after 1960.”

More infuriating still (for the Democrat-Media Complex) the 2000 census showed that second-generation Cuban-Americans have educational and income levels higher — not only than most ethnic groups who dutifully punch the clock at the Democratic plantation — but also higher than the U.S. population in general.

But according to the Center for Immigration Studies 75 percent of Mexican immigrant households receive government checks of one form or another. This percentage perfectly matches their Democratic affiliation.

In fact, the most lopsidedly loyal Republicans in the modern history of our Republic are a genuinely (meaning descended from inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula) Hispanic group. You read right: Back in 2006 Senator Tom Tancredo complained that Cuban Americans “refused to assimilate.” He took a lot of heat for the quip — but in fact he’s correct. To wit:

While a healthy majority (56 percent) of their countrymen voted for Obama in 2008, a miniscule portion (33 percent) of Cuban Americans did so. While a majority of their countrymen register with the Democratic Party, a minuscule (20 percent) of Cuban-Americans do so. Cuban American votes for Obama represented the tiniest percentage of Obama voters of any ethnic group and Cuban American party affiliation marks the smallest Democratic registration of any ethnic group in the U.S. These percentages clearly show Cuban American disdain for the political folkways of their adopted country.

A 2009 Gallup poll found that only 34 percent of Americans found the ideology of the Republican Party “about right.” But over double that percentage of Cuban Americans find it “right.” These exotic Cuban Americans are clearly thumbing their nose at the political norms of the nation that so graciously accepted them!

Earlier immigrant groups have all yielded to mainstream American political enlightenment. Though the Reagan Revolution made inroads, over a third of Italian Americans remain registered with America’s majority political party, along with almost half of Irish Americans. Jewish Americans habitually skew 65-85 percent for America’s majority party.

Yet these insufferable Cuban Americans simply will not see the light—simply will not politically assimilate. Not all the Kings Horses or all the King’s Men can bring them around to follow the lead of the majority in their adopted country and register Democratic.

During candidate Obama’s campaign visit to Miami summer of 2008, a huge crowd clapped deliriously at the Democratic Messiah—while outside the convention Hall, Cuban Americans marched and waved picket signs denouncing him. This was the first instance of such irreverence towards The One during this campaign, and it greatly discomfited his team.

To add insult to injury, a formal letter drafted by five major Cuban American organizations at the time, including the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association and Cuban Political Prisoners Association, called Obama’s candidacy “an affront” to their very sensibilities. Nothing remotely of this sort had been mounted by properly assimilated Americans on any campaign stop by the Democratic candidate.

This political and cultural non-conformity has often goaded the Democratic/Media axis to enraged sputterings against Cuban Americans. During their convention in 2004, America’s majority political party feted Michael Moore as their honored guest, seating him in a place of honor right next to Jimmy Carter. “Cuban-Americans,” wrote this honored guest for America’s majority party in his book “Downsize This,” “are responsible for sleaze and influence-peddling in American politics. In every incident of national torment that has deflated our country for the past three decades, Cuban exiles are always present and involved.” Change Cuban for any other ethnic group in the above passages and imagine the media UPROAR! About “RACSIM! and “BIGOTRY!”

“My mother sees political activism as an opportunity to change people’s lives for the better,” gushed Democratic Convention Golden Boy Julian Castro this week. Yet his mother proudly marched under the banner of Che Guevara, as uncovered by the intrepid bloggers of Babalu Blog.

“Changed lives for the better,” Mr. Castro? Your mother’s icon co-founded a regime that plunged a nation with a standard of living higher than half of Europe and swamped with immigrants into a pesthole that repels Haitians.

“My family’s story isn’t special,” continued Democratic Convention keynoter Julian Castro. “What’s special is the America that makes our story possible.”

Then why does your mother idolize a Stalinist who cursed her nation as “the great enemy of mankind!” and greatly regretted not nuking it: “If the missiles had remained in Cuba we would have fired them at the heart of the U.S.!” boasted Che Guevara to Sam Russell of The London Daily Worker, Nov. 1962.

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Obama's Communist Party Endorsement
1 posted on 09/10/2012 1:35:06 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

Government schooling has spared Americans from these facts. Take a look at an AP US History or Government class or school book. It’s all socialist history and government garbage taught by Marxists in teachers clothing.

The Chicago teacher’s strike is a blessing. I hope it breaks the unions back.

2 posted on 09/10/2012 2:43:34 AM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: 1010RD
Dreaming Up a New America: Progressive Education and the Perversion of American Democracy

.................."Rousseau's philosophy on education stressed the natural goodness of man and a condemnation of social conventions, most of which he believed were culpable for man's corruptive behavior. To rehabilitate mankind, Emile emphasizes the following for the various stages of a person's initial education:

1. The purpose of education is to develop a child's natural capacities. Natural education should be as far-removed from society as possible.
2. The aim of education should always be child-centered and individualized. Children learn by utilizing their senses; they are guided by natural curiosity.
3. A good teacher is unobtrusive; teachers are not there to enforce doctrine or rigid instruction.
4. Children must never be pushed to acquire information. If they are moved on their own to learn about something, they will.
5. Children will develop a sense of morality through their trials and errors. They do not acquire morals by being punished for bad behavior. Teachers are never to discipline children for perceived wrongdoing.

From such ideas, many American educators were able to promote and systematize a progressive agenda in education that placed a premium on child-centered (as opposed to knowledge-centered) instinctual "learning activities." As progressive teaching models came to have more influence, authoritative, well-informed teachers and traditional textbooks began to be viewed as antediluvian and unnecessary.

Once the progressive education models of the '60s and '70s turned into their present-day postmodern structures, administrators became especially devoted to using the following paradigms to motivate students to learn:

1. Defining a student's intellectual abilities through self-expression activities such as dance, unstructured writing, self-written poetry readings, and various forms of play.
2. A de-emphasizing of the core curriculum subjects of Western civilization in favor of subjects that underscore minority issues and excessive openness towards diversity. 3. Achieving academic equality through non-competitive groupthink projects.
4. Caricaturing and condemning traditional learning methods and devices such as rote memorization, drill, and recitation.
5. "Dumbing down" or avoiding subjects that can be mastered only through ongoing practice and hard work.
6. Grade inflation.

All of these ideas and practices have failed American students by the factory-load and are responsible for creating successive generations of "me, myself, and I" citizens who lack intellectual depth and who are prone, paradoxically, to unproductive mob behavior."..............

3 posted on 09/10/2012 2:51:58 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

Julian Castro doesn’t even speak Spanish.

4 posted on 09/10/2012 4:35:19 AM PDT by representativerepublic (...loose lips, sink ships)
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

Heh heh. Good for anyone who thinks for themselves and refuses to be part of the political groupthink.

5 posted on 09/10/2012 4:51:23 AM PDT by grundle
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To: representativerepublic

Julian Castro is a hard core racist/ethnicist. That’s why he served as a poster boy at the DNC convention. If people in San Antonio are even half-way observant, they should dump this guy as soon as possible.

6 posted on 09/10/2012 5:08:36 AM PDT by octex
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To: All
Every govt budget, agency, and bank account under Julian Castro's control should be examined with a fine-tooth comb for government fraud, racketeering, conspiracy, collusion, nepotism, secret LLC accounts, and money laundering, wire fraud, tax evasion, etc, etc, etc.

The super-secretive crimunal latino underworld is a collusive tight-knit coterie of conspiratorial political operatives w/ one goal----to loot the public treasury to enrich themselves and their latino cohorts.

REFERENCE NY State Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera (D-Bronx) stands accused of using a phony tax-funded nonprofit as her personal ATM, establishing a pattern of racketeering, conspiracy and collusion.

Rivera calculatedly used tax dollars to install her various lovers in tax-paid jobs for the express purpose: (1) to wine and dine her, (2) to bed her down, (3) to sign off on payments to her son and other relatives, and, (4) to illegally siphon off tax dollars for her election campaigns.

Rivera steered hundreds of thousands of tax dollars ostensibly to "help the poor" in the poverty-stricken Bronx slum---via the Bronx Council for Economic Development, controlled and tax-funded by the Rivera crime family.

The extended Rivera family is a collusive tight-kmit coterie of political operatives in the crime-laced latino uderworld. Naomi Rivera is facing several state and federal probes for using tax dollars for sex, by giving two of her lovers government jobs.

Now, investigative news reports show Naomi's son GianCarlo Fret, 29, raked in tens of thousands of tax dollars in government jobs----and pocketed suspiciously odd amounts from public coffers that appear to be supportinng a "habit."

Giancarlo was a $22,335 “student assistant” at the NY state Department in 2008 and part of 2009.

At that time the NY State Dept was run by Lorraine Cortez-Vazquez, a former president of the Bronx-based tax-funded Hispanic Federation. The Federation scored an astounding $22 million in public funds (that they admit to). Cortez-Vasquez was also a board member of Naomi's non-profit--- the do-nothing tax-funded Bronx Council for Economic Development.

Naomi Rivera paid-off her son's live-in girlfriend, Ebony Rubio; Rivera hired Rubio as a "constituent liaison" in her tax-funded legislative office, paying Rubio up to $27,063 a year between 2008 and 2010, records show.

Rubio also got a suspicious-sounding $700 in 2007 from Rivera’s campaign war-chest and another $60 in 2008 from the Democrat party’s treasury controlled by Naomi's father, Jose Rivera (also a state legislator and Dem party boss).

State legialtor Jose Rivera gave his grandson an odd-sounding $1,675 in "consulting" fees between June and July from the Bronx Democratic Trustees Committee, controlled by Jose Rivera.

Giancarlo also got a financial windfall as a $10.34 an hour “temporary clerk” at the Bronx Board of Elections from 2004 to 2005; his uncle, Naomi's brother, Joel, is married to Valerie Vazquez, director of communications and public affairs for the NYC Board of Elections.

Now, Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera (D-Bronx) stands accused of using a phony tax-funded nonprofit as her personal ATM, establishing a pattern of racketeering, conspiracy and collusion.

Rivera calculatedly installed her various lovers in tax-paid jobs for the express purpose: (1) to wine and dine her, (2) to bed her down, (3) to sign off on payments to her son and other relatives, and, (4) to illegally siphon off tax dollars for her election campaigns.

Rivera steered hundreds of thousands of tax dollars ostensibly to "help the poor" in the poverty-stricken Bronx slum---via the Bronx Council for Economic Development, controlled and funded by the Rivera crime family.

From all the investigative reporting to date, we know the Rivera family is a collusive tight-knit coterie of political operatives in the crime-laced latino uderworld.

7 posted on 09/10/2012 5:59:21 AM PDT by Liz ("Come quickly, I'm tasting the stars." Dom Perignon)
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To: All
All attempts to lift the veil of criminality in the latino criminal underworld is met with cries of foul. But that should not be a deterrent. There's an abundance of evidence.

DATELINE-NBC Bike Path rapist/serial murderer---Altemio Sanchez.

For years he was considered a model citizen, ideal husband and father, Little League coach, a proud latino w/ a steady job.

But in reality he was a savage rapist/murderer and had committed heinous crimes for years on end. He was completely without con///science. Dateline broadcast pics of Sanchez smiling and laughing at a party sitting beside his wife just hours after he had murdered a woman.

This "model citizen" let an innocent man rot in jail for 23 years for crimes he--Sanchez---committed Sanchez had unconscionably participated in a candlelight commemoration event for one of his victims.

All his victims were Americans. He pled guilty to 15 rapes and three murders but Buffalo, NY police say he actually committed 22 rapes...and possibly even more murders. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison.


There's the notorious California murder case of the bi-sexual Mexican latina who conned her way into marriage to a wealthy lonely American---secretly scheming to take him for everything he had.

Rebecca Salcedo told friends she planned to marry Bruce Cleland, have a child, and then divorce him, collect child support and be "set for life."

Prior to their marriage Salcedo stole Cleland's credit cards to buy furniture and breast augmentation. The lusty latino slept with various men and women while telling her fiance she was too "virtuous" to have sex with him before marriage.

Three months after the elaborate church wedding and country club reception, she filed for divorce, but Cleland did not want a divorce and balked at signing divorce papers giving her everything.

So Salcedo blithely forged his name on million dollar insurance policies and schemed w/ two Mexican cousins to ambush Cleland in a faked carjacking.

After she and her cousin plotted to ambued Cleland, and her cousin shot Cleland dead, the grieving widow retained counsel to grab all the assets---a company life insurance policy that paidout half of Bruce Cleland's $100,000 annual salary, a company accidental death policy for $517,000; another $25,000 accidental death policy; a life insurance policy that paid the mortgage balance; and $196,000 in Cleland's stock savings plan.

After the murder, her co-conspirator/cousin/lover/shooter Alvaro Quezada continued to live with her--they were often seen hugging and kissing. At the crime scene, the stupid Mexican told police the carjackers took her expensive diamond engagement ring---yet the weeping widow showed up at the funeral wearing the very same ring.....this was only one of her screwups which got her life without parole.

Rebecca Salcedo, and her two cousins, Alvaro Quezada and Jose Quezada, were convicted of (1) conspiracy to commit murder, (2) first degree murder, with special allegations, that, (3) the murder had been committed for financial gain, (4) while lying in wait.

8 posted on 09/10/2012 6:08:41 AM PDT by Liz ("Come quickly, I'm tasting the stars." Dom Perignon)
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To: AuntB; Tennessee Nana; La Lydia; sickoflibs; ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas; moonshinner_09; ...


9 posted on 09/10/2012 6:12:48 AM PDT by Liz ("Come quickly, I'm tasting the stars." Dom Perignon)
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