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GLOBAL JIHAD: Obama/Romney's elitist ignorance on Islam ^ | October 24, 2012 | William Murray

Posted on 10/24/2012 11:06:44 PM PDT by Perseverando

The final debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Oct. 22 was depressing to watch. The Romney camp had made the decision that only the economy matters in this election, and so arguments about foreign affairs should be avoided. As a result, Mitt Romney won the debate by agreeing with Obama on all major foreign-affairs issues, only differing on how to reach roughly the same goals.

During the debate, it became clear that neither Romney nor Obama understands that there are 2.5 million Christians in Syria – over 10 percent of the population. Not a single mention was made of the Syrian Christians or a solution for them. Both men want the overthrow of the secular government of Syria, and both have vivid imaginations of a Jeffersonian democracy being installed there. That went real well for George W. Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan, didn’t it?

Both Romney and Obama clearly stated policies that would actually hand over the nation of Syria to the Muslim Brotherhood, as has already been done by Obama in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. The persecution of Christians in those new Muslim Brotherhood nations was not addressed at all.

Any Christian with enough money is fleeing Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood president just this past week was at a mosque where he prayed this public prayer with the imam:

“Oh Allah, absolve us of our sins, strengthen us, and grant us victory over the infidels. Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, disperse them, rend them asunder. Oh Allah, demonstrate Your might and greatness upon them. Show us Your omnipotence, oh Lord.”

The Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt is praying to “destroy the Jews,” yet both Romney and Obama want yet another Muslim Brotherhood nation on the borders of Israel.

Obama just flat out favors

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TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Foreign Affairs; Government; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: christian; dhimmi; egypt; islam; jihad; muslim; muslimbrotherhood; persecution; sharia; syria

1 posted on 10/24/2012 11:06:54 PM PDT by Perseverando
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To: Perseverando

Obama has been very clever. A communist, he has exploited the Muslim Brotherhoods anti-western bias, in order to oblitereate any western-style emerging capitalist markets in Norht Africa and the Middle East.

He is setting people up for starvation and a horrifying future, because China and Russia will both enter the Middle East as active participants seeking energy, in what I can only call a “Monster’s Ball”.

2 posted on 10/24/2012 11:36:15 PM PDT by SatinDoll (NATURAL BORN CITZEN: BORN IN THE USA OF CITIZEN PARENTS.)
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To: SatinDoll; no-to-illegals; FARS; SunkenCiv; All

Just saw an interesting article today that we are close to exceeding Saudi Arabia in oil production thanks to new discoveries and technologies. I was also surprised to see in the conservative DC “Examiner” paper that there are now more jobs in the US in oil than at the end of the Bush I administration, and quite a lot more than under Bush II or Clinton.

Something that really scared/shocked me during the debates was to hear Romney say that Iran needs the Syrian ports. Is he aware that Iran does NOT touch Syria and has its own ports on the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. I guess if Iran succeeds in co-opting the Shiite parts of Iraq, then they might be able to build a rail line to Syria. I sure hope it doesn’t mean that Romney has not even bothered to study a map.

3 posted on 10/24/2012 11:47:32 PM PDT by gleeaikin
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To: gleeaikin

Iran is already in Syria, and has been working through its allies in Lebanon is maintain its foothold on the Med. Iraq less and less restricts movement by land or air, since out fearless leaders pulled all the troops out leaving a vacuum there.

4 posted on 10/25/2012 12:09:22 AM PDT by RobbyS (Christus rex.)
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To: Perseverando

Counting on John Bolton to bring Romney ‘up to speed’. And wait until he sees ‘the real story’ once inside the White House. (Trying to be optimistic on this one, folks. . .)

5 posted on 10/25/2012 12:10:43 AM PDT by cricket (The Middle Class: Thanks to Obama; those who have not yet been 'buried'; are now; shovel ready..)
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To: gleeaikin

He is relying on the advisers G.W.Bush used during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. They have been telling him to support the Syrian rebels, who are largely Al Qaida and/or backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Talk about dumb f... stupid!

The situation in the Middle East is something we should stay out of completely. The chances of our backing the ultimate winner is remote, and if we by chance do so, that winner will turn on us. They always do - it is the way of the Middle East. There are no ‘real’ governments there, only family dominated pseudo governments that exist until wiped-out completely by the next family of tyrants.

Historians refer to the Middle East as “the Graveyard of Empires”. It is apt, and we should stay out of their squabbles. If Russia and China choose to get involved there, all I can say is “lot’s of luck, suckers”.

6 posted on 10/25/2012 1:46:22 AM PDT by SatinDoll (NATURAL BORN CITZEN: BORN IN THE USA OF CITIZEN PARENTS.)
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To: Perseverando; Colofornian

Romney is cozying up to Islamists himself, and it is awful for America

Romney recently had an Arab Americans for Romney event, broadcast it on his website

One of the Arbs who signed on was Grover Norquist’s wife

Norquist has been connected to MANY Islamist groups for over a decade now

We are getting the same as we had with Obama, only with a better smile

Romney announces his Islamic sympathies

Grover Norquist and Islam exposed by Frank Gaffney

In Gaffney’s 10-part series on the Muslim Brotherhood in America, he nails Norquist numerous times, he is in bed with Islamists just as bad as Obama, maybe more

7 posted on 10/25/2012 3:26:32 AM PDT by RaceBannon (When Chuck Norris goes to bed, he checks under it for Clint Eastwood!)
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To: gleeaikin

btw, this op-ed is just some more pro-Obama shilling.

8 posted on 10/25/2012 3:56:36 AM PDT by SunkenCiv (
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To: SunkenCiv
btw, this op-ed is just some more pro-Obama shilling.

No it's not. Romney wanted to help Al Qaeda in the Magreb just like Obama in taking over Libya. Neoconservatives are functionally allied to the Muslim Brotherhood in promoting the Democracy Jihad. They learn nothing and know it. Hence their utter hysteria when Bachmann et all noted the reach of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration.
There were only two candidates who understood the Muslim Brotherhood. McCotter wasn't allowed at the debates and the media and neocons went to war with Bachmann.
9 posted on 10/25/2012 11:53:16 AM PDT by rmlew ("Mosques are our barracks, minarets our bayonets, domes our helmets, the believers our soldiers.")
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To: RaceBannon; SatinDoll; FARS; no-to-illegals; SunkenCiv; All

SD: I decided 40 years ago that the whole Israel/Arab was such a completely unsolvable mess that I would direct my attention and energy elsewhere. Here is an update on the Libyan attack mess.

What is it with this whole Norquist/Arabs thing? Is he a muslim sleeper out to destroy our economy by allowing NO compromise even when Dems are willing to give a lot more than they get? I heard Romney say that he wanted to do away completely with income tax on capital gains. I guess with that he would pay about 4% tax. What would that be worth for him? Over $2 million?

My proposal would be to give tax payers $10,000 tax free for Interest and Dividends held one year. To make it revenue neutral there could be a minor increase in long and short term capital gains. This would encourage people to invest in solid stocks with dividends for retirement income. It would encourage companies to declare dividends rather than sit on lots of cash, thus circulating money into the economy. And, by the way, please index for inflation, no more AMT fxxx ups.

Speaking of failure to index. This spring I realized that I had to pay taxes on most of my Social Security benefits. Decided to do a little research. Discovered that before 1983 there was no tax on SS benefits, then it was decided (during Reagan Admin.) to tax the SS benefits. A complicated SS tax calculation page is included in the IRS 1040 Instructions. It allows a deduction of $25,000 for a single person, and $32,000 for a married couple. Then I wondered how long those figures have been used. Discovered that they were not indexed so we are still using figures from 29 years ago. If they were inflated to the $57,000 single, and $74,000 married that indexing would have provided, I could afford to marry the wonderful man I have met since my husband died in 2005. As it is I guess we, like many other widows and widowers will have to “live in sin” a while longer.

10 posted on 10/25/2012 12:30:20 PM PDT by gleeaikin
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To: gleeaikin; ml/nj; Yehuda; FARS; SJackson

Norquist is a snake
So is Christie from NJ, he is either unaware of the Islamic threat or he is totally spiritually blind or a closet muslim or paid for by Arabs and he knows where his butter is breaded

11 posted on 10/25/2012 1:59:36 PM PDT by RaceBannon (When Chuck Norris goes to bed, he checks under it for Clint Eastwood!)
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To: rmlew


12 posted on 10/25/2012 2:01:18 PM PDT by RaceBannon (When Chuck Norris goes to bed, he checks under it for Clint Eastwood!)
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To: rmlew

Of course it is. “See, there’s no difference between Zero and Romney.” Jihadist are not interested in democracy, as jihadist leaders have stated over and over again, and there’s never been any equating of jihad/theocracy with democracy, except by critics of that particular straw man.

The writer’s “secular government of Syria” is a dictatorship based on a the backbone of a particular Islamic sect, and isn’t anything besides that — and it’s definitely not secular.

The boogieman of a monolithic caliphate is ridiculous, because no predominantly Islamic countries can even claim to have a representative despotate and run their own affairs without continuous repression or worse. Nationalist movements helped destroy the last caliphate, and have derailed all attempts at political unity.

Michele Bachmann’s in the fight of her life against a political nobody, and that sure as s-— isn’t the fault of anyone but Michele Bachmann. McCotter was a nutjob, and failed to ensure his own place on the ballot for reelection — just exactly the kind of gross incompetence that would fit perfectly with another popular straw man around FR — that of the Secret Cabal of RINOs who run the Republican Party. Funny that he wasn’t championed by them. :’)

13 posted on 10/25/2012 7:27:23 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (
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To: gleeaikin

Thanks for all the pings, gleeaikin. Will get back to them (the pings) when is possible.

14 posted on 10/26/2012 5:11:28 PM PDT by no-to-illegals (Please God, Protect and Bless Our Men and Women in Uniform with Victory. Amen.)
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