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To: Robert DeLong
I'm going to be addressing things in reverse order here.

Instead of looking what Republicans haven't done, look at what Democrats have done. You will see that they are the ones that have gotten us to this point. Not that Republicans are blameless. because they are.

It really is sobering to look at what the Republicans say they will do and their lack of pursuing it. That there is so little real opposition to Democrats and their policies by the Republicans really does indicate they-as-a-group either impotent, complacent, or complicit.

Had Reagan been given a majority in both Houses of Congress then I believe he would have made some progress. Often times I honestly believe that Republicans do what they do because they are trying to solve the problem, but the real problem is their thinking that government can solve the problem.

If they think that government can solve all such problems then they are very close to being Statists. (Granted some problems can be solved by government, like deploying troops to the borders with shoot-to-kill authorization for illegal border crossings; more often though government can solve problems by getting out of the way [e.g. fixing the economy by dropping government imposed regulations (to include tax withholdings); despite what people think, companies acting out of control can still be criminally and civilly liable independent of regulation.])

Democrats on the other hand do what they do to solidify their power. Evil you know whats, every last one of them.

And what does that make the Republicans who often allow that? What does that make the republicans who join in on that evil, such as the NDAA which suspended Habeus Corpus?

If you are wondering about me, I'll tell you about me. First, Robert DeLong is my real name. I hide from no one. Secondly, I am a 60 y.o. conservative, both fiscal and social.

I'm Joey, 30 years old, veteran, computer programmer and [unpublished] writer. I'm a Constitutionalist when it comes to governance, fiscally conservative in both public- and private-policy, socially conservative in public policy but with religious opinions that some might say make me more liberal (i.e. I believe the church should handle 'welfare', see James).

Thirdly, I realize the enormity of this election and the real dire consequences of Obama getting another 4 years. Four years that will totally descimate this country. I am totally willing to put the lesser of 2 evils in and then staying engaged to see what evil he may do, if any. I know what evil Obama will do. So yes, better the devil I don't know then the devil I do. I don't look for Romney to be the complete perfect human being. Just like Reagan made mistakes I expect Romney to make mistakes. By mistakes I mean do some thing(s) I disagree with. Fourthly, I am a God fearing man, and my conscience says that I am voting for the best possible candidate.

Good that you are voting with your conscience. I cannot agree on Romney being an acceptable choice, for my conscience will not allow it; further, I am tired of the "lesser of two evils" argument, screw that, I don't want to be voting based on "the other guy" I want to be voting for someone who I think will be/do good.

Why should I vote Romney? There is no other choice. Obama is terrible and the rest have no chance of winning.

That isn't true. Other parties could win if people voted for them... or are you meaning to say that votes don't count?
(I wonder if people ever said "Republicans can never win, only the Whig votes count"?)

Why should I vote Romney? Supreme Court appointees that move the Supreme Court to a more conservative majority, not a more liberal one.

There is ample evidence to show that Romney appoints liberal activist judges himself. Therefore, I can only conclude that the Supreme Court will have more liberal justices if either Romney or Obama are elected.

Why should I vote Romney? Because it will be easier to hold Romney's feet to the fire.

If the Congress won't hold their opponent's feet to the fire (Holder's DOJ & Fast & Furious), why do you think they'll hold Romney's feet to the fire?

Why should I vote Romney? For our brave military men & women.

Is Romney for having the military play World Police? Looks like it to me... that in itself is what is placing military personnel in needless danger.

Why should I vote Romney? Because Obama will find a way to make himself dictator.

And so will Romney, by later statements.

Why should I vote Romney? To repeal Obamacare.

Because, you know the Executive has power to enact and repeal legislation, not that pretender to the Legislative Throne the legislature called Congress.

Why should I vote Romney? Because Romney won't try to subvert Congress.

Oh, you mean by repealing laws using the Legislative power the Executive cannot lawfully have?

Why should I vote Romney? Because he won't surround himself with marxist/communists.

But as a socialist he will still move towards communism as much as he can.

Why should I vote Romney? Because a vote for a 3rd party candidate is a vote for Obama.

Because some votes just don't count, even if they do.

Why should I vote Romney? Because America cannot tolerate more debt.

And... hasn't it been Congress who has failed to pass a budget? Even contrary to law?
Hasn't it been Congress who raised the debt ceiling? And "temporarily" (read as 'Permanently') suspended the debt ceiling?

Why should I vote Romney? Because America cannot survive another 4 years of Obama.

Given how similar Romney's enacted policies are to Obama's, ignoring the rhetoric, why should I believe that the country could stand 4 years of Romney?

Why should I vote Romney? He won't try and destroy the country.

Just because he isn't trying doesn't mean he won't succeed.

Why should I vote Romney? He is not Obama.

Except that, politically, he is.
Take a look at his record as governor and compare it to Obama's as President, the politics there are much the same.
About the only thing that might be different is Obama and pals being more corrupt.

In short, I'm not sure that a Romney election might not in the long run be worse than another Obama term.
Here's why:
Changing the party-affiliation of the President is likely to give many people a sense of I did something, which in turn will allow them to turn their recently awakened minds [WRT government corruption, impotence, problems] to other [more trivial] pursuits. Given how complacent and complicit the Republican Party has been in truly terrible policies, how can one expect them to fight their own president on the political landscape? Why should one hope that they will "hold his feet to the fire" when they will not pursue a clear case of unauthorized acts of war, state sponsored terrorism, and arguably treason?

36 posted on 10/31/2012 7:47:54 PM PDT by OneWingedShark (Q: Why am I here? A: To do Justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my God.)
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To: OneWingedShark
That isn't true. Other parties could win if people voted for them... or are you meaning to say that votes don't count? (I wonder if people ever said "Republicans can never win, only the Whig votes count"?)

That reminds me of an old saying, My aunt would be my uncle if she had balls. The reality is though that the vast majority stick to the 2 major parties. The birth of the Republican Party was, and still is, an anomaly. Made possible only because it promoted a different idea that neither of the 2 major parties would even consider. That idea was wanted by very large numbers of the population. That idea of course was the abolition of slavery. Soon after the Whig Party was absorbed by the 2 parties, Democrat & Republican.

Third party candidates have only managed to give us such notable Presidents such as Wilson & Clinton. Both disasters.

I agree with the notion that if government gets out of the way, people would be better off, and that is what I meant with regard to Reagan. Had we given him the support in Congress that he needed he may have been successful in rolling back government intrusion.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to go into more depth with your well stated arguments and assessments, however, I will respond more at a later time.

One thing to think about right now is, is the lesser of 2 evils more of a benefit to you, your family and your country than the greater of the 2 evils? While we know some things about Romney that are very troubling (though he staes he has changed positions on some of these), we know more about Obama, even though we know nothing about him personally, that are outright scary. Is it not better to lose a battle and win a war, then to lose the war completely? Right now we are engaged in a battle. Lose it and we lose the war. Win it and the war continues on.

You seem to be a very bright person that I admire and with whom share many beliefs.

Talk at you soon. Bob

37 posted on 11/01/2012 6:05:16 AM PDT by Robert DeLong (u)
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