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Partial Recount Changes Little in West-Murphy Race [Miami media ignores him for 2 years]
NBC MIAMI ^ | 11/12/12

Posted on 11/12/2012 4:33:15 AM PST by SoFloFreeper

A partial recount has given Rep. Allen West a slight lift, though Patrick Murphy remains the unofficial winner.

St. Lucie County recounted three days of early-voting ballots Sunday. Both candidates' vote totals were revised downward as a result of the count, but because West lost fewer votes, it narrowed his margin of loss.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: Florida
The scumbag Miami media has acted for TWO YEARS like Allen West didn't exist... Now, the scumbag Miami media is GLEEFULLY reporting his loss.


1 posted on 11/12/2012 4:33:26 AM PST by SoFloFreeper
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To: SoFloFreeper

I thought West had trailed by 2400. If it’s now 1900 I wouldn’t write a headline that says, “Partial Recount Changes Little in West-Murphy Race.”

All West needs is four more “little changes” and he wins.

2 posted on 11/12/2012 4:43:40 AM PST by Right Wing Assault (Dick Obama is more inexperienced now than he was before he was elected.)
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To: SoFloFreeper

Results still pending in Florida partial recount for Rep. West’s House race

Election officials in Florida are recounting some early votes cast in the hotly contested race for the state’s 18th district’s House seat between Tea Party favorite Rep. Allen West and Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy.

The St. Lucie County Canvassing Board began the partial recount Sunday morning and results have yet to be reported.

The number of early ballots in the county is estimated by officials to be roughly 37,000.

West, a Republican who has refused to concede the race, is trailing Murphy by 2,442 votes, according to the latest results from Florida Division of Elections. On its website, the agency says West has garnered 164,448 votes to Murphy’s 166,890.

Although the unofficial count reported to the state Saturday gave the win Murphy, at a margin outside the threshold for a recount, St. Lucie County agreed to a limited recount to settle concerns over a problem processing some of the early ballots. Election officials said they were taking the step “out of an abundance of caution.”

3 posted on 11/12/2012 4:59:27 AM PST by ilovesarah2012
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To: SoFloFreeper

They conveniently didn’t mention that the county elections supervisor had said they would recount all the early votes and that the media could ask questions - when in reality they answered no questions and only counted 3 cherry-picked days’ votes. NOT including the day when the machine had its counting glitch. So they carefully avoided correcting what they had already been forced to acknowledge was a real counting problem.

This supervisor is engaging in deliberate election fraud.

4 posted on 11/12/2012 5:20:33 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion

From what I’ve read, the supervisor is also NOT releasing the sign-in books so that the public can make sure that the votes cast were cast by people who actually showed up at the polls.
This stinks to high heaven. God bless Col West. Where is the rest of the Republican party on this???

5 posted on 11/12/2012 5:30:25 AM PST by MulberryDraw (That which cannot be paid, won't be paid.)
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To: MulberryDraw

West is the only one in the party with brass balls. The rest of the leadership has their lips firmly pressed on Obama’s backside.

6 posted on 11/12/2012 5:42:28 AM PST by cableguymn (The founding fathers would be shooting by now..)
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To: MulberryDraw

I’m not sure, but from what others have said about the redistricting that the Florida R power players did, those players deliberately tried to get rid of West. Crist’s buddies.

IOW, West is Tyrone Woods sitting on the CIA Annex painting the targets that are shooting at him, and the establishment R’s in Florida are Obama refusing to provide standard air protection because they want him dead.

Today, on Veterans Day, we remember and thank all our veterans - and carry the torch the fallen ones have thrown to us, in their battle against all this nation’s enemies, both foreign and domestic. That some of those enemies will give flowery speeches today,paying lip service to these men and women, turns my stomach in a way that few things can. Their flowery poppies strewn on the graves of our heroes are supposed to hide the fact that they are watching the torch thrown to them fall dead to the floor in front of them.

Not on my watch. I will either be captured or die first.

“Take up the struggle with the foe.
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch. Be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep,
Though poppies blow in Flander’s Fields.”

7 posted on 11/12/2012 5:45:31 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: SoFloFreeper

This group has had a reporter on site over the weekend and has posted several videos. It’s a travesty to see how this has all been conducted.

8 posted on 11/12/2012 6:00:29 AM PST by SmileRight
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To: SoFloFreeper


Sign the petition for a recount:


Visit this site.

They are keeping a running account of cases of voter fraud and what to do about it:


SATURDAY UPDATES (Thurs and Fri fraud at site)

Military service members purged from voter rolls in Florida...

Pundit Press: In Florida: Obama Got Over 99% in Broward County Precincts

TRR: Allen West Seeks Recount Amid Growing Vote Count Scandal

[This is the same St. Lucie that has 141.1% voter turnout affecting both Romney and West...]

St. Lucie County - 84 juridictions, 83 of them had 121-166% turn out

Nevada Unions Are Regestering Illegals and Forcing Them to Vote

The video suggests that this method was the only way Harry Reid was able to defeat challenger Sharon Angle in 2010 to retain his Senate seat and continues to be used.

via Jewel on Facebook: “Could you please help us? There is a petition for a recount and it takes 28,000 signatures. We are all promoting it and would love to have you on our side. The link to sign the petition is:”

Another petition, this one to Congress:

You can also request that Reince Preibus of the GOP start a swing state recount based on information available at this website and as part of ORCA (Thanks Shirley!):

I’ve added links to all three petitions to the sidebar at the top of this page and expect to add more.

Voter Fraud by the numbers? Absolutely

Thank you to everyone who is sharing this page! As of Saturday morning, we are getting about 3,000 visitors an hour. You are making a difference!


This one is MUST SEE:

“Obama won 100% of the 900,135 votes cast in Cuyahoga County OH! No votes from new registered voters or indies went to Mitt. Voting officials SHOULD BE ARRESTED BY OUR MILITARY FOR SEDITION & PERPETRATING A FRAUD AGAINST ALL OF AMERICA. A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT WILL BE FILED against the networks for not telling the truth! view pic.”

Summary Photo

Throw out this all-fraud county and Mitt wins Ohio, no question!

Why? A total of 5,364,324 “people” voted in Ohio. Obama got 2,691,861 votes, while Romney got 2,584,620, a difference of 107,241 votes.

How did Cuyahoga County’s 900,135 votes affect the final result? You do the math.

For Ohio to certify this result would be a crime in and of itself.

Thank you to the Examiner for mentioning us!

Citing voter fraud, petition at White House web site demands recount of election

Thanks also to The Competent Conservative for quoting us in entirety!

Is There Enough Evidence of Voter Fraud To Merit a Recount?

Much more to come! As one of our commenters below said, voter fraud is like cockroaches. You find one and they are likely everywhere. Cuyahoga County, Ohio is obviously not alone!

Here is a petition you can sign at to request a full recount. I suggest we just focus on the swing states, but it is true that many Congressional and Senate races are also affected, from Allen West to, I believe, Mia Love. Mia was up by 10% the week before the election and lost by 3,000 votes to Matheson in a state that went 73% for Romney. Not likely!

Military votes not counted?

The Columbus Dispatch reports, “Voter rolls in Ohio are bloated, experts say”

An update on St. Lucie County, Florida:

Video: More fraud from Florida, including kicking out an elderly poll observer doing his job using the police:

Townhall blogger Rachel Alexander reports:

Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud

The Washington Times: Florida Vote Twist: More Ballots Than Voters

Here is a link to Allen West’s press release on the voter fraud situation in Florida:

Newsmax reports: Voter Fraud Charges Begin in Ohio

Darin Southam recommends for some pre-election indications of potential voter fraud, but the page understates what actually happened in pretty much every swing state.

And what do you think of this? This was way before the election, but apparently George Soros, who we have already established rigged an election in Hungary and was banned for it AND helped get Obama elected the first time... I’ll let you read the headline:

“Soros advises Obama to use forceful measures to override the will of the people”

I think this goes well beyond the 900+ executive orders that go around Congress, more than three times the executive orders given by all previous US Presidents combined. We saw it in action Tuesday, November 6th!

A Tea Party group has posted this article, with interesting stats and some criticism for Romney for not standing up and doing something about it yet:

Personally I think as the case is strong enough, Mitt will do something. Too much is at stake, and as we just found out, Ohio is definitely Mitt’s, and Florida, too, just based on fraud in a few counties! Colorado, too!

Keep up the referrals and the sharing, everyone! Thank you SO much for helping America fix an election that has clearly been “fixed.”

Voter fraud cheapens the votes of the 60 million who picked Mitt to the point of nothingness and gives weight to those who in reality were the minority. If grand theft is defined as any theft over $5,000, what do you call the ONE BILLION times that that is likely to happen AGAIN over the next four years if we do not right this wrong?

Posted by Jed M. Merrill at 1:56 PM 68 comments:

9 posted on 11/12/2012 6:10:23 AM PST by patriot08
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To: All

Sign the petition for a recount:

Visit this site. They are keeping a running account of cases of voter fraud and what to do about it:


Photo of Ethiopians brought to Ohio voting stations by busload, 95% of whom did not speak English, and told to vote for Obama, straight Dem ticket

Must watch videos!

VIDEO-- Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections With Vote Counting

VIDEO- Illegal Aliens Caught Voting and Stealing Elections In Florida In Vast Numbers

VIDEO- Michael Savage: How Obama fixed the 2012 election:

VIDEO- Massive voter fraud discovered in April:

VIDEO- Whistle blower speaks out about voter fraud: feature=player_embedded&v=k_rMpQKqZhM


We can not wait for 2014 and 2016 to regroup and figure out new strategies. By then it will be too late. The Marxist/Muslim usurper will have completed his planned distruction of America. That's what people fail to understand.

We must act NOW.

Start with the election. If we let the Rats get away with this massive voter fraud, we're no better than a bananna republic.

We must keep digging and pounding him every day, in every way we can- phony birth certificate, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, his hidden life, records....

We are FReepers. We must fight!

Those who shrug and accept this atrocity without a fight are not worthy to be called Freepers!

10 posted on 11/12/2012 6:11:42 AM PST by patriot08
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To: SoFloFreeper
From Allen West's Facebook page posted 11 hs ago: Allen West Republic


There has been a lot of misinformation out there about the state of the race, and not surprisingly the local press is dutifully parroting the talking points coming out of Patrick Murphy’s campaign proclaiming the race decided, so here’s the truth: this race remains far from decided.

Today the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, after promising to recount all early votes, counted only ballots from the last three days of early voting, netting Allen West over 500 votes. The problem is those aren't the first three days of early voting—the days the Supervisor of Elections originally said were compromised by faulty data cards in the machines.

We will continue to fight for a recount of all early votes. In addition, we will ensure that the public is able to view the poll book sign-ins to ensure the number of early votes cast match the numbers of voters who checked-in to vote.

Nothing coming out of Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker’s office adds up, stories are constantly changing, and the hostile attitude of the Supervisor is disturbing. What originally looked like dangerous incompetence is looking more and more like a willful attempt to steal an election.

We will not allow a Democrat Supervisor of Elections to steal this election. We will pursue every legal means available to ensure a fair an accurate election.

I know you have stood with Allen every step of the way for the past four years and I know you will continue to stand with us as we fight liberal efforts to steal this election. Your efforts in Palm Beach County and St. Lucie County protecting the integrity of the election have been tremendous these past few days.

Tim Edson
Campaign Manager

11 posted on 11/12/2012 6:17:34 AM PST by uncommonsense (Conservatives believe what they see; Liberals see what they believe.)
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To: patriot08
Hi patriot08, I appreciate your work on aggregating voter fraud news, but maybe you can create your own thread and just post a single line in various threads dealing with voter issues...

I've seen this info posted all over the place, it's not really about the specific topic in the title (e.g. Allen West partial recount vs petitions to congress, etc.), and it's very long making it hard to read the thread (20+ pages on a smart phone).


12 posted on 11/12/2012 6:34:22 AM PST by uncommonsense (Conservatives believe what they see; Liberals see what they believe.)
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To: SmileRight

The Miami media is TRUMPETING the supposed West loss today, pisses me off. They are so racist against any black conservative...they ONLY cover Marco Rubio because of the heavy Cuban population...

13 posted on 11/12/2012 6:38:50 AM PST by SoFloFreeper
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To: SoFloFreeper

FL AG Pam Bondi’s email/complaint form:

This outright fraud has to be stopped, Gertrude Walker, removed immediately, and the entire Florida vote is now suspect.

14 posted on 11/12/2012 6:40:47 AM PST by exit82 ("The Taliban is on the inside of the building" E. Nordstrom 10-10-12)
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To: SoFloFreeper

SARAH PALIN speaks out of massive Obama machine voter fraud:

Sarah Palin News ‏@SarahPalinLinks Between suppression of the military vote and voter fraud, Obama stole another election. …DEMAND A RECOUNT! #VoterFraud

Sarah Palin News ‏@SarahPalinLinks People need to stop pointing fingers within the GOP and investigate the Dems' massive voter fraud and suppression of the military vote.


15 posted on 11/12/2012 11:50:54 AM PST by patriot08
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To: MulberryDraw

Remember this when the RNC comes calling.

16 posted on 11/12/2012 2:45:18 PM PST by jch10 (7th generation Floridian)
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To: butterdezillion

I’ve heard that Col. West was punished too. He didn’t toe the line and spoke out too much....not to mention, the TEA Party supported him!!

17 posted on 11/12/2012 2:58:47 PM PST by jch10 (7th generation Floridian)
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