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Scandal Probe Ensnares Commander of U.S., NATO Troops in Afghanistan
The Washington Post ^ | Tuesday, November 13, 2012 | Craig Whitlock

Posted on 11/12/2012 10:28:02 PM PST by kristinn

ABOARD A U.S. MILITARY AIRCRAFT — The FBI probe into the sex scandal that led to the resignation of CIA director David Petraeus has expanded to ensnare Gen. John R. Allen, the commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, the Pentagon announced early Tuesday.

According to a senior U.S. defense official, the FBI has uncovered between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of “potentially inappropriate” emails between Allen and Jill Kelley, a 37-year-old Tampa woman whose close friendship with Petraeus ultimately led to his downfall. Allen, a Marine, succeeded Petraeus as the top allied commander in Afghanistan in July 2011.

The FBI first notified the Pentagon of its investigation into Allen’s communications with Kelley on Sunday evening, according to the senior defense official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details of the ongoing case.

In response, Pentagon chief Leon E. Panetta referred the investigation to the Defense Department’s Inspector General for further review, according to a statement released by Panetta early Tuesday as he was traveling to Australia.

The latest development in the unfolding scandal has shaken President Obama’s national-security staff and upended his carefully chosen plans for his military and intelligence team in his second term.

It also further calls into question the personal behavior of two of the U.S. military’s highest-ranking and most respected figures, who apparently ignored concerns about the highly sensitive nature of their jobs as they embraced personal relationships with younger women who were not their wives.


In his statement, Panetta said Allen would remain as commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan for now, “while the matter is under investigation and before the facts are determined.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Jeff Head

” Sounds more and more like a honey trap and smells more and more like someone setting it up. Is it foreign enemies...or domestice ones?”

What is surprising is that two of our top military leaders could be compromised so easily. I mean, these two are not exactly femme fatales. Are our senior military guys really so sexually frustrated that they’ll risk their careers for flings with these women? Perhaps the CIA should hire some hot babes with proper clearance to service our top servicemen discretely.

201 posted on 11/13/2012 9:09:57 AM PST by juno67 (Gua)
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To: Grampa Dave
Perception Acadia (13') for shallow rivers/streams and Necky Kyook (15') for the coastal stuff. I don't do more than class 2-3's. I am a paddler and cruiser!

The Hobies intrigued me, but I didn't like like to pedal! I have a good Trek 630 for that...

Potomac R. near Big Pool, MD!

202 posted on 11/13/2012 9:14:20 AM PST by WVKayaker ("Mitt Romney couldn't keep up with lies and spin of Barack Obama" - Sarah Palin 10/24)
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To: Cyman

“She obviously likes the attention and the way she tilts her head and poses makes me think this gal believes she is way hotter than she really is.”

I have met women who do not really look all that hot, but have perfected ways of getting men to do practically anything they want.

203 posted on 11/13/2012 9:26:48 AM PST by henkster ("The people who count the votes decide everything." -Joseph Stalin)
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To: kristinn
So....will Allen and Petraeus get the same "pass" that Clinton, Frank, et al got?
204 posted on 11/13/2012 9:32:18 AM PST by clintonh8r (Happy to be represented by Lt. Col. Allen West)
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To: henkster

I am calling BS on all of this.

After careful consideration on what has been going on wth the military over the last 4 years, I have come to the conclusion that:


Proof? John Kerry for Secretary of Defense???

Nuff said.

205 posted on 11/13/2012 9:34:44 AM PST by EQAndyBuzz (The goal is to equalize outcomes based on race without regard for performance or merit.)
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To: AndyJackson
You have your opinion and I have mine. I was not all that en-clamored with GWB back in the day. But it was him or Gore or Kerry, thus it was Bush who got my vote. But, Bush, even though he says he loved the military, we retirees are now finding out that he signed law that now is going to basically gut our health care. I am going to lose the Tricare Prime that I have had for 21 years. I am going to be stuck with Tricare Standard, where I have to pa 25% more on every DR appointment, surgery, etc. Bush started all that. Obama is just adding on to it. We retired military have been slapped time and time again by the Pentagon, who rather cut all retiree benefits out entirely, just too buy the latest James Bond gadget. If that is not use you up and spit you out, what is? Like I said, you live in your land, I am living in what is happening to me and my retiree friends. Many who have illnesses and injuries that insurance will not pick up under some new add on plan. They are stuck with the costs. 70+ year olds who have no other options.
206 posted on 11/13/2012 9:43:19 AM PST by RetiredArmy (November 6, 2012: The day the United States Republic DIED.)
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To: WVKayaker

Bad rotator cuffs on both shoulers and a torn bicep head on my right arm/shoulder limits any paddling.

I can stand up and paddle in reasonably calm water with my Freedom Hawks and their pontoon system. However, even with the better designed Pathfinder re going through the water, I’m limited about a minute of normal kayak paddling.

I have a Bass Yak conversion electric motor on my Pathfinder and will be buying a Torqeedo Kayak motor this spring. The new Torqeedo 403 Kayak motor is an incredible example of German engineering re battery life, power, ease of use and probable life of the unit and battery at less much weight of a normal marine battery and electric trolling motor.

207 posted on 11/13/2012 9:48:59 AM PST by Grampa Dave (Tagline space for rent to pay for some of my extra taxes the next 4 years!)
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To: a fool in paradise

Good grief, this is like trying to figure out who did who in the Ewing family. I give up.

208 posted on 11/13/2012 10:01:28 AM PST by Badabing Badablonde (New to the internet? CLICK HERE)
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To: Smokeyblue
These e-mails seem so bogus. I’d bet Paula B. didn’t write them.

Sounds like what a guy would write if he was imitating a cat fight. Clueless or an amateur.

Tempted to agree with you. If you look at Broadwell's resume she's got more background knowledge about security issues than the average 4-star or even a POTUS or a Secretary of State.

OK she could be bat-ship crazy, but even then the e-mails seem too blatently outre for someone with her background. They sound more "hiking the Appalacian Trails" or "I'm dead".

209 posted on 11/13/2012 10:03:13 AM PST by Oztrich Boy (A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend)
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To: Gene Eric

How is the adultery connected to Benghazi other than being peripheral, concurring events?

If you are an ethically challenged libertarian humanist and learn nothing else here at least acknowledge that having the virtue of alley cats has brought down one General and is about to bring down another one.

This is why conservatives assert the reality that sex is not “free” and the character you have in your personal business (good or evil) goes with you into your professional life. There is not really a separation. You bring the same character and virtue to your job that you demonstrate at home unless you are schizophrenic. That is the “logic” missing from libertarian social ideology and why libertarianism is not the founding ideology of the constitution.

Why does virtue matter in all American people who want to be free and successful? Think about half of Americans voting to enslave the other half of Americans to the oppression and poverty of socialism in the last election.

Think about all the physical, mental and social disease (crime like robbery, rape, drug addiction and other violence) that comes out of the public’s lack of virtue in “their private lives” and how that lack of self control and lack of character resulted in their rejection of the personal responsibility of freedom.

The modern culture of raising up attention whore sluts and thug nuts produces society-wide ramifications. The lack of virtue in culture and life wrecks people’s careers, their bodies and their families and they need those EBT cards and free health care and housing to take care of the offspring they produce. Among the a corrupt elite class you get white collar crime and abuse of the constitutional limitations among the self serving posse.

Do you think Wall Street’s lack of virtue “in their private lives” does not result in the dishonesty and scams we have seen in the stock market and banks? How about giving out and taking more debt than you can realistically and honorably recover? How about the “solution” of printing money until the economy crashes? The same goes in the political and government realm, and the country’s social realm.

An elite class (like ours today) that has no virtue needs to corrupt the middle and lower classes so that the corrupt elite are held to no standard of virtue and the elite can lead lives of immediate gratification. That elitist mission to corrupt the public is what the entertainment industry, corporate culture, illiberal education, corrupt religion and atheism and dirty politics accomodates.

Socialism is the system necessary to accomodate people who lack the virtue needed for self control in order for them to be free and independent both economically and socially. The founders knew virtue matters and that is why we used to have religious freedom for Christians and they would teach Western virtue and constitutional freedom to the lower, middle, and upper classes so they could be free and nail corrput elitists.

Marxists undermined America’s culture of virtue because they knew it would lead where it has led - to economic and government Marxism. Libertarians accidently aided in that by incorporating cultural Marxism (aka, humanism) into their poliltical cause of economic freedom. Social conservatives are dismissed as party poopers and haters for resisting the elite’s mission of National social corruption using entertainment, education, business and politics.

210 posted on 11/13/2012 10:03:28 AM PST by SaraJohnson
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To: kristinn
So....will Allen and Petraeus get the same "pass" that Clinton, Frank, et al got?
211 posted on 11/13/2012 10:10:05 AM PST by clintonh8r (Happy to be represented by Lt. Col. Allen West)
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To: nascarnation
Ms. Broadwell could be termed “vivacious”.

The Lebanese twins are “Kardashianesque”

So, which one is Deep Throat?

212 posted on 11/13/2012 10:16:22 AM PST by matt1234
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To: Cyman

Her family is Lebanese——not sure if she was born here but the family came about that long ago. Anyway it hurts my jaws because there’s a bunch of old Benny Hill jokes coming to mind.

213 posted on 11/13/2012 10:19:32 AM PST by cherokee1 (skip the names---just kick the buttz)
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To: HollyB
This all smells like bs...I doubt if there's a man on earth who has 30,000 pages full of words in him to communicate with a woman. Not even a Marine is capable of that.

Just guessing here, but I'd bet there wasn't an affair between the Mrs. Broadwell and the man who appears so small and goofy looking that he swims in his uniform, Gen. Patreaus. They may have both been working for a certain alphabet agency and been ready to out king Obama for his part in allowing the killing of our agents and Ambassador. When Beer Leader got re-elected, and knowing the truth about Benghazi spells i-m-p-e-a-c-h-m-e-n-t for him, perhaps someone ‘recommended’ Patreaus fess up to a fake affair...or else?

Don't know where the truth is in all this but my common sense says there is a lot more to this then what meets the eye.

214 posted on 11/13/2012 10:24:09 AM PST by 444Flyer
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To: EQAndyBuzz

I’m leaning toward your theory.

215 posted on 11/13/2012 10:26:51 AM PST by 444Flyer
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To: Arthurio

(Ping, linking your article)


“David Petraeus Personally Investigated Benghazi Attack”

“He was looking forward to testifying,” a Petraeus friend told ABC News. “He wanted to be fully prepared...”

216 posted on 11/13/2012 10:36:16 AM PST by 444Flyer
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To: Smokeyblue

Looking at those e-mails it seems plausible that one set was written by a West Point grad with Masters from Uni Denver and Harvard, and the other set was written by a Real Housewife of Tampa Bay.

217 posted on 11/13/2012 10:45:59 AM PST by Oztrich Boy (A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend)
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To: madameguinot
4) And two men had to disobey orders so that they could save 30 lives. Correct me if I’m wrong on that.

I don't think that is really certain at this point. It's not certain anyone told them to stand down and if so who. They were in-country so they required no POTUS CBA in order to act. The same is true of the 8 man team that came from Tripoli too. Only Woods was at the annex, FWIW, at the time the consulate was under attack so only Woods and the guys he took defied orders not to if such orders were given. Doherty came with the team from Tripoli.

218 posted on 11/13/2012 10:45:59 AM PST by TigersEye (Who is John Galt?)
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To: 444Flyer

“I doubt if there’s a man on earth who has 30,000 pages full of words in him to communicate with a woman. “

I love your sense of humor!

219 posted on 11/13/2012 10:49:10 AM PST by HollyB
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To: HollyB
LOL (...though ain't it the the truth?!) ;)
220 posted on 11/13/2012 10:58:10 AM PST by 444Flyer
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