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White House denies Obama snubbed Netanyahu
Conservative Read ^ | 9/12/12

Posted on 09/11/2012 10:40:33 PM PDT by Nachum

Washington cites ‘scheduling conflicts’ as only reason US president, Israeli PM won’t meet later in September

WASHINGTON – The White House denied Tuesday that US President Barack Obama refused a request made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet in Washington later in September, while Netanyahu will be visiting the United States.

Earlier, a Jerusalem official said that White House rejected Netanyahu’s request for a meeting, adding that when a request to that effect was made by Netanyahu’s aides, “The White House has got back to us and said that the president’s schedule will not permit that.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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We didn' do notin to no-body
1 posted on 09/11/2012 10:40:40 PM PDT by Nachum
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To: Jet Jaguar; NorwegianViking; ExTexasRedhead; HollyB; FromLori; EricTheRed_VocalMinority; ...

The list, Ping

Let me know if you would like to be on or off the ping list

2 posted on 09/11/2012 10:42:25 PM PDT by Nachum (The List was hacked-
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To: Nachum

"He didn't snub snubbed him."

3 posted on 09/11/2012 10:44:24 PM PDT by dfwgator (I'm voting for Ryan and that other guy.)
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To: Nachum

How about if Bibi snubs Imanutjob on Yom Kippur with some air mail.

4 posted on 09/11/2012 10:47:59 PM PDT by FlyingEagle
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To: Nachum

It’s not Obama’s fault that there was a scheduling conflict. He had decided to schedule walking his dog during that time.

5 posted on 09/11/2012 11:02:14 PM PDT by winner3000
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To: Nachum

Sorry. Not buying it.

Messiah you have cried “Wolf” too many times.

You’re a lying POS, and I don’t believe you.

You’re also a rampant, blatant, Anti-Semite.

6 posted on 09/11/2012 11:05:47 PM PDT by diamond6 (Check out: and learn about the faith.)
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To: Nachum

The “WH” lies every time it flaps its purple lips.

7 posted on 09/11/2012 11:12:18 PM PDT by TigersEye ( - OPSEC (give them support))
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To: TigersEye

The WH has the same modus operandi as the Gazaans that say “Kill Israelis” in Arabic to it’s mudslims, while saying “We LOVE Israelis” in English to the western press.

8 posted on 09/12/2012 12:14:33 AM PDT by C210N ("ask not what the candidate can do for you, ask what you can do for the candidate" (Breitbart, 2012))
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To: C210N
Yes, there are signals being sent now to the MB and Iran.

Former deputy national security adviser: US response to embassy attack ‘bizarre and unacceptable’

We don't support Israeli attack, US tells Iran

I think one day 9/11/2012 will be remembered as the day 0bama started WWIII.

9 posted on 09/12/2012 12:21:06 AM PDT by TigersEye ( - OPSEC (give them support))
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To: Nachum
This was posted on Twitter/live feed from WH

Obama and Netanyahu Talk Over Phone

From the White House:

President Obama spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu for an hour tonight as a part of their ongoing consultations. The two leaders discussed the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program, and our close cooperation on Iran and other security issues. President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu reaffirmed that they are united in their determination to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and agreed to continue their close consultations going forward. Contrary to reports in the press, there was never a request for Prime Minister Netanyahu to meet with President Obama in Washington, nor was a request for a meeting ever denied. End. Also, I read numerous messages on Twitter that says the US Embassy in Cairo put the statement out to defuse the situation before the rioters climbed the wall/out of fear. We will see as more info comes to light.

10 posted on 09/12/2012 12:34:48 AM PDT by Christie at the beach (I like Newt.)
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To: Nachum
So let me get this straight.

Iran is on the brink of fielding nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to deliver the devices to Israel.

Iran is threatening Israel and America with annihilation and they are driving the Middle East to the brink of all out war that will probably force the use of WMDs by both Israel and the Arabs.

Both Egypt and Syria have been destabilized, in large part due to Obama’s disastrous Diplomacy and Policies in the Middle East and his outright siding with Islamic Radicals and terrorists in the region.

Thanks to Obama, Egypt is in the hands of the Islamic Radicals of the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent of Al Queda, the PLO and Hamas, which has torn up the Camp David Peace Agreement with Israel, has threatened Israel with war and is beginning to re militarize the Sinai in violation of the Camp David Pact.

Who knows what is going on in Syria and what is going to happen there, but it is certain that who ever prevails will be very hostile to Israel and will posses both Assad and Saddam's WMDs.

Assad has the Russians stepping up to the plate with weapons and troops to protect Assad and Russian interests in the region.Putin sees this has a cheap way to assert massive Russian influence in the region.

China is also sniffing around looking for a toe hold in the most strategic region on earth.

Things are touch and go in Iraq now that Obama has withdrawn ALL the American troops that were stabilizing the country. We may soon regret this ill advised decision on the part of the President when it becomes obvious that the mess he has created is and has been spinning out of control.

The Saudis have their hands full with their Islamic Radicals, many of whom are high up in the Royal Family. Saudi still supplies most of the worlds oil.

To the West, Libya and Tunisia have been taken over by the the Islamic Radicals of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama has made it clear that he will do nothing meaningful by Economic Sanctions or Military Action to halt Iran's programs of Nuclear Proliferation and he has even publicly stated that the US will never attack Iran as long as Obama is president.

To the East, Israel faces a Syria that has evolved as a heavily armed and manned Iranian forward base and staging ground for Iran's much threatened war with Israel. Syria is in chaos which may allow Iran to take control of the Syrian Military and combine forces with Iran's regular army and Hezbollah Guerrillas who have pretty much taken onver in Lebanon and who have massed huge stores of weapons and troops on the Lebanon Israel Border which has already seen at least 3 major conflicts with Israel.

Turkey is also now under the control of Islamic Radicals and has been stepping up the hostile rhetoric against Israel.

in the North, Israel faces a terrorist build up in the Gaza and unrest in the Palestinian Territories of the West Bank.

Against this backdrop, Israel has only a short time to take military action against Iran to prevent the certain annihilation of the Jewish State.

There also has to be pressure on Israel due to the fact that Egypt is tearing up it's peace treaty with Israel and is steadily mobilizing it's forces under the radar screen for a war with Israel in the near future war and the mobilization in Lebanon and Syria.

Israel has a massive first and second strike nuclear weapons arsenal capable of delivering weapons to as far away as Moscow or Pakistan. if all of these players join for an attack on Israel, they will have no choice but to respond with all weapons at their disposal which will devastate the Middle East and throw the world economy into instant paralysis as oil supplies are severely curtailed due to destruction of the oil fields or due to shut down in shipping via tanker.

In a word, the Middle East is primed and ready to explode. Obama is personally responsible for much of the policy actions which have brought us to this point. To make matters worse, our US Embassies in Libya and Egypt have had Jimmy Carter/ Ayatollah Khomeini style replay Iranian takeovers of the US Embassy due to Jimmy Carter's ill advised Iran policies on the Anniversary of 9/11 which is highly symbolic in the Middle East and the rest of the Muslim world.

At least one American diplomat was killed in todays American Embassy attacks by Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Radicals.

All of this is happening in real time and Obama is fully aware of the deteriorating security situation in the region at the same time Obama is making his decision to snub the Israeli PM

Simply unreal.

Obama's ego and spite driven, irresponsible and reckless snub of Prime Minister Netanyahu creates a breakdown in communications of the peace process at a hyper critical juncture that has the potential to go down in annals of history of momentously bad Diplomatic decisions right next to Neville Chamberlin's disaster with Hitler, our breakdown with Pearl Harbor, Hitlers invasion of Russia, and Stalin's signing of the Hitler/Stalin Pact.

Oh, and by the way, the EU, The United States and Chinese economies are all nations are tethering on the brink of serious economic problems. A Middle East War and resulting disruption of oil supplies would likely drive the world into a serious recession or depression.

Despite all of this, Obama just can't find the time to fit a visit with the Israeli Prime Minister into his busy, busy Presidential schedule to see if he can hammer out a peaceful solution to the rapidly escalating Middle East Crisis. In fact, Obama’s refusal to meet with Netanyaho is provocative in itself and this meeting snub really makes things much worse in the region because Israel's potential enemies are going to take this as a sign of Israel's isolation in the region and as a green light to turn up the heat on Israel.

Even worse, it gives Iran and Egypt and the rest of Israel's enemies a narrow several month long, once in 50 year window to attack Israel without having to worry about American support of Israel or intervention on Israel's behalf.

On the Israeli side, Obama's snub shows the Israeli Leadership and entire Israeli population that they totally isolated and that they are dealing with an unserious, irresponsible , incompetant and feckless American President who is taking sides with the Islamic Radicals who are on record as promising to totally destroy Israel .

This can only result in an Israeli consensus that they have only two options. One is to preemptively destroy as much of Iran's offensive nuclear programs as possible and deal with the world wide condemnation and the second option is to allow Iran and the rest of the Middle East to realize their 60 year old dream of destroying Israel and driving it's people into the sea.

It is really hard to how badly Obama has backed Israel into a corner like a trapped rat with his snub, and how poorly timed the snub was. Israeli leaders have been explicit in public the, "the next 50 days is going to determine the fate of Israel's survival as a nation."

One can only imagine how Obama's politically tone deaf snub and other recent comments and policy actions are playing into the Israeli leaderships decision whether or not to go to war with Iran in the next 50 days.

The sad irony here is that Obama’s schedule that just can't be broken to hold a meeting that may prevent a world wide catastrophe seems to consist mainly of of Political campaign fund raisers with Hollywood movie stars, debates and interviews with with “pimp” talk show hosts and a guest appearance with David Letter man.

Whata guy.

Jeez, Nero only fiddled while Rome Burned.

Obama one ups Nero by schmoozing with Left Wing movie stars and slow jamming with David Letterman while the whole world spins towards regional war and world wide economic melt down. All this from a Nobel Peace Prize winner, no less.

Obama may go down in history as the man who out Nero’ed Nero.

11 posted on 09/12/2012 12:38:51 AM PDT by rdcbn
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To: Christie at the beach
“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims ..."

It's hard to diffuse a violent mob by agreeing with the premise of their anger.

12 posted on 09/12/2012 12:39:42 AM PDT by TigersEye ( - OPSEC (give them support))
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To: TigersEye

They are saying on Twitter that the words were in response to the film so it would preempt any anger??? They said there was a time-line of events. I don’t have those.

13 posted on 09/12/2012 12:53:25 AM PDT by Christie at the beach (I like Newt.)
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To: Christie at the beach
Sorry for my typos-it’s late here. I have been reading alot of blogs this evening plus working on my website..
14 posted on 09/12/2012 12:57:59 AM PDT by Christie at the beach (I like Newt.)
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To: Christie at the beach

Could be. It still doesn’t help to agree with their reason to be angry. When you justify someone’s anger you just fire them up even more. Which I suspect was 0bama’s plan.

15 posted on 09/12/2012 12:58:20 AM PDT by TigersEye ( - OPSEC (give them support))
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To: Christie at the beach
16 posted on 09/12/2012 12:59:58 AM PDT by 1035rep (Obama: "I killed Bin Laden" didn't do that. Somebody else made that happen.)
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To: rdcbn
Oh, and by the way, Netanyahu's request for a face to face meeting with Obama may very well have been a last ditch, good faith effort on Netanyahu's part to patch things up with Obama and present a proposal on how Israel and the US can move forward together to deal with Iran in a constructive fashion to produce and effective and meaningful peaceful solution that will stabilize the region and avoid a disastrous regional conflict

If that is the case, Obama may have just torpedoed the last chance for a peaceful solution to Iran's with his unprecedented Diplomatic snub of a world leader, PM Netanyahu, who is at the brink of war to defend his country from a unprovoked Iranian nuclear first strike that Iran has promised to deliver at any cost in the near term future.

Under that circumstance, it's hard to see how the Israeli leadership could come to any conclusion that there even the most remote chance of avoiding the need for proactive military action to solve their Iran problem and that now is the time to set the wheels in motion for a military solution .

17 posted on 09/12/2012 1:03:14 AM PDT by rdcbn
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To: rdcbn

That’s my take on it, too.

18 posted on 09/12/2012 1:08:15 AM PDT by thecodont
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To: thecodont
Yep, just another excuse.


19 posted on 09/12/2012 1:10:24 AM PDT by 1035rep (Obama: "I killed Bin Laden" didn't do that. Somebody else made that happen.)
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To: rdcbn; FARS; nuconvert; ntnychik; potlatch; devolve; Fred Nerks; little jeremiah; onyx

You base your accurate narrative on this Hussein being "feckless" and "tone deaf"--

I submit he is a witting Islamo-Communist intentionally removing secular regimes, replacing them with Islamist ones--

--that he intentionally isolates and betrays Israel because he despises Israel--

--that he intentionally weakens and destroys America ditto--

--that if the enemy attacks Israel and simultaneously launches an EMP attack on CONUS it will be by design-

Do not credit this agent of evil with naivete or inexperience--

He means harm to men of good will, men of God.

20 posted on 09/12/2012 1:14:21 AM PDT by PhilDragoo (Hussein: Islamo-Commie from Fakistan)
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