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"The List": Obama's One Hundred and Ninety-Third Week in Office
Nachumlist ^ | 10/5/12 | Nachum

Posted on 10/05/2012 9:29:04 AM PDT by Nachum

President Obama's One Hundred and Ninety-Third Week in Office



Holder pressed on source of guns from 2011 killing 'Spillover' effect from operations concerns...

Mexican Officials: 3 Weapons Used in 2010 Massacre Are Connected to Fast and Furious

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden: 'Yes, We Do' Want to Raise Taxes By a Trillion Dollars

Biden: 'This VP Stuff Is Tough'

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Flashback: Barack Obama: I Think There's A Laziness In Me (video)

Obama reacts to debate: Last night was not the ‘real Mitt Romney' (VIDEO)

GOP Ad: Smirk

DNC Ad: Romney Wasn't Nice Enough To Our Guy!

 Romney, Obama, sharply disagree on role of government

AARP bashes Obama for using it to promote himself in debate

Networks, AP cancel exit polls in 19 states

Axelrod: Next debate will be 'really interesting' (w/video)

Andrea Mitchell Visibly Shocked After Sununu Calls Obama 'Lazy,' Asks Him If He Would Take It Back

Romney Surrogate John Sununu Unloads On Obama: 'Incompetent, Lazy, Disengaged, Detached'

Community Organizer to the World

Professors say Obama rally requires registration

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Was Obama rattled by developing donor scandal story?

NAACP Official: Obama Campaign Staffer Threatened Me

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano lied to Congress about her department’s  special centers where state and local police could share information with the federal government about terrorism and other crimes.

EPA refuses to talk about think tank suit demanding docs on officials using 'secret' emails


The Cleveland Clinic, cited as a "model" by Obama, is actually illegal under Obamacare

Obama and Agenda 21

Video Shines Light on Obama-EPA Green "Way of Life" Agenda


Gas Prices Are Exploding In California And Experts Expect Them To Get A Lot Worse

IRS: Obama tax hike threatens 1 million small businesses

California Gas Stations Begin to Shut on Record-High Prices

Wholesale Gasoline Shortage In California Causes Gas Stations To Shut Down: Hoarding Next?

Stuck In the Neutral of Misery: Jobless Claims Spike to 367,000

SoCal Gas Prices Reach Record High In October

Intel CEO Otellini: California Is on a Downhill Slide

Obama Dead Pool

Benghazigate: Obama Chose Not to Save Ambassador Stevens' Life


Obama aides internally disputed terrorism finding for several days, sources say

FBI investigators make brief visit to Benghazi attack site after weeks-long delay

Libya Attack Probe Slow to Start as Clinton Vows to Find Killers

First Witnesses Called for House Hearings on Benghazi

3am and nobody's there

Endeavour: Toyota truck to tow space shuttle over L.A. bridge


Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

ABC: Obama Falsely Claims He Has a Plan to Cut $4 Trillion from the Deficit

Hannity Does Devastating Side-By-Side Comparison Of Obama's Two Race Speeches

Obama campaign: Video touted on Drudge Report a 'desperate attack'

Video surfaces of Obama in 2007 suggesting racism slowed aid to post-Katrina New Orleans

Gibbs: Obama believes Katrina response failures were 'colorblind'

Obama aide denies Bush bashing


Katie Pavlich on Obama’s Lies and Cover-up of Fast and Furious

Gunwalking: Univision Talks About Operation Castaway

The Smearing of Fast and Furious Whistleblower John Dodson

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Claim: Obama Campaign Staff Impersonating Election Officials in Florida

Flashback 2008: Obama Voted Against Money for Katrina

House investigation: Treasury, Obama officials 'clearly involved' in decision to terminate non-union Delphi retirees'

 White House marriage ties to presidential debate commission continue with Valerie Jarrett

Obama in 2002: Wealthy embrace nonviolence because 'they want to make sure folks don’t take their stuff'

Newly Unearthed Obama Video: "Rich people are all for nonviolence. Why wouldn’t they be? They’ve got what they want."

Justice Dept. to defend warrantless cell phone tracking  -Prosecutors say Americans have "no privacy interest" in location records revealing minute-to-minute movements of their mobile devices, even when they're not in use

Obama’s race speech echoed Wright’s ravings

Mississippi AG: DOJ Won't Clear Voter ID Law Until After Election

U.S. AG’s Brother Appears To Employ Illegal Immigrants

Blood Gold Former- Obama trade adviser’s oil company fined $32.4 million for dealings with Congolese warlord

Audio Edition Of Obama’s "Dreams From My Father" Scrubs Every Reference To His Communist Mentor Frank Marshall Davis…

Obama Administration Tells Small Catholic College: Start a Women's Ice Hockey Team

Obama and Israel

Obama appoints Vicious Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas Muslim Warsaw Human Rights Conference

Is Obama Gay?

Trinity Church members reveal Obama involvement in the "Down Low Club": 'Matchmaker' Rev. Jeremiah Wright 'provided cover for gays'

Joltin' Joe Biden

Flashback-... Biden: 'That's trickle-down government, man!' (video)

Defending Joe Biden's Gaffe...Gibbs: Middle Class Has Been Buried "Dealing With Bad Economic Decisions From Former Administration"


Bob Woodward: 'Obama Is Proposing Cutting Medicare'

Obama HHS to Force Bible Publisher to Kneel to Contraceptive Mandate

Sebelius helps Obama by hiding Obamacare's pain


Obama silent when Romney criticizes 'green energy' tax breaks

Fiscal Commissioner on Debt Crisis: 'You Better Get Yourself a Cave in the Adirondacks'

Jared Bernstein: Obama’s Budget the 'Holy Grail of Deficit Reduction'

Private Sector Added 162,000 Jobs in September, ADP Says

Embassies Facing Security Cuts Waste Money on Chevy Volts


Hillary promises answers on Benghazi attack - after the election

Report: Obama Admin Rejected Military Intervention in Benghazi During Attack

Benghazi Consulate Was Attacked 13 Times Before 9/11, Repeatedly Asked for More Security

State Department stayed out of contractors' dispute over consulate security, letters show

U.S. had early indications Libya attack tied to organized militants

Queen Michelle

FLOTUS: Barack’s done just a phenomenal job working around Congress

First Lady: Cost-Free Contraception Is 'Basic Preventive Care'

Michelle Obama: Debates make me nervous

Obama and Agenda 21

Environmental Protection Agency senior executives used secret email addresses to skirt freedom of information laws, a lawsuit by a free-market think tank alleges

3am and nobody's there

The DHS spies on the public

FLASHBACK--Obama: Arab Spring Sprung From 'Joyful Longing for Human Freedom'

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones: 'Romney Was Able to Out-Obama Obama' in Debate


Obama Ethics, Year 4

 In heated ’07 speech, Obama lavishes praise on Wright, says feds ‘don’t care’ about New Orleans (VIDEO)

DNC scrambles to deflate Obama video before Daily Caller story published

FLASHBACK: JournoList plotted to kill Jeremiah Wright story in 2008

 October 2, 2012 As college student, Eric Holder participated in 'armed' takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office

Military ballot requests down in key battleground states.............- Absentee Ballot Requests Drop by Over 90% in Some States

Elizabeth Warren issues incomplete list of cases

Socialist origins of Obama’s 'new economic patriotism'

Lawmakers claim administration opening door to Gitmo transfer with Illinois prison buy


Obama USDA met 30 times with Mexican gov’t to promote food-stamp use among Mexican immigrants

How foreclosures ate America: Incredible interactive map shows wave of property repossession over the past five years

US importing welfare cases? Just .068 percent of visa applications denied due to dependency risk in FY 2011

Chicago area home prices fall 2.5% on distressed sales

Sources, documents suggest government-subsidized Abound Solar was selling faulty product

Under Obama, Poor, Middle Class Incomes Fall Sharply

Analysis: In Obama’s economy, immigrants outpace native-born Americans

90% of US Households Face Huge Tax Hike Next Year

Lockheed accepts Obama's 'guidance' and will delay sending tens of thousands of layoff notices until after the election

Chevy Volt Leases Costing Taxpayers $10 per Gallon of Gas Saved


The liberal Commonwealth Fund is at it again, releasing today a new study, “Health Care in the 2012 Presidential Election: How the Obama and Romney Plans Stack Up.” But the “study” is, in a word, nonsense

Obama Adviser Admits That Obamacare’s Death Panels Are "Inevitable": Steve Rattner

The Flaws That Will Bring Down Obama's Health-Care Plan

Obama Dead Pool

Did the White House order a cover-up over the murder of Libya's US Ambassador?


Issa: Obama Admin Ignored Requests for Increased Security in Libya

Benghazi-Gate: U.S. Security Remained Lax Even As Threats Chased Westerners Out

Benghazi: Multiple Requests for Increased Security Denied by Washington

Axelrod: We don’t need a President who shoots first and asks questions later …

CNN says their sources say Obama not truthful about Libya

US Consulate in Libya Bombed Twice in Run-Up to 9/11 Attack, Ambassador Known Target (+video)

Jailing of 'Innocence of Muslims' creator raises free speech worries

"Innocence" Film a Premeditated Provocation for Islamic Terror?

Clinton will respond to lawmakers, cooperate in Benghazi probe: spokeswoman

Anti-terror czar John Brennan remains silent

Obama aides mum on Libya security complaints

White House Has No Comment on House GOPers' Assertions that Libyan Mission Requested Security Prior to 9/11/12 Attack

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

See How the Left Is Reacting to 'Obama’s Other Race Speech'

Obama campaign: 'Lady parts' e-card promotion was not properly reviewed, has been removed

Obama Campaign: 'Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It' "Because they kinda do."

 Not a Parody: Politico Hypes Joe Biden as a 'Sex Symbol'

A Guide to the Obama Administration's Five Major Scandals for Mainstream Media Dummies

Romney’s Garbage Man Blasts Him In New Political Ad

It's 3am and nobody's there

 U.S. Investigating White House Cyber Attack Officials: President Obama was not informed at the time the White House Military Office hack was discovered

Mexican Diplomat Says America Pretty Much Invited The Sinaloa Drug Cartel Across The Border: Leaked Emails

Top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan: We’re Willing to Fight – But ‘Not Willing to Be Murdered'

Obama Increased Foreign Aid 80%; Spent 76% More on Foreign Aid Than Border Security

U.S. withdraws all its official government personnel out of Benghazi, Libya

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

For the third year in a row, Obama has waived almost all U.S. sanctions that would punish certain countries that use child soldiers, such a Yemen, Sudan, and Libya.

Wife of Ft. Hood victim: Obama ignores our plight, never called us

Community Organizer to the World

Glenn Beck Asks If You Have Heard About the 'Secretary of State Project'

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama Proclaims October ‘Energy Action Month’ Despite Rejecting Pipeline, Threats To Natural Gas And Coal Industries

Under a Green International Plan, the Price of US Wood and Paper Products Will Necessarily Skyrocket

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: ‘Competitive Foods in School Should Be Limited

TMI! Michelle Obama reveals MORE toe-curling details of first kiss with Barack . . . but is it just a cheap bid to win over voters?

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden tells audience middle class has been 'buried' last four years


Univision: Juarez drug cartel leader ‘El Diego’ was captured with Fast and Furious weapons

WH Aide Involved in Fast and Furious Was 'Suddenly' Transferred to Iraq; Issa Threatens Subpoena



57 Previously Undiscovered Fast and Furious Guns Used in Mexican Crimes (Univision)

Fast and Furious Scandal: New Details Emerge on How the U.S. Government Armed Mexican Drug Cartels

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Administration Blames "Friendly Fire Attacks in Afghanistan on US Troops: -Blaming the troops themselves for their own deaths at the hands of the enemy...

Hundreds of thousands of war vets still waiting for health benefits

US military deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000 after 11 years of war

Losing Afghanistan: Clerics now openly support the Taliban

Clinton Pledges $45 Million to Syrian Opposition

Hackers linked to China’s government broke into one of the U.S. government’s most sensitive computer networks, breaching a system used by the White House Military Office for nuclear commands


Medicare fines over hospitals' readmitted patients

Insurance spending soars :2011 study: Medical care costs push rise

Let them eat Kale!

Obama has been living on Easy St but come Nov he can kiss the good life goodbye


Jobless Rate Probably Climbed in September: U.S. Economy Preview

Dollar Falls Most Since 2011 as Central Banks Bump Up Stimulus

Real Unemployment Reaches 20% In 7 Colorado Counties

Obama tells defense contractors not lay off workers until after the election

Hundreds of thousands flee Democrat run California

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Paul Ryan: 'We expected media bias going into this'

Community Organizer to the World

1 million Ohioans using free phone program -Fees on phone bills pay for $1.5 billion national Lifeline program 

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Defender of the (Islamic) Faith


WH Adviser Contradicts WH Spokesman on 9/11/12 Being 'Self-Evident' Terror Attack

In Libya, Security Was Lax Before Attack That Killed U.S. Ambassador, Officials Say

Plouffe Defends U.N. Ambassador, Axelrod Doesn't

Obama and Egypt

Morsi's Message: Egypt’s new leader Mohamed Morsi is proving to be a cunning communicator, at least so far as what he puts across to undiscerning Western ears



Fast and Furious back in headlines as Univision reportedly finds more victims

The Untold Story Behind The "Fast and Furious" Scandal

Univision To Air Fast & Furious Special

Republicans threaten to subpoena WH official: Kevin O'Reilly


Benghazi-Gate: A Timeline of Government Deceit, Deception, and Outright Lies

The Benghazi Timeline: Special Report details an up-to-date extensive time line of events

Benghazi: The Unanswered Question

 The Obama Administration’s Benghazi Cover-Up

Democrats Defend Susan Rice Amid Call for Her Resignation

Benghazi Worse than Watergate

Shifting Reports on Libya Killings May Cost Obama

US consulate attack in Benghazi 'disrupted major intelligence operation'

Obama and Israel

Bibi Shelving Pro-Settlement Report Sources say Netanyahu is burying the pro-settlement Levy report for 'diplomatic reasons.' US elections may be a factor

Obama Ethics, Year 4

SoloPower: Another Solyndra in Waiting?

Reality Check: Actions Speak Louder Than Words With President Obama and the NDAA?  -The indefinite detention clause


Spending climbs, but wages don't

White House Moves To Head Off Sequester Layoffs

NJ School District Cuts Portions for Students $3 Behind on Lunch Payment

Biden Blames Bush Admnistration for Deficit

 Phantom Savings Obama’s debt-reduction plan is filled with gimmicks

It's 3am and nobody's there

US Military Personnel Who Contact Julian Assange, WikiLeaks are Subject to Death Penalty

US forces in the dark about Taliban infiltration in Afghanistan

Queen Michelle

Obama School Lunch Standards: Spartan Rationing, Tossed Leftovers


Bailing Out Obamacare: Sarah Palin Was Right

Catholic group: Federal agency violates religious freedom of colleges

Community Organizer to the World

        Campaigning Obama knocks Congress for, uh, campaigning

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Who Is White House Visitor Hisham Altalib?



Grenell: Need Hearings on Libya to Stop White House Cover-Up

Democrats: Investigate Benghazi Attack After the Election

Lieberman Calls for Independent Investigation into Libyan Attack

Top intelligence official backtracks on Libya story, says initial assessment premature

First on CNN: Intel agency seeks to explain evolving understanding of Libya attack

Senators Demand Answers: Why Did Susan Rice Insist Video Caused Benghazi Attack?

No threat assessment in Benghazi prior to ambassador's arrival, source says

MSNBC Coverage of Benghazi Attack Minimal

CBS Radio News "Now at least Federal authorities might be able to punish the filmmaker"... "

Obama prevaricated, "Innocence of Muslims" guy was incarcerated...........Detained Without Bail

Obama and Israel

Obama Tweets Pic of Phone Call with Netanyahu

Obama, Netanyahu speak by phone...........for 20 minutes

Obama does not agree to red line in call with Netanyahu

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice Skipped Netanyahu Speech

Serial Liar Susan Rice Snubs Israel--Again

RJC Presents: "Perilous Times"

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Issa, Turner threaten Geithner with subpoenas on Delphi documents

Four Republican lawmakers accuse Justice Department of inappropriate quid pro quo with the City of St. Paul, MN

Identity Politics Recruiting at Holder’s Justice Dept.

Holder: Federal review of voting laws still needed

ACLU: Obama Has Quadrupled Warrantless Wiretaps

From Cairo to California, Obama and the Left are Destroying Our Free Speech

Benghazi-Gate: New Evidence White House Lied About Libya Terror Attack


Hillary: 'Loosen Regulation' Because 'Too Many People Still Can’t Find Jobs'-In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya

Gas Prices Drive Consumer Spending Higher in August

Fed's Fisher says U.S. "drowning in unemployment"

Business Activity in U.S. Shrinks for First Time Since 2009

Obama blocks Chinese purchase of US wind farms

Food-stamp enrollment hits record 46.7M in June

It's 3am and nobody's there

US immigration chief: Same-sex ties are family ties

Napolitano: I Don't Use E-mail. At All

Senate Democrats claim Osama bin Laden’s death as one of their 'accomplishments'

Panetta: We’ve Lost Track of Syrian Chemical Weapons

NATO: Afghanistan Military Surge a Failure

Did Court Reveal Iranian Operatives In Charge Of Obama’s Iran Policy Since 2009?

Queen Michelle

NJ Students Plan Strike to Protest Obama Food Rules

Michelle Obama in Chicago: Election 'closer than the last one'

Michelle Obama Heads to "The Steve Harvey Show"

Community Organizer to the World

White House: 'The President is familiar with his own loquaciousness'

Obama and Egypt

White House Move to Give Egypt $450 Million in Aid Meets Resistance

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Religious Visas Put Lie To Obama's Suggestion Muslims More Tolerant


60% of firms to kill health insurance, charge more under Obamacare

Attaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Muslim Protests At US Embassies Continue, Media Ignores

Progressive Media Run with Two Fake Anti-Romney Stories

MSNBC Caught Doctoring Footage From Romney Rally…

Another MSNBC Scandal? Blaze Readers at Campaign Event Claim Network Misled in Video of Rally Chant (With Audio Comparison)

Now it's getting REALLY dirty: Outrageous film claiming Obama's mother once posed for pornographic pictures is sent to a MILLION swing voters


Fast and Furious whistleblower Dodson demands retraction from Fortune

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Getting down to crunch time. Magically.. right after the first debate just before the election... The Labor Dept. says our unemployment rate is under 8%. It's like magic!

Let me know if you would like to be on or off the ping list.

1 posted on 10/05/2012 9:29:18 AM PDT by Nachum
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To: Nachum

2 posted on 10/05/2012 9:30:58 AM PDT by PLD
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Yes, I saw that. And I have linked to the raw video portions of that speech in my video collection.

3 posted on 10/05/2012 9:32:52 AM PDT by Nachum (The List was hacked-
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To: Nachum

Following the demise of the Obama Presidency; Officer Nachum, this is your next mission.

Take this list and compile the function, budget and number of employees sucking the blood of taxpayers.

Report your findings in your usual exemplary manner.


4 posted on 10/05/2012 9:39:24 AM PDT by sodpoodle (Life is prickly - carry tweezers.)
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To: Nachum

I cannot open this..My virus protection said it will transmit malicious soft ware..

5 posted on 10/05/2012 9:44:36 AM PDT by PLD
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To: Nachum

The Attack Watch video was great.

6 posted on 10/05/2012 9:52:22 AM PDT by wastedyears (The First Law of Heavy Metal: Not all metal is satanic.)
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I cannot open this..My virus protection said it will transmit malicious soft ware..

Google has erroneously labelled my site as an attack site. It will not harm your 'puter. Hundreds visit every day with no problem.

7 posted on 10/05/2012 10:10:48 AM PDT by Nachum (The List was hacked-
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