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Debate on concealed weapons at college campuses heats up (Freeper in NYTimes/WSJ/Fox)
Fox News ^ | September 21, 2012 | Elizabeth Prann

Posted on 09/22/2012 6:59:52 PM PDT by DaveLoneRanger

For the past two years, dozens of states have debated allowing college students to carry concealed weapons on campus. The issue is heating up in the Peach State where Georgia Tech students say an uptick of campus violence, has made them uneasy. Some want the right to carry concealed weapons on campus.

“Concealed weapons holders are significantly less likely to be arrested or convicted of crimes than the remainder of the population," Robert Eagar of Students for Concealed Carry said. "However, the second they step on to the campus the argument is made they become irresponsible -- and can no longer carry their weapons safely."

Three Tech students were robbed near campus in Atlanta in August. More recently, a student asleep in his dorm room behind three layers of security woke up to a gun pointed at his head. He was unharmed, but robbed. Students who fear crime on campus, rallied this week for the chance to protect themselves.

“We're not advocating for vigilante justice -- we're advocating that firearm is a last resort for defense,” Eager said. “Criminals know the population here at Georgia Tech is unarmed so we make an ideal target. Carrying high end laptops, cell phones, text book, whatever money you have. They know we have zero chance of defending ourselves against a criminal.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Some of you know I'm kind of helping spearhead the campus carry movement. Today we got huge hits from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times as well as Fox. I feel like I sharpened a lot of my debating skills when I was more active here on FR.

We'd love for everyone who supports decriminalizing campus carry to visit our website and Facebook page to like, contribute or help out in restoring self-defense for permit holders on campus!

1 posted on 09/22/2012 7:00:02 PM PDT by DaveLoneRanger
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To: EdReform; Ladysmith; Petruchio; PeterPrinciple; alpha-8-25-02; F.J. Mitchell; B4Ranch; ...

Remember those armed citizen stories, and the campus carry movement posts? Well now I’m giving interviews to Fox News and the Wall Street Journal about them. :-)

Students for Concealed Carry got huge hits on the media today. We’d love it if you could come visit our Facebook page and help out us broke students in an Obama economy.

2 posted on 09/22/2012 7:04:02 PM PDT by DaveLoneRanger (Decriminalize concealed carry on campus!
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To: DaveLoneRanger
Isn't it the University of Colorado that is in a fight with the right to conceal carry, and now wants to segregate them into specific dorms? I thought "segregation" was not only illegal, but anathema to the university crowd.

Besides, many people, including non-gun owners expressed a desire to live in the gun-owner dorm, knowing the other dorms, being gun-free, would be more susceptible to crime! DUH!!

3 posted on 09/22/2012 7:09:23 PM PDT by jeffc (The U.S. media are our enemy)
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To: jeffc

I was at the Pearl street mall in Boulder last Sunday to have dinner with my sister who was in town on a flying visit. What a zoo. Too many weirdos and derelicts for me. it had been years since I had been up there.

4 posted on 09/22/2012 7:22:45 PM PDT by dynachrome ("Our forefathers didn't bury their guns. They buried those that tried to take them.")
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To: DaveLoneRanger

The next student who would have otherwise been carrying a concealed weapon ought to sue the pants off them next time his/her safety is jeopardized while he/she is unarmed.

5 posted on 09/22/2012 7:30:06 PM PDT by Dr. Pritchett
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To: DaveLoneRanger
I actually got a Utah cop to admit to my daughter, face to face, that Utah State CCW laws supersede the campus policy asking students to surrender their weapons.
6 posted on 09/22/2012 7:32:43 PM PDT by Carry_Okie (The Slave Party Switcheroo: Economic crisis! Zero's eligibility Trumped!! Hillary 2012!!!)
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To: DaveLoneRanger

Just remember, dear friend, never “feel”, always “believe” and just know why.

Aunt Rita. ;D

7 posted on 09/22/2012 8:42:10 PM PDT by RitaOK ( VIVA CHRISTO REY!)
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To: DaveLoneRanger

HOORAY DaveLoneRanger! WOOOOHOOOOO! One of the greatest ideas/posts/gamechangers ever brought to the FreeRepublic forum!

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...resulting in the destruction of totalitarians you encounter who might want to take your life.



8 posted on 09/22/2012 9:12:55 PM PDT by PGalt
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To: DaveLoneRanger
It's amazing how far we've slipped backward. When I was a junior at the University of Alabama in the late 1970s a huge chunk of the various ROTC organizations (both USAF and US Army) had Alabama carry permits and carried on campus regularly. The only verbotten place to keep a gun was in the dorms. I got my very first permit by walking down to the Tuscaloosa police department and had the chief come out into the parking lot. I was wearing my ROTC green uniform and he proceeded to lock my heels (make me stand at attention) as he walked 'round and 'round me. Finally he squints into my eyes and says: "You'll DO. Don't kill nobody whut don't need killin!" That's exactly what he said verbatim! I'll never forget it. The card cost me (IIRC) $5. Ah, the good old days...
9 posted on 09/22/2012 11:33:02 PM PDT by ExSoldier (Stand up and be counted... OR LINE UP AND BE NUMBERED...)
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To: DaveLoneRanger

At 18 they’re considered adults. They can be drafted, seduced, intoxicated, but they cannot be armed. That’s liberalism for you - we can kill you, have sex with you and get you drunk or stoned, but don’t you ever try and defend yourself.

10 posted on 09/23/2012 3:07:44 AM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: Carry_Okie

But not even the US Constitution supersedes liberalism!

11 posted on 09/23/2012 3:12:09 AM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: DaveLoneRanger; harpseal; TexasCowboy; nunya bidness; AAABEST; Travis McGee; Squantos; wku man; ...
Well done, DaveLoneRanger.

Click the Gadsden flag for pro-gun resources!

12 posted on 09/23/2012 4:49:27 AM PDT by Joe Brower (Sheep have three speeds: "graze", "stampede" and "cower".)
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To: DaveLoneRanger

Well done, DLR!

13 posted on 09/23/2012 5:24:45 AM PDT by Travis McGee (
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To: DaveLoneRanger

Bump for you, Dave.

I was on the GT campus yesterday. Boy was that a crappy game.

14 posted on 09/23/2012 5:37:09 AM PDT by FreedomPoster (Islam delenda est)
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To: dynachrome

Only time I’ve ever been to Boulder was when Charlton Heston came to speak. Back in the Tyranny Response Team days.

15 posted on 09/23/2012 7:49:16 AM PDT by real saxophonist
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To: DaveLoneRanger

Bravo, DaveLoneRanger. Well done!

“One man with courage...”

Nothing changes unless we buck the system. We only have the rights we’re willing to fight for.

Always remember this: We gunnies are Legion, brother, and you are not alone.

16 posted on 09/23/2012 9:27:24 AM PDT by NFHale (The Second Amendment - By Any Means Necessary.)
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To: DaveLoneRanger
Some might argue that those who shoot people in places where guns are banned, are not Cowards.
They are cowards because they kill themselves after the crime, but for attention the perp
wants freedom to act out vengeance for whatever the reasons.

The point is that those murderers "not victims by the MSM" would not choose
specific targets where people may in the slightest chance, be armed, otherwise
"my argument goes" they would hit the malls for a high density of population.

Some may forget the planning these individuals are involved in where sometimes
the police have found they have planned months in advance. Does anybody really honestly
believe they choose unarmed locations for targets by chance? The evidence says absolutely no.

At least the police did their job and were around after the fact to clean up the Dead.
The gun grabbers just don't think it will happen to them I suppose. But they are willing to allow
others to be put down in the name of their erratic and very skewed utopian view of
how the perfect world should be. Gun grabbers are Dead Wrong.

17 posted on 09/23/2012 11:52:54 AM PDT by MaxMax
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