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Mr. President, who let them die?
NH Union Leader ^

Posted on 10/26/2012 11:33:15 PM PDT by Arthurio

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To: Jane Long

True but the Freepers would cover it!

41 posted on 10/27/2012 6:39:48 AM PDT by FES0844
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To: CitizenM

“Vote Early” also gives more opportunity to vote again on election day, as well as other mischief.

42 posted on 10/27/2012 7:31:20 AM PDT by Son House (The Economic Boom Heard Around The World => TEA Party 2012)
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To: CitizenM

He knew from the initial phone call to Washington;

TRANSCRIPT: Presidential debate on foreign policy at Lynn University

Obama “Now with respect to Libya, as I indicated in the last debate, when we received that phone call, I immediately made sure that, number one, that we did everything we could to secure those Americans who were still in harm’s way;”

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL:“...I neglected to mention from the top that that agent from the top of this incident, or the very beginning of this incident, has been on the phone. He had called the quick reaction security team, he had called the Libyan authorities, he had called the Embassy in Tripoli, and he had called Washington.”

43 posted on 10/27/2012 7:33:55 AM PDT by Son House (The Economic Boom Heard Around The World => TEA Party 2012)
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To: bramps

Patreaus backed repeal of DADT???? OMG!! I DETEST him even more!!! He is an IMMORAL COWARD!!

44 posted on 10/27/2012 7:47:41 AM PDT by Ann Archy ( ABORTION...the HUMAN Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)
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To: Arthurio

I’d love to see someone show up at a Zero campaign stop with a large sign reading, “Murderer! You let them die!”

45 posted on 10/27/2012 8:23:04 AM PDT by Wordkraft (Remember who the Collaborators are.)
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To: Arthurio
The terrorists claimed responsibility within two hours of the start of the attack.

More than a month and a half later we are still waiting for someone on our side to claim responsibility for the failure to defend.

46 posted on 10/27/2012 8:31:49 AM PDT by ConservativeLawyer (After four years of Obama, this country could use some R & R.)
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To: gotribe

“Then the corruption will continue unabated and Romney another puppet.”

History shows once large organizations are corrupted it is nearly impossible to eliminate the corruption. In the private sector corrupt companies decline, go into bankruptcy, and are liquidated (Enron for example). Corrupt governments keep stealing resources from the population until the economy collapses or a war ensues. Ultimately the economy collapses, or the country is defeated, and the political structure is rebuilt from scratch (Germany and Japan after WWII, or Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union).

I’m convinced the two party political system in the US has become throughly corrupted at the state and federal level as well as most mid size to large size cities. The banking system, the education system, the legal system, and many large corporations are also corrupt. The interconnected web of corruption and entrenched special interests is too large and powerful to be reformed. It will take the collapse of the currency and the economy before the system will be reformed or we will submit to dictatorship.

Furthermore, the election of 2010 demonstrated both political parties are in collusion. The everyday law abiding citizens of the nation, troubled about the direction of the country, organized themselves via the Tea Party to have a substantial impact on the selection of candidates and outcome of the election. The entrenched elites of both parties, academia, and the media did everything in their power to disparage these citizens and thwart their efforts. Once the concerned citizens succeeded in electing a Republican majority in the House, the Republican leadership successfully undermined the Tea Party agenda and went back to big government spending in collusion with the Democrat administration and Senate leadership.

Romney is already talking publicly about working with Democrats in Congress. It will be more of the same if he is elected.

47 posted on 10/27/2012 8:53:53 AM PDT by Soul of the South
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To: Arthurio

You had an ambassador and communication professional (Smith) who were guarded by the ‘February 17th Martyrs Brigade’.

Were they trafficking heavy arms to Syria? Probably. We’re they doing something hinky? Definitely.

Was what they were doing likely the province of the CIA? Most definitely.

Had people, including Stevens, raised alarm bells about the lack of security? Yup!

Was the CIA looking in on outright incompetence, while literally within earshot of rifle fire? Yes!

This all displays Obama’s ideology, long held paranoia and bias world view. I’m sure Obama and his people thought what Steven’s was doing was sexy, because it was risky. Of coarse, a leftist can’t trust the CIA, right? The CIA killed Che, Obama’s hero, Obama is the self styled Che of the new Islamic caliphate.

Again, you can’t trust the CIA, that is until your getting your ass shot off in a third world hell hole and your leftist party friends leave you for dead.

Stevens and Smith were expendable to Obama, but they weren’t expendable to Woods and Doherty.

48 posted on 10/27/2012 9:03:23 AM PDT by Fitzy_888 ("ownership society")
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To: Ann Archy
*** Oh PLEASE!! Patreaus himself came out and said it was the VIDEO!! He is a LYING LIAR COWARD DEMOCRAT also!! Why do you not think so after this?? ***

Well for one thing I haven't read or heard anything about Gen Petraeus publicly saying the attack was over that dumb video clip. Granted that I haven't spent as much time of late on FR as I normally do so maybe I missed some article but still, I've haven't heard zero 'from him' or the CIA. It's all been from Obama, the State Dept and Leon Panetta.

Then given Gen Petraeus' military career and all the Command Posts in his years as an officer that he's had, including many in actual Combat, I would hardly say - even in the slightest - that the man is a 'Coward', nor a 'Liar'.

Now 'cowards', don't go into the Combat Arms like Infantry or Airborne and 'cowards' aren't awarded a Bronze Star with a V for VALOR during combat. And 'liars' don't earn a Ranger Tab.

As to the General being a 'democrat', nobody knows that, period. A Professional Soldier serves every POTUS no matter whom it is. And considering he graduated from West Point in 1974, becoming a Second Lieutenant in the US Army his first CIC was Richard M Nixon - soon to be followed by Gerald Ford. Then Carter, Reagan, Bush41, Clinton, Bush43, then Obama.

Okay you don't like him for serving under Obama, fine. But kindly don't slander an honorable Soldier. Call him a jackass, an asshat, or a jerk. But coward and liar? ... no.

49 posted on 10/27/2012 9:05:58 AM PDT by Condor51 (Si vis pacem, para bellum.)
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To: Condor51
Look it up....he came out 2-4 days after the attack and said it was the video.

Hey John Glenn ALSO went from HERO to ZERO!! It HAPPENS!! Deal with it.

Patreaus is RETIREDfrom the military. He;s head of the CIA and WORKING FOR OBAMA!!!!! THAT tells me a lot.

50 posted on 10/27/2012 10:07:14 AM PDT by Ann Archy ( ABORTION...the HUMAN Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)
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To: Arthurio

The better question is why. I believe that Zero and friends didn’t want anyone snooping around Ghaddafi’s old cache of weapons, including portable anti-aircraft launchers in the warehouses behind the compound.

51 posted on 10/27/2012 10:08:57 AM PDT by Crucial (Tolerance at the expense of equal treatment is the path to tyranny.)
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52 posted on 10/27/2012 10:40:03 AM PDT by RedMDer (
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To: Wordkraft

We need to have a bunch of people plug their noses and go to Obama rallies holding up a sign that says:

2 Sam 12:7

The media would be stupid enough to think it was Obot praise, but people who saw it would look it up and see what it really means.

53 posted on 10/27/2012 11:26:25 AM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: ryderann

Amb. Stevens was meant to die. He was deep into the White House gun running that was another Fast & Furious, times ten.

After meeting with the Turk, Stevens communicated back the mission (gun running to the MB in Syria) had been compromised. The firefight that night purposely dragged on for nine hours because they were waiting to ambush US rescue teams. Russia, Iran, al-Qaeda were behind the attack.

54 posted on 10/27/2012 11:49:49 AM PDT by Java4Jay (The evils of government are directly proportional to the tolerance of the people.)
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