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Professor mocks Columbus Day with list of ‘15 most overrated White people’
Campus Reform ^

Posted on 10/08/2012 6:17:20 PM PDT by oliverdarcy

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To: dead

Sophomoric attitude.

The true history of the US government’s dealings with the Indians is one of lies, deceit and manipulation.

Better put, the US government’s dealings with the tribes up until about 1900 was similar to the way democrats would run things if they could have their way.

61 posted on 10/08/2012 7:14:22 PM PDT by Rebelbase (The most transparent administration ever is clear as mud.)
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To: oliverdarcy

His remarks are intentionally insulting and racist and degrade all educators. What university would hire a boob like this to teach anything?

“Here at Columbia, we pride ourselves on hiring instructors that go out of their way to be racist and insulting. Give us some more of your money.”

62 posted on 10/08/2012 7:19:06 PM PDT by blueunicorn6 ("A crack shot and a good dancer")
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To: oliverdarcy

to Lamont Hill..__>>

63 posted on 10/08/2012 7:19:55 PM PDT by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole..)
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To: KarenMarie
if you say so, couldn't prove it by me... i don't watch TV and wouldn't watch O'Reilly if i did
64 posted on 10/08/2012 7:22:53 PM PDT by Chode (American Hedonist - *DTOM* -ww- NO Pity for the LAZY)
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To: oliverdarcy

Obama would top both my lists.

65 posted on 10/08/2012 7:23:52 PM PDT by HannibalHamlinJr
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To: oliverdarcy

 GGG managers are SunkenCiv, StayAt HomeMother & Ernest_at_the_Beach
Thanks oliverdarcy.

Just adding to the catalog, not sending a general distribution.

To all -- please ping me to other topics which are appropriate for the GGG list.

66 posted on 10/08/2012 7:37:54 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (
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To: oliverdarcy

Excuse me professor, Columbus wasn’t ‘white’.

67 posted on 10/08/2012 7:40:44 PM PDT by Jewels1091
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To: Personal Responsibility

“but Babe Ruth? Seriously?”

It was those little skinny legs...and he “ran white.”

68 posted on 10/08/2012 7:49:04 PM PDT by jessduntno ("Socialism only Heaven where they don't need it and hell where they have it." - RR)
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To: KC_Lion

I did not read his list, but I do know two things: Babe Ruth was an allstar pitcher before he picked up a bat.

Then he dominated hitting for years, the way no one has since.

And Bill Walton is up there with Wilt and Bill. No question that he should be in the hall.

69 posted on 10/08/2012 7:52:12 PM PDT by Vermont Lt (If you are a white conservative, you MUST be a racist. ;-))
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To: jessduntno

“ran white”? Did this idiot actually see him run? The only time I’ve ever “seen” Ruth run is on old video - and he’s running at triple speed.

What a joke.

70 posted on 10/08/2012 7:55:13 PM PDT by Personal Responsibility (The Left blaming Jim Lehrer for the debate is like blaming Lincoln's assassination on the play.)
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To: funfan
Can I make an overrated black people list I have someone in my already

Not the best idea.
I don't think The 15,000,000 most overrated Blacks in the US would be a best seller...

71 posted on 10/08/2012 7:59:53 PM PDT by publius911 (Formerly Publius 6961, formerly jennsdad)
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To: oliverdarcy
I am an American Indian of the Creek and Kiowa tribes. My list of most overblown, self-worshiping Black English professors has only one listing: Marc Lamont Hill.
He didn't write the books he assigns to his students, and has never been paid a dime for for being a professional actor.

Hill is the a guy who is in the process of moving closer and closer to the Mount Rushmore of his own mind.
Hill doesn't dance white boy style.
Hill has no billions to allege. He's just a guy who got in English registration at college by mistake.
Hill doesn't have an estimate at all of how close to being the King of England he is.
Hill teaches at Columbia and he criticizes a football player who went to a school where they actually play the game and WIN?
Hill's school's basketball teams had one guy who didn't make it to the NBA but played Euroball and palled around with Eurotrash. They had another basketball guy who served time for gambling and was apparently murdered by an organized crime assassin. They won an Ivy League title 44 years ago. I think they got Ivy for their trouble.
Hill teaches, but doesn't write like Shakespeare. And you know what they say about people who can't do?
Hill dissed Babe Ruth without letting us see his own professional baseball trophies.
Hill dissed Princess Kate. Wonder if it was because he wasn't invited to the wedding.
Hill schmaltzed Joe Osteen because he says Osteen isn't a legitimate theologian and is a salesman in pastor's clothing. Hmm. I wonder if he knows REVEREND Jesse Jackson and REVEREND Al Sharpton both of whom are rather brilliant theologians because they seem to know which commandments to break, like the one about adultery and the one about bearing false witness. Or are a daughter not with one's wife, and a $65,000 judgment not proof of adultery and false witness? And of course, Big Al's supporters paid the $65,000.
Hill dissed Bill Clinton because he's not a savior. At what point has Hill spent six hours on a cross?
Hill disses Eminem and likes Black Thought, Kool Keith, Jean Grae and Pharoah Monche. Can Hill not communicate with white people?
He disses Bill Walton without saying a thing about all those record-setting African-American athletes who are crowding the scholastic hallways down by the sports broadcasting major waiting room.
Hill disses Sarah Palin without saying anything about Barry Obama. Although his political career is likely over, Obama continues to be a powerbroker among left wing extremists. Despite his lack of knowledge of policy or strategy, Obama is still a go-to leg-thrill giver on MSNBC. No one destroys the myth of Black accomplishment more than Barry Obama.
72 posted on 10/08/2012 8:17:13 PM PDT by righttackle44 (I may not be much, but I raised a United States Marine.)
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To: Personal Responsibility

Cool, he’s young. If he drops the windup and gets his release together,watchout! It can be learned. With the beating Sanchez is taking, he’ll get his chance.

73 posted on 10/08/2012 8:17:30 PM PDT by TsonicTsunami08
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To: JouleZ
Regarding that, I own this t-shirt:

To heck with this idiot. Anyone who lionizes a cop killer can KMA.

74 posted on 10/08/2012 8:18:47 PM PDT by FreedomPoster (Islam delenda est)
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To: oliverdarcy

Actually, I agree with some of his choices! However, every time this cross-eyed fool Sharpton wannabe comes on Fox, I quickly change the channel before I vomit. Seriously.

75 posted on 10/08/2012 8:22:28 PM PDT by catnipman (Cat Nipman: Vote Republican in 2012 and only be called racist one more time!)
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To: Rebelbase
Sophomoric attitude.

I agree. I think the graphic comes from a t-shirt company.

But, as you point out, it's been over 100 years. It's time for the Native American activists to move on and get over the reality that they lost to a conquering force. They are not alone in that regard. The same has happened to all people at some point in their history, whether their people are from the new world, Africa, Asia or Europe.

I'm of Irish descent. We were also conquered and treated horribly by invading forces in our history. But I don't dwell on it and still look for restitution or sympathy. It's a new day.

76 posted on 10/08/2012 8:34:16 PM PDT by dead (It ain't over until the phone lady sings.)
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Hill - “The Whole NHL (except Wayne Simmonds) - Has anyone noticed that the whole season is about to be canceled? Nope, didn’t think so.” .....

Joel Ward, Donald Brashear, Grant Fuhr, would like a word with you about that, Dr. Hill....

77 posted on 10/08/2012 8:51:42 PM PDT by SeminoleCounty (Political maturity is realizing that the "R" next to someone's name does not mean "conservative")
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To: oliverdarcy

“cast of Belly”

I love movies and I’ve never heard of it. A quick search: Belly is a 1998 movie about black folks. Butter my butt and call me a racist!

78 posted on 10/08/2012 9:04:51 PM PDT by tumblindice (America's founding fathers: all armed conservatives)
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To: vladimir998
Muhammad was white? Since when? I would call him an Arab, and in the 7th century I don’t know if any of them could be called “white”.

Long long ago when I attended primary school, we were taught that there were three races - caucasian, negro, and mongoloid. All people were cast into one of those three groups. The near east peoples were considered caucasians. A lot has changed sin the 1950's.

79 posted on 10/08/2012 9:08:14 PM PDT by LoneRangerMassachusetts (The meek shall not inherit the Earth)
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To: vladimir998
Muhammad was white? Since when? I would call him an Arab, and in the 7th century I don’t know if any of them could be called “white”.

negroid, caucasoid, mongoloid....the races. If Mohammed wasn't a caucasoid....what was he??

80 posted on 10/08/2012 9:08:22 PM PDT by terycarl
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