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To: dynachrome
Fox News star Sean Hannity suddenly likes immigration reform It was Hannity. He was never one of my favorites.

The problem with the 1986 "reform" was simply that IT WAS NOT ENFORCED! The borders were not enforced.. the law was ignored by government and business.

We had miles of threads about this. The "reform" granted legal status to far more than was declared during the debate and as the years passed millions more poured through the border with the full knowledge and approval of government and business. They were all here illegally with the full knowledge and welcome of government and business.

The SSA has file called the Earnings Suspense File (ESF) which documents every SSN earning that did not match the SS master file. Nothing is deleted from the ESF unless the earnings are transferred to a valid SSN in the SS master files. Records in the ESF go back to 1937.

FIGURE 1: STATUS OF THE EARNINGS SUSPENSE FILE (Tax Years 1937-2000) in CONGRESSIONAL RESPONSE REPORT Social Security Administration Benefits Related to Unauthorized Work, A-03-03-23053 (March, 2003), shows some interesting things about the Earnings Suspense File (ESF).

It shows that following the 1986 amnesty and "reform" there was a decrease in volume of records in the file.

Well, the SSA does not delete earnings statements from the ESF unless it can transfer the earnings to a valid SSN. Amnesty -- by any name -- creates valid SSNs and the SSA will transfer past earnings data submitted with bogus SSNs to valid SSNs. It helps SS for the ILLEGALS to have their old W-2s showing the bogus SSNs they used.

To the best of my knowledge it was a 2004 law that finally required SS benefits be earned with authorized work from 2004 on. ILLEGAL aliens can get SS benefits based upon all bogus SSNs prior to 2004 once they become legal "guest workers," or through their own efforts they become legal and acquire a valid SSN -- or get amnesty.

Immigration "reform" will likely delete the 2004 requirement -- if it was ever enforced anyway.

Funniest one-liners ever..

"Take my wife... please!" Henny Youngman
"I don't like to criticize other talk show hosts." Michael Savage.

32 posted on 11/09/2012 7:27:55 PM PST by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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To: All

we gone. gotta get some sleep. see ya on the flip side!

37 posted on 11/09/2012 7:49:01 PM PST by dynachrome ("Our forefathers didn't bury their guns. They buried those that tried to take them.")
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To: WilliamofCarmichael

Barry is ignoring the Law on Selective Service.
Rules are: 18-26, Illegal Immigrant or Citizen/Resident MUST sign up. If NOT, may affect citizenship, Denial of Federal Jobs/Benefits/Loans. If you are here and older than that age group, BUT came here during that age group and didn’t sign up, the above also applies to you. If you are here and illegal less than a year, until you hit the year in the States, you don’t have to sign up.

Those on a student Visa are exempt as well as those Legal Residents whom we have a treating with their home Country that forbids service in the Military.

Those that are Illegal have had the opportunity to enlist and become Legal. They choose not to obey. Freebies are what they want.

I check the compliance stats. No compliance for Illegals (% wise). I believe that last stat I read on American Males (citizens complying with the SS Law was around 95%)

40 posted on 11/09/2012 8:02:34 PM PST by machogirl (First they came for my tagline, it's back. 2008, the Decline of America)
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