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Two SEALs ruin October Surprise
Author ^ | 10/14/2012 | Kozy

Posted on 10/14/2012 8:28:48 AM PDT by Kozy

The murder of Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi is Obama's October surprise gone bad thanks to two former SEALS who were not supposed to be at Benghazi. But then I ran to the end of the story so let's back fill the datapoints.

First President Morsi first public statement to us was that he wanted the blind iman who first bombed the WTC released. Now Obama forever dedicated to appeasing the muslim world, bowing to them comes natural to him, knew that he had to obey Morsi's request however he couldn't release Omar Abdul-Rahman. There had to be a reason powerful enough to warrant his release. What better than to return to the Carter era of American hostages?

Obama sees a way to release the iman and secure his reelection in one act. So the wheels are set in motion. So he needed a cover story. Oh, the You Tube video that no one has seen, released in July. America could be shamed into releasing the iman because someone posted an obscure video and we have to follow Obama's lead and bow to muslims.

Next weaken the security at Benghazi by removing the security teams and employing Libyan bodyguards for the ambassador. In effect the embassy could not defend itself. The back channel had to be from the WH to the iman's legal representatives. It was suggested that Obama needed a reason to release the iman that America could agree to. What better than hostages? They were informed that there were no security forces at Benghazi to defend Stevens so over run the embassy and take him hostage. Really easy.

What was not planned for were former SEALS Donerty and Woods. They were not part of Stevens security detail; they happened to be in Benghazi working for the CIA to located missing surface-to-air missiles.

So the terrorists plan the assault on the embassy thinking there would be no resistance. Well two SEALS never back down from defending America and Americans. These two heros gave their lives fighting to protect our embassy and our ambassador. No telling how many peaceful muslim they transported to the after life however the terrorists who thought this was just a walk in the park protect now sought out the Americans to kill them not hold them captive. The over throw went from hostage taking to killing.

Now the WH knew the plan had blown up. There were no hostages only dead Americans. How to cover? Roll out the 14 minute video, no one has seen, as the cause. The WH cover up was in play.

With the killing of Ambassador Stevens, there could be no exchange, no October surprise. Oh what was the October surprise? Well Obama would spend a month negotiating with the terrorists for the release of Ambassador Stevens and finally and after his focused efforts on saving Stevens' live, Stevens would be released just before the election. Obama would have sucked out all the energy from the campaign as everyone would be watching him, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, negotiate for the release of Stevens. The world would applaud him, the muslim would have their murderous iman back, he would be reelected and the destruction of America who go on.

We can only thank every day these SEALS for defending America with their lives.

A lot of datapoints, Benghazi, President Morsi, SEALS, blind iman, 14 minute You Tube video; withdrawal of security from embassy, October surprise and Obama's October surprise.

Wonder which story makes more sense? Mine of the one the WH spins every day that keeps changing as the lies are exposed.

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To: Mr. K

Let’s even go so far as to say Ambassador Stevens was part of the plot. He helped the Libyan rebels, trusted them, thought they were his friends.

41 posted on 10/14/2012 9:39:01 AM PDT by satan (Plumbing new depths of worthlessness on a daily basis.)
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To: Mr. K


42 posted on 10/14/2012 9:39:57 AM PDT by Texas Fossil (Government, even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one)
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To: Kozy

The problem with this story is that, if you actually think about it, it makes their sacrifice not only moot, but suggest that as well-meaning as they were, they actually cost people lives for no reason.

It would be like an armed citizen, accidentally walking into the set of an action movie, seeing a bad guy pull a gun and start shooting, and shoot back. Sure, they are a “hero”, but it’s tragic because they kill someone who didn’t need to be killed, and maybe then others get shot, and it turns out badly.

43 posted on 10/14/2012 9:41:52 AM PDT by CharlesWayneCT
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To: Kozy

i understand your thought and wouldn’t be surprised if 0dumbo planned this
but according to what I have read and what the state dept put out the SEALS who played an huge role , were not in postion to stop the ammbassador from being killed.
It appears they were several buildings away during the time the ambassador was trapped in his “ safe house”

Not that the SEALS were not heroic. they left their safe area and went in harms way. They are heroes

0dumbo is the vilest POS walking

44 posted on 10/14/2012 9:42:32 AM PDT by RWGinger (Simpl)
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To: tsowellfan

Thanks for the link. I’ve sent this to my email list:

Just as an idle (idol?) question, wonder if this stance of the Democrat Party has anything to do with events in Benghazi and the Middle East?

45 posted on 10/14/2012 9:47:06 AM PDT by TEXOKIE (Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. EdmondBurke)
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To: MamaTexan

-——the principle of Occam’s razor applies-——

Trying to make a war into American internal machinations is simplistic conservative balderdash. FReepers fail to give the enemy credit for the ability to act and conduct a war.

The simple solution is that there is a war and the incident was a well planned and successful enemy assault that killed a high level target.

46 posted on 10/14/2012 9:48:19 AM PDT by bert ((K.E. N.P. N.C. +12 ..... Present failure and impending death yield irrational action))
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To: SCalGal

Remember the question asked before Reagan was elected?

What is flat and black and glows in the dark?

Answer: Iran 30 minutes after Reagan is sworn in.

Mullahs understood the consequences of a Reagan presidency.

Would he have called for glass parking lots in Tehran? Probably not, but there would have been a high price for their actions. It was unsaid but understood.

Now, Obozo is in bed with the Islamists and they know it. They also know he is going to be defeated in November.

47 posted on 10/14/2012 9:49:38 AM PDT by Texas Fossil (Government, even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one)
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To: Zuben Elgenubi

Bump your comment in 23

48 posted on 10/14/2012 9:50:26 AM PDT by TEXOKIE (Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. EdmondBurke)
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To: jpsb
You are correct.

The video protest in Egypt and the attack were coordinated to occur at the same time. It's a cover story to try and make it appear as if the terrorist are so in tune with the news they can carry out an attack at the drop of a hat.

There was an al Quaeda doc recovered in Afghanistan. It was a letter from UBL to Mullah Omar.

In the doc UBl makes the passing statement to the effect The news is 905 the preparation for the battle.

If you have a small scale attack you can achieve your objective by carrying out the attack based on what is in the news.

For a large scale attack, because of the timing, you have to orchestrate the news for the attack and then follow up after the attack with the right spin.

The terrorist don't have the ability to orchestrate the news and follow up with the right spin after the attack, only people on the left in this country has the ability to it.

That's why the original “spin” from the Obama administration was that it was spontaneous and now they are attempting to “spin” that the protest and attack are unrelated in any why.

My bet is this was orchestrated by Hillary, with Obama’s knowledge, to set Hillary up for a run against Romney in 2016. Have Stevens released on the day Romney is sworn in and SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE “October Surprise II”>

49 posted on 10/14/2012 9:50:32 AM PDT by IMR 4350
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To: satan

As a gay muslim who had armed many ofthe rebels it is unlikeley but possible that Stevens knew that his “capture” by the daaaastardly rebels was part of the script. And that neat, intended chain of events was overtaken by the fog of the smokey battle that ended up playing out, with Stevens and the others all dying on that well-filmed stage.

There is planning but then there is messy reality also.

The academicians do not understand the sort of people that SEAL training turns those men into.

50 posted on 10/14/2012 9:52:32 AM PDT by gaijin
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To: skeeter
The libs always thought Reagan won by doing something similar.

Reagan had Carter looking weak and stupid because our embassy was being held hostage. Carter won no points by having hostages taken then doing nothing....appeasement in giving up the blind creepy terrorist would have gone over worse than sitting around and taking it!

51 posted on 10/14/2012 9:57:27 AM PDT by Lady Heron
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To: gaijin
The whole made for tv script came apart because two SEALS were at Benghazi. No one had planned for that. The SEALS became the ambassador's security and rewrote the script thus saving America.
I do not believe Stevens was part of the plan. A good plan works when few people know what is going on. Also more realistic in negotiations that he doesn't know of the plan. When questioned afterward he will tell the truth according to what he knows and block any further digging into exactly what happened. He was no in the plan as a designer of said plan.
52 posted on 10/14/2012 9:59:08 AM PDT by Kozy (Calling Al Gore)
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To: gaijin
Eric Nordstrom said 'the Taliban is inside the building"....what building, the WHITE HOUSE with Hussein, the Muslim.....the State dept, with Hillary, who hired the released GITMO Al Queda detaineee named Qumo... and Muslim Brotherhood HUMA ABEDIN???? The Pentagon? The CIA with the LYING General Patraeus??

WHO, ERIC?? What building, ERIC??

53 posted on 10/14/2012 10:00:15 AM PDT by Ann Archy ( ABORTION...the HUMAN Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)
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To: Kozy

Yes, it makes sense. And you can add that there have been some pretty plausible suggestions that the guy who MADE that video was actually a Muslim terrorist himself, not a Copt as the White House keeps telling us. It was made ahead of time, ready to be brought out and used for the October surprise.

They could care less how many Christians in Egypt get killed in retribution, just as long as Obama gets re-elected. In fact, the more the merrier, as far as Hussein is concerned.

54 posted on 10/14/2012 10:01:25 AM PDT by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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To: Kozy

Hillbuzz did an article and radio spot about this on the 8th. It does make sense of a lot of questions and I TOTALLY believe that obama would be cocky enough to try something like this.

55 posted on 10/14/2012 10:01:36 AM PDT by Linfell
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To: griswold3

Sean Smith MUST have known the plan since he sent out the message “If we live thru the night” or something close to that.

56 posted on 10/14/2012 10:02:02 AM PDT by Ann Archy ( ABORTION...the HUMAN Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)
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To: Kozy
Stevens would be released just before the election

In trade for a utility terrorist to be named later?

Your theory, sadly, sounds plausible.

57 posted on 10/14/2012 10:02:14 AM PDT by P.O.E. (Pray for America)
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To: CharlesWayneCT

You definitely sound like a true spineless lib.

58 posted on 10/14/2012 10:02:22 AM PDT by New Perspective (Proud father of a 8 yr old son with Down Syndrome and fighting to keep him off Obama's death panels.)
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To: gaijin

I think the relesed Gitmo Al Queda’s name is Qumo.....according to an article “Weapons Hunting”.

59 posted on 10/14/2012 10:04:29 AM PDT by Ann Archy ( ABORTION...the HUMAN Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)
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To: Kozy

Another piece of the puzzle I have been looking for is who did the “apology in advance” (of the 9-11 attack)?

I recall it coming from the Embassy itself. Anybody have that? tnx...


60 posted on 10/14/2012 10:05:08 AM PDT by TLI ( ITINERIS IMPENDEO VALHALLA)
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