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GOP gives up on trying to push Akin out (Funding may be restored)
The Washington Post ^ | 9/20/12 | Aaron Blake

Posted on 09/21/2012 2:10:33 AM PDT by Evil Slayer

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To: RKBA Democrat
It’s rare that Sarah makes a political mistake,

Want a list?

51 posted on 09/21/2012 6:33:31 AM PDT by Carry_Okie (The Slave Party Switcheroo: Economic crisis! Zero's eligibility Trumped!! Hillary 2012!!!)
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To: darrellmaurina

Santorum said Akin is a good man that made a dumb comment but he thinks Akin should stay in.

52 posted on 09/21/2012 6:36:25 AM PDT by katiedidit1 (Constitutionalist..period)
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To: MestaMachine

About time these pussies grew a spine. Nothing is more stupid than GOP on hot button topics. They need to ignore them and continue to talk about what they stand for.

53 posted on 09/21/2012 7:02:17 AM PDT by Chickensoup (STOP The Great O-ppression)
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To: katiedidit1
Just donated.

54 posted on 09/21/2012 7:08:24 AM PDT by FR_addict
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To: Evil Slayer
She needs to apologize and start backing Todd.

She already backs a Todd, her husband. She got this right.

Akin deserves no apology. He's an arrogant nutcase obsessed with becoming senator without regard to cause or country.

Should Akin fail and the senate is lost, will his fanatical Freepers admit they were wrong? Nope. It'll be blamed on the "GOPe" or some Rovian conspiracy because Akin's so clearly blameless... just like Obama.

55 posted on 09/21/2012 7:30:55 AM PDT by newzjunkey (Osama's dead... and so is our ambassador -- Ann Coulter. Election, 46 days to go.)
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To: jmaroneps37

“It is becoming easy to see how the “Akin effect” has faded; just look at warren now down 6 vs Brown in Mass. with a sample of 55% Democrats.”

The fading “Akin effect” is the result of other Republican candidates being able to politically disassociate themselves from the fallout, as a result of the party’s refusal to openly finance his campaign.

Liz Warren (from last night’s debate): “This really may be the race for control of the United States Senate, not just about Senator Brown’s vote — it’s about all the Republicans.”

If the GOP openly funds Akin, candidates such as Liawatha will produce more ads linking him to their Republican opponents, thus undermining female and independent support for Republicans in other close races.

56 posted on 09/21/2012 7:33:27 AM PDT by BlatherNaut
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To: FR_addict

Bravo FR_addict;) one of the greatest causes ever. Not only would it be a sweet victory to beat McCaskill but to show the gop e that we want to be heard and we want conservatives not rino’s to win.

57 posted on 09/21/2012 7:34:54 AM PDT by katiedidit1 (Constitutionalist..period)
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To: Evil Slayer
Sarah Palin should retract her early statement for Akin to drop out as well. Sarah jumped the gun on this one. She needs to apologize and start backing Todd. Funding would also help.

I agree. She also supported Carly Fiorina over Chuck Devore, and she will not shut up about what a great leader John McCain is. Her endorsements have no credibility with me anymore, if she keeps screwing up she is going to lose her ability to help the good guys as much as she has in the past.

58 posted on 09/21/2012 7:37:24 AM PDT by Reddon
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To: katiedidit1
Look Newbie.

OK grandpa.

...this is not the only fundraiser Akin will have and hopefully the gop will get on board after today’s debate.

Fair enough. When is his next announced fundraiser? This week? Next week?

Thank God you don’t live in this state.

I thank God I don't live in Missouri too.

59 posted on 09/21/2012 7:37:50 AM PDT by Delhi Rebels (There was a row in Silver Street - the regiments was out.)
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To: katiedidit1; Diamond
We agree, Katie — Christian conservatives should be fiscal conservatives because charity is the business of the church and family, not the state. The primary purpose of the civil government, according to Romans 13, is to bear the sword — i.e., administering justice and dealing with police and national defense issues.

While that's clear to Akin, unfortunately, it is not always clear to Christian conservatives. Over the years, this website has seen lots of attacks on Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and other prominent Christian conservatives as so-called “Christian socialists.” Unfortunately, some of those attacks on SoCons by economic conservatives and national defense conservatives have been legitimate, and as a strong social conservative, I need to admit that. We need to get our own house in order.

Over on a different website, I've been having an argument with some fellow Calvinists who appear to have been seduced by political liberalism in graduate school. One of them is the son of a well-known Reformed minister who helped lead the secession from the Christian Reformed Church. He's actually writing a doctoral dissertation claiming that John Calvin held views on politics and on economics which fly in the face of the last two hundred years of secular evaluations of the role of the “Protestant Work Ethic” and the rise of capitalism.

That website’s most recent thread is focusing on Christian views of private property, and he's advocating a position which would be unrecognizable to most Protestant evangelicals, though it definitely does have roots in the church of the Middle Ages. Who would have thought that I would have to be defending basic Christian principles of private property rights to a man who is otherwise a solid conservative on principles of Reformed theology?

Unfortunately, as evangelical Christians, we have not always done a good job of teaching Christian principles to our next generation of young evangelicals, and we are reaping the bad fruit of the seeds we have sown.

60 posted on 09/21/2012 8:02:37 AM PDT by darrellmaurina
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To: Theodore R.; Diamond; katiedidit1; wagglebee; napscoordinator; cripplecreek; Antoninus; ...
40 posted on Fri Sep 21 2012 07:18:04 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by Theodore R.: “Is Santorum also backing Akin? I thought I read he is.”

Yes, but apparently cautiously. I can't blame him for caution in light of the massive attack by most other Republicans, including some solid evangelicals from Missouri such as John Ashcroft.

I'm pinging this to a number of Santorum backers who will know if Santorum has made more recent comments since his CBS News interview that touched tangentially on the topic.

Here's Santorum’s comment to CBS News:

Essentially, Santorum said Akin was a “good man” who made a “ridiculous statement,” then “didn't do a very good job in dealing with the problems that came from that statement, and he's suffering the consequences for it.”

That sounds pretty much like what I would say if I were on the national level of politics and didn't live in Missouri. I have a problem because I actually **DO** live in this state and what I say and do will have a direct effect on people who actually vote. I made a decision not to join the chorus of Akin attackers. I did not make that decision lightly, but I don't have the option of staying quiet.

Here's an interesting response from the Kansas City Star: “U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill on Republican opponent Todd Akin: “He makes Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum look like hippies.”

61 posted on 09/21/2012 8:22:03 AM PDT by darrellmaurina
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To: katiedidit1; Theodore R.
Hi, Katie... thanks for the additional Santorum-Akin link. Our notes crossed in cyberspace and I didn't see your note until I posted mine.
62 posted on 09/21/2012 8:45:18 AM PDT by darrellmaurina
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To: BlatherNaut; Diamond; katiedidit1; newzjunkey; Eric in the Ozarks; Evil Slayer; P-Marlowe; ...
56 posted on Fri Sep 21 2012 09:33:27 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by BlatherNaut: “If the GOP openly funds Akin, candidates such as Liawatha will produce more ads linking him to their Republican opponents, thus undermining female and independent support for Republicans in other close races.”

On that point, unfortunately, I tend to agree. For people like Scott Brown to win states like Massachusetts, the national Republican party probably **DID** have to distance themselves from Akin. Okay, they've done it, they can now go quiet, and backing Akin is now our problem as social conservatives.

But as Gingrich's decision shows, it's not just our battle now.

There are a lot of Santorum backers who decided to back Gingrich once Santorum pulled out of the race. I, for one, am glad to see Gingrich coming to the support of a prominent Christian conservative.

Why is Gingrich doing this? I'm not sure. Akin has not been personally popular with the GOP establishment, and that's something he shares with Gingrich. Maybe there's a common bond in being attacked by the GOP-e, or maybe there is something else of a personal nature between the two men. I don't know.

In any case, let's not demonize people who disagree with Akin. Even here on Free Republic, people like Eric in the Ozarks, newzjunkey, and others remind us (correctly so) that Akin is not universally popular among conservatives who don't like the GOP-e. I can respect that. Honest conservatives can and will disagree on who is the best candidate.

As the OP, EvilSlayer, posted in his article from the Washington Post: “Akin, as we’ve written before, is not a party establishment guy or even really a tea party guy. He’s a social and religious conservative who is largely unencumbered by the things that bind many other big-time candidates to their party leaders. Thus, it has been hard for the party to find anything in the way of leverage.”

That is why Newt Gingrich's decision to back Akin is so important. I do not know what level of coattails Gingrich will have, and I don't know his motivations, but what **IS** certain is that he will bring a group of people to Akin’s support who are mad at the GOP establishment for different reasons than the Christian conservatives who, so far, have been Akin’s primary backers.

How much support Gingrich will bring isn't yet clear. We'll find out soon.

63 posted on 09/21/2012 9:01:55 AM PDT by darrellmaurina
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To: Evil Slayer

Akin will win. Don’t let the mofo RINOS in the US Senate stop him..

64 posted on 09/21/2012 10:00:57 AM PDT by Fred (
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To: prisoner6
Agreed! In fact Sarah hasn’t been doing much of anything recently.

I believe that Sarah is enjoying her time in AZ and being out of the spotlight. Notice how tan she looks and rested.

65 posted on 09/21/2012 10:56:16 AM PDT by Irish Eyes
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To: DAC21

You know, you are right. She needs to lighten the hair and cut it into a contemporary shape. I briefly watched Hannity and thought how old Sarah looked in the space of a couple years. She needs a beautician to show her how best to sell a wholesome sparkle look.

66 posted on 09/21/2012 12:07:04 PM PDT by Maryhere ("HE comes to rule the earth")
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To: Tucker39

The bottom line is that one dumb-assed statement is, or at least should be, far less damaging than six years worth of Obama rubber stamping.

67 posted on 09/21/2012 12:41:22 PM PDT by Vigilanteman (Obama: Fake black man. Fake Messiah. Fake American. How many fakes can you fit in one Zer0?)
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To: prisoner6

circular fireing squad, The Missouri senate race is most likely lost. As is the presidential campaign. Akin’s and the lighting rod he graously granted the left is a large part of the cause.

Blame the GOPe all you like but while that works in Missouri the public image Akin’s help create will be used in leftist propaganda for years to come to label us all just the way they want to label us.

I suppose the worse part is The Federal Constitutional Republic is also basically lost this year. This was our last stand. Blame who ever you like, it doesn’t really matter anymore we are all little more than slaves to the lawless Federal Government either way.

Maybe in several hundred years its own internal corruption and our demographic collapse will render an opportunity for liberty to be reborn among the ashes of this tyranny.

68 posted on 09/21/2012 1:03:17 PM PDT by Monorprise
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To: Vigilanteman

A lot of thing when honestly examined are out of ballance. The men who present the news and control much of the information commutation in our civilization have as little interest in balance as they do in voting for Mitt Romney(80% democrat).

We are not and never will with these people get a fair shake. You have to remember theses are the same people who let democrats who commit rape off the hook, but if a republican like Tod even mentions the potability it is might not be justified to commit murder simply to make yourself more comfortable for 9 months. That is the worse thing you could say.

The Sad truth is as long as they control information distribution to much if not most of the population politics will ever be played on their field, and their friends will have an almost overwhelming advantage.

69 posted on 09/21/2012 1:12:06 PM PDT by Monorprise
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To: Happy Rain
if he loses...

We could really say that about any candidate who loses. There's always a reason, and one of them will always be "maybe he/she shouldn't have run in the first place."

So, what is Scott Brown's excuse if he loses? Josh Mandel's?, etc., etc.

70 posted on 09/21/2012 2:02:50 PM PDT by xzins (Retired Army Chaplain and Proud of It! True supporters of our troops pray for their victory!)
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To: newzjunkey

To me, Akin is an inspiration. People should not back down in the face of adversity even though fighting on against the odds seems hopeless at times. Akin is one of the few fighters in the D.C. apparatus that I can point to. Jesse Helms was another.

71 posted on 09/21/2012 4:58:06 PM PDT by Theodore R. ( Who among us has not erred? Akin's the One!)
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To: Evil Slayer

Akin did a credible job in first debate.
His comment was stupid and he apologized for it, and now its just another gaffe in a campaign, just like many other campaigns have gaffes.
The NRSC needs to restore funding and get behind Akin, as we see other races being tough and we cant afford to throw it away.

72 posted on 09/21/2012 9:45:48 PM PDT by WOSG (REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMA. He stole America’s promise!)
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You once had serious concerns about Akin’s ability to recover.

I haven’t been following this closely, so I’ll rely on your positive barometrics.

73 posted on 09/21/2012 9:51:10 PM PDT by Gene Eric (Demoralization is a weapon of the enemy. Don't get it, don't spread it!)
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To: Andrei Bulba


74 posted on 09/21/2012 9:51:10 PM PDT by ConservativeMan55
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To: Gene Eric

Yes, I felt Akin’s gaffe enough to make him another Sharron Angle. he’s not out of the woods, but its gone from sure loss to ‘he has a chance’. Obviously, I hope he pulls it off, but this is a race that aug 1 was rated an almost sure gain, and we NEED this to overturn Obamacare.
It’s quite disappointing to see our opptys to repeal obamacare slip away, as we see senate races not go our way - MO, FL, VA, OH - we need to win it all.
MA race is a dogfight. Even IN race is at risk.

75 posted on 09/22/2012 7:56:43 AM PDT by WOSG (REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMA. He stole America’s promise!)
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To: cotton1706

Yea, but, I just don’t think the GOP grand-poobahs would ever take the time to listen to a “mere” telephone operator. People like John Cornyn et al think they know it all; after all he has won many elections now. What these operators might say would be called “anecdotal evidence.”

76 posted on 09/23/2012 5:52:16 AM PDT by Theodore R. ( Who among us has not erred? Akin's the One!)
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