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To: Teacher317
Love death and injustice that much, eh? Jog on over to China. You'll love their system.

The fact is that sometimes, the system is abused by people. Sometimes, witnesses are wrong. Sometimes, police do tamper with evidence. Sometimes, victims who cannot name the actual attacker will simply blame someone they don't like. Your methods would guarantee that innocent people get killed.

Further, 48 hours isn't enough time for most attorney to file a single motion, let alone investigate an entire situation, and every possible connection that may indicate the innocence of their client.

I understand that you're just lashing out emotionally, and strutting like a peacock to show how much you hate evil criminals. We get that. However, our Founders made our system of laws to be intentionally slow and deliberate, especially in the most important cases. They openly preferred that 10 guilty men go free than to have one innocent be punished by their own government. It isn't easy, but it is better than the alternatives.

We have a winner here. Being one of the more libertarian and/or independent conservatives here, I think the downside of "getting tough on crime" is we made too many crimes "capital crimes" or as I term them, "super crimes." I think when we do that, we sort of "push" the criminal into doing rash things like killing their victims. The think, "hey, I'm toast anyhoo so why not?" At least under the previous system, there was a much higher chance of recovering the victim and to work with them with therapy if it is needed. I have nothing against using deadly force to stop threats and/or protect others from criminals when the action is taking place though but my main beef is with the justice system.

When I was younger, I saw things more as black and white, but as I've gotten older, the world is really various shades of grey and we live in a "grey and black world" since we are not perfect. Maybe because I most likely have Asperger's syndrome, I can think outside the box and make up my own mind on social issues. I just prefer to think and judge for myself on social issues, a situation by situation case instead of parroting party lines.

Another incident that really made me learn is my best friend (since grade school) was accused of physical abuse (not sexual) of his girlfriend's kids and he spent the night in county lockup. His mother was on dialysis at the time and was all worked up in knots. Later on, the girlfriend's father fessed up and told the truth and he was released and not charged. I'm glad the system worked for him and this did not get legs. If it "got legs" and he was later judged to be innocent, still there is a stigma to being accused of abusing kids even if innocent. As an online friend of mine made in another forum, it seems when it comes to seeing abusers everywhere, we are almost approaching mass psychosis here where we want to hang 'em high without the facts. As Spock would say, "we are becoming unduly emotional." I don't want a society of Spocks, but we do need to curb the emotions and use logic instead. Because of my friend, it has woke me up.

I'm generally against the death penalty except for high treason and even then, it should be sparingly applied. My libertarian thoughts say that to deny life is wrong unless there is no other way such as for self defense, stopping a crime or in wartime. That's why I'm pro-life too but that is for another time. I'm not against punishing the criminal at all, but we must be sure and let the process take its course as slow as it can be.

We have to punish the criminals and make them pay their debts to society as well as trying to rehabilitate them if it can be done. Also I might get into trouble again, but I have trouble with the ideas like "Megan's Law" since under our system, once someone is released, he has paid his debt to society although due to the gravity of the situation, I'm willing to compromise where he would only need to register with the local police only.

I just don't like the knee-jerk "hang 'em high" approach, we are better than that or should be.
17 posted on 09/23/2012 12:55:13 PM PDT by Nowhere Man (June 28th, 2012, the Day America Jumped The Shark.)
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To: Nowhere Man
As an online friend of mine made in another forum, it seems when it comes to seeing abusers everywhere, we are almost approaching mass psychosis here where we want to hang 'em high without the facts.

Excellent post.

There is a very odd mental reaction most people have. They take the emotion they feel about the horror of the crime and their desire to take vengeance on whoever did it, especially crimes against children, and somehow morph that into evidence that the accused is guilty.

However, that a crime is horrifying just does not constitute evidence the accused is the person who did it.

A perfect example is the multiple miscarriages of justice involving day care and child molestation back in the 80s. People were picketing the trials with signs saying, "Believe the children."

Why should we, if what they are saying is not really believable?

20 posted on 09/23/2012 8:07:51 PM PDT by Sherman Logan (Perception wins all the battles. Reality wins all the wars.)
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