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500 Admirals, Generals to Endorse Romney
The Washinton Free Beacon ^ | Nov 3, 2012

Posted on 11/04/2012 5:07:40 AM PST by KeyLargo

500 Admirals, Generals to Endorse Romney

Nearly 500 former military admirals and generals are poised to endorse Mitt Romney, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

The group will post a full page ad in the Washington Times on Monday. The advertisement will have the headline, “We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our nation’s next President and Commander-in-Chief,” followed by the names of the former military commanders.

A spokesman for the group emphasized its independence from the official campaign. The Romney campaign has not sanctioned this ad buy, a spokesman said, and the members of the group are paying the fee themselves.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: baileybat

Work...Moochelle’s rump.

Don’t know of a single officer, out of all of my retired LtCol, USMC husband’s friends, former squadron mates, classmates, you name it...not one who wanted Obama on the first go around, let alone this one.

Obama’s a traitor, he’s incompetent, he’s aloof, he’s downright evil and poisonous to America. And our military has had enough.

21 posted on 11/04/2012 7:45:36 AM PST by getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL (Fire the Liar.)
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To: getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL; All

I’m not a conspiracy nut, however, if Obama wins and continues down the dangerous path and treats the military like crap, we could have our first military coup in American history (we almost had one after the Revolutionary war).. Quite frankly I don’t want to see one..

22 posted on 11/04/2012 8:20:38 AM PST by KevinDavis (And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.)
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To: catfish1957

Perhaps NYT and Waspost would not print?

23 posted on 11/04/2012 8:26:09 AM PST by Friendofgeorge (Michael Barone says its a landslide...believe it)
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To: Chance Hart

No doubt they all are, but of those we know or recognize - there are some great Marines on this list.

Gen.s Conway & Kelley are former Commandants.

Gen. Libutti was Commanding Gen. of Pacific forces.

Gen. Livingston was awarded the Cong. Medal of Honor.

Gen. Cooke embodies the salty Marine stereotype, and is someone I could listen to all day - every day.

MajGen. Anderson is an aviator—so dh is partial to him - espec. since he was a Harrier pilot, CO of one of the Harrier squadrons and was CO of the base in Yuma when dh first checked in after Cherry Pt.

Gen. Bedard was commander of 2nd Mar Div and 2nd MEF and went on to something under the Commandant at HQ USMC.

Semper Fi to their fellow Marines & our nation.

24 posted on 11/04/2012 8:43:59 AM PST by getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL (Fire the Liar.)
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To: KevinDavis

Bring it.

25 posted on 11/04/2012 8:45:02 AM PST by getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL (Fire the Liar.)
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To: All

From several years ago...Major General Richard Cooke, USMC (Ret.):

I often mention in my posts a little Mexican restaurant that I frequent here in San Diego that goes by the name of Las Quatro Milpas, which serves the best authentic Mexican food in San Diego. I mention it today, because of what has changed when I stand in that long line in the heat down on Logan Avenue waiting for those 5 dear Mexican women to serve the hundreds of us who show up before I melt in the hot sun.

The line outside of Quatro Milpas is a place to meet new friends, reunite with people you have not seen in weeks or months, but happen to get that same desire for that Chorizo at the same time you did, so that every time you show up again, you can restart your friendship as if it never stopped. Everyone has a story about how long they have been coming to Quatro Milpas or how they discovered it, or how long was the longest line they have stood in waiting to get to their food.

What has changed, is that this week, instead of the jovial mood in the line, I was struck with the thought of what would happen to this place if someone were to walk into the line, and get into the restaurant, around say 1300 hours, at the height of the lunch rush and blow about 100 people to hell in the name of Allah.

As I thought about this, I wondered what it must be like for the people of Israel, who no matter where they go, have to consider the possibility of terrorism, and that their next steps out into society might be their last. I thought about what it must be like for a little Israeli schoolchild on a bus heading from school when someone gets on the bus in the middle of summer wearing a large overcoat.

I have an anger that will not go away this morning, as I watch the media try to tell me that Israel is the aggressor, that they are wantonly killing civilians, and that they must agree to a cease-fire with people who have sworn to kill them. I wish I could say I cannot imagine how we got to this point in society, where a portion of our society would side with the very monsters that have killed both Israelis and Americans, because of a fear of violence, but the reason is all too clear.

The free world has been too tolerant of the non-free world. We have allowed them to be portrayed as victims, and to assume the moral high ground at the same time that they cut the heads off innocent people and film it for worldwide consumption. Okay, that is the nice way to put it. The honest way to put it is that we have lost our nerve. When a society of radicals can drag a dead American through the streets of their towns, and hang their bodies from a bridge as a collective finger flashed at America, and our response is “patience,” we have lost not only our nerves, but our balls, as well.

I get a sense from the older veteran friends of mine in this city that our problem is that we have it too good, and do not remember what was done on our behalf to make things this good. Have we forgotten that for every time we can leave our homes, go stand in line at our favorite restaurant and NOT think about the possibility of someone bombing the place, someone many years ago gave their very life for that freedom we enjoy? I think of the young people in line at Quatro Milpas and wonder how many of them would have volunteered to fly with alongside Doolittle on his way to Tokyo, knowing they had not the gas to get home?

Omaha Beach, anyone? I understand that these days in Marine Corps boot camp, a recruit can call a “time out” if he is feeling too much stress. Is our State Dept. running the Marines now? This, I find disgusting.

But no more disgusting then those who seek a cease-fire in Lebanon this morning after civilians were killed, after their building collapsed from the concussion of a bomb dropped near them that was targeting the site of where rockets were launched into Israel, resulting in the deaths of 18 Israeli civilians. It is as though these Israeli deaths do not matter at all. Especially when you stop to consider that this conflict began with Hezbollah coming across the Israeli border, ambushing and killing 8 Israeli soldiers and kidnapping two more.

Cease-fire, my ass!

To every person who believes that you can reason with these animals, I must ask you where your mind went. It is the weakness of the free-world’s NON-response that has allowed the terrorist threat to grow into a movement that threatens our very existence. When a U.S. soldier can be dragged through the streets of Somalia and our response is to LEAVE...when 280 Marines can be bombed in their sleep and our response is to LEAVE...when after terrorists kill Spanish civilians on a train and their nation’s response is to elect capitulating socialists who order the immediate retreat of their soldiers from Iraq...and so on, and so on. What are the terrorists to think...that the free world has become a p*$$%?

The fact that a majority of Americans think this nation needs AN EXCUSE for going after terrorism after 911 scares the hell out of me. It suggests that we as a nation will eventually fail to produce the men and women who every day, stand between freedom and tyranny. Yesterday, San Diego had its Gay Pride Parade. Oh, the joy. It was billed as the largest ‘celebration’ in the city’s history. THIS city. (The city I grew up in during WWII! ) The very city where sailors came home to after fighting in Midway. The city that trains half of this nations Marines, hosts the USS Ronald Reagan, the USS Nimitz, the former Fightertown USA...our largest celebration is for the GAY...PRIDE..PARADE? Ponder that with me, will you?

We are at war.

I want Israel to continue, even escalate their attacks on Lebanon. I want them to ignore the media, ignore the pundits, and ignore even the weak among them who want to find a peaceful way out of this current conflict. History teaches us that until a bully is beaten, the bully keeps coming. The free world paid for our freedom in blood, and if blood is what it will take to keep it, then lets just have at it now, shall we?

Let Iran and Syria attempt to aid Hezbollah. Let Israel attack them. Let it escalate until we are forced to fight at Israel’s side. Then can we, for the last time, just kick some ass until it is over? Every generation must pay this price, as long as there are those who seek to force us to follow a dictatorial ideology. Radical Islam says, “Agree or die.” In response, we should stop asking them if there is a middle ground to be reached. We should be saying, “Fine, but it is YOU that will die.”

Israel, I see you fighting not just for your freedoms, but also for the world’s. I trust that if you continue, the free world will be forced to side with you, even if it means that a few of us die in the process. The time is now. It is time for THIS generation to prove itself worthy of those that came before us. It is time for us to say NO MORE to the terrorist threat, to find them and kill them.

Do not stop fighting, Israel. Make the free world help you put an end to this madness. In doing so, you might help us find the courage and moral convictions that made us free to begin with, so that one day, little Jewish children, and old lovers of Mexican food in America can go about our daily lives with the freedom that others died to give us.

Semper Fidelis!

26 posted on 11/04/2012 9:04:06 AM PST by getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL (Fire the Liar.)
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To: tomkat; EMCM USN

“and at least one Master Chief

Worth more than a couple dozen of those others, imho !

Dittos from a lowly E5!

27 posted on 11/04/2012 9:09:37 AM PST by Grampa Dave (We are the 53%, who pay taxes and keep this country going inspite of the 47% rat moochers!)
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To: Chance Hart

Gen Ron Fogleman is on that list.

Wow, a better man you would be hard pressed to find.

Honorable and with unquestioned leadership skills.

He is the former Chief of Staff for the USAF, the one that retired early from that post.

He resigned in protest over Clintoon trying to force him to punish the general that did all he could to protect the Kobar Towers in Saudi, and he also resigned because of the pressure from Clintoon to NOT punish the female B-52 pilot that was having an affair with a married enlisted man.

He resigned quietly and there was never really any huge story in the media. He resigned quietly and Clintoon was let off the hook for his meddling in the command of the Air Force. He walked away after fighting Clintoon and his media whores. Rather than hurt his beloved Air Force by taking the fight public, he “faded away.”

Fogleman is a man of honor.

His name alone is enough for me and all those that know him and what he did.

28 posted on 11/04/2012 9:51:51 AM PST by Hulka
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To: CharlotteVRWC
Regarding "I just don’t understand why all these endorsements (including all the recent newspaper endorsements), couldn’t have come earlier?"

Exactly. Maybe they figure Romney will win so they are now willing to stick their necks out. In any case it is a little late to help much.

29 posted on 11/04/2012 10:04:44 AM PST by Weirdad (Don't put up with ANY voter fraud...)
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To: KeyLargo
If zero "wins" this election under suspicious circumstances, or suspends the elections under some trumped-up excuse, I'd support a military intervention to help bring some light into the dark abyss that the federal government has become, and justice (military-style) if the treason I suspect is occurring is revealed for all to see...

For clarification: While under normal circumstance I would be totally opposed to this idea, the sacrificing of military lives to perpetuate political careers and the current anti-America agenda while at the same time suppressing the military voice and vote (who are also citizens of these US-of-A) has gone beyond anything we have ever encountered.

I have also come to believe that the evil behind the leftists has allowed actions too monstrous to believe occur to citizens of this country, military and otherwise. I believe if the truth were known, if we could even get our minds around the brazenness and scope of the left's actions, we would be flabbergasted, and then enraged to the point that backlash would surpass all the radical, hate-filled diatribe being spouted by the left and their entitlement-numbed slaves. The ramifications for treason like this has been repeated throughout history against tyrants, and those currently in power know and fear that they may have finally gone too far. May their sleep be truly uneasy in these next few days and weeks...

My wife and I watched Judge Judy interview 2 military types last night. They know what's going on, and they are not happy about it. Bless the Judge for being courageous enough to keep pursing this horrific story. I pointed out to my wife that the military folks are PO'd, know they are being sold down the river, and they are close to the breaking point. It wouldn't take much to cross that line, and they'd have all the support I could give them if they did...

Predator drone strike at this location in 3, 2, 1....

30 posted on 11/04/2012 10:09:05 AM PST by Dubh_Ghlase (Therefore, send not to know For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee.)
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To: Chance Hart

That’s 496 flag officers and at least 937 stars. It included 133 Rear Admirals, some of whom will have an additional star.

31 posted on 11/04/2012 10:37:02 AM PST by JohnBovenmyer (Obama been Liberal. Hope Change!)
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To: KeyLargo

poised? POISED? FREEKIN’POISED??-—for Tomorrow? That’s just exactly late enough to have exactly ZERO effect. These are apparently all the guys who couldn’t speak up to get the stuff our guys needed for the past decade. Big things like telling the politicos to buzz of and ship a few beers into Afganyland. Little things like putting enough troops in place to knock the living krap out of the problem in Iraq then bail. Did somebody remind them about that “—defend the constitution” part of their oath? I’m going to file this list of ruptured ducks in case any of them try to explain just how quick they are on the draw when we really needed them to be out front, like, oh, say, a couple weeks ago would have been nice..

32 posted on 11/04/2012 11:12:51 AM PST by cherokee1 (skip the names---just kick the buttz)
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To: Hulka

Where do we send these 500 geniuses a thank-you note for being so Johnny-on-the-spot with their endorsement. A couple weeks ago might have had an effect.————————————————————————————————————————I remember Fogleman and the spot Clintoon put him in. I also remember being disgusted that he didn’t fight back. I took the same oath he did and it requires stepping up. Sometimes we draw the short straw and have to lead with our chins. And resigning is a cop-out. Make the crooked bastards fire you if they have the guts. Making a dirty/lazy/crooked/half-assed/ incompetent leader put-up-or-shut-up is nearly always the only real solution.

33 posted on 11/04/2012 11:35:17 AM PST by cherokee1 (skip the names---just kick the buttz)
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To: cherokee1

He is a man of unquestioned honor.

Fogleman resigned quietly to avoid the politics of it all, to remain true to his Air Force, to put service before self (heard of that before, have you? Apparently not).

Today, it takes an extraordinary event to cause good and true generals and admirals to enter the political fray.

We have an entire history where generals and admirals stayed out of politics, and rightly so.

Generals and admirals are loath to become political pawns (except for Powell and that putz, McPeak).

Generals and admirals have a history of being apolitical, and rightly so. They have a higher duty.

They stayed out of it UNTIL Powell went public the second time with his butt-kissing of The Messiah.

It was that event that they responded to.

Have a nice day.

34 posted on 11/04/2012 1:34:00 PM PST by Hulka
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To: Hulka

It’s that “resigning quietly” part that is counter to the oath that we both took and leaves me with the sour taste. Clintoon’s orders/pressures were out of line if not flat out illegal. Faced with an illegal order Fogleman had an obligation to fight it. Resigning is dodging the fight and does nothing “for the good of the service”. If anything it leaves his service in a diminished position. If you had taken the same oath you might understand it and it would be instructive to hear Fogleman’s defense. I’d also like to hear just one of these 500 explain why they took so long to join the fight.?

35 posted on 11/04/2012 1:59:10 PM PST by cherokee1 (skip the names---just kick the buttz)
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To: cherokee1

I’ll take your oh-so-informed words for what they are worth.

Thanks for playing.

36 posted on 11/04/2012 2:16:59 PM PST by Hulka
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To: bert doubt. Especially the koranimal sympathizers...
37 posted on 11/04/2012 2:29:43 PM PST by bayouranger (The 1st victim of islam is the person who practices the lie.)
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To: Dubh_Ghlase

I always liked this movie:

Seven Days in May (1964)

US military leaders plot to overthrow the President because he supports a nuclear disarmament treaty and they fear a Soviet sneak attack.

38 posted on 11/04/2012 4:04:52 PM PST by KeyLargo
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