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THE GOP DIED LAST NIGHT ^ | 11/07/12 | Bob Lonsberry

Posted on 11/07/2012 5:42:23 AM PST by shortstop

The Republican Party died last night.

Somewhere in the suburbs of Cleveland, on the shore of Lake Erie, in the decisions of some suburban voters, the Republican Party stopped being a nationally viable political organization.

Oh, it will continue to exist.

But it will likely never again truly contest for the presidency. The nation has changed, the values have been replaced, the demographics are different.

The demographics are insurmountable.

Last night was a tipping point, a dance on a razor’s edge, and it went the other way. What was undoable last night will become increasingly impossible with each passing year. The margins will grow, the base will shrink, the tide will turn and the day will pass.

The Republican Party died last night.

Oh, it will continue to exist.

There will be the name and the elephants, but nationally, conservatism is playing against an impossibly stacked deck.

The nation had a clear choice. Each party ran candidates who were true to type. The Republicans ran conservatives and the Democrats ran liberals and it was a rout. Nothing changed except that Republicans got rebuffed across the board.

America wants Democrat.

More specifically, America wants liberal. It wants an activist, empowered government, imposing fairness and supporting entitlement.

That’s what America wants.

At least half of it wants that. Half and a tiny bit more.

And the inexorably shifting demographics of the nation ensure that that tiny bit more will grow steadily, cementing the liberal majority and creating an electoral impossibility of replacing it.

Last night was the last chance.

It was the last chance to gain a last national electoral victory over the Democratic coalition – Latinos, blacks, gays, feminists, trade unionists, government employees and welfare beneficiaries. The last chance to let a Republican president advocate the conservative, constitutional principles upon which American society was built.

But America said, “No, thanks.”

The majority preferred more of the last four years to anything Mitt Romney and the Republicans were offering.

The constituent communities of that majority are only going to grow in size and prominence in American society. They are going to increasingly dominate our society and politics.

Four years from now, more of the older conservative voters will be dead, and more of the younger liberal voters will be registered to vote. The Latino community, essentially co-opted by the Democrats into an aggrieved permanent minority status, will, like black voters, be larger and more Democrat. Four years from now, the cultural shift away from traditional values will be more advanced, thanks to more brainwashing by school teachers and sitcoms.

Those members of our society who typically identify with the Democratic Party are increasing. Those members of our society who typically identify with the Republican Party are shrinking.

You do the math.

Certain, Republicans will keep running. And some of them, no doubt, will win. But they will be a different sort of Republican.

They will not be conservative. Certainly not socially or morally conservative.

They will bend over backwards to avoid the principles of moral conservatism, so as to not disrespect a social norm.

They will be Democrat-lite.

Or they will not win.

Last night was our best chance.

And America chose the other team.

Almost $3 billion was spent on the presidential campaign. Untold tens of millions of dollars were spent on congressional campaigns across the country. And nothing changed.

Obama is still in the White House. The Democrats still control the Senate. Republicans still control the House of Representatives. The pundits say America voted to break the grid lock, that it voted to demand team work. It did no such thing. It voted to maintain the status quo.

So we have gone on a long, painful and expensive national journey, and it has left us exactly where we started.

A couple of House seats this way, a couple of Senate seats that way, and Obama on top of the whole thing.

That isn’t change, that is business as usual.

Conservatism has become a regional philosophy, the Republican Party a regional party. It will win governorships, it will win seats in the House or Senate, but it will essentially be a phenomenon of the South and Midwest.

Where traditional values endure and dwindle, the Republican Party will still be relevant.

But those places will shrink and shrivel. And each year, the gap between those who support conservatism and the number needed to win a national victory will grow.

Last night was conservatism’s last stand.

And it lost.

The Republican Party died last night.

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To: SoConPubbie

Thanks for the ping. Very well said. I think the saddest thing of all is this could have been prevented if the GOP took a stand, but instead we are like the battered girlfriend or rape victim who dates her attacker over and over.

I’m tired of dating my rapist (the GOP).

We need to fight, not just roll over.

161 posted on 11/07/2012 9:10:08 AM PST by reaganaut (Kyrie eleison...Christe eleison...Kyrie eleison)
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To: Mr Rogers

Houston elected a lesbian mayor, Dallas a lesbian sheriff, and the four largest cities all went Obama.

162 posted on 11/07/2012 9:10:18 AM PST by GraniteStateConservative (...He had committed no crime against America so I did not bring him here...-- Worst.President.Ever.)
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To: concerned about politics

I’m sorry folks, but the problem is not so much the candidates, as it is the change in our culture. People have changed. They don’t want to be self-sufficient. They want to get money for nothing cheese for free. We live in a country where half of the voting population believes in and supports socialism.

163 posted on 11/07/2012 9:16:03 AM PST by TennTuxedo
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To: txrangerette
America was a center right nation. The Romney Ryan appeal was to that center right nation. It was traditional mainstreet conservatism if not rock ribbed, theoretical conservatism. Time was in America when their view was predominate and they would have won.

Not today.

Today it's a gimme nation.

164 posted on 11/07/2012 9:16:59 AM PST by Cincinatus' Wife
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To: shortstop

The GOP was on life support.

Last night, someone used the “Do Not Resuscitate” order and pulled the plug.

Pat Buchanan predicted this in one of his books, maybe State of Emergency. It played out just about how he said.

The Takers won. The producers lost.

No time to cry over spilt milk. Take care of yourself and watch the GOP held congress cave in on every demand.

165 posted on 11/07/2012 9:18:41 AM PST by CriticalJ (Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress.. But then I repeat myself. MT)
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To: BubbaBasher

The GOP died when Reagan left office, and this country is dead to me.

166 posted on 11/07/2012 9:23:18 AM PST by mass55th (Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway...John Wayne)
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To: Paradox
It looks like those that drank the kool-aid and became emotionally attached to the GOP liberal, are having some serious withdrawal symptoms.

Me, last night was just one liberal losing to another liberal. The real loss was a death of a thousand cuts during the Republican Primary.

167 posted on 11/07/2012 9:24:16 AM PST by DannyTN
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To: littleharbour
"Buy gold and buy guns."

Nice advice, but who the hell has the money to do that? I don't.

168 posted on 11/07/2012 9:24:56 AM PST by mass55th (Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway...John Wayne)
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To: SoConPubbie

After the nomination we lose big time if we turn to “NO VOTES” and irrevelant parties, we remove ourselves from the fight. I will continue to work to get Conservatives nominated, if I fail at that I won’t withdraw from the field but will work to defeat democrats and that will not be accomplished by ceding the elections to democrats of any ilk but working within the party that has a chance to beat them.

169 posted on 11/07/2012 9:46:07 AM PST by duffee (Romney 2012, NEWT 2016)
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To: shortstop
The GOP was in bad shape long before this. Running a liberal, John McCain, against Obama was a huge mistake, and rather than realizing it and fixing the problem, the GOP decided they needed somebody even more liberal with Romney. A lot of us here predicted that the GOP could not win by running one liberal against another.

The scary thing is, the GOP is already lining up more liberal candidates to run in 2016. Jeb Bush and Rubio are having their names tossed about.

Unfortunately, the GOP has enough people who do what they are told like obedient little sheep, that they will be able to keep running these liberal Republicans and they will keep losing.
170 posted on 11/07/2012 9:52:01 AM PST by af_vet_rr
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To: shortstop

American ideals have become diluted by the influx of too many foreigners with foreign ideas and they have not assimilated. For example, too many Latinos still think like Mexicans instead of Americans, and the Republican Party can never do anything to appeal to them and retain Republican ideals. Until this country crashes and burns, some people will never learn, and some will never learn ever.

171 posted on 11/07/2012 10:43:24 AM PST by TexasRepublic (Socialism is the gospel of envy and the religion of thieves)
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To: Mr Rogers
I am not saying Hispanics are currently inclined to vote GOP. However, they DO have a strong emphasis on family, and MANY believe in hard work and saving. The GOP cannot win without them, and we cannot pander to them and still hold true to conservatism - so that means we need to reach out to Hispanics WITH STRONG, CONSERVATIVE VALUES AND ARGUMENTS.

Pure nonsense. How do you explain the 50% out of wedlock birthrates for Hispanics? Or the high school drop out rate? There seems to be some idealized view by some in the GOP that although Hispanics vote two to one against Reps, there is really a "pony in there" in terms of conservatism. The fact is that most are natural Dem constituents and they vote their own self interest.

Table 6 reports welfare use based on the legal status of the household head. The estimates show that 51.8 percent of households with children headed by legal immigrants used at least one major welfare program in 2009. For households with children headed by an illegal immigrant, 71 percent are estimated to use at least one program.

Why do we continue to bring in 1.2 million legal immigrants every year while we have 23 million Americans looking for full-time employment? Take a look at the chart below and tell me why the decade that ended in 2010 was the highest in our history in terms of immigration while we had a net loss of jobs? We have 40 million foreign born in this country.

Finally, there is no such thing as an Hispanic. It is an artificially contrived victim group pushed by the Dems so they can provide them with such things as affirmative action and minority business set asides. 54% of Hispanics self-describe themselves as white.

There is nothing we can do to reach out to Hispanics that would be different than our appeal to everyone else. It is not the failure to convey our message, but rather, a failure to understand why they choose to be Democrats. We need to limit our immigration numbers and to go from a kinship system to a merit based system.

172 posted on 11/07/2012 11:24:58 AM PST by kabar
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To: shortstop
"Julia" won.

"America" is lost.

There is simply not enough time left to rebuild our historic moral and cultural foundations before an absolute American tyranny takes full control. What follows, starting now, will be a unrelenting, uncontrollable (by law, reason, or the shredded Constitution) vector rapidly descending our system into an oppressive political, economic, and social environment which is not an environment conductive for peaceful change.

In fact, one could make a convincing argument that it was Satan who won America last night. What Obama and the Liberal winners stand for and won on is contrary to every single one of the Ten Commandments. Read them, and consider..

1. “Do not worship any other gods besides me.”

2. “Do not make idols of any kind…”

4. “Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy…”

5. “Honor your father and mother…”

6. “Do not murder.”

7. “Do not commit adultery.”

8. “Do not steal.”

9. “Do not testify falsely against your neighbor.”

10. “Do not covet... anything... your neighbor owns.”

Frankly, the converse of the above essentially comprises the platform of their political, cultural, and social agenda.

173 posted on 11/07/2012 11:43:18 AM PST by Gritty (This election represents the last exit ramp before the death spiral - Mark Steyn)
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Enough of the defeatist attitude around here, what a bunch of pansies - we can survive the next 4 years.

Defeatist? No, it is more like being realistic and understanding what has just happened. We lost the most important election of our lifetime. Obamacare will be fully implemented thus allowing the government total control over healthcare that will lead to a single payer system. Obamacare is another entitlement program that will just hasten the bankruptcy of this country that is already being bankrupted by SS, Medicare, and Medicaid. Obamacare will add 18 million to Medicaid's 60 million. We have 47 million on food stamps.

And Obama will be adding new justices to SCOTUS that will undermine our constitutional protections. Obama will continue with his executive orders circumventing Congress and strangling our economy.

We need to come to grips with what has happened. Putting on a happy face won't change the facts and the terrible consequences for our country that will be almost impossible to reverse. Obama has transformed America as promised. His election is proof positive that it has already occurred.

174 posted on 11/07/2012 11:44:50 AM PST by kabar
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To: shortstop

America wants Liberalism, at least the fantasy kind, where Kennedys and Martin Luther Kings righteously strive for equality all over the place, as long as these voting American’s don’t have to change or give up anything.

America wants government largesse, as long as their taxes don’t go up.

America wants jobs, jobs, jobs, as long as they don’t have to work.

America wants equality, as long as they get their perks, and those Wall Street types get sent to prison.

America wants a lot of things, but they are not going to like what they will really get.

175 posted on 11/07/2012 11:46:49 AM PST by Richard Axtell (I don't know what I can say)
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To: kabar

So, you solution is to cry and whine ?

176 posted on 11/07/2012 12:04:40 PM PST by PMAS (All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing)
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To: kabar

I’m in southern Arizona. I drive thru western Tucson regularly. I’m not blind to the problems in the Hispanic community - which in Tucson is mostly a Mexican immigrant community.

But I’m also not blind to values of hard work and family, both of which are also very evident. Those values can be used to TEACH conservatism.

Mexicans come from Mexican culture, and in Mexico, hard work alone won’t get you far because the rich WILL oppress you. At some level, they understand America has opportunity, but they don’t understand how much opportunity. We need to connect with them that education is an important part of getting ahead, and that they don’t need to settle for less because there aren’t any rich racists here to oppress them.

I’m not claiming this is a crop waiting to be harvested, and certainly not by pandering to illegal immigration and just putting a hispanic on the ticket. It means looking at what common ground we share, and then building on it.

But if you want to just ignore them, you’ll get your butt handed to you - like we did this time. And it will only get worse unless we do something. It won’t cut it to sit on our butts and moan that whites no longer dominate our country. Like it or not, we don’t - and never will again. Dreaming of 1950 isn’t going to make it better.

177 posted on 11/07/2012 12:26:36 PM PST by Mr Rogers (America is becoming California, and California is becoming Detroit.)
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So, you solution is to cry and whine ?

Is your solution when presented with reality is to call everyone who comprehends the import of what happened a pansy?

I am not crying or whining. However, I am very sad that this great nation is entering a long period of decline that will undo the efforts of our Founders and the many others who sacrificed to make this country the greatest nation on earth and the hope of mankind. We will no longer be the exceptional nation.

We can fight the good fight trying to block and delay the inevitable. It will be a rearguard action at the state and local level. But given the changing demography of this country fueled by immigration, legal and illegal, and the culture of dependency that is reinforced by our educational system and the MSM, it will be a losing struggle. This nation will not recover from Obama and his transformation. We will no longer be the same nation or the same people.

We deserve the government we get, but our children and grandchildren don't. We have failed them. "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind."

178 posted on 11/07/2012 12:30:18 PM PST by kabar
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To: Mr Rogers
But I’m also not blind to values of hard work and family, both of which are also very evident. Those values can be used to TEACH conservatism.

Are you denying the data about welfare use by both legal and illegal immigrants, particularly Mexicans? 71% of LEGAL Mexican immigrants are on at least one major welfare program. Can we also teach conservatism to blacks? We have been trying that for a very long time. It doesn't work because it goes against their perceived self-interest. The Dems are the party of free stuff and they will continue to attract minorities to their side. Each year we infuse those numbers by more than million new soon to be Democrats thru our legal immigration system.

25% of adult immigrants entering this country annually lack even a high school degree. We are importing hundreds of thousands of high school drop outs each year along with poverty that is draining our welfare programs.

But if you want to just ignore them, you’ll get your butt handed to you - like we did this time. And it will only get worse unless we do something. It won’t cut it to sit on our butts and moan that whites no longer dominate our country. Like it or not, we don’t - and never will again. Dreaming of 1950 isn’t going to make it better.

Why should we accept it as inevitable? We have control over our legal immigration programs in terms of numbers and the kinds of people we bring in? Why can't we reduce the number of legal immigrants that enter each year and go to a merit based system? Why can't we secure our borders and do a better job of tracking down and deporting visa overstays that make up 40% of the illegal population? Why can't we have an employment verification system that prevents illegal aliens from taking American jobs (8 million at last count)? Why can't we require a voter ID system that prevents voter fraud? Why can't we enforce our immigration laws, including against sanctuary states and localities?

You seem to believe that when rape is inevitable, we should just lean back and enjoy it. We can actually do something about it, but our politicians lack the courage to do something. Instead, now we must figure out a way to reach out to a growing segment of our population that the Federal government is helping to grow faster. States like AZ and AL are being sued by the federal government for enforcing immigration laws that mirror federal laws. You can expect far worse in Obama's second term. And like his backdoor amnesty that gives legal status and work permits for 1.8 million illegals up to the age of 30, you can bet that Obama will circumvent Congress and do whatever he wants on this issue.

179 posted on 11/07/2012 12:56:08 PM PST by kabar
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To: kabar

So, you solution is to cry and whine ?

NO IT’S CRY AND WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

180 posted on 11/07/2012 1:04:50 PM PST by angcat
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