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To: cherry
Your post articulated the truth of what has happened and accurately portrays what is coming.

America has crossed the Rubicon and nationally chosen to reject the Lord Jesus Christ and Almighty God's rule over our people and nation. They have purposely chosen to side with those who renounced the true and living God, and Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel... THREE TIMES. They have sided with those who hate America and her Judeo-Christian foundations, laws, morals and underpinnings. Sided with those who hate Israel, the Jews and the one true and Almighty God of Israel and the entire universe. Sided with those who love and endorse unbridled evil: murdering unborn babies by the millions and who support and promote unbridled sexual promiscuity, perversion, sodomy and for the first time since the foundation of the world, as a nation, support and promote perverted, so-called sodomite "marriage". They have willfully, purposely chosen a godless, wicked, evil, man as their president-dictator to rule over them and have purposely chosen godless, wicked, evil men and women who are his willing servants to represent them. All of this knowing full-well the kind of evil, wicked, godless people they voted for and have placed into power over them and the entire nation.

Almighty God has removed His hand of favor, grace and protection from America and has given us over to our own evil, lustful, wicked ways, given us over to the very people who hate America, and given us over to CERTAIN JUDGMENT, both in the here and now and in the future.

We have willfully sown the wind, and are reaping the whirlwind. America and the "American dream" as God established it, and as we have known it our entire lives is over. No mere man, no political party, no political movement can undo the damage, deliver us from what is and is to come, or put the pieces of this puzzle back together again.

Unless there is a national repentance and a nation-wide "Spiritual Awakening" and a turning in faith from our sin to a personal saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that reaches from the President of the United States and his family, down to the lowliest person in America, as took place in Nineveh (this scenario, though possible, is highly unlikely), THERE IS NO NATIONAL SALVATION FROM WHAT IS COMING, ONLY JUDGMENT, FALL AND DESTRUCTION.

Godly Americans who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ (the "righteous remnant") residing in the land and those Americans who do not know the Lord, and yet voted against the evil outcome of this election need to do everything in their power to PREPARE, and do whatever you can to SURVIVE what is about to descend upon us. I am talking about surviving on the very basic level of the personal survival of themselves and their families and to take it one step further, maybe the survival of your neighborhood, town or small community.

God is using the crucible of judgment that is coming as a refiners fire to purify and refine the lives and faith of His people in America; those who truly know the Lord Jesus Christ, and to use this judgment as a means of calling individual Americans to personal, saving faith in Christ.

The sure and certain judgment that is coming to America will also serve as a test to separate the chaff from the wheat; separating false Christians from genuine Christians, those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ from those who do, separating the ungodly from the godly.

If you are reading this post today and do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior, I implore you, I beseech you to come to Christ and accept Him as your personal savior. He alone can and will save you from your sin. He alone can and will save your eternal soul. Flee, be reconciled to God, and be saved from this evil and perverse generation before it is eternally too late.

One more thing; in the new Obamaland-Amerika that is coming and already upon us, evangelical Christians and those professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the one and only savior, the true and living God, the "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" and the only, exclusive, way to heaven and to God the Father; and those proclaiming biblical Christianity, biblical morals and biblical ethics, ...these individuals, are the "new jews" as it were.

If you want to see how evangelical Christians and those espousing steadfast faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and biblical Christianity are going to be viewed and treated in Obamaland-Amerika and in our "society" at large, just look at how Germany viewed and treated the Jews under Hitler from the 1930's until Hitler's death and the utter collapse and destruction of fascist, Nazi Germany . That is what is coming to Obamaland-Amerika:

Bible believing evangelical Christians will at first be soundly, vocally ridiculed and their message rejected, they will then be ostracized from "society" and from gainful employment (these things are already taking place throughout America at an alarming, ever increasing rate). This animosity against them, their Christ and their brand of "Evangelical" Christianity will progress to outright persecution, imprisonment , and ultimately end in death if they cannot and will not accept "reeducation", recant their "evangelical" faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and become accepting participants in, and willing promoters of, Obamaland-Amerikan "society".

As for those who actually are ethnic Jews living in America; whether you voted for Obama or not, whether you are practicing the religion and faith of your forefathers or not. The handwriting is on the wall, just like evangelical Christians, your days are also numbered in Obamaland-Amerika because the Democrat party which YOU have placed into power over YOU, over YOUR CHILDREN, over YOUR GRAND CHILDREN, and over YOUR GREAT GRANDCHILDREN, HATES YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A JEW! The Democrat party which you have placed in power over all of America HATES the Jew, it HATES Israel, and it HATES the God of Israel. When (not if) the time comes, you will suffer the same fate as that of evangelical Christians listed above in the Obamaland-Amerika that is coming. I know this to be true because the Democrats told you exactly who and what they are and stand for at their convention. They rejected the Jews, they rejected the True and living God of the Jews and they rejected Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel THREE TIMES! You KNEW this, you SAW this and yet, you voted for and placed them in power OVER YOU anyway!

6 posted on 11/09/2012 1:32:14 PM PST by Jmouse007 (Lord deliver us from evil, in Jesus name, amen.)
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To: Jmouse007

Did you really write that in 10-11 minutes?

7 posted on 11/09/2012 1:49:33 PM PST by steve86 (Acerbic by Nature, not Nurture tm)
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