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It's God's Fault
American Spectator ^ | 9-11-12 | Jeffrey Lord

Posted on 09/11/2012 4:06:16 AM PDT by radioone

Why Democrats hate the American middle class.

It's God's fault.

God and plastics. And don't forget the American flag.

Which is another way of explaining just why it is today's Democrats -- the very embodiment of the American Left -- literally hate the American middle class.

Hate that middle class with a visceral contempt. A contempt that has been repeatedly and vividly documented over the course of the last five decades in venues as varied as movies, music, politics and culture.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Editorial; Government; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: democrats; leftists; limbaugh; obama

1 posted on 09/11/2012 4:06:26 AM PDT by radioone
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To: radioone

Conservatives believe in govern-ment. Liberals believe in give-me-int.

2 posted on 09/11/2012 4:16:12 AM PDT by djf (Conservatives believe in govern-ment. Liberals believe in give-me-int.)
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To: radioone

.....”It is a contempt so powerful that the backlash from the American middle class has provided not only huge and repeated election majorities for conservatives and Republicans over the decades. The backlash to this vitriol has powered one of the biggest revolutions in American communications history — providing an enthusiastic audience for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin not to mention an entire talk radio industry. And, of course, Fox News.

Mr. Limbaugh himself emphatically agrees that his audience is composed of the American middle class that is so disdained by liberals, telling The American Spectator that “My audience is comprised of the people who make this country work.”

The very fact of the perpetual assault by the Left on Rush Limbaugh is a case study all by itself. It perfectly highlights the dilemma the Democrats found themselves in during their convention last week.


Because liberals don’t just hate Rush Limbaugh. The dirty little secret here is that liberals hate Rush Limbaugh’s 20 million member middle-class audience! While at the same time desperately needing a portion of that very same middle-class to win elections.”......

3 posted on 09/11/2012 4:30:18 AM PDT by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: Cincinatus' Wife

A great Read—everyone should read this.

4 posted on 09/11/2012 4:49:08 AM PDT by Forward the Light Brigade (Into the Jaws of H*ll)
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To: radioone
I only scanned the original once past the point where Hoffman & the daughter split the wedding. I took The Graduate as more of a "don't let parents shape your life when they aren't so very perfect themselves" story than an indictment of the middle class. Not entirely different than Momma Mia in that parent and child's goals often fail to coincide and the kid's ultimate decision could be for better or worse. Not to mention that the Robinsons might have been part of the middle class in some places but around here they'd have stepped up to the "new money" level.

However, Mr. Lord almost hits the mark, almost.

When the left says they are protecting the "middle class" they are talking about their highly paid union supporters and NOT the historic middle class.
Years ago I had an exciting few weeks "debating" a university professor because I'd posited an artificial American middle class made up of over paid labor union members rather than entrepreneurs, managers, and investors. My opinion has not changed since then.

So, when Lord writes liberals hate Rush Limbaugh's 20 million member middle-class audience! While at the same time desperately needing a portion of that very same middle-class to win elections...he is right. But he failed to identify the two "portions".

For generations, not just decades, America has been trained to include teamsters, autoworkers, teachers, and government drones as middle class based entirely on their artificially elevated wages.
Sorry folks, but labor union members are highly (over) paid labor and not "middle class". The fact that they often earn more than true members of the middle class is at the root of today's problems.

Today's perceived middle class is made up of both an historic middle class and a created middle earning labor sector that is entirely beholden to the left and that is the part of "middle class" that the dems are intent on protecting.

5 posted on 09/11/2012 5:00:46 AM PDT by norton (thanks for reading my official 2012 rant, I'll try not to do it again.)
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To: radioone

I always figured that “Middle Class” was a codeword for Unions, and they reject the true Middle Class.

I was reminded this of a Teamster poster I saw near my work that said, “Stop the War on the Worker.” Of course, I politely covered up the word “Worker” with a sticker that said, “Taxpayer.”

6 posted on 09/11/2012 5:20:09 AM PDT by Thorliveshere
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To: radioone

They hate God and America since they stand for goodness and light. These people are pure evil as we saw last week.

Pray for America

7 posted on 09/11/2012 5:28:12 AM PDT by bray (If you vote for a communist what does that make you?)
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To: radioone

This is why the “liberal-toxoplasmosis” theory is so strong.

In the brains of rodents, the protozoa *trains* the rodents to be strongly attracted to that which they should properly fear and avoid. Whenever the rodent’s brain chemically changes because of fear and repulsion, the protozoa releases an enzyme that makes the rodent’s brains secrete the brain chemical dopamine, giving them a rush of pleasure, perhaps even sexual pleasure.

With this *training*, the rodents are led to their destruction, being eaten by cats, for the benefit of the protozoa, which reproduces in the cats intestines.

Rodents brains are similar to human brains, chemically, and it is estimated that some 15 million Americans are infected with the protozoa. Close the same number of extremist, far leftist liberal radicals.

Importantly, all the protozoa can do is just that: detect fear and repulsion and replace it in the brain with pleasure, even sexual pleasure.

Now look at the behavior of liberals! They are attracted to our national enemies. That hate what is good and healthy. They reject patriotism and the family and God. It is like their brains are acting in reverse.

Just like infected rodents.

However, unlike rodents, liberals don’t just want to destroy themselves, they want to destroy everyone! That is the only reason why they would be opposed to a national missile defense! That is why they want to help our enemies instead of fight them! That is why they are ruining our economy!

They want us to all die and “be eaten”. And they don’t even know *why* they want this, just that they crave it like pleasure, even sexual pleasure.

Are they infected? Is liberalism a protozoa?

8 posted on 09/11/2012 5:53:05 AM PDT by yefragetuwrabrumuy (DIY Bumper Sticker: "THREE TIMES,/ DEMOCRATS/ REJECTED GOD")
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To: radioone
The Classes in British history and continuing somewhat into the present were really only two, the Aristocracy and Commons, Commons being all who were not by inheritance Aristocrats and who were generally serfs and menials and slaves and yeoman farmers (small freeholders). When the crafts and trades rose to some consequence they were not Aristocrats, who disdained work and "trade," nor were they slaves or serfs or farmers, they began to be termed "middle class" which designation really referred to a part of Commons.

America has no formal classes. We have a self identified aristocracy which derives from the middle class mostly, that is from trade and crafts i.e. manufacturing and marketing. Many of those families that prospered reached a point where their heirs no longer had to work or they became academicians and lawyers who believe themselves to be the American Aristocracy and have affected some of the attitudes of Aristocracy- they disdain doing anything productive for their support believing they are entitled to support by the fact of their existence. The American Aristocracy is, in fact, simply the prosperous Middle Class of independent commons or that portion of it with an attitude. Also part of the American Aristocracy is the permanent Welfare Class which shares aristocratic values even while not sharing resources. They disdain work and believe themselves entitled to support by the fact of their existence.

Aristocracy implies wealth but does not require it- see the many impecunious titled British lords and ladies and our own perpetual students (including the lesser lights among the professoriat).

If the class system, including the "middle class" is to be analogized in the USA then all who work for a wage or who farm their own land or who live under bridges would be commoners. Those who have businesses or work in offices for salary as clerks or who are professionals or work on commission would be middle class. Academics and lawyers and trust funders would be the aristocracy. Unlike in the historical British system people move into and out of the different classes. A new "aristocrat"'s sons can lose all the family money and, without trust funds, become commons again. It can even happen to Kennedys.

9 posted on 09/11/2012 6:31:26 AM PDT by arthurus (Read Hazlitt's Economics In One Lesson)
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To: radioone
I often shock my Sunday School class when I blame God for everything that humans do.

How can it not be His fault? He was the one who endowed humans with what is known as "free will".

God had to know that "free will" was a problem, so He sent us an example to follow, Jesus. He was "hoping" that people would follow the example, but alas, a lot of people cannot or will not pay attention. The good news is that a lot of people ARE more or less paying attention and are leading a moral, dignified and honorable life.

It is this relatively small group of past and present Christians who has more or less kept a super fragile peace in this world.

At least everybody have not been killed...yet.

This fragile "peace" was disturbed in a blatent, in-your-face way last week when a major American political party advocated to kick God out of the party. The repudiation was blatent, unambiguous and could not be taken out of context.

If we could see God with tears in His eyes, this was it.

So...the Democrats are just exercising their "free will" don't you know. They have made it clear that they don't want anything to do with God interfering in their lives. They want to do what they want, when they want without interference, especially from somebody like God.

10 posted on 09/11/2012 6:36:11 AM PDT by B.O. Plenty (Elections have consequences....)
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To: radioone
From the last page of thisnarticle: Where did I read:
11 posted on 09/11/2012 9:59:06 AM PDT by Yosemitest (It's simple, fight or die!)
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